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The incorporation of physical activity将运动加入日常生活into the daily routine defines the individual形成个人的健康生活方式lifestyle.By examining your daily activities通过检查你的日常运动情况it is possible to determine the range of lifestyle.能够你的确定生活方式是什么样的Knowing what lifestyle you have will help you了解你的生活方式之后to access your physical activity and if changes能更好的帮助你进行运动could be made to improve your life quality看看能否做出一些改变来提高你的生活质量and decrease risks for certain cancers.并减少某些癌症的风险Lifestyle categories range across the continuum生活方式种类从静坐式到运动式from sedentary to very active. A sedentary lifestyle按照其剧烈程度大小而不同refers to activities that do not increase energy在静坐式生活方式中,活动的能量消耗expenditure above the resting level.不高于静息水平下的能量消耗This includes activities such as sleeping, sitting,此类活动包括睡眠,坐lying down and watching television.平躺和看电视The METs of a sedentary life range静坐式生活的MET值from 1 to 1.5. An active lifestyle is defined在1到1.5之间,在运动型生活方式中as having regular exercise for 30 minutes每周要规律性地做5次或以上运动or more 5 times a week or more. An active person每次运动要达到30分钟或以上will usually walk on off days of exercising or运动型的人会在周末散步have a hobby such as yoga on top of exercising.或者有像瑜伽这样的爱好Active lifestyles also include persons with physical...运动型生活还包括…lets just start that paragraph over.我们把这段重新来一遍You can just start the sentence, active lifestyles.你就从运动型生活方式开始Active lifestyles also include persons with拥有运动型生活方式的人physically active jobs which require continual还包括工作内容是体力活动的人walking or lifting. The METs of an active lifestyle他们需要持续的走路或者举重物range from 3 to 5. A very active lifestyle is运动型生活方式的MET值为3到5高度defined as having regular exercise above 60 minutes运动型生活方式,包括每周5次以上规律运动or more 5 or more times a week. A very active person每次持续60分钟,高度运动型生活方式的人will regularly exercise at a high level of intensity会在每周的大多数日子里规律性地most days of the week or work in a very physically做高强度运动,或者做非常消耗体力的工作demanding job such as construction.比如建筑工人The American Institute for Cancer Research美国癌症研究协会reviewed the available data from studies评估了直肠癌风险that were done to investigate the associations和运动之间关系的between colon cancer risk and physical activity.研究数据Of the 11 studies they reviewed 8 found在11个研究中a protective effect of high levels of physical activity8个研究发现运动预防直肠癌的效果非常明显on colon cancer risk. This led to the conclusion这得出了结论that there is convincing evidence for higher levels即有令人信的据明of physical activity to protect from colon cancer.运动在预防直肠癌方面呈现高水平However, these studies were complicated然而,这些研究是很复杂的by the ways in which physical activity was measured因为它们所采用的方法是in the participants. Therefore it was not possible测定参与者的运动情况,所以to generate an overall assessment of the effects做出运动对直肠癌风险影响的全面评价of physical activity on colon cancer risk.是不太可能的201508/395324

It could take a visit to the International Space Station.它可能跑去国际空间站Perhaps even fly to the moon.也许甚至飞到月球All this before returning to the exact same spot an instance before you reenter the room.结束之后 桌子又回到原本位置 就在你再度进入房间前的瞬间This,of course is a pretty unlikely scenario.这个状况当然是不太可能发生的But one we cant rule out.但我们却不能完全排除It is much simpler to assume that the table stays put when we are not there.还是简单假定为 当我们不在时 桌子就在原地不动It is our best fit model of reality.那是我们对现实的最适模型This is essentially what we do in science.基本上 科学家也是如此To create best fit models of how we believe我们所建构的最适模型the universe actually works.来源于我们自己所认定的宇宙运作方式The ancient Greeks were the first古希腊人最早to built such scientific models.建构此类科学模型They suggested that the earth was a large sphere,motionless他们主张地球是一个大型球体 静止不动And fixed at the center of the universe.且固定在宇宙中心But later pioneering scientists like Copernicus and Galileo但之后 开创性的科学家 如哥白尼与伽利略found a much simpler and completely revolutionary model to describe this same observations.找到更简单又更完整的革命性模型 来解释同样的现象They proposed that the earth itself was spinning and orbiting the sun at the same time...他们主张地球会自转 并同时绕着太阳运行Along with all the other planets.就与所有其它行星一样201602/427389

  Without a scientific explanation,缺乏科学的解释imagine how disturbing it would have been to see the Sun vanish.想象一下会让人们有多么惊惶 看到太阳消失The Vikings responded in the only way that made sense to them.维京人 以他们唯一相信的方式回应They tried to scare away the wolf.他们试图把狼吓走The Vikings believed that their actions caused the Sun to return.维京人认为是他们的行为 可以找回了太阳Of course,we now know they had nothing to do with it.当然如今我们知道 这和他们毫无关系The Sun would have reappeared anyway.太阳迟早会重现It turns out that the Universe is not as supernatural or mysterious as it seems.事实明宇宙 并非表象那般超自然或神秘But it takes more courage than even the Vikings had to discover the truth.但得比维京人更勇敢 才能发现真相Mere mortals like you and I can understand how the Universe works.像你我这样的凡人 也能了解宇宙如何运行This was realized long before the Vikings in ancient Greece.这点早在维京人之前 古希腊就已有人发现In about 300 B.C.,a philosopher called Aristarchus was fascinated by eclipses,too,约在公元前300年 有位哲学家阿里斯塔克 也对食的现象感到惊奇especially eclipses of the Moon.尤其是月食201603/428975

  Find healthy recipes during pregnancy to ensure the baby is eating right and you are physically prepared for the delivery.期遵循健康的食谱,保障婴儿吃得恰当,让你的身体为分娩做好准备。You Will Need你需要Food pyramid食物金字塔Healthy foods健康的食物Prenatal vitamins产前维生素Calcium supplements钙补充剂Steps步骤STEP 1 Fix the 61.六种食物相搭配Fix meals with recipes containing the 6 pyramid food groups of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and beans, dairy products, and oils. Eat cereals rich in folic acid for breakfast, especially in your first 28 days of pregnancy.饮食中加入食物金字塔顶端的六种食品,包括谷类,水果,蔬菜,肉类,豆类和奶制品,以及油。早餐食用富含叶酸的谷类,尤其是期最初的28天。STEP 2 Have some snacks2.吃零食Blend fresh lemons and honey for a tart treat, adding sugar by heating some with a cup of water on the stove to make a syrup. This may help with morning sickness. Prepare a smoothie with fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter for a healthy snack. Treating snacks as mini meals throughout the day like like this may reduce heartburn.将一些新鲜的柠檬和蜂蜜一起搅拌,加糖,然后加入一杯清水中,加热,制成糖浆。这样可以预防晨起呕吐。用水果,酸奶和花生酱一起制作奶昔,做成健康的零食。把这些零食作为一天之中的加餐,预防烧心。STEP 3 Make turkey burgers3.制作火鸡汉堡Make turkey burgers, which contain 40 percent of the daily protein requirement for pregnant women, plus plenty of iron and fiber. Add a variety of seasonings to spice them up. Ditch the bun and cheese to cut sodium, especially if your stomach is reacting.制作火鸡汉堡,其中含有妇每天所需的40%的蛋白质,此外还有足够的铁和纤维。加入各种各样的配料来添加风味。不要吃小圆面包和奶酪,防止摄入过量的钠,尤其是胃有反应的时候。If you were overweight before your pregnancy, consult a physician about how much you should be eating and how to get sufficient nutrients, which will be even more important if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.如果期过度肥胖,向医生咨询应该吃多少,怎样获得充足的养分,尤其是你被诊断患有妊娠糖尿病的时候。STEP 4 Drink soy4.喝豆奶Drink a soy milk and wheat germ shake, which contains 20 percent of your folic acid requirement and a critical infusion of omega-3 fatty acids.喝豆奶和小麦胚芽奶昔,其中含有身体所需的20%的叶酸和至关重要的omega-3脂肪酸。STEP 5 Increase calcium5.补钙Increase the calcium in your diet by adding broccoli, spinach, and calcium-fortified juices and foods. Use prenatal vitamins or calcium supplements to provide a calcium boost if youre lactose-intolerant.食用西兰花,菠菜和加钙果汁食品来补钙。如果你乳糖过敏的话,用产前维生素和钙补充剂来提供充足的钙。What you consume and the health of the baby are strongly connected. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nonpasteurized dairy, fish high in mercury, and deli meats, which can contain listeria.你摄入的营养和婴儿的健康息息相关。远离酒精,香烟,咖啡因,未经巴氏消毒的奶制品,含有大量水银的鱼,和含有李氏杆菌的熟食。STEP 6 Enjoy taco salad6.享用塔可沙拉Enjoy a protein-packed taco salad with black beans, which adds B-12, iron, and zinc requirements to the equation.享用富含蛋白质的塔可沙拉,添加一些黑豆,可以补充维生素B-12,铁和锌。STEP 7 Jazz it up7.增添趣味Jazz up dinner and treat yourself with sliced tomato and avocado on grilled farm-raised salmon or another low-mercury fish, cooked brown rice and a side of green beans. Add a multigrain roll for the perfect, healthy way to nourish yourself and your baby.为晚餐增添一点趣味,切一点土豆和鳄梨,加到烤三文鱼或其他水银含量较少的鱼肉上,然后吃一点糙米和一点四季豆。再加一点多谷物卷,以健康的方式为你和婴儿提供充足的营养。Infants absorb 50 to 75 percent of the iron in breast milk, but normally less than 12 percent of that in commercial formula.婴儿可以从母乳中吸收50%至75%的铁,而奶粉中通常只含有不到12%的铁。 /201502/357761。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201512/413147

  Jerusalem is on the eastern edge of the Roman Empire.耶路撒冷地处罗马帝国东部边缘A vast network of roads and trade routes.道路四通八达 贸易便利One of the keys to mankinds progress:Mass communication.人类进步的关键之一 就是大众传播Now, an idea born in the middle east Can sp around the Roman world.现在 一种思想在中东诞生 并在罗马帝国蔓延开来Half a million people are in jerusalem for passover,五十万人在耶路撒冷纪念逾越节The Jewish festival celebrating the exodus from Egypt.这是犹太人纪念离开埃及的节日Among them, followers of Jesus.在他们中 有耶稣的追随者They believe he is the Messiah.他们相信他是弥赛亚(犹太人的复国救主)But his teachings threaten the peace.但他的教诲危及了国家的和平For that, he will be crucified.正因如此 他将被钉死在十字架上Romes special punishment For pirates, slaves and enemies of the state.这是罗马特殊的刑罚 为了惩处海盗 奴隶以及国家的敌人Thousands of people died this way,but we remember one man,千万人死于这种刑罚 但我们只记住了一个人we remember one death as if it was the only one,只记住了他的死亡 把他的死亡当成是独一无二的because this one death changed every part, every portion,因为这一例死亡改变了世界的每一个地方every corner of the Earth.每一个部分 每一个角落In the crowd, a bystander.人群中 有一个旁观者Simon from Cyrene, a colony in north Africa.他叫西蒙 来自北非的殖民地昔兰尼Simon of Cyrene was a guy who just happened to be in Jerusalem.昔兰尼的西蒙只是碰巧在耶路撒冷Here was this procession going by him.碰巧遇到了这次游行There was a man carrying a cross,surrounded by Roman soldiers.一个男人背着十字架 被罗马士兵包围着;Hey, come over here and carry this guys cross!;;嘿 你过来 背着他的十字架!;201510/401888Imagine learning for the first eighteen years of your life that the earth is flat,All through elementary school and high school you grow up,Hearing about the flat earth we live on,And doing boring flat-earth physics homework and then,If youre lucky enough you get to college and PSYCH!For the first time they show you a globe and say,;sorry for lying,the earth is actually round;Well this is unfortunately exactly what we do with。想象一下你人生的头18年里一直学到的都是地球是平的。从幼稚的小学生一直成长到高中生听到的都是我们生活的地球是平的 蛋疼的纠结着关于平面地球的物理作业,然后有一天你幸运的上了大学 我擦!他们第一次给你拿出了个地球仪 然后说 “很抱歉骗了你,但地球其实是圆的” 这是个残酷的真相,我们对引力的学习也是这样。1.Gravity:一、引力You probably learned that objects attract each other based on their mass,So you probably grew up thinking that light cant possibly be affected by gravity,Because light is massless,I know I did,Well guess what?The source of gravity is not mass!Its energy and momentum which light certainly has,Of course regular matter does too,So not only does light get bent passing by a star or planet or black hole.But light attracts the planet or star or black hole in return.To be sure,its only a very very small amount,But a small amount is not zero,Anyway the point is that Newtons law of gravitation is just an approximation,Good enough to get us to the moon,but not perfect,General relativity is better.或许你学过物体是因为质量而相互吸引的所有,长大后你就会纳闷光应该是不会被吸引的吧,应为光没有质量啊!我就是这么想的 可你猜这么着?引力的来源不是质量!是能量和动量 显然光也有这些 别的物质就更有了 所以不仅光在经过恒星,行星还是黑洞时会被弯曲 光反过来同样还会吸引行星,恒星还有黑洞 准确的说 这种吸引虽然很小很小 但小并不代表没有 所有重点就是 牛顿万有引力只是一个近似的法则 这足够人们登月用的 但并不是完美法则 广义相对论才更准确一些。2.Special Relativity:二、狭义相对论Speaking of the moon,you probably also learned that:If a sheep is moving 2 mph relative to a train,And that train is moving 2 mph in the same direction relative to the ground,Then the sheep is moving 4 mph relative to the gound,2mph plus 2mph equals 4mph,right? FALSE!Experments in special relativity have confirmed,That velocities dont simply add together,And so the sheep will in fact be moving Very very ever-so-slightly slower.than 4mph relative to the ground.说起月球君,或许你会记起这道题:如果一只小羊相对火车的速度是2英里/时 而火车相对于地面也是2英里/时同向运动 则小羊相对于地面的速度就是4英里/时 2英里/时 +2英里/时 4英里/时 ,对吧?错了!关于狭义相对论的实验已经明 计算速度不能简单地直接相加 所有这只小羊相对于地面的速度实际上要比4英里/时 稍微小那么一点点点。And the formula that correctly predicts this deviation from just adding,the velocities is (V1+V2)/(1+V1×V2/C^2),Its not a very big effect,But then again,the earth looks pretty flat,doesnt it? But the earth isnt flat.If I walk 10,000 km away from my cat,And you continue on walking 10,000 km more,Youre NOT 20,000 km away from my cat,Youre just 12,750 km away.而消除这种误差的准确叠加速度的公式是:(V1+V2)/(1+V1×V2/C^2) ,虽然影响不大 但话说回来 地球看起来也和平面差不多是吧?但地球却不是平的 如果我远离喵星人走了10000千米 然后你继续又走了10000千米 你和我家喵星人的距离可不是20000千米呢 你们的距离只有12750千米。In fact:The farthest on earth you can get from ANYTHING on earth is 12,750 km,Its the ;earthly distance-limit;Though we normally call it the diameter of the earth,And similarly when you try to add two velocities together,Theres a ;cosmic speed limit;of 300,000,000 m/s.That is the speed of light.真相是,你能跑过地球上最远的一段距离不过12750千米,这是地球君的距离限制,也就是我们常说的地球的直径,同样的当你想要叠加两个速度的时候,有一个30亿米/秒的“宇宙速度极限” 这就是光速。So just because to our eyes the earth looks flat,Velocities look like they simply add together,And light looks like it doesnt attract gravitationally,Is that an excuse to mislead ourselves and our children,About the true nature of things? NO所以我们能够因为地球看上去是平的 或者速度看似能简单地相加 又或是光线看起来没有万有引力,就可以找理由误导我们自己和祖国的花朵,不告诉他们自然的真相吗?不。201503/361684The prosecution, in my opinion, didnt know what to do我觉得检方不知该如何处理在梦幻庄园所收集到with the fact that they found 10 years worth of magazines,Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, at Neverland,将近十年份的《》《阁楼》 以及Hustler等成人杂志which would suggest that Michael Jackson was heterosexual,这些都倾向迈克尔·杰克逊其实是异性恋者and interested in seeing pictures of beautiful women who were naked.并对裸女图片感兴趣They werent quite sure how to fit that into their theory that he was a paedophile.他们不知该如何将这些 纳入恋童癖的说词so they came up with the notion that a paedophile will take magazines like this所以才强辩说因为恋童癖的人 利用这些杂志to somehow groom the alleged victim.来养成所谓的被害者The district attorney showed so much pornography检方所秀出的色情内容that your head was spinning by the time this was over.多到让人眼花撩乱lt was the only day that Katherine那天是凯瑟琳唯一一次excused herself from the courtroom for the afternoon.下午没有回到法庭l thought, theyre constantly flashing this material at the jury,我心想他们一直不停对陪审秀这些which was a majority of females, by the way,他们大多数都是女性l thought just was stupid, but thats what they did.实在是件很蠢的举动They couldnt find any pornography on his computers.他的计算机中也没有搜查到色情内容They had the FBl test every computer at Neverland,请FBl查遍了梦幻庄园内每台电脑they couldnt find any kiddie pornography.也找不到任何儿童相关的色情内容so they just tried to fit everything into their theory and it just became an absurdity.所以才硬掰到 成了一出闹剧201511/408171

  Get the telescopes y: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are all about to be visible at the same time. 准备好望远镜:水星、金星、土星、火星和木星将在同一时间看到。On Wednesday, Jan. 20, the five bright planets will be visible from Earth, and the showing will last about a month. 1月20日周三,在地球上可以看到五颗明亮的行星,并将持续一个月左右。Four of the five have aly been visible in the early morning sky, but Mercury will join the group shortly, completing the five visible planet grouping. 在清晨的天空有四颗已经可以看见,但不久后水星将加入,完成5颗行星同时可见。EarthSky reports people living in the mid-to-northern latitudes can see Mercury best about an hour and half before dawn. In the Southern Hemisphere, its about two hours before sunrise. Either way, Feb. 7 is expected to be the best day for viewing our solar systems closest planet to the sun. 节目组报道,居住在高纬度的人可以在黎明前大约一个半小时看见水星。在南半球,大约在日出前2小时。无论是哪种方式,预计2月7日是最好的日子观看太阳系最近的行星。Its the first time the planets have shown up all at the same time in 10 years, but The Conversation reports you wont have to wait another decade to see it happen again. The next five-planet showing will happen in August. 这是十年来首次行星在同一时间出现,但再次看到这一现象你不需要等十年。下一次五颗行星同时出现将在八月。译文属。201601/422930North, fighting to preserve the union.北方力争保持统一South, to break away,To preserve its economy based on slave labor.南方却要分裂 要保持南方经济的发展 依靠的是奴隶劳动Once these two ideas clash ...hell is on earth.一旦这两种理念交锋 美国就变成了地狱July, 1863.Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.1863年七月 在宾夕法尼亚州的葛底斯堡After two years of Civil War,The confederate army invades the north.经过两年的内战 南方邦联军入侵了北方At Blochers Knoll, they have union forces on the run.在布洛赫高地上 他们让北方联邦军节节败退But private Reuben Ruch stands his ground.但士兵鲁本·鲁赫有他自己的立场22 years old, idealist, patriot.他年仅二十二岁 是个爱国的理想主义者He writes in his diary:The bullets were whistling about like hail.他在日记中写道 子弹呼啸而过 像冰雹一般A man behind me was shot.At that same moment, the man on my left was killed.我身后的人中弹了 同时 我左边的人也牺牲了He fell with half his length ahead of me.他倒在我前面 离我只有半个身位的距离The thought occurred that I might be next.我想我可能会成为下一个牺牲品;This will be the bloodiest battle ever fought on US soil.这将是美国国土上最血腥的战争Industry in the north gives union troops an edge,北方的工业给了联邦军一定的优势The latest military technology:the .52-caliber sharps carbine.那就是最先进的军事技术: 0.25口径的卡宾201604/438797


  We seek power.We build empires.We connect.我们追求权力 我们建立帝国 我们相互联结But one mans life and death但有一个人的生死Will touch the lives of millions.将会改变千万人的命运It will transform the destiny of an empire将会改变一个帝国的命运And change the story of all of us.改变我们所有人的故事Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中Most species will fail.大多数物种将会在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但是有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story, the story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事Jerusalem, 33 A.D.A provincial city under Roman rule.耶路撒冷 公元33年 犹太省的首府 已受罗马统治Occupied for 100 years.A man has been sentenced to death.一百年了 一名男子被判处死刑Today hell be executed.But his death will launch a global religion.今天 他将被处决 但他的死将成就世界一大宗教Today, a third of mankind worships in his name...Jesus of Nazareth.如今 世界上三分之一的人视之为神明 他就是拿撒勒(巴勒斯坦北部古城)的耶稣201510/401799。

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/436796

  These people were people that Michael allowed into his life,这些是迈克尔允许踏入他的世界and he befriended them.并与他交朋友的人And the next thing we knew, this kid was claiming that Michael had molested him.然后突然这孩子就指控迈克尔性侵他Back in 1993, this was unbellievablle to aII of us who knew MichaeI Jackson.1993年时这对认识迈克尔·杰克逊的人来说 根本不可思议Because we just really didnt think of Michael in any kind of sexual way.因为我们都不会将迈克尔与性联想在一起He was sort of asexual in our minds at that time.他在我们脑中似乎是个无性别的人lf you know Michael, you know his heart.若你认识迈克尔 了解他的内心Michael was probably one of迈克尔可说是the most gentle people that one would ever want to meet.世上最温柔的人Michael always told me he loved children because they were innocent.迈克尔说他很喜欢小孩 因为他们很单纯They never wanted anything from him.他们对他没有要求Michael was always so protective of children.迈克尔向来是很保护孩子的The side that l saw of him, he was such a family-oriented person.我所看到的是很顾家的一面All of us, growing up, you may know about,我们从小长大你也知道l mean, we always had a baby in our arms, on our laps,可能都抱着个婴儿and we always gravitate to kids.我们都很喜欢小孩l mean, its just an innocent thing and thats as far as it would ever go.真的是很单纯的喜欢l was sick to my stomach,令我想作呕because I knew that MichaeI wouldnt do a thing like that.因为我知道迈克尔不会做出这样的事And l was wondering, why are they lying on him like that?我心想 他们为什么要撒这种谎?And l can imagine how Michael mustve felt.我能想象迈克尔当时的感受201510/402642

  After another two years of full thrust,再经过两年的全速推进the ship would reach its top speed,飞船将会到达它的最高速度99% of the speed of light.光速的99%At this speed, a single day on board到达了这一速度,飞船上每过一天is a whole year of earth time.地球上都过了一整年Our ship will be truely flying into the future.我们的飞船真正地是在飞向未来The slowing of time has another benefit.让时间放慢还有另一个好处It means we could,这就是in theory, travel extraordinary distances理论上我们能在一个人的有生之年within one human lifetime.航行很长的距离A trip to the edge of the galaxy would take just 80 years.一次到系边缘的旅行只需80年But the real wonder of our journey is that但这次探索真正的奇妙之处在于it reveals just how strange the universe is.它揭露了宇宙是何等的奇妙Its a universe where就是这个宇宙,在这里time runs at different rates in different places.时间会因地点不同而以不同的速度流逝Where tiny wormholes exist all around us.细小的虫洞无处不在And where, ultimately,we might use our understanding of physics我们能够运用自己的物理知识to become time voyagers through the fourth dimension.成为在四维空间中任意穿行的时间航行者201508/391178

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