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佛山去那间医院检查输卵管广州第八人民医院客服咨询栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431426广州市长安电话号码是多少 Hello Bill, my name is Alicia, what I would like to know is, do you think time is real?你好比尔! 我叫艾丽西娅 我想知道 你认为时间是真实的吗For example, sometimes an hour can feel very short and sometimes it can feel very long depending on your perception.比如 有时候我们会感觉一个小时很短 有时候我们会感觉一个小时很长So then is time subjective?所以那么时间是主观的吗If its a measurement of something what is it a measurement of?如果它是一个计量单位 那么它衡量的是什么东西Id really like to know your thoughts about time. Thank you.我真的很想知道您对这个问题的看法 谢谢!Alicia, that is fantastic.艾丽西娅 这个问题很好Notice that in English we dont have any other word for time except time. Its unique.首先要注意 在英语里我们除了“time”没有别的词语来表达“时间” 这说明它很独特Its this wild fourth dimension in nature.它是大自然中自由的第四维度This is one dimension, this is one dimension,this is one dimension and time is the fourth dimension.这是一个维度 这是另一个维度 这是第三个维度 而时间正是第四个维度And we call it the fourth dimension not just in theoretical physics but in engineering.我们不仅在理论物理学里称时间为第四维度 在工程学里也是如是称谓I worked on four dimensional auto pilots so you tell where you want to go我以前研究四维自动驾驶仪 你可以指挥去哪里and what altitude it is above sea level and then when you want to get there.海拔是多少 以及你什么时候想到达那里Like you can get there at any time.你想什么时候到都可以We have a whole bunch of other words. We have appointments.我们有一大堆词语可以形容某段时间 比如预约We have morning, afternoon, evening, noon time.我们有早晨 下午 晚上或中午时间We have a whole bunch of words describing periods of time,我们有这么多词形容时段but when it comes to actual time we just have this one word its a strange and surprising thing.但当我们要表达“时间”本身时 却独独这么一个词 那是很奇怪和令人惊讶的事实So along this line, in my opinion, which as you know is correct, Im kidding, in my opinion time is both subjective and objective.所以在这个问题上 我的看法就是 你知道我肯定是对的 开个玩笑 我的看法是时间既主观又客观What we do in science and engineering and in life, astronomy, is measure time as carefully as we can我们在科学 工程学 生命科学 天文学里的做法是 尽量精确地计量时间because its so important to our every day world.这对我们日常生活太重要了You go to plant crops you want to know when to plant of them. You want to know when to harvest them.例如你要种植谷物 你想知道什么时候开始播种 什么时候开始收获If you want to have a global positioning system that enables you to determine which side of the street youre on from your phone如果你想用你手机上的全球定位系统来确定你在街道的哪个位置you need to take into account both the traditional passage of time that you might be familiar with watching a clock here on the earths surface你既需要考虑平常那种时间的推移就是我们在地球上看钟表得知的那个时间and the passage of time as its affected by the speed of the spacecraft and the passage of time还要考虑受航天器速度影响的时间 以及as its affected by the gravity of the earth itself, both special and general relativity. Its astonishing.受地球引力影响的时间 无论是狭义相对论还是广义相对论意义上的 这太惊人了So, we work very hard to measure time with all sorts of extraordinary clocks,所以我们得用各种神奇的钟表来计量时间but there is no question with our brains, which are wet chemical computers, we lose track of time.但毫无疑问 对于人脑这种湿化学“电脑” 我们弄乱了时间Sometimes it feels short, sometimes it feels long and its just the nature I think of being constrained by measuring time with our brains.有时觉得很短暂 有时候很漫长 我觉得问题本质就在于用人脑衡量时间是受限的This is why we build instruments to measure time outside of ourselves externally. But it is a great question.这也是为什么我们人类要制造各种仪器来衡量处于我们身外的时间 但这真是个好问题And then the whole idea of science really started with this thing people used to call natural philosophy.整个科学的理念都起源于人们过去称之为自然哲学的东西And when you throw in the word philosophy for me you start asking this question like can you know anything,当你跟我用了“哲学”这个词 你其实就开始问这个问题:你能知道所有事情吗let alone what time it is or how long its been since something happened更不用说时间是什么 这东西存在多久了or when something will happen in the future or whether or not it will happen at all, these are philosophical questions.以后会发生什么 或者会不会发生 这些都是哲学问题I feel that you can get yourself pretty spungup in saying to yourself theres no way to know anything.我觉得 当你对自己说“人无法知道所有事”就够让你自己纠结的了Philosophically you cant know anything.从哲学上来讲 你不可能无所不知On the other hand, it seems to me we can know a great deal objectively about nature and that includes time and its passage.另一方面又似乎是 我们能很客观地了解大自然的很多事情包括时间以及它的变化推移One last thought Alicia, when I think about my grandfather he had no idea, no understanding of relativity.最后艾丽西娅我想到我爷爷 他不知道 也根本不懂相对论Not because he was a bad person, because no one had discovered it yet.并不是因为他是坏人 而是那时人们还未发现它And so I just wonder what else it is about the nature of time所以我在想 关于时间的本质or the nature of what physicists, astrophysicists like to call space time where you talk about these four dimensions at once或是物理学家 天文物理学家所谓的“时空”(X,Y, Z, T四维的合称)的本质 还有些什么其他发现X, Y, Z, and T. I cannot help but wonder there is something else undiscovered about time我不禁地想 关于时间也许有其他尚未发现的事实and perhaps you and I will be alive, not much more time will have passed before this discovery is made.也许用不了太久 这个发现就会被揭示而你我都还健在Carry on. Excellent question. Thank you.继续努力吧 很棒的问题 谢谢你201706/514969TED演讲视频:微软虚拟地球之旅不同医院的不同手术有着不同的结果。但是病人不知道数据, 所以使得选外科医生成为了一个高风险的猜测游戏。史帝芬·拉森(Stefan Larsson)研究了当医生开始衡量并分享他们的髋关节手术的结果时(比如说什么是最有效的方法)会发生的情况。如果医生们可以相互学习并形成一个反馈循环,医疗保健会不会变得更好、更便宜?201701/488199广州市二人民医院做血常规检查

广州番禺清宫一般需要多少钱See what its like under the tree.Darkness is closing in.看看树下是什么情况 黑夜即将降临 I want to find somewhere to shelter for the night.我要找个可以过夜的地方You know, this wouldnt be a bad place, actually, for a shelter up here.说实话 在这里凑合过一夜还不赖I dont want to be down on the beach with all the sand flies and the crabs,我可不想到海滩上去 与沙蝇螃蟹共度一晚also the tide comes right up there.而且涨潮时还会淹到那里But here you got full visibility out to sea and also that nice sea breeze.而在这里 可观察大海 视野很广阔 还有舒适的海风拂面Using the old fishing net I found, I can make a hammock,我可以用之前发现的一个旧渔网做个吊床a great way to get off the ground and away from all the bugs.从而离开地面 摆脱臭虫Use a couple of sticks as spers at each end,在两头用一些树枝作为撑then tie it to a sturdy tree trunk with string.然后用绳子把它绑在结实的树干上This stuffs old, but it should do the trick.这东西老旧了点 但是应该能行And then give this a try. up!More string?现在来试试 上来 还需要更多的绳子么But it happened now in the 3 a.m. in the morning.要是在凌晨三点 出这种事可不妙Okay, try a bit of thicker string.Lets hope itll be less salt-eroded.Hopefully.Perfect.好吧 试试用一些更粗的绳子 希望绳子没被海水腐蚀地太厉害 上帝保佑 太棒了成功了Now I need cover from the rain.下面我需要弄个挡雨的顶棚A simple A-frame is just the job.搭个简易的A形顶棚就好And then on to this, and drape a load of banana leaves as a thatching.然后在这上面 放上一些蕉叶作为屋顶All you got to do is nick them,and then well just drape it over the top.你要做的就是在这里切一道口 接着我们只需把它挂到顶部就行了201606/452101广州治输卵管堵塞价格 This one always draws in the comments.这段总是引发热评and then when you think hes probably done,当你认为他可能已经喝完了he goes, ;oh, hang on, theres still a bit left.;他却说 ;等下 还剩一点呢;theres a little bit left.还剩一点呢I mean, no one can see that. I cant see that.He didnt need to do that.其实 没人看得见 我就看不见 他没必要那么做Hopefully, that will help,help me go a bit further.希望这帮得上忙 能帮我走得更远And thats a taste that I can still taste when I close my eyes and wince,bad.每当我闭上眼睛 想起那种味道都会战栗不已 太恶心了Definitely the most difficult,definitely the most painful,下面这个 绝对是最艰难 最痛苦and definitely, for me,the most memorable moment.并且对我来说 绝对是最值得纪念的时刻At number one,on a raft in the Pacific,giving myself an enema.我的最佳时刻 是在太平洋的一个竹筏上 给我自己灌肠Physical discomfort is definitely a part of ;Man vs. Wild; for me,对身体的挑战 绝对是《荒野求生》的一部分but this next clip was eye-watering in its discomfort.但是接下来的这段让我痛到流泪Panama was quite a historic moment,I think, in the program我 认为巴拿马那段经历不论是对于节目 对于贝尔 还是对于and for Bear and for all of us who were involved.所有制作人员来说 都是历史性的一刻This is my number one.这是我的最佳时刻201612/485267广州中山大学第一附属医院输卵管通水

广东广州治不孕最好的医院原味人文风情:Welcome to the worlds quickest personality test. What Id like you to do is hold out your hands in front of you, make certain theyre level, and then close your eyes. So dont just sit there—actually do it! Hands out, and now close your eyes. Dont lose my voice in the darkness.欢迎参加世界上最快速的性格测验。我想要你做的事是将手伸到面前、确认两只手一样高,接着闭上眼睛。不要只是坐在那--确实跟着做!手伸出来,现在闭上双眼。在黑暗中仔细听我的声音。Now imagine (Hi there!) theres a helium balloon attached to the fingers of your right hand. (Okay, you didnt shut your eyes.) So, its gently pulling your right hand up into the air. At the same time, imagine a pile of books on your left hand. (Thats fine.) The books are pushing down on your left hand and pushing it towards the floor. (But I dont want you to get bored.) The balloon is pulling the right hand up; the books pushing the left hand down. (So heres something to look at...) Now, enjoy any images that float into your mind, but still remember that your hands are being pushed and pulled. Excellent! Now open up your eyes. So, what does it mean?现在想象(你好啊!)想象有一颗氦气球绑在你右手的手指上。(嗯,你并没有闭眼睛。)那么,气球正轻轻地将你的右手往空中拉。在此同时,想象有一叠书在你的左手上。(没关系。)书正压低你的左手,将手压往地面。(不过我不想要你觉得无聊。)气球在将右手向上拉;书在将左手向下压。(所以这有个东西可以看...)现在,享受你脑中出现的任何图像,不过还是要记得你的手正被压着和拉着。好极了!现在张开眼睛。那么,那代表什么呢?Well, if your hands are far apart, then you tend to have a good imagination. Youre sensitive, intuitive, and you easily become absorbed in books and films. If your hands are level, youre more down-to-earth. Youre more logical, youre more analytical, and you enjoy puzzles and games. And if you saw an image of a puppy, well, you just tend to be a little bit suspicious.嗯,如果你的双手分很开,那你比较有很棒的想象力。你很敏感、凭直觉行事,而且你很容易沉浸在书本和电影里。如果你的双手一样高,你比较实际点。你比较有逻辑、善于分析,而且你热爱猜谜与游戏。若你看到一张小的图片,嗯,你只是比较容易起疑心一点而已。201705/511192 We are back with Justin Bieber and Twitch,我们请到了贾斯汀·比伯和推奇and were gonna play one of my favorite new games我们要玩一个我最喜欢的新游戏;5 Second Rule.; Lets do this!“5秒规则” 让我们开始吧!Twitch is going to ask us a question and hes going to say ;Name three things in a certain category,;推奇会问我们问题 然后他会说“说出某一类别中的三种东西”like three types of animals, or whatever it is,像3种动物或者其他东西and we only have five seconds to name those three things and stop the clock我们只有5秒钟的时间说3种东西然后把表停下and we get a point, and if time runs out you get no points whatsoever.然后我们会有得分 如果超时了你就没有得分Were going to take turns-- you havent played before,我们轮流来-你以前没有玩过so Ill do it first, so that we give you an idea. Okay.所以我先来 让你先看看 好的Okay? All right, here we go.可以吗? 可以 开始吧Ellen, name three-- three green vegetables.艾伦 说出三种绿色蔬菜的名字Uh, broccoli, asparagus, lettuce. Look, so I did that in two seconds.嗯 西兰花 芦笋 莴苣 看 我只用了2秒You have to have your hands back.你必须用你的手按Okay, Justin: name three things you love about Ellen.好的 贾斯汀 你喜欢艾伦身上的三样东西Uh, youre funny, youre smart, youre charismatic.嗯 有趣 聪明 有超凡魅力的Ooh. Two seconds. Okay.哦 2秒 是的Ellen, name three sitcoms. Uh, ;Friends,; ;Ellen,; ;Cheers.;艾伦 3个情景喜剧的名字 嗯 《老友记》、《艾伦秀》、《欢乐酒店》Justin, name three celebrity crushes. Uh, Beyonce, Rihanna and--贾斯汀 喜欢的3个名人 嗯 碧昂斯 蕾哈娜还有--I dont know who else! Ellen. I tried so hard!我不知道其他的了 艾伦 我很努力地在想了!That was way too long. I tried so hard to help you.太长了 我可是尽力帮你了Im sorry, Im sorry. Get away from me. Im sorry.对不起 对不起 离我远一点 对不起Okay, Ellen. Yeah. Name three Shonda Rhimes shows.好了 艾伦 好的 说出三个珊达·莱梅斯节目的名字Uh, ;How To Get Away With Murder,; ;Scandal,; ;Grays Anatomy.; Nice!嗯 《逍遥法外》、《丑闻》、《实习医生格蕾》 太棒了!Justin, name three things you can cover in chocolate.贾斯汀 说三种你能用巧克力覆盖的东西Uh, fondue, uh-- Fruit? Dude, I dont know. Almonds? Peanuts?嗯 奶油 嗯--水果?伙计 我不知道 杏仁粉?花生?Im bad at this. Okay, Ellen. I got so much going on in this mind.我不擅长这个 好的 艾伦 我脑子里就想到了这么多Its okay. Its all right, you got it.可以的 没关系 你明白了Name three things you can take to the beach.说三件你可以带到海滩上的东西A towel, a picnic and a hat. Nice. Close, close.浴巾 野餐 帽子 好的 很接近 很接近Redeemer. Redeemer, here we go.救世主 救世主 开始吧Name three things you cant resist--you got it.说三件你无法抵抗的事情-你明白吗My phone, golfing and singing. Nice. Okay?我的手机 高尔夫 唱歌 很好 好了?Oh, times up! Times up. Nice.哦 时间到了!时间到了 好的How much time was that? You did that.是多少时间?你这么做By the way, you can cover people in chocolate.随便说一下 你可以用巧克力覆盖一个人Okay, yeah, I could. True. Just to think about that.好的 好的 我可以 想想看Go to our website to find out how you can win a ,000 Target shopping spree去我们的网站找出你如何才可以赢一张10000美元的目标疯狂购物卡and everyone in the audience is going home with a ;5 Second Rule; board game, which is right there.所有的观众都要带着一个名为“5秒规则”的棋盘游戏回家了 在这里Well be back.马上回来201705/511535广州天河宫外孕多少钱广州中山附属第三医院不孕医生



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