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石河子光子嫩肤价格新疆省妇幼保健院口腔科和田市激光祛痣多少钱 Making apple pie? Need a quick snack? Learn the fastest and simplest way to remove the core.想制作苹果派?需要一种快捷的零食?了解给苹果去核最快最简单的方法。You Will Need你需要An apple一个苹果A paring knife or apple corer一把去皮刀或苹果去芯机A melon baller or spoon (optional)挖瓜球器或勺子(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Cut the core1.切掉果核Center the corer over the apples stem end, pierce the apple, and push the corer all the way through. If you dont have a corer, push a paring knife through the apple and cut around the core.把苹果去芯机放在苹果有茎的一端的中心,刺穿苹果,一直把核推出去。如果没有去芯机,把去皮刀插入苹果,绕着苹果核周围切。If you dont need to keep the apple whole, cut the apple in half and remove the core from each half using a melon baller or a spoon.如果你不需要保持苹果完整,把苹果切成两半,用挖瓜球器或勺子把每一半中的果核挖掉就可以了。STEP 2 Remove the core2.去核Pull out the corer, which will take the apple core with it. If you used a paring knife, remove it and push the core through the bottom of the apple with your fingers.把去芯机拉出来,会把果核一起带出来。如果用的是去皮刀,取出去皮刀,用手指把果核推出苹果底部。STEP 3 Clean out remaining core3.清理剩下的果核Turn the apple over and remove any excess core from the bottom.把苹果翻过来,从底部去掉任何剩余的果核。The only apple that is native to North America is the crabapple. Most apple varieties originated in Asia.原产于美国的苹果只有野苹果。大部分苹果品种源于亚洲。201410/333457And one way...of protecting him...保护他的一种方法..would be...就是to cut that horn off the nose.将他的犀牛角锯下来How is it? It looks great.拍得怎么样 看起来很好The team check that they have what they need摄制组确认拍摄到了想要的镜头and Elvis lets us know that hes had enough.而艾维斯也用行动表明他受够了Just watch out, everybody.大家都小心点But actually, its a positive sign实际上 艾维斯变得不友善了that Elvis is not as friendly this time.反而是一个好现象Tonga and his colleagues唐加和他的同事们want Elvis to live more like a wild rhino想让艾维斯跟野生犀牛一样地生活and develop a wariness of humans而对人类产生警惕that may offer him some protection from poachers.能多多少少让他逃过偷猎者的魔爪Good luck to you, Elvis.祝你好运 艾维斯Whilst filming,在外拍摄时 were lucky enough to have a very well equipped camp.我们很幸运拥有一个装备齐全的营地Its in the bush and theres no escaping the wild animals.营地位于林中 常有野生动物出现201408/324560库尔勒耳部整形多少钱

可克达拉驼峰鼻矫正多少钱乌鲁木齐招风耳治疗 马克·罗斯研究假死状态:这是一种暂停生命过程,然后再重启的艺术。听起来非常玄,但这并不是科幻小说。通过谨慎使用某种毒气,可以利用假死状态帮助创伤以及心脏病患者延长生命,以获取治疗机会。201311/265194新疆省妇幼保健院激光祛斑手术多少钱

和田治疗黄褐斑多少钱But Egypts foreign rulers, from the Romans to the Turks to the British, have always made free with Egypts heritage.埃及的异族统治者们,不管是罗马人、土耳其人还是英国人,都随意地处置埃及历史遗产。Egypt, for two thousand years, had foreign rulers and in 52 much was made of the fact that Nasser was the first Egyptian ruler since the pharaohs, and I guess weve had two more since, although with varying results.;埃及已被异族统治了2千年,1952年,纳赛尔终于成为埃及自法老时代之后的第一位本土统治者。The Stone was brought back to the British Museum and immediately put on display-in the public domain, freely available for every scholar in the world to see-and copies and transcriptions were published worldwide.石碑被带回大英物馆后立刻进行了公开展览。全世界的学者都能参观,文字的抄本与拓本也一并公之于世。European scholars now set about the task of understanding the mysterious hieroglyphic script.欧洲学者立即着手破译神秘的象形文字。The Greek inscription was the one that every scholar could , and was therefore seen to be the key.石碑上的希腊文每个学者都能读懂,这被认为是破译的关键。But everybody was stuck. A brilliant English physicist and polymath, Thomas Young, correctly worked out that a group of hieroglyphs repeated several times on the Rosetta Stone wrote the sounds of a royal name-that of Ptolemy.但没人取得任何进展。直到一位聪颖学的英国学者托马斯杨发现一组在石碑上反复出现的象形文字代表了一个王室姓氏的发音—托勒密。It was a crucial first step, but Young hadnt quite cracked the code.这使得研究迈出了关键性的第一步,但他也没能成功破译所有文字。A French scholar, Jean-Francois Champollion, then realised that not only the symbols for Ptolemy but all the hieroglyphs were both pictorial and phonetic - they recorded the sound of the Egyptian language.法国学者让弗朗索瓦商良其后发现,所有的象形文字都是既象形又表音的。这种文字也记录下了埃及语的发音。For example - on the last line of the hieroglyphic text on the stone, three signs spell out the sounds of the word for stone slab in Egyptian-ahaj, and then a fourth sign gives a picture showing the stone as it would originally have looked:例如,在石碑上象形文字的最后一行,先有三个符号代表了“石板”(埃及文为“ahaj”)一词的发音,紧接其后的第四个符号则描画了石碑原本的样子:a square slab with a rounded top. So sound and picture work together.一块有圆顶的方形石板。音与意便以这种方式结合起来。201411/342367 Having a home office is great, but its less great when its such a disaster that you cant find anything and have no workspace. Let Expert Organizer Mary Astadourian show you how to make order of chaos.拥有一间家庭办公室是非常舒的,但是如果你想要的东西找不到,没有任何办公空间,这简直就是灾难,可没有那么好了。让专业的组织者Mary Astadourian向你展示怎样让混乱的办公桌变得井然有序。Step 1: Clean Off Your Desk1.清理办公桌Take everything off your desk, and empty the drawers. Now that you can see what you have, take a hard look at what youve been storing and assess the items. Throw away or purge the things that you dont need, and group the things that you are going to keep into groups that make sense. Put pens and pencils together, ing material in its own pile, mail in another, and so on.把办公桌上所有东西都拿走。现在你有什么东西已经一目了然了,仔细查看自己保存了哪些东西,进行评估。丢掉或清除不需要的物品,将剩余的需要的物品分门别类。把钢笔和铅笔放在一起,阅读材料放在独立的文件夹,信件放在另外一个文件夹,以此类推。Step 2: Assess Your Desk2.评估办公桌Look at the space that youre going to put everything back into, and assess it. Measure it. Think about how you can best use it. What works best for you? Where will all your belongings fit? What do you need to have at your fingertips?准备把所有物品放回办公桌,评估一下空间,测量一下,考虑怎样怎样可以最好的进行使用。怎样对你来说是最方便的?所有物品怎样摆放最合适?哪些东西需要放在离你最近的地方?Step 3: Get Your Organizational Products3.购买组织架构产品Using the information you collected during your assessment process, choose the organizational products you will need to make your desk work for you. An organized desk should have an inbox, an outbox, a mail box, a notes or ing box, a ;pending file; holder, a pen and pencil holder, and file cabinet. Wait! Its not as complicated as it sounds! Your inbox is for papers that need to be acted on quickly - bills to pay, permission slips to sign - items that need action. Your outbox is for papers that need to go out, whether to the mail, to another person, or to your assistant, if youre lucky enough to have one. Your mail box is for, you guessed it, mail. Your notes or ing box is for all those articles, brochures, pamphlets, and notes to yourself that youve been promising yourself youll , but havent gotten to yet. Your pending file folder is for currently active files, from projects your working on to the bids youre getting on repaving your driveway. Your pen and pencil holder - you aly know what thats for. And your file cabinet or cart is there to hold the papers that youre going to diligently put away into their proper places from now on.利用评估程序中收集的信息,选择能够让办公桌使用起来更加方便的组织产品。有组织结构的办公桌应该有收件箱,待发箱,邮箱,便笺或阅读材料箱,“未决文件”夹,笔筒,文件柜。等一下!这好像没有听上去那么复杂!收件箱用于收藏需要立即处理的文件——要付的账单,需要签字许可的文件——总之就是需要采取行动的一些物品。待发箱用于存放需要发出的文件,无论是需要邮寄,需要送给另外一个人,需要给你的助手,如果有很幸运有一位助手的话。邮箱用于存放你的信件。便笺和阅读材料箱用于存放所有的文章,小册子,画册,以及你承诺自己将要阅读但是还未获得的便笺。“未决文件”夹用于存放目前正在进行的文件,从正在进行的项目到正在筹划的投标。笔筒嘛,你自己知道是做什么用的了。文件柜用于存放从现在开始暂时用不到的文件资料。Step 4: Put It Away4.存放Using your new organizational products, put everything away, keeping your groupings together as you put them back onto your desk. There should be a place for everything now, so you know where each piece of paper or bit of equipment should go.使用新购买的有组织的办公桌,把所有物品分门别类放置好。现在一切都有了固定的位置,你对什么文件和工具放在什么地方了如指掌了。Step 5: Make It Real5.方便快捷Once you have everything where you like it, label it so you know exactly what to do with anything that floats into your home office.一旦按照自己的想法安置好,贴好标签,这样你就知道怎样处理进入你的家庭办公室的所有文件了。Thanks for watching How To Organize A Desk.感谢收看“怎样整理办公桌”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/245119阿克苏去痣多少钱一颗阿拉尔市激光祛痘印多少钱



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