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World tourism destinations are expected to see nearly 6 million visits by Chinese tourists, possibly the highest number on record, during the coming Spring Festival holiday that begins on Feb 7.在即将到来的年春节黄金周(自月7日起),世界各地的旅游景点预计将迎来600万人次的中国游客,这一数字也将会创历年新高Ctrip, a leading online travel service, released its tourism outlook Spring Festival on Thursday. The report said more than 60 percent of Chinese tourists will spend Spring Festival overseas. The farthest destination is the Antarctic.中国领先的在线旅游务平台携程网,于星期四发布了春节旅游趋势展望该报告显示,超过60%的中国游客将在海外过春节,最远的目的地将会是南极Spring Festival is one of the peak seasons the Chinese outbound tourism industry. Despite being a traditional season family reunions, many have chosen to spend the holiday traveling. According to the China National Tourism Administration, Chinese tourists paid more than 0 million visits overseas in , with 5.18 million of those paid to eign countries and regions during Spring Festival, an increase of percent year-on-year.春节黄金周是中国出境旅游业的旺季之一尽管传统上它是家人团聚的节日,但是仍有许多人选择度假旅游据中国国家旅游局统计,年中国游客出境游共计1.亿人次,其中仅年春节期间出境游(不含港澳地区)就达到了518万人次与去年同期相比增长了%The reasons behind the rise are loosened visa requirements Chinese, better flight connections and preferential policies to facilitate overseas consumption.出境游火爆背后的原因是,一方面各国放宽了对中国游客的签签发,另一方面,一些热门目的地航线的开通以及相应的旅游优惠政策也激发了国人出境游的热情;Those overseas destinations that have simplified the visa application process Chinese have seen more bookings, including the ed States, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam,; said Yan Xin, a publicity officer at Ctrip.携程网宣传人员燕鑫表示,“像美国、新加坡、泰国、日本和越南这些简化了签申请程序的海外目的地,更受游客追捧”According to Ctrip, eight of the most popular overseas destinations are in Asia, including Thailand, Japan and South Korea.据携程网数据显示,在春节出境游目的地排名前十中,有八个都在亚洲,包括泰国、日本、韩国等国家都很受青睐 036It no secret that our planet is in a pretty dire condition. Extinction rates have been estimated to be about 1,000 times higher than they should be, and that all due to human influence—and interference. With around ,000 species at risk extinction and countless others that we havent even discovered yet also dying, scientists are rushing to figure out what we can do about it. Some have suggested the sixth great mass extinction is looming on the horizon, and the problem is a massive one. It so big that there are things that you do every day that are helping to bring about the end of the world, and chances are that you might not even know it.我们的地球正处于危在旦夕之境地,这已不是个秘密了据估计,现代环境下的生物灭绝率,是其自然条件下灭绝率的00倍之高,而这一切的始作俑者,正是人类的影响和干涉目前,大约两万种生物濒临灭绝,其他无数尚未为人类所发现的物种亦面临灭绝,科学家们正夜以继日地研究着我们可以做哪些事来补救有人提出,第六次“物种大灭绝时代”已缓步逼近,而这一问题已十分严峻事实上,问题在于,你每天都做会加速地球毁灭的事情,而很可能你对此毫无觉察.Using Disposable Chopsticks.使用一次性筷子Chances are good that you dont even think about environmental impact when you pull a pair of wooden chopsticks out with your order of takeout, but those chopsticks are having a devastating impact on China ests. China produces a whopping 80 billion disposable chopsticks every year. The vast majority are used—and thrown away—in China itself. A mind-blowing number, 80 billion is enough to blanket Beijing Tiananmen Square in at least 360 layers of chopsticks.当你从所订的打包餐点中拿出一双木制筷子的时候,你很有可能都不会想到它对环境所产生的影响,但是这些筷子的确会对中国的林木造成毁灭性的打击中国每年都会生产高达800亿双的一次性筷子,而其中的绝大多数都被使用并丢弃在了国内一个令人瞠目结舌的数字是,800亿双筷子足以铺满北京天安门广场至少360层That kind of production takes million trees, and not just any trees. Twenty-year-old trees. The impact of that is exactly as bad as youd think. China suffers from a major deestation problem no reason other than chopsticks. It also not helped by the fact that demand disposable wooden chopsticks is increasing dramatically, up from 57 billion in . That resulted in China ranking somewhere around 9th place when it comes to per capita est coverage with less than a quarter of the world average. The problem has gotten so bad that China is now imposing restrictions on the production of chopsticks, limiting quantities companies can produce and increasing the taxes imposed on purchases. Theyre also starting a big push to introduce the idea of carrying reusable chopsticks in a bid to aid in the recovery of the nation ests. By , they hope to add 0 million hectares of trees, but that can only happen if they can alleviate some of the stress placed on the environment by chopsticks.这些筷子的制成需要00万棵至少年树龄的树木它的影响,正如你所想象的那样恶劣由于使用一次性筷子,中国正在苦苦承受着巨大的滥砍滥伐所致的土地荒漠化问题,并且由于人们对一次性木制筷子的需求从年的570亿开始急遽增长,这一因素的恶劣影响如今有增无减这导致了中国人均植被覆盖面积还不足世界平均水平的四分之一,在排名榜上只位列9名前后这一问题已经如此严峻,以致于中国政府目前正对筷子的生产量施加限制,控制能够生产一次性筷子的公司数量和提高一次性筷子的购买赋税同时,他们也开始竭尽全力地鼓励人们使用可重复利用的筷子,以拯救这个国家的林木危机到年,他们希望能增加000万公顷的植被覆盖但是,除非能够减轻一些木制筷子施予环境的沉重压力,否则这一夙愿便难以成真9.Birth Control Is Working On Fish, Too9.计划生育殃及鱼类Know anyone who on the pill? Theyre also sping pregnancy prevention to marine wildlife, and that a problem.你知道有谁在用避药吗?他们也在将节育的影响扩大至海洋野生物,而这成了一个大问题In , researchers at the University of New Brunswick released the results of a study that had been going on several decades. They were looking at wastewater treatment and its impact on freshwater ecosystems, and they found that even trace amounts of estrogen in the environment can wipe out entire species. In 01, a small amount of estrogen, one of the active ingredients in birth control pills and hormone therapy treatments, was introduced into a freshwater lake research facility in Ontario. The impact was almost immediate. Male fish first began producing egg proteins and then producing eggs. Even tiny trace amounts were enough to feminize the male fish, which led to a complete crash of the ecosystem. The insect populations normally kept in check by the fish suddenly skyrocketed. As the minnow population plummeted, so did the population of the lake trout that fed on them. It not just happening in research facilities, either. Calgary Red Deer and Oldman rivers have been hit by the same problem. The cause has been traced back to the release of improperly treated wastewater that contains hormones from hormone therapy drugs and birth control pills. Hormones that arent absorbed or used end up in the sewer system after they cycle through the human body. In areas where that sewer water is dumped into lakes and rivers, the average fish population is about 85 percent female, a stark contrast to the normal 55 percent. Fish exposed to the hormones not only lose the ability to reproduce, but their accidental hormone treatment impacts eggs at the development stage as well.在年,新不伦瑞克大学的研究人员公布了一项已经进行了数十年的研究成果:他们观察了废水的处理过程和其对淡水生态系统的影响,并且发现,即使环境中微量的雌性激素都会摧毁整个海洋物种雌性激素是避药品和激素治疗法的有效成分之一01年,研究人员引进了微量的雌激素于安大略湖的一家淡水湖研究基地内其影响几乎是立竿见影的雄性鱼类破天荒地开始分泌卵蛋白质,然后竟开始产卵只需极其微小的量,就能促使雄性鱼类雌性化,这对生态系统造成了巨大、猛烈的冲击由于鱼类数目的暴涨,昆虫的数量通常受到了很大抑制而鲦鱼数目的骤然减少,也使得以此为食物的湖鳟鱼同其厄运这样的情况并不只是发生在此研究基地内卡尔加里的红鹿河和老人河也遭遇了同样的问题其原因已被追溯到对含有激素治疗药物和避药品中的残留激素的废水处理不当和大量排放那些经过人体的新陈代谢而未被完全吸收和利用的激素物质会残留于下水道管道内在一些地区,污水被倾倒而最终汇入了湖泊与河流,这些地区雌性鱼类的平均比例达到了大约85%,与正常水平的55%形成了鲜明的对比那些暴露在激素物质中的鱼类不仅会丧失繁殖能力,而且它们所意外遭受的“激素疗法”也会影响孵化阶段鱼卵的发育与生长8.Birds On Prozac8.用百忧解危及鸟类Record numbers of people are taking antidepressant drugs like Prozac. While many of them might be concerned primarily about feeling different, they should also be concerned about what theyre doing to the environment.据统计,现在许多人都在用像百忧解这样的抗抑郁药物可能他们主要关心的只是药物能够带给他们不一样的感觉,却极少有人去考虑这样做对环境的伤害According to a study from the University of York, the amount of antidepressants (specifically Prozac) that are found in the environment can be potentially devastating to birds. They started by measuring the amount of Prozac that made its way into the earthworms that were feeding on sewage and wastewater. The dose was small, only about 3 to 5 percent of an average human dose. They then fed the Prozac-laced worms to a group of starlings and recorded their behavior the next six months. The birds began to show the same side effects to the drug that are reported in humans. They lost interest in food and stopped eating. They also lost interest in starlings of the opposite sex. The two main side effects have dual impacts; their loss of interest in food makes them weaker and less likely to make it through winter months, and their loss of libido has the potential to severely impact breeding numbers. The birds didnt seem to have any of the good effects of Prozac. Their general mood and disposition remained the same. Just how widesp an impact this could have on the world bird populations isnt known, but it thought that it might have something to do with the decline in the starling population over the last few decades—to the tune of about 50 million birds.英国约克大学的一项研究表明:环境中残留的抗抑郁药物(尤其是百忧解)对鸟类潜在着一种致命性威胁百忧解残留药物随着下水道进入污水和污物中,污水经蚯蚓食用后,抗抑郁药物又残留在它们体内首先他们测量了蚯蚓体内的药物剂量,研究结果发现其只占人均用量的3-5%;然后,他们用这些体内含有残留药物的蚯蚓喂食了只椋鸟并记录了这群鸟在之后六个月的行为表现药物对人类产生的副作用对于鸟类同样适用:它们开始对食物和异性丧失兴趣并不再吃食以及求偶这两种主要副作用又进而产生了双重危害:食欲下降使它们身体越来越弱,以致很难熬过寒冬;性欲下降又强烈冲击着其繁殖能力,以致鸟类数量大幅减少百忧解并没有让鸟类情绪更兴奋,反而对其有百害而无一利抗抑郁药物对世界上鸟类的影响有多么广泛,我们不得而知,但最近几十年中大约有共计五千万椋鸟数量的下降很可能和人类用抗抑郁药物有关7.Using Straws7.使用吸管Chances are good that if you get a cold drink at any restaurant, youll be handed a straw, too. We curse the people working the drive-through when were halfway down the block and realize we dont have one, but straws are having a pretty devastating impact on our planet.无论在哪家餐厅,如果你买一杯冷饮,很可能就要用上一根吸管当我们买冷饮后,走到半路才发现餐厅工作人员忘了给吸管,在默默咒骂他们的疏忽的同时,不要忘了,吸管对地球有着极其毁灭性的影响Every day, the ed States alone uses about 500 million drinking straws. a visual, that means we could fill 6,00 school buses with straws every year. In the last 5 years, about six million of those have been picked up on beaches across the country during annual cleanups. Those are just part of the sum that ends up on the beach, and according to the Ocean Conservancy, drinking straws rank in the top types of trash found floating in the ocean. Straws are light, easily picked up by wind and water currents, and made from a polypropylene plastic that doesnt disintegrate or dissolve. These millions of straws are around ever, making up a huge part of the estimated to tons of plastic that ends up ingested by fish and other marine wildlife every year. And that includes about one million seabirds that die after eating plastics. One of the most common items found in autopsies? The drinking straws that come attached to juice boxes.单单美国一个国家平均每天就会用掉大约5亿吸管,这些吸管每年都能填满整整四万六千四百辆校车了!在过去的5年中,美国每年都可以在海滩上清扫出大约600万吸管,而这还不包括除海滩外的其他地方海洋保护协会表示,吸管已经成为十大海洋漂浮垃圾之一吸管由不易分解或溶解的聚丙烯塑料制成,重量轻致使其极易随风飘走,或是被水流卷去这样,成千上万的吸管就永远留在了地球上,预计每年大约有到吨的塑料最终被鱼类和其他海洋生物所摄取其中,每年大约有一百万只海鸟就是死于食用塑料尸检发现,这种附带在果汁盒子里的吸管便是罪魁祸首6.Eating Frog6.吃青蛙Far from exclusively a fancy French entree, frog is such a popular food that it has become a huge global industry. Bullfrogs are typically raised on farms in South America. They are then either used there food or shipped overseas. Japan and the ed States are two of the biggest consumers of frogs, with more than five million imported into the US alone each year. That proving fatal countless amphibians—and not just those being eaten.青蛙远不止是法国特有的一道菜,其以独特的风味广受人们喜爱,养殖青蛙已成为一项巨大的全球性产业南美农场里的特色养殖产业就是牛蛙然后它们会被当地用作食物或是被船只运往海外日本和美国是最大的两个牛蛙消费国,每年单是出口到美国的牛蛙就有五百多万只这对于不计其数的两栖动物——不仅仅是那些被食用的——来说是致命的Many of the bullfrogs shipped out of South America are infected with chytrid fungus. The fungus is completely harmless to humans. The North American bullfrog is highly resistant to it, making them the ideal carrier the fungal disease that can infect toads, salamanders, and other types of frogs. The fungus that being sp by the live food trade is different than one that being blamed most of the recent die-offs. It thought that the strain is not only being sp, but that it being hybridized into a new, extremely virulent strain. There are a few different strains of the fungus, and researchers from the University of Michigan have been able to track which frogs are carrying which strains into which countries. Theyve also been able to trace which strains of the fungus can reproduce with other strains, leading to more and more different varieties of deadly fungus. The consequences of the fungus and its ability to hybridize create the potential to unleash an epidemic across the globe.许多被海运出南美的牛蛙都感染了壶菌霉菌这种霉菌对人类是完全无害的北美的牛蛙对这种霉菌有极高的抵抗力,这使它们成为这种霉菌疾病的理想携带者蟾蜍、火蜥蜴和其他种类的青蛙却难逃被感染的厄运这种寄居在活着的生物体内并利用其贸易运输而传播的霉菌不同于以往引起大部分物种死亡的霉菌类型据认为,这种菌株不仅仅被传播,还会混合变异成一种新型的,极具毒性的菌株霉菌菌株分为一些不同的种类,来自密歇根大学的调查者们已能追踪到哪种青蛙携带着哪种菌株去了哪些国家他们也已能够查探到哪种霉菌菌株可以和其它菌株杂交并再生出越来越多不同种类的致死菌株这些霉菌及它们的杂交性能很有可能引起一场全球性的流行性传染病审校:浅芷湄 编辑:Lion 来源:前十网 00导购口语:The one easily goes with other items.这件衣很容易和其他衣搭配The jeans will not shrink in the wash.这些牛仔裤洗过后不会缩水We haven’t got the sport shirt in stock at the moment, but we could order it you.目前这种运动衫我们没有货了,不过我们可以为您订购 语句:Sth. Will not shrink in the wash表示“某物洗过以后不会缩水”;in stock意为“有现货的,有库存的”;order sth. sb.为某人订购某物 情景再现:One feature of much casual wear is that many styles are the same men and women.大部分休闲装的一个特色就是许多风格都是男女皆宜A variety of leisure garments at low prices accompany you to the rhythm of youth.款多价廉休闲装,青春节拍伴您行I have jeans everyday wear and good trousers special wear.我平时穿牛仔裤;重要场合穿好裤子 1958

导购口语:Good morning, miss. Do you want to buy something here?晚上好,要买东西吗?Are you being served?有人招呼您吗?Is there anything you’re interested in here?有什么您感兴趣的吗?语句:Are you being served? 有人招呼您吗sever表示“(在商店等处)接待(顾客)或为顾客去货物”的意思还可以说成:Are you being helped?Is there anybody waiting on you?情景再现:A: Is anybody waiting on you?A:有人招呼您吗?B: No. I am trying to find a green sweater in extra large.B:没有 我想买一件特大号运动衫 183858

It no secret that moms are the queens of multitasking but one Utah mom decided to test that skill while running a half-marathon.众所周知,妈妈们是处理多重任务的能手,但犹他州的一位母亲在跑半马赛时,决定测试下接下来的这项技能While Anna Young was running the REVEL Big Cottonwood half-marathon on Sept. 9, she knew that shed eventually have to take a break to breastfeed. Five months ago, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter.9月9日,当安娜·杨正在跑芮维尔大杨木半程马拉松赛时,她知道她最终必须稍作歇息来喂奶五个月前,她生下了她的第一个孩子,一个女儿;I had to leave really early in the morning the race,; Young told A News, adding that the runners were taken by bus up the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, to the start of the downhill course.杨在接受美国广播公司新闻网采访时表示:“为了比赛,我必须早上很早出发”她补充说道,参赛者们被巴士载到犹他州的沃萨奇山脉,这里是比赛下坡路段的开始Knowing her daughter wouldnt be able to meet her on the course to breastfeed, the mom carried a hand-held pump in her backpack. Young estimated, based on her training, that shed have to stop and pump around Mile 6.知道不能给她的女儿在跑道上哺乳,这位母亲在背包里放了一个手拿的挤奶器杨估计,根据她的训练情况,她可能必须在6英里时停下来挤奶;But when I was actually running the race, I was going a lot faster than I anticipated,; Young, 7, continued, adding that she decided to wait until Mile 8 to pump.“但当我真正的跑比赛时,实际上我跑的比我预期的要快得多”7岁的杨继续说道于是她决定等到8英里时再挤奶Instead of sitting off to the side, or under a canopy on the course, she decided to walk and pump.她并没有坐到一边或是在跑道的阴影处挤奶,而是决定边走边挤;In the moment, I just decided to keep going with the race since it had been a really good atmosphere, and I just wanted to keep going,; the mother explained.这位母亲解释道:“在那一刻,我就决定继续比赛,因为比赛的氛围很好,我想继续下去”Young also noticed a photographer on the course, but she didnt expect him to take a photo of her breastfeeding.杨还在跑道上看到一位摄影师,但她没想到他会拍下她哺乳的照片;I was just really surprised and I just thought it was kind of a neat photo.;“我只是很惊讶我认为这张照片好极了” 68855

French artist Abraham Poincheval, who famously spent a week inside a rock and two weeks inside a bear sculpture, has succeeded in hatching chicken eggs after incubating them some three weeks.曾因在一个石头里呆了一个星期、在一个熊雕里住了两个星期而闻名的法国艺术家亚伯拉罕·伯安什瓦尔,在花了三个星期的时间之后,终于将鸡蛋孵化出了小鸡Poincheval embarked on his latest project in late March of imitating a mother hen by incubating some eggs with his own body heat inside a glass vivarium at Paris Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum.三月底,伯安什瓦尔发起了这个项目,在巴黎东京宫物馆的一个全玻璃封闭的容器里,他模仿一只母鸡,用自己的体温去孵多个鸡蛋At the time, he estimated it wouldtake 1-6 days the eggs to hatch.当时,他估计孵出小鸡需要1到6天A spokeswoman the museum said nine had hatched and the chicks were on their way to a farm.该物馆的一位发言人称,此次共有9只小鸡孵出来了,正在送往农场 the endeavor, Poincheval sat on a chair, wrapped in an insulating blanket, over a container with the eggs.为了完成这件事,伯安什瓦尔把自己裹在了一个绝缘毯子里,坐在一个椅子上,下面是放着放有鸡蛋的容器He could leave his seat no more than 30 minutes a day meals.他每天只有在就餐时才会离开位子,前后不超过30分钟 5898

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