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芜湖男科医院的地址芜湖三山区人民男科医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱芜湖人民医院不孕不育多少钱 This summer marks the 10th anniversary of a very special summer camp program at Oakland University in Rochester.Its the annual film camp for young people on the autism spectrum. Campers from ages 10 to 20 write, direct, edit and star in a short film. Its followed by a red carpet premiere for attendees and their families in October.The camp is part of OUCARES: the Oakland University Center for Autism.Actor, director, screenwriter, producer and special education teacher Joey Travolta leads the camp.He hopes to “give young people with autism a voice and make them feel included.”The final product of the camp is made up of two parts: a short film created by campers, and a documentary that follows the process of making the film, including interviews with the campers.By creating a film together, Travolta says campers learn better communication and how to collaborate, forming friendships in the process.Coming from a show business family, with Travoltas younger brother being actor John and growing up with their mother as a singer, Travolta says he was the only member to earn a degree.After deciding to go into teaching he says “there wasnt a lot of money in teaching and I was spending my paychecks on the kids and I wouldve gone broke. I knew I would always come back to it.”Now, Travolta oversees five camps and four full-time workshops for adults with developmental disabilities, including one at Oakland.Jake Skelly has been attending the film camp since it began ten years ago. He says he has enjoyed acting, editing and leaning animation. In the fall he will be attending Macomb Community College, taking classes on theater, art and English.Travolta says hes learned a lot from the campers. “They teach us tolerance, they teach us inclusion and those are two things that if you live your life that way youre going to be a pretty good person.”201508/393771New England is not a state.Okay. New York.Yeah.Im telling her now.新英格兰不是一个州 是的 纽约州 可以 我可以告诉她Yeah, you can help her. It doesnt matter this point.Alright.I am here with Vicki Wind and Deborah Boy.是的 你可以帮助她 现在没关系 回来 这是维奇温德和黛拉依And were gonna play a game.Its called Slap My Face.And here is how you play it.下面我们要玩一个游戏 游戏名叫拍我脸 规则如下Im gonna ask a question,When you think you know the answer,You are gonna slap my face.我会问一道问题 如果你知道 就请拍我的脸Not my actual face,That will hurt this face.Its this face that youre gonna slap.不是我真正的脸 那样脸会疼的 你要拍的的是这一张脸So you put your hand on it,and keep your hand there,所以请把你的手放在上面 不要移开and youll answer the question,and you will be plane for a trip to Vegas,然后就可以回答问题了 你将获得去往的机票where you can play one of my brand new slot machines.在那儿还可以体验Since you plane your trip to Vegas.Alright, hands on your back.我的新款投币游戏机 好 请把手放在背后All the questions are Vegas themed.所有问题都是有关的And whoever gets the most points wins,and you go to Vegas, it will be fun.得分最高的人将会赢取 维加斯的豪华旅行Las Vegas earned the nickname Americas playground,有;美国游乐场;的美称Im often referred to Americas golden child Who was the original three judges on American idol?.我常把它称作是美国金小鬼 ;美国偶像;节目中最早的三位评委是谁 /201601/424514芜湖男科医院泌尿科咨询

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三山区人民男科医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱Carbon dioxide is a potent greenhouse gas.二氧化碳是一种强力的温室气体。Levels of carbon dioxide, or CO2, in the atmosphere are increasing at an unprecedented rate.大气中的二氧化碳的浓度正在以前所未有的速度增长。But what impact do higher CO2 levels have on plants?但是空发中高浓度的二氧化碳对植物有什么样的影响呢?Plants use CO2 from the air along with sunlight and water to produce carbohydrates they use for energy.植物运用空气中的二氧化碳,与阳光、水一起产生能量所需的碳水化合物。This process is called photosynthesis.这个过程叫做光合作用。Higher atmospheric CO2 increases the rate of photosynthesis, and thus the amount of carbohydrates in plant leaves.二氧化碳浓度较高的大气增加了光合作用的速率,因此植物中碳水化合物的数量就会过剩。Sounds beneficial, right?听起来很有利,对吧?However, scientists have found that asCO2 levels go up, plant defenses might go down.然而科学家们发现随着二氧化碳浓度的升高,植物的防御将会降低。Researchers at the University of Illinois used a special open-air research facility that allowed them togrow soybean plants in different concentrations of CO2—without changing other factors such as sunlight, insects or rainfall.伊利诺伊大学的研究人员采用了特殊的露天研究设施,这些设施可以使他们在不同浓度的二氧化碳中种植大豆植物-不用改变其他的因素,如阳光,昆虫,或者雨水。They discovered that soybeans grown in fields with higher CO2 levels had much more insect damage and attracted more adult insect pests than those in plots with less CO2 in the air.他们发现在较高浓度二氧化碳中种植的大豆会遭受更严重的虫害,与在空气中二氧化碳浓度较低的地方相比,它们会吸引更多的成年害虫。The insects might have been attracted by the higher carbohydrate levels in the leaves of plantsgrown in high CO2.这些昆虫被植物叶子中由高浓度的二氧化碳产生的高含量的碳水化合物所吸引。But a higher carb diet wasnt the only thing that encouraged infestation.但是高碳水化合物的饮食并不是引起虫害的唯一原因。Normally, soybean plants under attack by insects will produce jasmonic acid.一般来说,被昆虫攻击的大豆植物都会产生抑制昆虫消化叶子能力的茉莉酸,This inhibits theinsects ability to digest leaves, which protects the plant from further attack.以保护植物免受进一步的损害。In high CO2atmospheres, the plants were unable to produce this defensive chemical.在高二氧化碳环境中,植物无法产生这种防御性化学物质。So, the dangers of rapidly increasing CO2 in our atmosphere might extend beyond climate change.所以二氧化碳急速增长所带来的危害可能远远不止气候变化。Since soybeans grown at higher CO2 would lose a crucial defense pathway and attractmore hungry beetles, other food crops might also be more vulnerable if CO2 levels continue torise.既然在高二氧化碳环境中种植的大豆会失去防御的关键通道并引来更多饥饿的甲虫,如果二氧化碳浓度继续升高的话,其它粮食作物可能也会变得更加脆弱。201410/336260 芜湖市弋矶山医院男科割包皮芜湖东方医院好不好



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