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乌鲁木齐市第四人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱乌市活细胞丰胸价格欧洲杯:谁能问鼎强? -- 19:6:18 来源: 欧洲杯队伍风云际会,谁将问鼎强? With teams in the group stages at Euro , that does not divide neatly into qualifying the knockout stages.欧洲杯共有队伍参赛,在所有分组中能进入强的球队数量并不一样The tournament will need a helping hand from Uefa in the guise of having the best four third-placed teams from the six groups progressing to the last .这场赛事将需要欧足联的协助,选出分组中最好的、位列第三、第四的球队,补充到强的队伍里B Sport helps explain which sides can go through, why yellow cards could prove crucial, and who is in pole position in the ’third-place table’.“B体育”将帮助分析哪些球队可以进入下一轮比赛,为什么黄牌至关重要,那球队最有可能通过“第三名表”成为强Group AA组Host nation France finished as group winners on seven points. Switzerland, who drew 0-0 with France in their final group game, were second on five points.东道主法国队以7分的成绩位列小组第一瑞士在其最后一场小组赛中以0-0的成绩战平法国队,最终以5分名列第二位Albania beat Romania 1-0 on Sunday, their first win at a major tournament. They now face a three-day wait to find out if they will progress to the last as one of the best third-place sides.上周日,阿尔巴尼亚1-0击败罗马尼亚,这是他们在重大赛事中的首胜三天之后,他们将知晓是否可以作为“最佳第三名”晋级强Group BB组England will win the group if they beat Slovakia, and will qualify even with a draw. However, in that instance they will be knocked off top spot if Wales beat Russia. If England lose, they could finish as low as third.如果英格兰击败斯洛伐克,那么就将成为小组第一而即使输给了斯洛伐克,英格兰也能够晋级成为强但是,在那种情况下,如果威尔士战胜了俄罗斯的话,英格兰可能被踢出前两名的位置如果英格兰输掉对斯洛伐克的比赛,那么它的排名最终有可能降到第三位Wales will go through with victory against Russia, who are bottom of the group but could still qualify with a win. A draw would be enough Wales if Slovakia do not beat England. If Wales lose, they may finish bottom.只要打败俄罗斯,威尔士就能够成功晋级,而虽然俄罗斯目前正小组垫底,但是只要战胜威尔士,就一样可以成为强如果斯洛伐克没有战胜英格兰的话,威尔士只要打平就可以晋级了但是如果威尔士输掉了这场比赛的话,他们可能成为小组最后一名Group CC组Group leaders Germany are likely to qualify even if they lose to Northern Ireland - because they are on four points and cannot finish bottom of the group.小组第一的德国队目前优势明显,即使输给北爱尔兰,他们依然能够晋级强--因为德国队目前取得了分,不可能跌到小组最后一名With three points, Northern Ireland top the third-place finishers at the moment - and they will go through if they beat Germany. A draw would be enough second place if Ukraine beat Poland, and Michael O’Neill’s side could even progress if they lose.北爱尔兰得了3分,目前是所有小组中第三名得分最高的球队,如果北爱尔兰击败了德国队,那么他们就将成功晋级如果乌克兰击败波兰,那么第二名的球队将毫无悬念晋级而在北爱尔兰方面(主帅迈克尔·奥尼尔Michael O’Neill),即使输掉比赛也能够成为强Poland will go through if they beat Ukraine, who were the only team to be knocked out after two games.一旦击败乌克兰,波兰就将成功晋级,而乌克兰是本届欧洲杯中唯一一只两场比赛战败后就被淘汰的球队Group DD组Spain are through but will finish second if they are beaten by Croatia, who need only a draw to ensure progression.西班牙毫无悬念将晋级强,但是被克罗地亚击败的话,西班牙将屈居第二位的成绩而对于克罗地亚来说,即使平局也能够确保出线Should Croatia lose, the Czech Republic will finish level with them on four points if they beat Turkey, with goal difference or disciplinary records likely to decide who takes second spot. Turkey will finish third if they win.在克罗地亚战败的前提下,如果捷克击败了土耳其,那么他们将会以分的成绩和克罗地亚齐名,届时净胜球和纪律处罚等因素将决定谁是第二名如果土耳其取胜的话,他们将位列第三位Group EE组Italy have aly secured their place in the last and are guaranteed group winners, while Belgium, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland will contest second and third places.意大利已经毫无悬念,将以小组第一的身份晋级强,而比利时、瑞典和爱尔兰将角逐出第二名和第三名The Republic must win to stand any chance of qualifying, although Martin O’Neill’s team - currently bottom of the table - may have to settle third place if Belgium beat Sweden. The winners of the Belgium-Sweden game will go through as runners-up.爱尔兰必须取胜才能够有晋级的机会,目前爱尔兰队正小组垫底,而在比利时击败瑞典的情况下,爱尔兰将不得不排在第三位比利时-瑞典之战的胜者的排名将提升,并且晋级强Group FF组Many expected Portugal to top this group but they are currently third, without a win in two games. If they beat Hungary they will be guaranteed a top-two finish, while a point Hungary would be enough to see them through.许多人都希望葡萄牙成为该组第一,但他们目前正排在第三位,两场比赛都没有取胜如果葡萄牙击败匈牙利的话,那么他们将确保成为前两名,而匈牙利只要再得一分就可以出线Iceland could top the group if they beat bottom-placed Austria, and will progress if they match or better Portugal’s result.只要击败小组垫底的奥地利,冰岛就能成为该组第一,而无论是优于、还是和葡萄牙的成绩持平,冰岛都能够顺利晋级博乐绣眉多少钱 掉进水里也能浮在水面的手机 --6 1:01:30 来源: 掉进水里也能浮在水面的手机The smartphone that FLOATS: Buoyant Comet means you'll never have to fish your mobile out of the toilet againMore than 8 millions phones are damaged each year after being dropped down the toilet, into swimming pools or lost at the beach.每年都有超过80万部手机因为掉进厕所、泳池或在海滩上丢失而损坏A number of waterproof handsets have been released to solve this problem, but Comet takes it to the next level.手机厂商发布了多款防水手机来解决此类问题,但Comet则在这个基础上将防水功能升级Not only is the Android handset IPx7 water-resistant, it has been designed to float meaning owners don't have to fish it out from the bottom of the sea, or stick their hand into a toilet basin.这款安卓手机的防水等级为IPx7,更能浮在水面,这意味着手机用户再也不用从海底或是将手伸进马桶的便盆里捞手机了Comet was designed by Calinia-based Prashanth Raj Urs who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the device.Comet手机由加利福尼亚州的普拉桑特?拉杰?乌尔斯设计,他在Indiegogo网站发起了众筹活动,来筹集生产该设备的资金Comet has a .7-inch screen, MP camera and runs Android. It additionally has LED notification lights, similar to those on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Comet手机采用安卓系统,搭载了.7英寸的显示屏,00万像素的摄像头此外还配有与三星Galaxy S6 Edge手机类似的LED通知灯Other features include GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8, GHZ octa-core Processor and a 00 mAh battery said to last a 'full day of work, party and excitement.'这款手机拥有 GB 的运行内存,配置了主频GHz 的高通骁龙 8的八核处理器,00毫安时的电池容量,据称能满足“全天工作和”的需求While a 'mood recogniser' uses biometric sensors to detect a person's body temperature to gauge how happy they are.此外,该手机的“情绪识别器”能利用生物传感器来检测用户的体温,衡量他们的快乐程度The LED lights will then display different colours to suit these different moods.LED灯将相应地改变颜色,来适配他们的心情Comet additionally features an encryption tool called Qlock.除此之外,Comet手机还配置有加密工具QlockThe campaign describes it as 'military grade encryption to protect your privacy when you call or text your friends who also uses a Comet smartphone.'众筹活动的页面称,“Qlock是军用级别的加密工具,如果你朋友也用此款手机,Qlock能在你给对方打电话、发信息的时候保护你的个人隐私”It is designed to shield calls and texts between Comet handsets to make it difficult anyone to track or spy on users.它的功能还包括保护Comet手机用户间的电话和信息,令任何想追踪和监听的人难以得逞Early Bird prices the phone start at a 3GB handset, and the first devices are expected to ship to campaign backers in April.先行购买的优惠价为3G的版本79美元,第一批手机预计明年四月向众筹持者发货A 6GB model is available .6G版本的定价则为9美元Both models are available in black, white and gold.两种机型都有黑、白、金三色可选Mr Urs is hoping to raise 土豪公司组织600员工法国游 -- :1: 来源: 土豪公司组织600员工法国游The ultimate package holiday: Chinese billionaire takes 6,00 staff to FranceA Chinese company has treated 6,00 members of staff to a four-day holiday in France, booking 0 hotels in Paris and ,700 rooms on the Cote d'Azur. 中国某公司带着600名员工在法国进行了豪华四日游,旅行团下榻巴黎0家酒店,订下蓝色海岸700个房间The employees of Tiens Group, a conglomerate chaired by one of China's business billionaires, Li Jinyuan, is the biggest tour group to ever visit France. During the four-day break between Paris and Nice the group is expected to spend,000 and the campaign has currently received more than $,300.乌尔斯先生希望众筹款项能达到万美元,目前已筹得超过300美元Vocabularywater-resistant:防水的octa-core:八核的biometric:生物计量的encryption:加密英语来源:每日邮报译者:张骁双语:年美元纸币将首次出现女性头像 --01 3:3: 来源:   The US Treasury Department says a redesigned $ note will feature a woman, but who she will be has not been decided.  美国财务部称,重新设计的美元纸币上将出现女性形象,但尚未决定具体使用哪位女性  The new note will debut in to mark the 0th anniversary of the US Constitution's 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  新纸币将于年发行,以纪念美国宪法第十九修正案出台0周年该修正案赋予妇女投票权  The treasury will seek the public's input in the selection, looking a "champion ourinclusive democracy".  财政部在选择上将听取大众的意见,想要选出一名“捍卫我们广泛民主的人”  mer US political leaders - all white men - currently headline US notes.  目前美国纸币的头像是过去的本国政治领袖们,他们全部都是男性  The woman who the Treasury Department ultimately selects will replace Alexander Hamilton, a key figure in the American Revolution and the first secretary of the US Treasury.  财政部最终选出的女性将代替亚历山大·汉密尔顿他是独立运动的关键人物,也是首任财政部部长  Hamilton began appearing on the $ note in 199. He along with diplomat and inventor Ben Franklin are the only non-presidents featured on current US notes.  汉密尔顿的头像从199年开始出现在美元纸币上他和外交家、发明家本·富兰克林是仅有的两位没有出任美国总统却出现在美钞上的人物  Women have been featured on US money bee, but the notes and coins were not widely used. Most recently women's rights activist Susan B Anthony and Native American Sacagawea appeared on dollar coins, but both coins quickly went out circulation.  之前的美国货币上也出现过女性形象,但这些纸币和硬币并未得到广泛使用最近的两次是女权主义活动家苏珊·安东尼和印第安人莎卡嘉薇亚,她们出现在一美元硬币上,但这些硬币很快就不再流通  The primary goal of the redesign is to add measures to thwart counterfeiters, the Treasury Department said. But women's groups have recently pressed more representation on US notes.  财政部表示,重新设计纸币的主要目的是为了加入防伪措施但女性社团近期施加了更大压力,要求在纸币上出现更多女性形象  "We have only made changes to the faces on our currency a few times since bills were first put into circulation, and I'm proud that the new will be the first bill in more than a century to feature the portrait of a woman," said Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.  财政部长雅各布·卢表示:“自从纸币首次进入流通以来,我们只对上面的头像做了少数几次改变新的美元将是一个多世纪以来首次出现女性头像的纸币,我对此感到骄傲”  In March, an independent group held a contest to select a woman to headline the $ note, replacing mer President Andrew Jackson.  今年三月,某独立团体组织了一项比赛,选择一名女性来代替安德鲁·杰克逊总统出现在美元纸币上  Abolitionist Harriet Tubman was the public's top choice, beating out finalists, mer first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and leader of the Cherokee nation Wilma Mankiller.  废奴主义者哈丽特·塔布曼击败了前第一夫人埃莉诺·罗斯福、民权活动家罗萨·帕克斯和切罗基部落领导人威尔玛·曼奇勒等决赛对手,成为了公众的首选  Tubman was known as the "conductor" of the Underground Railroad that allowed many slaves to escape to freedom in the 1850s.  19世纪50年代,塔布曼帮助许多奴隶获得自由,被称为秘密铁路的列车员  Mr Lew will make a decision about the selected woman by the end of year.  财政部长卢将在今年年底决定选择哪位女性乌鲁木齐驼峰鼻矫正价格

哈密市手臂激光脱毛多少钱免签走天下:全球护照哪国强? -- ::5 来源:   Owning a passport opens up a world of possibility and freedom travellers - or so you would think.  拥有一本护照就能够自由出入各国、随意游遍世界么,那可不一定  In some countries around the world, even if you are lucky enough to have access to the government-issued documents, you are still restricted and barred from several countries.  世界上有一些国家,即使你足够幸运获得了政府授权的文件,但仍然会被一些国家“拒之门外”  Henley and Partners created a Visa Restrictions Index, which ranks countries globally in accordance to the travel freedom enjoy their inhabitants enjoy - with some surprising results.  亨氏顾问公司分析研究了世界上所有国家和地区的签规定,之后照不同国家的公民前往海外所享有的免签国家数而创建了签受限指数  Where it might be expected that countries such as North Korea and possibly Cuba could take the bottom spots the most restricted travel freedom, they actually place at 86 and 69 respectively, from a ranking of a total of 9.  朝鲜和古巴本被认为是世界上签受限程度最高的国家,但实际上,在包括9个国家的签受限指数排名中,朝鲜和古巴分别排在第86和69位,并不是垫底的  Each country was given a score by global consulting firm Henley and Partners, whospecialise in residence and citizenship planning.  亨氏顾问公司在专门研究过各个国家的居住和公民计划之后,对每个国家都进行了打分  The score was calculated based on visa regulations of all countries and territories in the world, and the number of other countries that their citizens can travel to without having to obtain a visa.  这些分数是根据某个国家和地区的签规定以及该地居民能够获得免签的国家数量计算得出的  Taking the lowest spots were Afghanistan (ranked at 9 and able to visit countries visa-free), Iraq, (able to visit 31 countries), Pakistan and Somalia (able to visit 3 countries) and the Palestinian Territory (able to visit 35).  分数排在最末几位的国家是:阿富汗(排名第9,免签国家数量只有个),伊拉克(免签国家数量为31),巴基斯坦和索马里(免签国家数量为3),巴勒斯坦领土(免签国家数量为35)  This was juxtaposed by Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US, in first position, who are able to access countries visa-free.  与此相对的是排名并列第一的国家,包括芬兰、德国、瑞典、英国和美国,这些国家的免签国家数量达到  Henley and Partners said: 'In today's globalised world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movement of eign nationals across borders.  亨氏顾问公司表示:“在如今这样一个全球化的时代背景下,签限制在控制外国人口入境方面发挥着重要作用”  'Almost all countries now require visas from certain non-nationals who wish to enter their territory.  “现在几乎所有国家都允许持有签的非本国居民入境”  'Visa requirements are also an expression of the relationships between individual nations, and generally reflect the relations and status of a country within the international commy of nations. '  “允许获得签既能表示两国的关系,同时也能反映出一个国家在国际社会中的地位”  Pakistan is ranked at 9 in the Visa Restrictions Index, and citizens are able to visit 3 countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Dominica without a visa.  巴基斯坦在签受限指数的排名中排在第9位,其居民外出可以免签的国家只有包括特立尼达岛、多巴哥岛、海地和多米尼加等在内的3个国家  Despite this freedom, stepping over the Pakistani border into India and Iran does requires a visa.  尽管如此,从巴基斯坦过境进入印度和伊朗仍需获得签  At the bottom of the list are the citizens of Afghanistan who are banned from entering Kuwait entirely.  排在末位的阿富汗居民被完全禁止进入科威特地区  They can, however, travel to Micronesia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Haiti without a visa entirely though.  但是他们进入密克罗尼西亚、圣文森特和格林纳丁斯岛和海地等地可以免签  A UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report stated that three-quarters of people in the world travelling to Europe need a visa.  联合国世界旅游组织发布的一项报告显示,世界上约有四分之三的人口进入欧洲需要获得签  According to the latest Visa Openness Report by the UNWTO, 6 per cent of the world’s population was required a traditional visa prior to departure in , down from 77 per cent in .  根据该组织发布的最新一项签公开报告可知,年世界上有6%的人口在离境之前需要获得签,年该比例为77%  A total of 19 per cent of the world’s population was able to enter a destination without a visa, while per cent could receive a visa on arrival (compared to per cent and 6 per cent in ).  另外,世界上有19%的人口能够入境免签,%的人口能够享受落地签,而年这两项的比例分别为%和6%和田市彩光祛斑的价格 吃货的世界宝宝不懂 丽水一个夏天要吃掉十亿只知了 -- :3: 来源: 池塘边的榕树上,知了在声声叫着夏天……不由得哼起了这首歌的你,不知道还记不记得那烦人的知了?然而,现在,知了在丽水特别“危险”,一天要被吃掉上万斤 It may sounds like yet another "out-there" diet, but cicadas are actually one of the most popular summertime dishes in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, especially in the city of Lishui.知了,听起来像是又一道“黑暗料理”,然而,这可是中国东部浙江省夏季最流行的小吃,尤其是在丽水市“Cicadas are high in protein and low in fat; eating cicadas in appropriate quantities is also good plants and other flora. The only problem is that most of the cicadas people eat now are wild, so it is important to ensure that the cicadas are fully cooked in case of parasites,” said professor Mo Jianchu from Zhejiang University.浙江大学教授莫建初表示,“知了含高蛋白低脂肪,吃掉适量的知了对植物生长也有一定好处唯一的问题是,人们吃的大多数知了都是野生的,携带一些寄生虫,所以烹饪的时候一定要烧熟、烧透”Jiang Yongchun, a manager from a local food company, explained that people in rural Lishui have been eating cicadas many years. Around the end of 1980s, cicadas become a common dish in restaurants. Usually it is a seasonal dish, served from June to September.当地食品公司总经理蒋永春表示,丽水农村很早就有人吃蝉,从上世纪80年代末开始,蝉出现在了酒店的菜谱上吃蝉的季节性很强,基本在6月到9月During busy times, Jiang said he can sell over 1 ton of cicadas in one day. There are at least six to seven cicada dealers in Lishui, and their daily sales total is between 6 and 7.5 tons. According to these statistics, people in Lishui consume billions of cicadas in the roughly 80 days of "cicada season."蒋永春说,旺季时知了每天的批发量达1千多公斤在丽水,专门从事知了批发生意的有6到7家,每天的批发量共1.万至1.5万斤初步估算,6月到9月80天的“知了季”里,丽水人会吃掉上亿只知了Because of this extensive consumption, the cicadas people eat in Lishui come also from Quzhou, and even some places in Jiangxi province.随着消费量增大,丽水了这几年还转向浙江衢州甚至江西等地收购“Capturing cicadas in appropriate amounts is actually good the growth of vegetation, though overconsumption does have an impact on the ecological chain. But so far the population has not been influenced, since the cicadas are not only from Lishui but also other places,” professor Mo explained.莫教授解释说,“适量的捕食知了对蔬菜的生长还是有利的,尽管过量消费确实会对生态链产生影响不过,由于知了不仅来自丽水,还来自其他地方,迄今为止,未受到影响”阿图什市腋窝脱毛多少钱

新疆军区总医院做双眼皮手术多少钱外国的毕业典礼有点狂野有点high -- 19:00:53 来源:chinadaily 毕业有几个意思?字典是这样解释的:Graduation- It is getting a diploma or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, in which students become graduates. 所以,除了毕业,还有毕业典礼呢,外国的毕业典礼长成什么样子呢?看之前,先来一个小问题?图片中,这个在英国大学毕业典礼中使用的像锤子一样的东西,是什么呢?(在结尾) Argentina 阿根廷 这里的毕业传统有点狂野亲朋好友会有组织有计划的送出他们的毕业礼物 朋友们会把鸡蛋,面粉等各种黏黏糊糊的食材扔向毕业生,祝他们好运! USA 美国 你不是一个人在庆祝,毕业庆祝活动几乎是全校总动员,大家一起High, Party Time! 到了毕业典礼当天,七大姑八大姨各种亲属纷纷来到校园庆祝学校不仅会邀请各种大咖来做毕业致辞,校长大人还会亲自亲手以及亲力亲为的把书发给每个同学举个栗子:哈佛大学,校训是“Veritas”(拉丁语),意思是Truth.他们的毕业典礼长这样: 拍毕业照,将来要找到自己估计费点劲儿 一大早就有各种活动和演讲 校长Drew Faust 到毕业生中间迎接大家 跟获得荣誉学位的老朋友们合个影 听听导演斯皮尔伯格的毕业演讲 也听听中国学生何江的演讲 跟老爸老妈合个影,成为他们的骄傲 超级大前辈,无敌大师兄也来围观 法学院的,拿着锤子照个相(里面说不定有未来美国总统啊!)反正,美国的毕业典礼,跟咱们的画风十分不一样少了点情怀和摆拍,但更像一个大party,全家人一起庆祝人生一个阶段的结束 UK 英国 这里的毕业典礼很有范 很英伦 很绅士 会有很多学校在教堂举行毕业典礼会有爵士之类的人物出没会有雨 举个充满私心的栗子: 位于英格兰巴斯市的大学,英国排名前,学生满意度最高的学校昵称:澡大这两天正在举行夏季毕业典礼,跟大多数英国的大学一样,毕业典礼长这样: 在巴斯大教堂举行的毕业典礼 Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.皇室成员分分钟现身 爱排队的英国人,毕业典礼也要排队入场 下雨日常生活,所以记得带伞 本来想认真摆拍,发现自黑才是毕业照的真谛 后面的电扇好抢镜,made in China? 上台拿毕业,这样好吗? 全球惯例:拍照留念 父母会盛装出席 扔帽子,这个传统不能丢! 那么,揭晓~~~~ 这个东西叫做 Ceremonial mace (仪式权杖),样子有很多种,主要在庆典的场合使用,是权威的象征 那么,你的毕业典礼是什么样子的呢?你想要什么样的毕业典礼呢?留言告诉我们吧! <牛人_句子>吐鲁番市去除黄褐斑多少钱新疆空军乌鲁木齐医院激光去斑多少钱



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