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Law would ban relatives of the accused from testifying against them法律将禁止被告家属作不利人。A new law in Afghanistan could allow men to abuse their wives, children and sisters and not face criminal prosecution by banning the relatives of an accused person from testifying against them.阿富汗新出台的一项法律将允许男人虐待他们的妻子、子女和,而免受面临刑事指控,因为此法将禁止被告的家属指他们。If passed, the bill would make it much more difficult for victims to bring cases of abuse to court which often happen as they most often occur within the confines of the family home, The Guardian has reported.《卫报》报道称,若该法案通过,将使受虐案件的诉讼难度大增,因为它们多发生在全家居住的房屋内。The small change to a section of the criminal code Prohibition of Questioning an Individual as a Witness would also prevent doctors, children and defence lawyers from testifying in a case.这个微小的变更涉及到刑法中“禁止审问作为人的个人”的部分,还将使医生、儿童和辩护律师无法在案件中作。The bill has been passed by both houses of Parliament but is awaiting the signature of the conservative President Hamid Karzai, who by choosing to sign it will bring it into force. Campaigners are now calling on Karzai to refuse to sign the bill they assert will weaken ;aly inadequate; legal protections for women.该法案已通过议会两院批准,正在等候保守派总统哈米德·卡尔扎伊签字,一旦签署即宣告生效。活动家们正在呼吁卡尔扎伊拒绝签署法案,因其削弱了女性“已经堪忧的”法律保障。“President Karzai should reject a law that will effectively let batterers of women and girls off the hook,” Brad Adams, the Asia director of Human Rights Watch said in a statement.人权观察组织(HRW)亚洲区主任布拉德·亚当斯在一份声明中说:“卡尔扎伊总统应该驳回这项允许虐妻和虐待女孩的人合法脱身的法律。”HRW warned by signing the new criminal procedure, women would be denied protection from domestic violence and forced or child marriage by silencing victims and their family members who have witnessed their abuse.人权观察组织警告称,一旦签署新刑事诉讼法,将迫使受害者和作为目击人的家人沉默,妇女会失去在家庭暴力、强迫婚姻或童婚中的法律保护。The proposed change comes after the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission reported a 26 per cent increase in the number of women saying they had been assaulted in 2013. Sima Samir, chair of the AIHRC said in January the brutality of attacks on women had greatly intensified during this time.此次提议变更出现在阿富汗独立人权委员会发布一份报告后,报告显示2013年自称遭性侵害的女性增加26%。阿富汗独立人权委员会主席西玛·萨玛尔在1月份说近期对妇女的暴虐行径大大加剧。;The brutality of the cases is really bad. Cutting the nose, lips and ears. Committing public rape,; she said. ;Mass rape... It#39;s against dignity, against humanity.;“涉案暴行非常恶劣。(她们被)割掉鼻子、嘴唇和耳朵。有的甚至遭到公众奸淫。”她说道,“大规模的奸淫……这违反了人格尊严,罔顾人性。”Opportunities for women seemingly improved after the Taliban was toppled from power in 2001, and the 2009 Law on the Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW) made crimes of child marriage, forced marriage and rape for the first time under Afghan law, with tough penalties for domestic violence.塔利班2011年倒台后,妇女的待遇似乎有所改善,而2009年通过的《消除对妇女暴力侵害法律(EVAW)》首次将童婚、强迫婚姻和强奸等罪置于阿富汗法律之下,严惩家庭暴力。However, HRW argue this new bill threatens protections for women and girls provided within the EVAW law.然而,人权观察组织表示,这项新法案会威胁到受EVAW法律保护的妇女和女孩。“President Karzai should take a stand for Afghan women by sending the new law back to parliament with a message that he will not sign it until it is revised in line with the goals of the EVAW law and Afghanistan’s obligations under international law,” Mr Adams said.亚当斯先生说:“卡尔扎伊总统应该维护对阿富汗妇女的主张,驳回议会的这项新法,以传达他绝不签署的决心,除非该法案修正至符合EVAW法律并遵守阿富汗在国际法律中所规定的义务。” /201402/275132。

September is an exciting month in every college freshman’s life. For many, it’s the first time they leave home to live in a new environment. But after the hustle and bustle of the first few weeks, excitement gives way to a less enjoyable emotion — homesickness.对所有大一新生来说,每年的九月都是激动人心的日子。许多人都是第一次走出家门,在一个新环境中生活。但在开学数周的喧嚣过后,激动的心情慢慢地被一丝乡愁所取代。Homesickness manifests itself in many ways. You may miss mum’s cooking, your pets, or even your old bed. All this becomes a fond memory of the past. Homesickness can be a bitter feeling, especially when faced with the challenges of settling into an unfamiliar environment.乡愁的表现方式可谓多种多样。你可能想念妈妈的厨艺、你的宠物、甚至是自己的旧床铺。林林总总汇集成对过去时光的美好记忆。乡愁是苦涩的,尤其当你置身陌生环境中,面临诸多挑战时。But remember, you’re not alone. According to a recent B article, 70 percent of British college students experience homesickness. In this increasingly globalized world in which people migrate to far away places for education, work or a relationship, homesickness is a feeling shared by many adults.但记住,你并不孤单。英国广播公司B近日报道称,70%的英国大学生饱受思乡之苦。在这个日益全球化的世界里,人们为了学业、工作或感情而远走他乡,许多成年人心中都弥漫着乡愁。Relocating to a new place is not an easy process, particularly if you don’t speak the local language or are not familiar with local customs.易地而居并非易事,尤其当你对当地语言与风俗一窍不通时。Homesickness can have similar symptoms to depression, explains psychologist Caroline Schuster in an interview with the B. In extreme cases it can develop into a panic attack, she says, while it can also result in social withdrawal, sleep disruption, nightmares, and concentration problems.心理学家卡洛琳#8226;舒斯特在接受B采访时解释道,乡愁与抑郁症状相似。她表示,乡愁严重时可发展成恐慌症,同时也会导致逃避社交、睡眠障碍、噩梦连连以及注意力无法集中等问题。The most famous adult to have suffered from homesickness is probably Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem, who spent 10 years on a journey trying to get home. It was the memories of his family that helped him get through those difficult times.饱受思乡之苦的、最为著名的人物要数荷马史诗《奥德赛》中的英雄人物——奥德修斯,他历时十年才与家人团聚。正是凭借与家人有关的记忆,他才得以度过重重难关。But the term homesickness, or nostalgia, wasn’t invented until the 17th century. It was considered a disorder by a Swiss physician, who attributed soldiers’ mental and physical discomfort to their longing to return home, “nostos” in Greek, and the accompanying pain, “algos”.然而,乡愁一词(英文homesickness,又被称为“nostalgia”)直到17世纪才得以面世。一名瑞士医生视其为一种疾病,认为士兵们的身心不适源于他们的思乡之情。Nostalgia一词来自希腊语词,nostos(返乡)以及 algos(思乡之痛)。Back then, people saw homesickness as a dangerous and even fatal disease, says Susan Matt, author of Homesickness: An American History. Gradually, it came to be considered childish and immature, she says, ill-fitting to a culture of capitalism and imperialism that required people to travel and explore.《乡愁:一种美国历史》一书的作者苏珊#8226;马特表示,那时人们将乡愁视为一种危险、甚至致命的疾病。她说,后来,乡愁被认为是幼稚、不成熟的表现,是人们不适应资本主义与帝国主义文化的表现。而这种症状需要他们在旅途中不断摸索克。Studies in recent years, however, have shown that nostalgia may have some benefits to our mental health.而近年来的一些研究结果显示,乡愁可能对我们的心理健康大有裨益。After a decade of surveys and research, Constantine Sedikides, a US social psychologist, found thatnostalgia is what makes us human.经过近十载的调查研究,美国社会心理学家康斯坦丁#8226;塞迪基德斯发现,乡愁是人性的一部分。In an interview with The New York Times, Sedikides explains that nostalgia can counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety. It makes people more generous toward strangers and more tolerant of outsiders. Couples feel closer and happier when they share nostalgic memories.在接受《纽约时报》采访时,塞迪基德斯解释道,乡愁能够抵消孤独、厌烦以及焦虑。这使得人们在面对陌生人时更加慷慨,对外人更加宽容。分享过往的时光使得情侣间更加亲近和快乐。Sedikides admits that nostalgia has its painful side, but the net effect is to make life seem more meaningful. When people speak wistfully of the past, they typically become more optimistic and inspired about the future. The trick is not to become obsessive about the past, but always to live life forward.塞迪基德斯承认乡愁固然有痛苦的一面,但它可以有效地让生命更有意义。怀旧时,人们通常会变得更加乐观、对未来充满希望。而诀窍在于,不过过分迷恋过去,生活要一直向前看。 /201310/262219。

There seems to be no limit to the extremes people will go to show off their wealth.土豪们的挥霍炫富似乎是没有节制的。And now, for those who truly want to wow guests - or simply want to flush some excess money down the loo, there is...gold toilet paper.现在,那些真的很想让客人震惊一下,或者就是想要把钱财放水冲走的土豪们可以实现梦想了——黄金厕纸问世了。The roll, sold by Australian company is made from 22-carat gold and costs a staggering ,376,900.00 (around #163;825,839).澳大利亚公司生产的这种黄金厕纸内含22克拉的黄金,价格约为137.7万美元(约837万人民币)上下。The company claims that each roll - which comes with a free bottle of champagne - will be delivered personally.制造公司称,每一卷黄金厕纸都会专人送货上门,同时附赠一瓶免费香槟。And for those concerned that metal may not provide a gentle wipe, the roll is three-ply to ensure the utmost comfort.有些人也许会担心金属材质不够柔软,但这种黄金厕纸是三层夹层设计,因而保了最柔软的触感。Speaking to the Mail Online, the company said the inspiration for the roll came from Dubai.该公司对《每日邮报》记者称,黄金厕纸的创意来自于迪拜。#39;When we saw in Dubai some hotels have full gold toilet seats and handles for the toilet paper we decided it would be a good idea.It took four years of patience to make one roll which has gold flakes through it.#39;“当我们在迪拜看到,一些酒店提供纯金的马桶座圈和厕纸卷柄时,我们觉得黄金厕纸会是一个不错的主意。经过四年的不懈研究,我们研制出了这种厕纸,金屑内融于厕纸里面。”The company describes their uber-luxurious product, saying: ‘This is the most expensive toilet paper roll in the world. A quality 3-ply toilet paper with 22-carat gold through the roll. We have only been able to produce one roll at this stage. Naturally it comes gift wrapped. This is 100 per cent useable and safe and made proudly in Australia. Perhaps unsurprisingly no one has brought the roll as yet, We would love to get a purchase.#39;对这种极致奢华的产品,制造商的说法是:“这是世界上最贵的厕纸。三层设计,内含22克拉黄金。在现阶段我们只生产出了一卷黄金厕纸。自然出售的时候会附赠礼品。这种黄金厕纸百分百安全舒适,它的产地为澳大利亚。这卷黄金厕纸暂时还无买家出现,不过这在我们意料当中。我们很期待有买家出现。”For those looking to leave guests in no doubt of their superior wealth, there is a range of gold bathroom fittings, including a golden toilet seat, available to complement the roll.如果有富可敌国的土豪想要让宾客们佩的五体投地,他们可以从该公司买到一系列的卫生间黄金配件,比如黄金马桶座圈,这些配件可以和黄金厕纸搭配使用。 /201312/269253。

Luxury is a snob#39;s game, and Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. wants to democratize it.奢侈品是势利者的游戏,但是Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.想把这个游戏变得大众化。#39;Michael and I would find it offensive that someone would be considered beneath owning one of our products,#39; Kors Chief Executive John Idol said in an interview at his office in midtown Manhattan, referring to fashion designer and company founder Michael Kors.Kors首席执行长伊多尔(John Idol)在位于曼哈顿中城的办公室接受采访时称,如果拥有公司产品的消费者被认为低人一等的话,迈克尔和他本人会觉得受到了冒犯。迈克尔指的是时装设计师兼该公司创始人迈克尔#12539;科尔斯(Michael Kors)。Mr. Idol is fending off concerns that the brand has gone too far with its version of luxury populism. Industry insiders say the brand risks committing the cardinal sin of luxury -- overexposure. These days, they say, it#39;s hard to walk down the street of a major city like New York or ride the subway without seeing numerous Kors bags or its oversized watches.伊多尔是在打消外界对于Michael Kors品牌在“轻奢”路线走得太远的担忧。业内人士称,Michael Kors这个品牌正在犯下奢侈品行业大忌,即曝光过度。这些人士说,现在走在纽约等主要城市的大街上或是搭乘地铁时,常会看到许多人提着Michael Kors的手袋或戴着Michael Kors的大号手表。Meanwhile, with Michael Kors products sold in its own 400 retail stores and in 3,700 department and specialty stores world-wide, some Wall Street analysts and investors are increasingly convinced Kors has expanded too fast and is starting to discount more.与此同时,随着Michael Kors产品在全球400个自营零售店以及在3,700家百货店和专卖店销售,一些华尔街的分析人士和投资者越来越确信,Michael Kors扩张速度过快,折扣力度开始变大。Consumers are feeling it too. Erinn Lindberg, a marketing executive from Texas, had been a loyal Kors fan for years but is now less enthusiastic about the brand. #39;These days, everyone has a Michael Kors bag,#39; Ms. Lindberg said on a recent trip to Macy#39;s in Manhattan, where she bought a gold Kate Spade satchel. #39;It#39;s nice to have something different.#39;消费者也开始感受到这一点。得克萨斯的营销主管林德伯格(Erinn Lindberg)多年来都是Kors的忠实粉丝,但现在她对这个品牌已不再那么热衷。林德伯格最近在逛曼哈顿的梅西百货(Macy#39;s)时说,如今每个人都有一个Michael Kors包包。她在梅西百货买了一个Kate Spade金色包包。她表示,拥有与众不同的东西感觉很棒。Mr. Idol dismisses the concerns but remains sober about the company#39;s prospects. #39;I don#39;t live in the belief that we will forever be the single hottest brand in the fashion business,#39; Mr. Idol said. #39;We#39;re not telling anyone that the U.S. ultimately isn#39;t going to slow down from its current pace.#39;伊多尔对这样的担忧不予理会,但他仍对公司前景保持清醒的头脑。伊多尔称,他并不认为Michael Kors将永远是时尚界的最热门品牌。他表示,公司并没有说,增长速度最终不会放慢。In a difficult retail environment, Kors#39;s sales have outpaced competitors by growing by more than 20% in each quarter (excluding newly opened or closed locations) since December 2011, when the company went public. Profits climbed to 2 million for the year ended March 29, from million five years earlier. Michael Kors stock has more than quadrupled from its IPO price, and the company#39;s market value of .7 billion is now higher than either Ralph Lauren Corp. or Tiffany amp; Co.在艰难的零售环境下,Kors的销售额增幅高于竞争对手,自2011年12月上市以来的每个季度增幅均超过20%(不包括新开门店或已关闭的门店)。在截至3月29日的财年,该公司利润增至6.62亿美元,高于五年前的1,300万美元。公司股票较20美元的发行价上涨超过三倍,目前市值达167亿美元,高于Ralph Lauren Corp.和蒂芙尼(Tiffany amp; Co.)。Analysts expect Kors to report strong first-quarter earnings Monday.Kors quickly stole share from rival Coach Inc., a pioneer of affordable luxury. Kors#39;s share of the .4 billion North American premium handbag and accessories market has grown to 18% now from 3% in 2009, according to Barclays. Over that period, Coach#39;s share has fallen to 24% from 35%.Kors很快就从竞争对手、平价奢侈品先锋Coach Inc.那里夺取了一些市场份额。巴克莱(Barclays)的数据显示,Kors如今在规模114亿美元的北美高端手袋和饰品市场占据18%的份额,远高于2009年时的3%。在此期间,Coach的市场份额从35%下滑至24%。Analysts see Coach#39;s decline as a lesson for Kors. They attribute its fall to rapid expansion, particularly into outlet stores, which they say tarnished the brand#39;s high-end image. At their peak in 2013, Coach#39;s outlet sales accounted for as much as 70% of retail sales, according to Paul Lejuez, an analyst with Wells Fargo Securities. Coach says its problems stem from a lack of investment in full-priced stores and too many promotions.分析人士认为,Coach份额的下滑对Kors来说是个教训。他们将Coach的衰落归咎于该品牌的迅速扩张,尤其是进入厂家直销店(outlet stores),他们认为这种做法损害了该品牌的高端形象。Wells Fargo Securities分析师勒居斯(Paul Lejuez)称,在2013年的巅峰时期,厂家直销店的销售额占Coach零售额的70%。Coach称,其问题源于对全价商店投资的缺乏以及促销活动太多。While Coach has more stores and outlets than Kors, it has less exposure to department stores, which tend to be aggressive with discounts. Coach sells its products through about 1,000 North American locations, compared with 2,500 North America stores for Kors. That opens up Kors to more discounting, which can hurt a brand#39;s image.虽然Coach的门店和厂家直销店数量多于Kors,但在商场的铺面较少,而商场的打折力度往往更大。Coach在北美约有1,000处销售网点,Kors有2,500处。这样一来,Kors可能会有更多的打折促销,这可能会损害品牌形象。Kors CEO Mr. Idol says declines in Google searches for Kors is in line with the rest of the market and denies promotional activity has increased. As for over-distribution, #39;we think that#39;s servicing the client where they shop,#39; he said.Kors首席执行长伊多尔称,谷歌搜索频率下降与整体市场状况相符,并否认量促销活动的增加。至于分销点过多的说法,他表示,公司认为那是在客户购物的地方为其提供务。To avoid the pitfalls of brands like Coach, Mr. Idol said he intends to limit outlet sales to roughly a third of total retail sales to ensure that the lower priced outlets don#39;t overshadow the brand#39;s upscale image. The number of department stores meanwhile helps distribute Kors#39; range of products -- including a fledgling men#39;s business that Mr. Idol hopes will one day grow to support several hundred men#39;s retail stores.为避免遭遇与Coach等品牌相同问题,伊多尔称,他有意将厂家直销店的销售额控制在总零售额的三分之一左右,以确保价格较低的厂家直销店不会影响该品牌的高端形象。与此同时,众多经销Kors的商场帮助展示了该品牌的各类产品系列,其中包括一个新推出的男士产品系列,伊多尔希望该系列未来能发展壮大起来并撑起数百间男士产品零售店。 /201408/319475。

Key to a good marriage? Share housework.美好婚姻秘诀-分担家务!The percentage of Americans who consider children ;very important; to a successful marriage has dropped sharply since 1990, and more now cite the sharing of household chores as pivotal, according to a sweeping new survey.一项大规模的最新调查显示,美国人中认为孩子对于美好婚姻“十分重要”的比例自上世纪90年代以来急剧下降,如今更多的美国人认为分担家务才是美好婚姻的关键。The Pew Research Center survey on marriage and parenting found that children had fallen to eighth out of nine on a list of factors that people associate with successful marriages - well behind ;sharing household chores,; ;good housing,; ;adequate income,; a ;happy sexual relationship; and ;faithfulness.;美国皮尤调查中心此项有关婚姻和育儿的调查发现,在人们列举的与美好婚姻有关的九大因素中,“孩子”下滑至第八位,位居“分担家务”、“住房条件好”、“收入富足”、“性生活愉快”及“忠诚”几大因素之后。In a 1990 World Values Survey, children ranked third in importance among the same items, with 65 percent saying children were very important to a good marriage. Just 41 percent said so in the new Pew survey.在1990年的“世界价值观调查”中,“孩子”在以上几个因素中排名第三,65%的美国人认为孩子对于美好婚姻十分重要。而在此项最新的皮尤调查中,只有41%持相同观点。Chore-sharing was cited as very important by 62 percent of respondents, up from 47 percent in 1990.62%的受访者认为“分担家务”十分重要,超过了1990年的47%。The survey also found that, more Americans say the main purpose of marriage is the ;mutual happiness and fulfillment; of adults rather than the ;bearing and raising of children.;另外,调查还发现,更多的美国人认为婚姻的主要目的是两人之间的“相互愉悦与满足”,而不是“养育孩子”。The survey#39;s findings buttress concerns expressed by numerous scholars and family-policy experts, among them Barbara Dafoe Whitehead of Rutgers University#39;s National Marriage Project.该调查的结果造成了很多学者和家庭政策专家们的担忧,鲁特格斯大学国家婚姻项目的芭芭拉·达佛·怀特黑德就是其中一位。;The popular culture is increasingly oriented to fulfilling the desires of adults,; she wrote in a recent report. ;Child-rearing values - sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity - seem stale and musty by comparison.;她在最近的一篇报告中写道:“大众文化正日益以满足成年人的欲望为导向。而牺牲、稳定、可靠及成熟等育儿的价值观似乎已经过时了。”Virginia Rutter, a sociology professor at Framingham (Mass.) State College and board member of the Council on Contemporary Families, said the shifting views may be linked in part to America#39;s relative lack of family-friendly workplace policies such as paid leave and subsidized child care.弗莱明翰州立大学的社会学教授、当代家庭研究会的理事会成员弗吉妮亚·鲁特称,这种观念的转变一部分可能与美国缺少如带薪假期及子女津贴等关心员工家庭的政策有关。;If we value families ... we need to change the circumstances they live in,; she said, citing the challenges faced by young, two-earner couples as they ponder having children.她在谈及年轻的上班族夫妇在考虑要孩子时所面临的挑战时说:“如果我们重视家庭……我们就应该改变他们生活的环境。”The Pew survey was conducted by telephone from mid-February through mid-March among a random, nationwide sample of 2,020 adults.此项随机电话调查从今年2月中旬持续至三月中旬,全美共有2020名成年人参加。 /201401/272256。