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I am very good at hiring because I#39;ve made a lot of mistakes. I learned to look at the specific individual and look for the most important traits and then ignore everything else, especially the resume—it sends you in the wrong direction.我十分擅长识人用人,因为我犯过很多错。我学会着眼于特定的人,并找出最重要的特质,然后忽略其他一切,特别是履历--它只会引导你往错的方向去。I learned through trial and error: What makes a great manager? What makes a great salesperson? And that#39;s who I always hire.我在反覆试验中学习:是什么塑造出一名优秀的经理?是什么打造出一名杰出的销售人员?那些就是我一直以来雇用的人。If you#39;re going to hire a lot of salespeople for your organization, I found that I look for the same three things in every single person I hired.如果你要为你的组织雇用许多销售人员,我发现我在每一个我雇用的人身上会寻找三件同样的事。I wanted someone who was insecure with something to prove. If somebody walks in there cocky, they never become your great salespeople. My top 10 salespeople, making millions of dollars a year, every year came to my office in December swearing they would never have another good year. Why? It was ridiculous. But they were insecure enough to think it could never happen again. You want an insecure person if you#39;re hiring a salesperson with something to prove.我想要某个没有安全感、想要明某些能力的人。如果某人自信满满地走进来,他们绝不可能成为你的杰出销售人员。我手下前十大销售人员,每年赚入数百万美元,每年都在十二月时进到我的办公室信誓旦旦说着他们绝不会再有舒适的一年。为什么?那很荒谬。但他们没有安全感到认为那绝对不会再次发生。如果你要雇用一个想要明某些能力的销售人员,你会想要一位没有安全感的人。You also want someone who has a positive attitude in every way. Because you know what happens? A positive person when they get hit—and sales is all about getting hit and knocked down—they spend very little time feeling sorry for themselves. They get right back up. They#39;re back at it. You almost need a low IQ like ;hit me again, hit me again, hit me again.;你同样也想要某个在任何方面都带着正面态度的人。因为你知道发生什么事吗?一个正面的人,当他们受到冲击时--而销售全都关乎于受到冲击和被击垮--他们花上非常少的时间为他们自己感到难过。他们马上振作。他们回到工作上。你几乎需要有着像是“再来啊、再来啊、再来啊”的低智商。That#39;s a great salesperson. And then you need the work ethic to go with it. Nobody is great in sales unless they work like crazy. So those are the three traits I look for in every great salesperson.那是一位杰出的销售人员。然后你需要职业道德与其搭配。除非他们像发疯似地工作,否则没人能在销售方面脱颖而出。所以那些是我在每个杰出销售人员身上找寻的三个特质。What I look for in a manager is someone who#39;s gonna be loyal. I mean, the heck, if I#39;m gonna build a giant house which is my business on a shaky foundation, how far am I gonna get? I need a structure with a footing as loyal as it can be that#39;s gonna stand there through the thick and thin.我在经理身上找寻的是某个将会忠心耿耿的人。我的意思是,拜託,如果我要将一栋大房子,也就是我的事业,建筑在一个摇摇欲坠的地基上,我可以发展到多长远啊?我需要一个有着尽可能忠诚的基础所建的构造,那将在任何情况下都坚持在那儿。I also need someone who believes that we#39;re gonna succeed. I need someone with a positive attitude—always a positive attitude, because you know what I find? I find a manager with a positive attitude is always gonna find a way to get to where you want them to go.我同样也需要某个相信我们会成功的人。我需要某个有正面态度的人--永远要有正面态度,因为你知道我发现什么吗?我发现有正面态度的经理永远会找到方法抵达你想要他们去的地方。A mark of a good manager is someone who#39;s organized. I always ask everyone I#39;m interviewing in an interview, ;On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as an organized person?; I never hire anyone who says 9 or 10. I want the guy who says, ;Oh, I#39;m about a 12.;一名优秀经理的标志是某个有条有理的人。我总是会在面试中询问我面试的每一个人:“从一到十分,你觉得身为一个有系统的人,你会给自己打几分?”我从没雇用任何说九分或十分的人。我想要说:“喔,我大概是十二分吧”的人。A manager without follow-through is useless. You#39;ve got to be able to give the command, they get it done, and they don#39;t forget about it when something distracts them. A manager always follows through.一个无法贯彻实践的经理是无用的。你要能够下达指令、让他们完成它,而他们不会在某件事使他们分心时忘记那任务。一名经理永远会进行到底。 Article/201412/348801Egypt#39;s Russian plane probe chief to hold briefing俄罗斯飞机坠毁事件调查组组长进行情况汇报The chairman of the Egyptian-led probe into the Russian plane crash in Sinai is scheduled to hold a press conference in Cairo today at 3 PM GMT.埃及的这个调查组组长定于今天下午3点在开罗就俄罗斯飞机在西奈半岛坠机事件召开新闻发布会。He#39;s set to be joined by the civil aviation minister. 他是受民航部长命令进行事故原因调查。译文属 Article/201511/408658The threat was clear and the capitulation inevitable.恐吓意味明显 教会的屈无可避免It came in the spring of 1532 with the so-called Submission of the Clergy,which conceded all of Henry#39;s demands.在1532年的春天 教会提交了 所谓的《教职界从书》 接纳了亨利的全部要求From now on, the laws of the church would be governed by the will of the king,自此 教会律法要听从国王的意愿and the king#39;s will was clear:Divorce from Catherine, marriage to Anne,Princess Mary to be declared a bastard,国王的意愿一目了然: 那便是同凯瑟琳离婚 迎娶安妮 玛丽公主被宣称为私生女recognition for the unborn child that by the spring of 1533 was aly swelling Anne#39;s belly.承认安妮1553年春天怀上的 尚未出生的婴孩Anne was duly crowned at Westminster Abbey in May by a new Archbishop of Canterbury,the obliging Thomas Cranmer.安妮于五月 在威斯敏斯特大教堂加冕 加冕由新的坎特伯雷大主教主持 乐于借花献佛的托马斯·克兰麦So, a reformation of sorts, but not yet a Protestant reformation.这次的宗教改革 尚不是新教改革The English Church may have broken from Rome,but no core doctrines had been touched.英格兰的教会可能已经同罗马割裂 但核心教义并未被动摇The real presence of Christ in the mass was preserved.大众中 基督的真容得以留存Priests were still expected to be celibate.Prayers in the Bible were still in Latin.教士仍旧实行独身制 《圣经》中的祷文仍旧是拉丁语The beautiful stained glass at Fairford Church in Gloucester offended no official doctrines.格洛斯特的费尔福德教堂美丽的色玻璃 也不曾触犯官方的正统And so things might have remained, but they didn#39;t.也许一切依旧 但实则不然 To understand why,we need now to look at one of the most extraordinary working partnerships in British history,为了解其中缘由 我们来关注一下英国史上最为特别的合作伙伴Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and Thomas Cromwell,Wolsey#39;s former enforcer and now Secretary of State.大主教托马斯·克兰麦 和托马斯·克伦威尔 后者曾担任沃尔西的执行官 现任国务大臣 /201612/486453Currently, the American College of Sports Medicine,目前,美国运动医学会the ACSM, and the American Heart Association即ACSM 和美国心脏协会recommend that you engage in moderately intense,建议大家应当参加一些强度适当的aerobic or cardiovascular exercise 30 minutes a day,有氧运动或心血管活动,每天30分钟5 days a week.一周做5天Moderate intensity physical activity强度适当的体育运动means working hard enough to raise your heart rate是指运动强度足以提高心率and break a sweat yet still being able to让人出些汗,但依旧可以carry on a conversation.与他人交谈You should also do resistance or strength training大家也应当做一些抵抗力或者体能训练twice per week in addition to your aerobic activity.每周做两次,这些训练不包括在有氧活动内Your exercise should be sandwiched锻炼应当介于by both a warm up for at least five minutes开始前的五分钟热身训练before you begin and a cool down和结束后的冷静阶段之间for the same amount of time at the end of your session.冷静阶段也需五分钟Your warm ups should include both a slow warm up热身运动应当包括缓慢的热身such as walking and be followed如散步by stretching your muscles.散步之后就要拉伸下肌肉了It should be noted that to lose weight需要注意的是,想要减肥or maintain weight loss, 60 to 90 minutes或保持体重不断减轻 60到90分钟的of physical activity may be necessary.体育运动是必不可少的The 30 minute recommendation is for the average,建议的运动时间是30分钟,这是对一般healthy adult to maintain health健康的成年人而言,可以保持健康and reduce the risk of chronic disease.降低患慢性疾病的风险Walking, jogging, or running is the simplest散步,慢跑或跑步是最简单and cheapest form of a cardiovascular workout也是最经济的心血管运动或or aerobic exercise.有氧运动的形式These exercises can be done in a neighborhood park这些运动可以在住处附近的公园along walkways, in the mall,沿着人行道,或是在购物中心or even within one#39;s own home.甚至在自己家中进行Walking briskly for 15 to 20 minutes快走15到20分钟is the best way you can initiate exercise.是开始锻炼的最佳方式The key is to begin slowly and then steadily increase关键在于刚开始时步速要慢,然后逐渐迈开步子your stride and increase your pace.加快步伐A pedometer can also be a great tool计步器也是个不错的工具to help you track the number of steps可以帮助记录you are taking each day.每天所走的步数It can also be a great motivator它也会成为一个很大的动力to help you get exercise in your day.促使人每天进行锻炼The recommended daily steps for most people对大多数人的建议步数是is 10,000 per day, or 10K a day.每天走一万步One mile is approximately 2,000 steps.1英里大概是2000步If you feel like 10,000 steps is too much,如果觉得10000步太多了start out slow and increase your steps by 500 each day开始时速度慢一些,每天多走500步until you reach the 10,000 step goal.直至达到10000步的目标To give you some examples, here#39;s a list of activities举个例子,这儿是一个活动列表with their step equivalents per 15 minutes.是以每15分钟的步数为单位来计的Bowling for 15 minutes打15分钟保龄球is worth approximately 3,600 steps.相当于走3600步Water aerobics is a little over 3,000.水中有氧运动略微超出300步Cooking is about 900.做饭大概相当于900步Gardening is about 1,800.园艺工作相当于1800步Bicycling is similar to bowling at about 3,600.骑自行车和打保龄球相似,大概是3600步Golf is worth about 2,000.打高尔夫相当于2000步House cleaning is about 1,300.打扫房间相当于1300步And raking leaves is also about 1,800 step equivalents per 15 minutes.耙拢落叶相当于每15分钟走1800步Here are some exercises of stretching to do这些是可以做的拉伸运动after your warm up and before you begin your exercise session.一般在热身运动之后和开始锻炼前进行Take a look at each of these pictures.看一下这些图片As mentioned earlier, it is also important to就像之前提到的do strength training exercises at least twice per week每周进行两次体能训练是非常重要的in addition to your aerobic exercises.体能训练不包括在有氧运动之内 Article/201503/362153

Most malnutrition occurs as a result of the intense大多数营养不良是由于高强度的癌症治疗cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy比如化疗kills rapidly dividing cells and in effect damages化疗迅速杀死分裂细胞破坏小肠粘膜细胞cells lining the intestines. This makes the intestines这使得小肠不能吸收营养和食物unable to absorb nutrients and food. Anorexia,厌食症,黏膜炎 就是消化道内壁mucositis which is the inflammation of the mucous细胞黏膜发炎membranes lining the digestive tract, vomiting,呕吐 腹泻以及味觉改变diarrhea and alterations in taste are important side都是化疗的重要副作用effects of chemotherapy that also contribute to weight从而导致消瘦以及营养不良loss and malnutrition. Because of the side effects由于这些副作用 所以导致了恶病质cachexia can often result. Cachexia, also known as the恶病质也称消耗症wasting syndrome can also result in extreme cases.也可以导致极端病例Cachexia is the loss of weight and the atrophy of恶病质表现为消瘦 肌肉萎缩muscle resulting in an intense fatigue and weakness.会导致强烈的疲惫和虚弱It cannot simply be reversed by eating more calories仅仅靠摄入更多的卡路里是不能恢复的因为because lean body mass is also lost. To avoid cancer身体的瘦体重也减轻了 为了避免癌症恶病质cachexia it is extremely important for children to eat对于孩子在治疗过程中摄入足够多的蛋白质enough protein and calories throughout the treatment.和卡路里是至关重要的The type of cancer itself plays a role in malnutrition癌症自身的类型在营养不良里也扮演了as well, in fact it has been well documented that很重要的角色 事实上记录表明certain tumors and stages of diseases are associated某些肿瘤和疾病的阶段with an increased risk of becoming under nourished.能够增加营养不良的风险In a study conducted in 2011 by Bower and others在2011年有鲍尔及其同事entitled ‘important aspects of nutrition进行的“癌症患儿营养不良的重要方面”in children with cancer’ different types of研究中,比较了不同种类的癌症cancers were compared and their corresponding risk以及处于营养不良时for becoming under nourished were assessed.相应的风险Overall, malnutrition was more prevalent in children总体来说,营养不良在with advanced solid tumors such as neuroblastoma患晚期实性肿瘤孩子中很常见and in aggressive tumors and tumors in the later stages比如成神经细胞瘤,恶性肿瘤of malignancy. Undernourishment was seen less以及恶性肿瘤的后期frequently in children diagnosed with non metastatic被诊断为没有转移性肿瘤的或者是更有利的tumors and diagnosis with a more favorable prognosis.预后诊断的孩子中,营养不足是很少见的We will now turn our attention to the side effects and现在我们将把注意力转移到在癌症治疗期间problems malnutrition causes during cancer treatment.由营养不良引起的副作用和一系列问题上There are many side effects that malnutrition causes癌症治疗期间由于营养不良during cancer treatment, however we will focus on 3引发了很多副作用key side effects; an increased treatment time,我们将关注三个主要的副作用a decreased quality of life after survival and治疗时间愈后生活质量下降a greater chance of becoming underweight or以及以后的生活overweight later in life.身体变得消瘦或超重的可能性增大Studies have shown that malnutrition reduces the研究表明,营养不良会降低化疗的有效性effectiveness of chemotherapy, thus increasing the从而延长了孩子们必须length of time children must spend being treated在医院接受治疗的时间in the hospital. Being malnourished also increases由于免疫系统的减弱the likelihood of developing an infection due to营养不良还可能会使a weakened immune system.孩子们更容易受感染Malnutrition has also been proven to lower the事实明,营养不良还会降低生活质量overall quality of life and lower the chances of以及病人治疗后存活的机率a patient survival post treatment. In children under对孩子来说nourishment has a significant role in survival rates,营养不足对存活率有很大的影响especially in children with solid tumors and特别是患有实体瘤和转移性疾病等metastatic diseases which are children at a high risk.严重疾病的孩子Many studies have also shown that survivors of很多研究已表明specific cancer types are more likely to cause a child如果孩子在治疗过程中营养不良to become underweight or overweight later in life那么某种癌症的幸存者在以后的生活中if the child experienced malnutrition during treatment.更有可能变得消瘦或者超重 Article/201501/351111

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