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武汉/前列腺炎的症状武汉/阿波罗医院泌尿外科专家荆州市洪湖县治疗睾丸炎多少钱 Since Levi Strauss invented jeans at the turn of the 20th century, there hasnt been a more versatile fashion staple. So picking the right shoes to go with your jeans is the next logical step. Get it right, with VideoJugs help on picking the right shoes to go with jeans.自20世纪初Levi Strauss发明了牛仔裤以来,就再也没有比牛仔裤更加多功能的款式了。所以,下一步就是选择合适的鞋子来搭配。现在就在VideoJug的帮助下选择合适的鞋子来搭配牛仔裤。Step 1: Leather and Lace1.皮革和鞋带The thing about jeans is that you can mix your shoe fabric and the weight of your denim in almost any combination. For instance, heavy, dark denim can be dressed up with a silky top and a colorful heel. Additionally, a lighter weight jean can be worn with a tank top and flip flops or high heels.关于牛仔裤的优势就是,你可以将任何布料,任何重量的鞋子与牛仔裤进行随意搭配。例如,颜色较深,质地较重的牛仔布可以与丝质上衣和颜色鲜艳的高跟鞋搭配。此外,重量较轻的牛仔裤可以跟背心式上衣,夹趾拖鞋或高跟鞋搭配。Step 2: Giddy-Up2.靴子Wear cowboy or knee-high boots with boot or skinny cut jeans. If you want to feature the boot your wearing, tuck jeans into mid-calf or tall boots. This is a great look and a nice twist on the traditional equestrian look.穿牛仔靴或及膝长靴来搭配靴裤或紧身牛仔裤。如果你想突出靴子,把牛仔裤脚塞到中筒或长筒靴里面。这是非常酷的造型,扭转了传统的骑手造型。Step 3: The Preppy Look3.更加时尚的造型Don jeans with loafers and match your socks to your shirt or try argyle socks for even more style.牛仔裤搭配拖鞋,短袜与衬衣搭配,或者尝试多色菱形花纹短袜,打造更加多变时尚的造型。视频听力译文由。201405/301076She uses special tools, one after another,她使用特别的工具 一件接着一件to get all the honey she can,以便能吃到所有蜂蜜and in a few minutes,不到几分钟she destroys what took the bees years to build.她就将无刺蜂数年构建的蜂巢给毁了In the rainforest, nothing is safe.在雨林 没有什么是安全的Here in the Congo,在刚果there can be as many as 500 trees crammed into every acre.每英亩土地都挤着500颗树In the battle for space,为了争夺空间some will rise to over 60 metres high in just a few decades.有些树在几十年里就会窜到60多米高In a valley like this,在这样的山谷地带there could be close on 1,000 different species of tree.可能生长着接近1000种不同的树Up here, the crowns barely touch.上方的树冠间很少接触Each tree seems to respect its neighbours space.树与树之间互不干扰对方的生存空间When they germinate down on the forest floor,当它们的种子落到森林地面时 young trees and plants are less restrained.小树苗和植物的生长更加无拘无束But every new generation fights it out,但是每一代新植物都要战斗到底in battles we can see by accelerating time.我们可以通过快进看清这场战斗They must get light if they are to survive如果想生存下来 就必须得到光照and they squeeze, crush and even slash one another in order to reach it.它们会挤压 击碎 甚至刺破对方去获取阳光201312/270727咸宁市中心医院治疗阳痿早泄

武汉/哪个医院有做做男人结扎Increase your odds of meeting Mr. Right with these tips.根据下面的建议,增加遇到意中人的机会。You Will Need你需要Male-dominated locations男性主导的场合Cash现金A willingness to venture out in cold weather愿意在冷天外出Red clothing红色的衣Chutzpah放纵Late nights深夜A dive bar廉价酒吧Steps步骤STEP 1 Go where the men are1.到男性聚集的场合Go where the men are: not just the obvious spots like electronics stores, muscle gyms, steak houses, and sports bars after a big game. Take part in a political rally; join a rock-climbing center; visit a musical-instrument shop; spend time at a driving range; and sign up for improv classes.到男人喜欢出没的场合,不仅仅是比较显而易见的场合,例如电子产品商店,肌肉健身馆,牛排馆,重大比赛后的体育酒吧。还可以参加政治集会,攀岩中心,音乐设备商店;花费时间在高尔夫练球场,报名上即兴课堂。STEP 2 Ditch your guy friends2.抛弃男性朋友Separate from your male friends when you go to a party or bar. Men are far less likely to approach a woman who is hanging out with a bunch of guys.去派对或酒吧的时候和自己的男性朋友分开。男人们通常不可能接触置身许多男孩中的女孩。STEP 3 Buy a round3.请他喝酒Have your eye on a guy? Buy him a drink or three. As people consume alcohol, their brains become less able to distinguish nonsymmetrical patterns. And because human beings are attracted to facial symmetry, thats good news for the majority of us with imperfect faces.看上某个男孩?请他喝几杯酒。人们喝酒的时候,大脑辨别不对称图案的能力下降。因为人类会被面部的对称性吸引,这对于我们大多数面部不完美的人来说是个好消息。Packing on a few extra pounds? Hang out in dive bars at happy hour. Studies show that when men are poor and hungry, they find plumper women more pleasing than thin women.多带一点现金。欢乐的时光在酒吧流连。研究表明,当男性贫穷和饥饿的时候,他们会发现丰满的女性比苗条的女性更有吸引力。STEP 4 Dont hibernate4.不要蛰伏Dont hibernate in cold weather – go out and show a little skin in a low-cut or sleeveless top. Men find womens bodies more attractive in the dead of winter, possibly because theyve been deprived of seeing bikini-clad cuties for months.寒冷的天气不要蛰伏——勇敢的走出去,穿低领或无袖上装露出一点皮肤。在寒冷的天气里,男性发现女性的身体更有吸引力,可能是因为他们已经好几个月没有看到比基尼美女了。STEP 5 Be that lady in red5.穿红色的衣Wear red when youre out on the prowl. Men are more inclined to ask out a lady in red, spend more money on the date, and want to take her to bed.外出猎捕意中人的时候穿红色的衣。男性更喜欢约会穿红色衣的女性,在约会上花更多的钱,更想把她带到床上。STEP 6 Make the first move6.采取主动Next time you see an attractive guy, smile and ask him for the time. If hes interested, hell find a reason to continue the conversation. If not, you havent embarrassed yourself.下次看到有吸引力的男孩时,微笑,问一下对方是否有时间。如果他也感兴趣,他会找理由继续对话。如果他没有兴趣,你也不会让自己尴尬。STEP 7 Be a night owl8.做一只猫头鹰Shift your timing. Guys often go out for the evening on the later side, so stick around parties and nightclubs until at least 11:00 PM. Night owls get more dates!调整时间。男性更喜欢深夜外出,所以在聚会或夜间俱乐部坚持到至少晚上11:00,猫头鹰一样的女性能够获得更多约会。San Jose, California; Salt Lake City; Arlington, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; and San Francisco are the five best cities to meet single men over 35, according to a survey.根据一项调查,加州的圣何塞;盐湖城;德克萨斯的阿林顿;北卡罗来纳的罗利;旧金山是邂逅35岁以上男性的五大最佳城市。201408/318519武汉/急性前列腺炎的治疗费用 Hello everyone, and welcome to the White House.哈喽各位,欢迎来到白宫。For more than 200 years, this building has served as a presidential residence and office—a setting for so much of our history and a symbol of America to the rest of the world.超过两百年以来,这栋建筑供总统住所及办公室所使用--是我们众多历史的背景,也是对世界其他国家来说的一种美国象征。But the White House isnt simply a home to first families or a meeting space for world leaders. Its also known as The Peoples House—a place that should be open to everyone.但白宫不仅仅是第一家庭的住所、或是世界各地领导人的会面空间。它同样也以“人民之家”为人所知--一个应该开放给所有人的地方。And thats why weve made it a priority to invite young people, military families, and Americans of all ages to join us here at the White House. Thousands of people have walked these halls and gazed at the artwork; theyve examined the portraits of Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy; theyve imagined the history thats unfolded here.那也就是为什么我们已将邀请年轻人、军眷、以及各年龄层的美国人来到白宫这裡加入我们视为优先要务。上千人已经走过这些大厅并欣赏艺术品;他们已细看过华盛顿、林肯、和肯尼迪的肖像画;他们已想像过在这里展开的历史。And now, you can do all of that without leaving your home. So go ahead! Look around. Enjoy the history and the beauty of these rooms, because, after all, this is your house, too.现在,你可以不用离开家就做到这所有事。所以去吧!看看四周。欣赏这些房间的历史和美感,因为,毕竟,这也是你的家。201411/343408武汉/市治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好

武汉/市同济医院男科咨询原文视听 /201306/243374 Youre ;out for the night; and forgot your birth control pills. Which is a problem, considering the night you had planned. Or is it? What REALLY happens when you forget to take a birth control pill?你在在外过夜,忘了带避药。考虑到当晚你的计划,这确实是一个问题。如果忘记吃避药,会出现什么情况呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Go on, have your romantic evening. Missing just one dose shouldnt affect the pills pregnancy-prevention powers, as long as you take that pill as soon as possible. Just double up the next day.继续度过浪漫的夜晚。一次不记得吃应该不会影响避功效,如果你赶紧补一片的话。第二天加倍用。Step 2: Worst Case2.最糟糕的情况Taking two birth control pills in one day may give you an upset stomach or make you a little nauseated, but nothing that should last more than a day or so. You also might experience some spotting.一天内用两片避药会让你胃痛或者有一点恶心,但是这种症状不会持续超过一天。你可能还会出现一些斑点。At the end of the day, you dont need to give up on your evening plans if you miss one pill, but youd better use some back-up birth control if you miss two or more. Thats when efficacy starts to really decline. You have the facts, now you make the call.当天,如果你没有用避药,不需要取消当晚的计划,但是如果两天以上不记得吃,最好使用其他避措施。因为那时药物的功效已经开始减退了。现在你知道是怎么回事了,自己做决定吧。Thanks for watching Danger: Skipping Birth Control Pills!感谢收看“忘记避药的危险”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251654武汉/前列腺炎治疗医院武汉/做包皮环切手术多少钱



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