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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活爱自己See that colleague in the beautiful new dress?Compliment her.看见同事穿了一件漂亮的新裙子?赞美她一下 Everyone loves compliments, including that colleague who just walked in on a Monday morning in a beautiful dress. 每个人都喜欢被赞美,包括周一的时候就穿着漂亮的新裙子走在路上的同事Being kind to others, like passing random compliments, it makes people happy, boosting self-esteem and confidence. 对别人友好一点,像是在路上的时候你的随性赞美都会让别人感到快乐,让他们更自尊更自信Dont be afraid to tell people how great they look,or how awesome their smile is. Itll do good them, and you!不要不敢告诉别人他们的外表有多美,笑容有多美不仅有益于他人,还有益于你自己更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 370,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活讨人厌的微朋友圈消息Declarations of love that dont ever need to declared炫耀无需声明的爱Declarations of love that dont ever need todeclared: ;I love my daughter sooo much.;炫耀无需声明的爱:“我太太太太爱我的女儿了!” They feel the need to convince someone like themselves, or perhaps felt a pang of love and instead of telling the beloved,they felt the whole world should be in on it.这种人是在寻求认同感他们不把这种爱告诉至亲,却选择昭告全世界【知识点讲解】declaration n.宣言,布告,公告,声明例句:Some delegates believe the finaldeclarationis likely to be too timorous.一些代表认为最后的声明可能不够强硬更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3768

In April this year, the State Council adopted a revised environmental protection law, which will not take effect until the beginning of next year. And also, China Supreme People Court has set up a tribunal specifically focused on environment cases. Were joined by Dimitri De Boer, Team Leader of EU – China Environmental Governance Program to talk about these developments. Do you think this new law will really help to improve the state of the environment? 33

我没被录取I didn't get accepted-5 ::53 A:You got a letter in the mail.你有一封信在邮箱B:Give it to me.A:What is it?是什么信?B:It’s from NYU.从NYU寄来的A:What does it say?它说什么了?B:I didn’t get accepted.我没有被录取A:You can’t be serious!你不会事认真的吧!B:I’m serious.是认真的A:Are you all right?你还好吧?B:NYU was my first choice.NYU是我的第一选择A:I’m sorry that you didn’t get in.很遗憾你没被录取B:I’ll just have to wait UCLA.

  中文名: 罗伯特·帕丁森 外文名: Robert Pattinson 别名: 罗拔·派迪臣 国籍: 英国 出生地: 伦敦 出生日期: 1986 .5 . 职业: 演员,模特 代表作品: 暮光之城,记住我 昵称: Rob, RPattz 身高: 185cm 星座: 金牛座 擅长乐器: 钢琴,吉他 66

  Three previews were canceled; had the show played a full eight permances, it could have made nearly .5 million.。

  《曼德拉:漫漫自由路将于7月18日中国上映 -- :51: 来源: 《曼德拉:漫漫自由路将于7月18日中国上映电影《曼德拉:漫漫自由路将于7月18日在中国上映,以庆祝曼德拉国际日,电影制片人Anant Singh 周三说《曼德拉:漫漫自由路改编自南非前总统曼德拉的同名自传,讲述了曼德拉从年轻时候到狱中生活以及当上总统后的日子的故事The film Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, will be released in China on July 18 to celebrate the International Nelson Mandela Day of , said the film producer Anant Singh here on Wednesday.The movie will be taken to more than 1,000 screens in China by China Film Group Corporation, the state film distribution body.Adopted from the autobiography of the same name which was written by South Africa's mer president Mandela, the film told about Mandela's life from an early age, prison life, Presidency and after. The release of the film is to celebrate International Mandela Day."The release of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, in China is indeed tuitous, especially as it is on Madiba's birthday and that it will be the first year that the world will commemorate this special occasion after his passing," said Singh."The film will provide an opporty Chinese audiences to celebrate Madiba's life and pay tribute to him as a global icon and leader who is revered and respected in China," added the producer.This is the first time that a South African film is released widely in China on the same terms as the Hollywood studio films. The release will also coincide with the malization of a two- year cultural exchange program between South Africa and China that was launched in Beijing in April. "We are pleased that the release of the film takes place at the time of the country-to-country cultural exchange program between South Africa and China. We are also delighted that we are releasing Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom in China during a booming market eign films," said Singh.Released on Nov , in South Africa, the movies has been the highest financial earner in the history of South African movies in five weeks.The film will also be screened again but free of charge in South Africa on the Mandela day.It will also be screened on the same day at the finale to the Rwanda International Film Festival and Ischia Global Fest on the Italian island of Ischia, as ell as at the Isola del Cinema in Rome, according to the producer.Mandela Day is celebrated worldwide. Mandela is also revered worldwide spending 67 years fighting democracy, human rights and social justice. 曼德拉 漫漫自由路

  我的论文已经交了- :01:9 A:Professor, I've handed in my paper. Did you it?教授,我的论文已经交了你看了吗?B:Yes. You've done a good job. But there's one thing. You should narrow down your topic.是的你写得不错但是有一个问题你应该缩小你的话题A:What about water pollution instead of pollution?用“水污染”代替“污染”怎么样?B:Well done!非常好!The economy of the countries using the euro have emerged from recession. Across the European Union countries, output grew by 0.% in the third quarter of this year. Figures showed that Italy and the Netherlands were no longer in recession, but the economies of Greece and Spain were still contracting.emerge from sth: to survive a difficult situation or experience (从困境或苦难经历中)幸存下来,摆脱出来She emerged from the scandal with her reputation intact. 她在丑闻中安然无恙,名声丝毫未受影响.emerge from recession:从衰退中摆脱出来,走出衰退 89550

  排队点餐--7 :: 排队点餐A:All the food smells tasty today and makes my mouth water.今天所有的食物闻起来都很香,我都流口水了B:Let's line up here. This line seems a little shorter.我们在这儿排队吧这一队看起来短些A:What's on the today?今天的菜单上有什么?B:Fish, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and beancurd. staple food we have rice, steamed b, stuffed buns and noodles.有鱼、牛肉、猪肉、鸡肉、青菜和豆腐主食有米饭、馒头、包子和面条A:Oh,we're lucky today, aren't we?噢,今天我们很幸运,不是吗?B:I'd rather take stewed cabbage with beef.我想吃牛肉炖白菜A:I think I'll take fried fish, because fish is one of my favorites.我想吃炸鱼,因为鱼是我最喜欢的B:That's good, we can share what we have. Here we are. You go ahead.那太好了,我们可以分享我们的菜到我们了,你先买A:(They get everything y)Here is a free table. Let's sit down. Help yourself to some fish please. Isn't it delicious and appetizing?(他们买好了)这里有一张空桌子我们坐下吧,请吃鱼难道不好吃,看着很有食欲吗?B:I'm sorry I don't like it's a little too salty.很抱歉我不喜欢有点咸A:I see. You people from south prefer sweet, don't you?我知道你们南方人喜欢吃甜食,是吗?B:Yes, I like the fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce best. Try some beef, please.对,我最喜欢吃糖醋鱼请吃点牛肉吧A:Thank you. I'm through with one steamed b and I'd like a second helping.谢谢你我已吃完一个馒头了,而且我还想吃一个B:Your appetite is good.你的胃口不错A:I'm always feeling hungry.我总是感到饿


  The plight of a couple whose only daughter insists on marrying a eigner and staying abroad has gone viral on social media recently in China. The Chinese parents sold their house to support their daughter study in the U.S. , but her decision of staying in the U.S. and marrying an American guy has deeply hurt the parent feelings. The father regrets that the worst decision was to send their daughter to study overseas. 59。




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