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乳沟是否已经过时?维密推出舒适型胸衣 -- ::5 来源: 多年来,维密天使在舞台上昂首阔步时一向都是以高跟鞋、天使翅膀以及厚垫魔术胸罩撑起的夸张乳沟的形象示人然而近期,该品牌推出了更加自然的舒适胸衣 years, the look Victoriarsquo;s Secret angels strutting down the runway has been heels, a set of wings and some extreme cleavage courtesy of a heavily-padded push-up bra.多年来,维密天使在舞台上昂首阔步时一向都是以高跟鞋、天使翅膀以及厚垫魔术胸罩撑起的夸张乳沟的形象示人Now, the lingerie brand is embracing a more natural look with a new line of bralettes.现在,该内衣品牌正逐渐推崇一款更加自然的新款舒适胸衣In recent weeks, the company has been promoting their new un-padded bras on Facebook and Instagram and with a new commercial featuring angels Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill.近几周以来,该公司在Facebook和Instagram上大力推广新型不加垫胸衣,并且请了新的商业形象天使Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk和Taylor Hill做代言The new focus on bralettes may at first appear to be a break in the companyrsquo;s longtime brand focused on push-up bras - such as the bombshell bra which promises to add two cup sizes.对这次新款式胸衣的关注似乎首次打破了公司长期以来专注于魔术胸罩的传统-比如bombshell胸罩就承诺能够增加两个罩杯However, as Mic reporter Rachel Lubitz points out, it may just be Victoriarsquo;s Secret admitting who their true customer was all along - small-breasted women.然而,正如Mic记者Rachel Lubitz指出,这可能正说明维密承认了一直以来谁才是他们真正的客户-小胸女性Victoriarsquo;s Secret bras only run up to a size 0DDD, and the push-up bras they advertise are built to hoist up smaller breasts and make them appear larger.维密内衣最大尺寸只有0DDD,而他们的魔术胸罩广告一直宣称能撑起小胸,让小胸显得更大All along, theyrsquo;ve been sneakily catering to women with small breasts by selling them bras that promise to make their breasts look bigger,rsquo; Lubitz writes.;自始至终,他们不动声色地迎合了小胸女性的需求,卖给她们内衣并承诺使胸部看起来更加饱满;Lubiz写道The move may also be a play to compete with other lingerie retailers like Aerie, which is also known its line of bralettes.这项举动同时可能为了应对如Aerie等其他以舒适不加垫文胸闻名的内衣零售商However, the refocus on bralettes may alienate regular women from Victoriarsquo;s Secret - one of the most - if not the most - recognizable bra companies in America.然而,专注于舒适胸衣可能会使一些普通女性不再选择维密这个在美国辨识度最高(即使不是最高也是较高)的内衣品牌This may drive away a lot of customers, given that the average womanrsquo;s bra size is DD, and the bralettes are not meant to fit women above a D-cup.这可能会把许多顾客排除在外,因为女性胸罩平均大小在DD,而舒适胸衣是专为D罩杯以下女性设计的Women on Twitter found the commercial the bralettes particularly amusing, since one of the models says rsquo;Itrsquo;s all you needrsquo;.Twitter上的女性觉得舒适内衣的广告很有趣,因为其中一位模特说;这是你所需要的;I love seeing the Victoriarsquo;s Secret bralette commercial and theyrsquo;re like :no padding needed!; like lmao tell that to my d-cup bye,rsquo; one user wrote.;我喜欢看维密舒适内衣的广告,比如:无需胸垫!;我笑翻了,只能和我的D罩杯说再见了;一位网友写道This comes after Mic published another report earlier this year, revealing how some Victoriarsquo;s Secret employees had been fitting larger-breasted customers with bras several sizes too small just to make sales.今年年初时,Mic曾发表了另一篇报道,揭露一些维密员工是如何用小几码的内衣来迎合大胸顾客的需求以达到销售目的的菲律宾谴责杀害加拿大人质Robert Hall的伊斯兰组织Abu Sayyaf -- 19:9:37 来源: 菲律宾总统谴责武装组织Abu Sayyaf“残酷无情地杀害”加拿大人质的行为 The Philippine president has condemned the "brutal and senseless murder" of a Canadian man by Abu Sayyaf militants.菲律宾总统谴责武装组织Abu Sayyaf“残酷无情地杀害”加拿大人质的行为Robert Hall was kidnapped by the Islamist group in September along with three others from Canada, the Philippines and Norway.九月,Robert Hall和其他三人(分别来自加拿大,菲律宾和挪威)被伊斯兰组织绑架Fellow Canadian John Ridsdel was killed by the group in April after a multi-million dollar ransom deadline expired.四月,另一名加拿大人John Ridsdel,在数百万美金赎金的截止日期过后,被该组织杀害Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had earlier said he believed it was "likely" Mr Hall was dead.加拿大总理Justin Trudeau此前说他认为Hall先生“很可能”已经死了In a statement on Tuesday, outgoing Philippines President Benigno Aquino confirmed the killing.在周二的声明中,即将离职的菲律宾总统Benigno Aquino实了这次杀害"This latest heinous crime serves to strengthen our government’s resolve to put an end to this reign of terror and banditry," he said.“最近的这次滔天罪行加强我们政府想办法结束这种恐怖和土匪统治的决心,”他说Mr Hall, his Filipina partner Marites Flor, Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad and Canadian John Ridsdel were kidnapped from a marina near the city of Davao in September.Hall先生,他的菲律宾伙伴 Marites Flor,挪威人Kjartan Sekkingstad和加拿大人John Ridsdel,九月在Davao城市附近的码头被绑架They were taken to an Abu Sayyaf stronghold on the remote southern island of Jolo. Mr Ridsdel was beheaded on 5 April.他们被带到Abu Sayyaf武装据点,一个遥远的南部小岛Jolo四月5号Mr Ridsdel被砍头处决Last month, a emerged showing the three hostages pleading their governments to meet the captors’ demands or they would also be executed.上个月,出现了这三名人质请求他们的政府答应绑架者要求的视频,否则他们也将被处决The Philippine and Canadian governments are opposed to paying ransoms hostages.菲律宾和加拿大政府反对为人质付赎金The Philippines have launched military operations against the militant group.菲律宾已对该激进组织展开军事行动Mr Trudeau said in a statement. that Canada "will not give into their fear mongering tactics and despicable attitude toward the suffering of others".Trudeau先生在一项声明里说加拿大“不会向他们这种利用恐惧进行买卖的战术和对他人不幸的卑劣态度投降”Abu Sayyaf is still holding several captives, including a Dutch birdwatcher taken in .Abu Sayyaf仍有其他几名俘虏,包括年抓走的一名荷兰鸟类研究人员What is Abu Sayyaf?Abu Sayyaf是什么?One of smallest but most radical of Islamist separatist groups in southern Philippines, its name means "bearer of the sword" in Arabic.菲律宾南部最小但最激进的伊斯兰分裂组织,它的名字在阿拉伯语中是“剑人”的意思It split from the larger Moro National Liberation Front in 1991. Membership is said to number in the low hundreds.1991年它从较大的组织洛民族解放阵线分裂出来人数大概在一百人以下What does it want?它想要什么?The group has been agitating the creation of an independent Islamic state in predominantly Catholic Philippines, and uses tactics such as hostage-taking and bombings to pressure the government.这个组织试图在天主教主导的菲律宾建立独立的伊斯兰国家,他们使用的策略包括以绑架人质和爆炸事件来向政府施压Several of its factions have pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State.它的好几个派系已向所谓的伊斯兰国效忠How dangerous is it?它有多危险?Numerous Filipino and eign civilians have been kidnapped in south Philippines and parts of neighbouring Malaysia over the decades, and used as hostages to extract ransoms.几十年来,许多菲律宾和外国平民在菲律宾南部及邻国马来西亚被绑架,这些人质被用来赚取赎金Though some have been released after negotiations or attacks by Philippine ces, others have been murdered when demands were not met.虽然部分人员在谈判或者菲律宾军队攻击后被释放,但其他人在没有拿到赎金后被杀Abu Sayyaf has also said it carried out bombings in cities in the south and a ferry bombing in in Manila Bay that killed more than 0 people, considered one of the worst terror attacks in the Philippines.Abu Sayyaf还说它实施了南部城市的一些爆炸事件,和年Manila海湾渡轮超过0人死亡的爆炸,这被认为是菲律宾最严重的恐怖袭击事件两名女性进行党魁角逐 英国将迎来第二位女首相 -- :: 来源:chinadaily Theresa May(left) and Andrea Leadsom(right)Britain is to have its second female Prime Minister after Conservative party members were given the choice between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.现在英国保守党成员需要在特雷莎?梅和安德烈娅?利德索姆二人之间进行选择,这意味着英国将迎来历史上第二位女首相The winner, to be announced on September 9th, will face one of the most difficult tasks in post-war history, renegotiating Britain's place in world.英国将于9月9日宣布大选获胜者,而当选的首相将面对英国战后以来最艰巨的任务之一,即就英国在世界上的地位进行重新谈判In the second ballot of Conservative MPs in the leadership contest, Mrs May won the support of 199 MPs, against 8 MPs Mrs Leadsom.在保守党议员对保守党领袖选举的第二轮投票中,特雷莎?梅赢得了199名议员的持,对手安德烈娅?利德索姆则获得了8名议员的持Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, was eliminated after he received the backing of just 6 MPs, two fewer than had voted him in the first round.司法部长迈克尔?戈夫只获得了6名议员的持,比第一轮投票时还少了两票,被淘汰出局Because of the scale of support among the parliamentary party - largely because of her experience of running the Home Office the last six years - Mrs May is now the front runner to become the country's first woman Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher.由于议会政党给予了大规模持——很大程度上是因为她过去六年担任内政大臣的经验——特雷莎?梅现在遥遥领先,最可能成为自玛格丽特?撒切尔之后英国第一任女首相However, unlike Mrs Leadsom she backed remaining in the European Union in the recent referendum campaign, which may prove unpopular among Tory rank and file.然而,与安德烈娅?利德索姆不同,特雷莎?梅在最近的公投活动中持留欧,这可能造成她在保守党民众中不受欢迎In a statement outside the House of Commons, Mrs May said that the size of her lead in the contest showed that the Conservative party can “come together” under her leadership.在下议院之外发布的一份声明中,特雷莎?梅说,她在竞选中获得的持规模表明,保守党可以在她的领导下“走到一起”Mrs May also pledged “to make Britain a country that works not a privileged few but every one of us”.特雷莎?梅还承诺“使英国成为一个不为少数特权阶层,而是为我们每一个人运转的国家”Mrs May said that she would provide “strong leadership to negotiate the best deal Britain as we leave the European Union, to e our Party and our country”.特雷莎?梅表示,“既然现在英国已经离开了欧盟,她将提供强有力的领导,争取为英国达成最佳协议,团结我们的党和国家”Meanwhile, Mrs Leadsom said that she was “absolutely delighted”.与此同时,安德烈娅?利德索姆表示她“欣喜万分”She added: “The great news is we have an all-female shortlist with no positive discrimination or anything, isn't that fantastic?”她补充道:“最激动人心的消息是我们的决选名单中全是女性,没有正面歧视或任何其他东西这真是太棒了”Michael GoveThe result caps a disastrous campaign Mr Gove, who chose to stand as leader at the last minute effectively cing Boris Johnson to pull out of the race, but will now not be in the race to become Prime Minister.对迈克尔?戈夫来说,这次投票结果意味着他本次竞选以悲剧告终戈夫在最后一刻选择参与竞选,有效地迫使鲍里斯?约翰逊退出,但现在他本人也将不能参与首相的角逐Mr Gove, who declined to say whom he will be backing, said the next leader would be “a female prime minister who has midable skills and I know whichever one of the two wins they will lead this country well”.戈夫拒绝透露自己持谁,他表示,下一任领导人将是“一个才能杰出的女首相,我知道她们二人无论谁胜出,都将会很好地领导这个国家”Mrs May and Mrs Leadsom will spend the next nine weeks travelling around the country trying to win the support of the party's 0,000 members.未来九个星期,特雷莎?梅和安德烈娅?利德索姆将会在全国各地四处游说,努力赢得党内万名成员的持Vocabularyrank and file: 民众,老百姓英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮

甜品控们不得不尝的虹蛋糕 --18 1:57:5 来源: 虹蛋糕起源于一位英国王子的家厨研发的虹层蛋糕,倍受皇室喜爱在当时贵族经常出入的饭店都以虹蛋糕为招牌甜点You may have about that rainbow bagel from New York. But have you tried a rainbow toastie (toasted cheese sandwich)? Kala Toast, a small sandwich shop from Hong Kong, has just started this bizarre food fad.你可能听说过纽约的虹面包圈,但是你尝过虹烤吐司吗(烤奶酪三明治)?卡洛芝士吐司,一个来自香港的小三明治店,开始了一段奇妙的食物新潮Check out this sandwich stop, the next time yoursquo;re in Hong Kong. Besides its famed rainbow toastie, adventurous foodies can try its Cheese and durian (a toastie made with fresh durian and cream cheese) and a Korean ;gangnam style; toastie that includes kimchi and spicy marinated pork.下一次你到香港的时候,不妨看看这种三明治小驿除了其著名的虹吐司,爱冒险的美食家们还可以试试它的奶酪榴莲(一种用新鲜榴莲和奶油干酪做成的吐司)和一种用泡菜和辣腌猪肉做的韩国江南style吐司Dean amp; Deluca. The gourmet grocer and cafe from New York is among the popular the rainbow sponge cake; it currently has two outlets in Singapore. The colours you see on the cake arenrsquo;t just show either. Each colour corresponds to a fruity flavour, from strawberry the red layer to lemon the yellow layer.Dean amp; Deluca蛋糕纽约的美食店和咖啡馆是虹海绵蛋糕中最流行的,最近在新加坡已经有两家经销店你所看到的蛋糕上的颜色不仅仅是为了好看而已,每一种颜色其实都代表着一种水果香味,从红色的草莓层一直到黄色的柠檬层The Jelly Hearts. You may have seen rainbow-coloured agar (layered jelly) but have you tried a jelly-topped cheesecake? This colourful creation features layers of fresh strawberries, jelly and cream cheese on top of a digestive biscuit crust.果冻甜心你可能见过虹色琼脂(分层果冻),但是你见过果冻放在上面的芝士蛋糕吗?把一层一层的新鲜草莓,果冻和奶油干酪放在一个易消化面包皮上,使得这款色艳丽的蛋糕独具特色I Am Cafe. If yoursquo;ve had your fair share of sponge cakes, why not try a mille crepe cake instead; this particular cake just happens to boast technicolour hues. This colourful confection is made of thin layers of crepe, sandwiched between dark and white chocolate cream.I Am Cafeacute;千层蛋糕如果你已经吃过了;恰如其份;的海绵蛋糕,为什么不尝尝千层蛋糕呢?这种别致的蛋糕恰好拥有色的色调这种色甜食是由油煎薄饼做成的,并且像三明治一样地夹在黑白色的巧克力奶油中Little Nothings. This online bakery is known its jar cakes (sponge cakes served in a jar) and its bestselling dessert is its Rainbow jar cake. It consists of layers of vanilla sponge cake, topped with marshmallows and buttercream.;一无所有;这款网上烘焙店因其瓶装蛋糕(装在瓶子里的海绵蛋糕)而著名,它的畅销甜品便是虹瓶蛋糕它是由一层一层的香草海绵蛋糕构成的,并且在蛋糕上面还覆着一层棉花糖和奶油哦

史上最大乌龙:奥运即将举行,但里约还没建好体育场?! --01 :: 来源: 还有五周时间里约奥运会就要开始了,但是几处重要的体育场馆却仍然没有完工,不禁令人担忧,这届奥运会是否会成为史上最糟糕的奥运会? Olympic organizers are battling to save the $ billion Games from becoming a fiasco, Daily Mail Online can reveal.据《每日邮报报道,里约热内卢奥运主办方正在尽一切努力,以求挽救这场耗资0亿美元的运动会,使其不变成一场惨败The games are engulfed in a desperate last-minute building and repair operation as the first of more than ,000 athletes begin to arrive in Rio.里约奥运会的前景并不乐观,甚至可以说很绝望主办方正在争分夺秒地建设主场馆和进行修复工作,而第一批000多名运动员却已经开始抵达里约热内卢了Daily Mail Online discovered the Rio Olympic authorities have their work cut out them with only five weeks to go bee the Opening Ceremony on August 5.《每日邮报发现里约奥运主办方停止了他们的场馆建设工作,而现在距离8月5日奥运会开幕式只有约5个星期的时间了And these exclusive pictures show, that despite being given seven years to prepare, vital roads, transport and structural work are still to be completed. In contrast, 90 per cent of construction of the venues the Games in London was completed with a year to go.从这些独家照片可以看出,尽管里约得到了7年的时间来准备这场赛事,但是重要的道路、运输和结构工作仍然没有完成于此相比,伦敦奥运会90%的场馆在一年之内就建设完成了The clock is ticking down towards when the 750-strong US team are due to appear in the opening ceremony while crucial development of facilities is still needed.时间争分夺秒,750人的美国代表队即将启程前往里约参加奥运会,而这里一些重要的体育设施还没有完工The combination of unfinished facilities along with safety and health fears, have also led US athletes to make late changes to their travel plans with some heading to Argentina instead to prepare.除了大批体育赛事没有完工之外,里约还给人带来安全和健康上的担忧,这可能会导致美国运动员做出最后的行程改变,转而前往阿根廷做赛前准备Athletes and fans will be disappointed to discover that Rio has still not managed to sign off several key venues the games and the city is littered with Olympic eyesores.运动员和粉丝们都将会非常失望地看到,有几处重要的体育场馆仍然没有建设完工,整个城市到处都是乱扔的奥运建筑垃圾On your bike: The unfinished state of the velodrome is obvious and it is surrounded by barriers as workers rush to complete it很显然这处室内赛车场还没有完工,它周围围了一圈围墙,工人正在紧锣密鼓地赶工Big challenge: The modern pentathlon venue has hardly any of its seats installed with just five weeks to go until it is in use现代五项的比赛场地几乎还没有安装任何座位,而五周之后就要在这里举行比赛了Construction phase: The BMX course has a temporary stand where workers are still putting up the scaffolding. Seating is a long way off自行车越野赛比赛场地只有一个临时看台,工人们仍然在搭建脚手架安座位?还早着呢!Not a seat to be seen: The beach volleyball venue on Copacabana will offer stunning views of one of the world’s most famous beaches - but with five weeks to go until it starts, not a single seat has been installed科帕卡巴纳沙滩排球场馆将向观众们呈现这一世界最著名之一海滩的美景--但是在还有五周时间就要开赛的情况下,这里一个观众座位都还没有安装Men at work: The beach volleyball venue in Copacabana should be one of the most redolent scenes of Rio de Janiero, but is simply a building site with only a few days to go科帕卡巴纳沙滩排球场馆应该是里约最著名的美景之一,但是现在只不过是一个必须要在几天内完工的建筑工地罢了德国影院发生击事件 -- :: 来源: (CNN)官员称,一名蒙面持匪徒于周四下午冲进一家德国影院,挟持人质,后被警方击毙 (CNN)A masked gunman stormed a German cinema Thursday afternoon, taking hostages bee he was killed by police, officials said.(CNN)官员称,一名蒙面持匪徒于周四下午冲进一家德国影院,挟持人质,后被警方击毙The rifle-wielding man entered the cinema in Viernheim, near Frankfurt in western Germany, shortly bee 3 p.m. local time, Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth said.黑森州内政部长Peter Beuth说,匪徒手持来复,冲进德国西部菲恩海姆的一家影院,此地临近法兰克福事件发生于当地时间下午3点前一些Police received reports of four shots fired.警方接到报警称,听到四声响German public TV initially said 5 people were injured, but it wasn’t clear if they were shot or hurt in other ways.德国公共电视台先前报道5人受伤,但并不清楚是因中受伤还是其他原因造成的受伤After the ordeal ended, a Viernheim police spokesman told CNN that no one was injured by gunfire aside from the attacker.风波结束之后,一名菲恩海姆的警方发言人告诉CNN记者,除了袭击者,没有人因中受伤The U.S. Embassy in Germany said officials are looking into the possibility that tear gas might have caused some of the injuries, spokeswoman Jackie McKennan said.美国驻德国大使馆发言人Jackie McKennan说,警方正在调查是否有民众因警方投放的催泪瓦斯而受伤At one point, the assailant took hostages, but it’s unclear why.目前只知道袭击者曾挟持过人质,但是原因不明"There were hostages in the vicinity of the individual. It was at this point that he was fatally shot by special ces," Beuth said. "I have no knowledge that anyone else was harmed."“袭击者身边确实有人质,但是就在这时他被特警击毙了,”Beuth说,“目前我还没有接到报告称有任何人有任何损失”The cinema is part of a major shopping center called Rhein Neckar Zentrum Viernheim. The complex, with more than 0 businesses, hosts ,000 visitors daily, according to its website.这家影院是名叫Rhein Neckar Zentrum Viernheim的购物中心的一部分根据官网信息,该购物中心有超过0家商铺,每天大概有000名访客An employee at Coyote Café Viernheim, just across from the cinema, said about 50 to 0 officers rushed to the scene.就在影院街对面工作的一名Coyote咖啡店的员工说,大约有50到0名警察冲进了被挟持影院"Our café went into lockdown. We brought all of our customers out of the back door," said the employee, who asked not to be named.该匿名咖啡店员工说:“我们的咖啡店也关闭了我们让所有的顾客都从后门走了”"This is something very unusual our town. I’ve never seen anything like that. I never want to see anything like that again."“这种事在我们这个镇上十分少见我从没遇到过,而且我再也不想见到这种事发生了”Late Thursday afternoon, the shopping complex announced the police operation was over.周四下午晚些时候,购物中心宣布警方的行动已经结束"At this moment in time we have no inmation on injured persons," the shopping center said on its Facebook page. "The driveway is still blocked. We will keep you updated on new developments. "“现在我们还没有关于受伤人员的消息”购物中心方面在脸书上写道“车道仍然在封锁之中我们会随时更新时间的新发展”The motive Thursday’s attack remains unclear, but German police said there’s no indication the incident was terror-related.周四这场袭击的动机仍然不明,但是德国警方说并没有迹象表明这场袭击和恐怖主义有关Prior to the attack, police had repeatedly warned that Germany could be targeted by ISIS.警方已经将对袭击的调查放到首位,警方也不断发出警告称德国有可能被ISIS盯上了Germany absorbed more than 1 million refugees last year, and there have been concerns about the possibility of ISIS cells in the country.德国去年吸收了超过0万难民,国内有许多关于ISIS分子趁机混入国内的担忧每月白拿500美元,任性的瑞士人民选择拒绝! -- :3:39 来源: 星期日,绝大多数的瑞士选民否决了一项公投,该提案将每月为每个公民提供约500瑞士法郞(5美元)的收入,不管其就业情况或财富状况 A proposal to dramatically change social welfare policy has been soundly rejected in Switzerland.在瑞士,一项大幅改变社会福利政策的提案被否决了The vast majority of Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a referendum that would have provided every citizen a guaranteed income of $,500 Swiss francs ($,5) after tax, regardless of their employment status or wealth.星期日,绝大多数的瑞士选民否决了一项公投,该提案将每月为每个公民提供约500瑞士法郞(5美元)的收入,不管其就业情况或财富状况All told, about 77% of Swiss voters were against the measure, which lost by at least percentage points in all of the country’s 6 districts.据悉,大约有77%的瑞士选民反对这一举措,在全国6个地区的选票中,损失了至少%The plan would have allowed those earning less than the minimum to have their pay topped up. Those out of work would have been handed the full amount. The income would have been unconditional and untaxed, and it would have replaced various welfare payments.这个计划将使那些已经有工作但薪水低于500法郎的人,最低工资加到500以上而那些失业的人,将享受全额补助该项福利无条件享有,免税,且将取代其他各项福利What if you never had to worry about rent or food?从来都不为房租或者生活担心,是一种什么感觉?The Swiss government opposed the initiative, saying it would have needed to find 5 billion Swiss francs a year to pay it. The resulting new taxes, or spending cuts, would have damaged the economy, it argued.反对此项提议的瑞士政府表示,此举一年得花费50亿法郎,就得增加税收或者节约开,这样势必会对经济发展带来影响The Federal Council and Parliament feared that "fewer people would choose to work" if the measure had been approved.联邦委员会和议会担心如果这一措施被批准,“很多人都会选择不工作,工作的人越来越少了”The Swiss debate started in , when a petition in favor of the initiative gathered more than the 0,000 signatures, and the idea attracted worldwide media attention leading up to the referendum on Sunday.关于此项福利的讨论从年就开始了,当时人们征集了一份超过万个签名的请愿书这个想法吸引了全球媒体的关注,尤其是在6月5日举行的公投表决Switzerland is not the first country to debate the idea of basic income.瑞士并不是第一个引入基本收入发放政策的国家Finland is considering scrapping all welfare benefits and instead paying everyone $,000 a year. A pilot program will launch early next year: Roughly ,000 Finns will receive about 550 euros a month two years.芬兰也在考虑废除所有的福利,取而代之的是每年发给公民1万美元明年初,试点项目就会启动,大约000个芬兰人连续两年里每月都能享受到550欧元的福利

经济学人:带你了解滴滴优步等出租车定价策略 -- :: 来源: 对与很多人来说,深夜外出后拿出智能手机叫一辆优步的车回家似乎是一种常见的仪式了然而打的费却比平时高出了三倍像很多经济学家钟爱的定律一样,这种时不时困饶着优步用户的“动态定价策略”虽有效却极不受欢迎本文带你了解定价背后的经济机制 Uber is sticking with surge pricing now, but Jeff Schneider, one of its machine-learning experts, recently suggested that the company is interested in developing systems that rely on technology, rather than price, to allocate cars. Even if such a technological fix proves elusive, however, local governments do not need to regulate or ban surge pricing to reduce its sting.Uber现在坚持使用动态定价策略,但是最近公司的机构研究专家之一杰夫·施耐德表示,该公司对开发依赖于技术而非价格来统筹车辆的系统很有兴趣虽然这一技术目前难以实现,但是一旦实现,当地政府再也无需调控或者取缔动态价格机制以此削弱其影响Surge (or dynamic) pricing relies on frequent price adjustments to match supply and demand. Such systems are sometimes used to set motorway tolls (which rise and fall with demand in an eft to keep traffic flowing), or to adjust the price of energy in electricity markets. People understandably detest such practices. It offends the sensibilities of non-economists that the same journey should cost different amounts from one day or hour to the next—and more, invariably, when the need is most desperate.峰时(动态)定价依赖于频繁的价格调整以使供需平衡这一机制有时会被用于设置高速公路通行费(为保交通顺畅,通行费因需求而上涨、下调),或者用于调整电力市场上能源价格可以理解,人们厌恶这种做法这样的机制伤害了非经济学家的感情,每天或者每小时相同路程的花费却不同,而且当需求最紧急时也是一成不变Yet surge fares also demonstrate the elegance with which prices moderate a marketplace. When demand in an area spikes and the waiting time a car rises, surge pricing kicks in; users requesting cars are inmed that the fare will be a multiple of the normal rate. As the multiple rises, the market goes to work. Higher fares ration available cars by willingness to pay: to richer users, in some cases, but also to those less able to wait out the surge period or with fewer good alternatives. Charging extra to those without good alternatives sounds like gouging, yet without surge pricing such riders would be less likely to get a ride at all, since there would be no incentive all the other people requesting cars to drop out.但是峰时价格也显示出它带来的好处,价格策略缓和了市场当需求在某个地区急剧上涨,以及等待时长增加,动态定价策略就发挥作用了;需要用车的客户会被告知费用是平时的几倍当多个因素同时出现时,市场开始起作用高费用会将车辆分配给那些愿意付的客户即那些更有钱的客户;但是在某些情况下,对那些无法在高峰期等待或是没有好选择的用户也是同样适用的对那些没有好选择的用户采取额外收费听起来像是乱要价,但是没有动态价格策略这些用户不太可能搭得到车,因为对于其他有需求坐车的人来说没有任何理由不坐车至少在局部地区动态价格策略增加了供给A recent analysis published by Uber illustrates how the system is intended to work. Jonathan Hall, head of economic research at Uber, Cory Kendrick, a data scientist at the firm, and Chris Nosko, of the University of Chicago, compared two high-demand cases in New York city to illustrate how surge pricing is intended to work. In March it kicked in after a sold-out concert by Ariana Grande, a singer, in an arena in the middle of Manhattan. As the show came to an end, the number of people in the area opening the Uber app quadrupled in just a few minutes. Uber’s algorithm swiftly applied surge pricing; the average waiting time a car rose only modestly, while the “completion rate”—the share of requests rides that are met—never fell below 0%. On New Year’s Eve in , in contrast, Uber’s surge-pricing algorithm broke down 6 minutes, leaving New York without surge pricing. The average wait time a car soared from about two minutes to roughly eight, while the completion rate dropped below5% (see chart).优步最近的一项分析解释了峰时价格工作的机制优步的经济研究部主管约翰逊·霍尔、数据研究员科里·肯德里克还有芝加哥大学的克里斯·诺斯克比较了纽约两个高需求的案例以说明峰时价格的作用机制年3月,爱莉安娜·格兰德在曼哈顿中央举办了一场演唱会,在这场门票销售一空的演唱会之后,峰时价格机制开始起作用当演唱会接近尾声,仅几分钟内这个地区打开优步app的人数就是之前的四倍优步的计算程序很快地启动了峰时价格机制;每辆车的平均等待时长只增长了少许,然而完成率——打的份额的完成度从没降到0%以下相比之下,年新年除夕夜峰时价格机制崩溃了整整6分钟,致使纽约处于无峰时价格状态每辆车的平均等待时长从两分钟涨到了八分钟,而完成率降到了5%以下The comparison may overstate the power of surge pricing. Even without the help of algorithms, cab drivers know to converge on a venue as an event finishes; more Uber drivers than normal were surely in the area at the end of Ms Grande’s concert in expectation of the extra business. Yet the possibility of earning a surge fare may also strengthen drivers’ incentives to anticipate and respond pre-emptively to high demand. Ironically, the better Uber’s surge-pricing algorithm works, the less the company will need to use it, since drivers’ pre-emptive responses will tend to eliminate the demand imbalances that make surge pricing necessary in the first place.这个对比可能夸大了峰时价格机制的作用即使没有程序的帮助,司机们也知道如何在一场盛事结束后自行往利益靠拢;格兰德的演唱会结束时,冲着生意比以往多,这个地区的司机也比以往更多趁价格处于峰时来赚取更高利润的机会激发司机们对高需求做出预测并先下手为强讽刺的是,优步的峰时价格机制的作用越好,公司对其需求却越少,因为司机会先下手为强,这样就会消除供需不平衡,而峰时价格机制只有在供需不平衡时才会起作用There are tantalising hints that Uber hopes to follow this logic to its conclusion. Mr Schneider noted that clever machine-learning tools could process Uber’s piles of data and determine when and where demand is likely to outstrip the supply of cars. There would be no need to wait until demand starts to rise, nor drivers to scan concert schedules. The ability to anticipate demand would be of some use to Uber today: it could tell drivers where they are likely to be needed. But they would presumably not respond as rapidly as they do to the inducement of surge fares. Eventually, however, Uber hopes to replace its human drivers with autonomous vehicles, which could be directed around the city by the company’s computers without any pecuniary incentives. (The company still has an incentive to maximise earnings, though, so it might opt to keep surge pricing even if technology made it redundant, at the risk of further public rage.)但是总会有一些似有若无的暗示表明优步希望继续采用这样的机制施耐德就指出过精明的机器研究工具能够处理优步的数据堆并且能够预测出乘车需求大于供给的时间和地点无需等待需求上涨亦无需司机查看演唱会的日程对如今的优步来说预测需求的能力是极有用的,因为司机可以知道哪些地方需求比较大但是他们对于需求的反应可能没有对价格上涨的诱惑反应快然而优步的最终目标是用自动驾驶来取代人类司机,这样的话公司便可以通过计算程序来操控,这样就不用受到金钱诱因的影响了(然而公司还是有可以使利润最大化的激励机制,所以它还会保留峰时价格机制,即使这个机制会在技术的发展下变的多余,而且还会引起众怒)Whether Uber remains a big part of the transport network in future, and whether it retains surge pricing, depends in part on how well local governments manage the transport system as a whole. In districts or cities where travellers have appealing alternatives, in the m of good public transport or private competitors to Uber, users will be more sensitive to price. Surge pricing will theree not generate a big financial windfall Uber (or its drivers). But where public transport is thin on the ground, or where Uber has little private competition, it is a different story. In other words, surge pricing is really only as painful as local officials allow it to be.未来优步是否能保持网络交通巨头之一的地位,是否继续保留峰时价格机制,都部分取决于当地政府能否统筹交通系统在那些出行者可以有替代出行方式的街道和城市,比如运作良好的公共交通系统和像优步这样的私营竞争者,他们对价格也更加的敏感峰时价格并不会让优步(或者其司机)坐享其成但是在那种公共交通不发达地区或者优步的竞争者很少的地方,将会是另一番景象换句话说,峰时价格机制的可恨程度取决于当地政府研究:女性一生花费的穿衣时间达到6个月 -- :38: 来源: 最近一项研究表明,女性一生要花费6个月的时间来决定今天穿什么,大部分女性表示由于在这个问题上的纠结,她们变得不理性、易怒 Study found women spend 6 months of working life deciding what to wear. They spend minutes a day, or four days a year, going through wardrobe. Further 6 per cent of women admitted to irrational tantrums as a result.研究发现,女性要花6个月的时间来决定穿什么女性平均每天要花分钟来对自己的穿着做决定,一年就要耗费掉天的时间6%的女性进一步承认她们变得不理性、易怒It’s a familiar scene most women: staring at your wardrobe with mounting levels of panic about what to wear.大多数女性都会这样做:盯着自己的衣柜,却完全不知道自己要穿什么After rifling through – and rejecting – multiple items, it can seem like an age bee you finally decide on an outfit.选衣-否定-再选衣…如此循环往复,等你最终决定要穿什么的时候,时间好像已经过了一个世纪So it may not come as a surprise that a study has found women spend almost six months of their working life deciding what to wear.所以,当有研究指出女性会花费一生中6个月的时间来选择着装的话,就不会令人感到那么惊奇了It means they spend almost minutes a day, or four days a year, going through their wardrobe between 18 and 60.也就是说,下至18上至60的女性平均每天要花费分钟的时间来决定今天穿什么,一年就要在这件事情上耗费掉天的时间Worries over what to wear can also cause ‘wardrobe rage’, with 6 per cent of women admitting to irrational tantrums as a result. Even men are not immune, with a third experiencing it – and one in five admitting they have thrown clothes around the room.对于着装的焦虑也会导致一种“衣柜愤怒”,6%的女性承认她们为此变得不理性、易怒但是男人也不能在这个问题上免疫,有三分之一的男性经历过类似的事情,五分之一的男性承认他们把衣扔得家里到处都是The poll of ,000 men and women by Marks and Spencer found that per cent of adults say outfit drama has often ruined their mood the rest of the day.马克斯和斯宾塞对00名男女做了一个调查据调查结果显示,%的成人表示“今天穿什么”这件事经常会毁了他们那一整天的心情Time spent on clothes choice means one in ten of us regularly arrive late to work, and one in have missed an occasion altogether.在着装上耗费时间导致了十分之一的人经常迟到,二十分之一的人错过了机会And 1 per cent of women admitted clothing struggles have caused them to row with a partner.1%的女性承认,在“穿什么”问题上的纠结导致了她们和其另一半的争吵The study also found that although the average Briton’s wardrobe contains items, just per cent are worn regularly.这份研究还显示,尽管英国人衣柜里平均有件衣,但是经常穿的衣占比只有%儿童节来临,中国政府呼吁注意儿童安全 --01 :1:33 来源: 本周二,在国际儿童节来临的前一天,中国政府相关部门注意儿童安全问题 Chinese authorities warned of the dangers faced by children on Tuesday, one day ahead of the International Children’s Day.本周二,在国际儿童节来临的前一天,中国政府相关部门发出警示,呼吁注意儿童安全问题A total of 1,6 children under the age of 18 died in fire over the past five years, ing 18.6 percent all fire fatalities nationwide, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced.公安部公布,过去五年里,共有名未成年人因火灾丧生,占据全国火灾死亡人数的18.6%In the past five years, children playing with fire resulted in 7,000 fire accidents nationwide, killing 6 people, injuring 96 and causing direct losses of 0 million yuan (19.76 million U.S. dollars), according to the MPS.根据公安部统计,过去五年里,全国因玩火引发意外安全事故达到7000起,致使6人丧生,96人受伤,直接损失高达1.3亿元(1976万美元)The MPS has called enhanced fire safety education among minors and better supervision of young children.公安部部呼吁加强对青少年防火安全教育和监督A circular on traffic safety education elementary and middle school students has been jointly issued by the MPS, the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, the MPS said.公安部说道,一则针对中小学生的交通安全教育通知已经由公安部、教育部和中国共产党青年团中央委员会联合发布The document calls a series of activities that will teach students road safety.这则文件包含教育学生道路安全的一系列活动

还记得那条“蓝白裙子”吗?争议又来了 --30 ::58 来源: Is this little girl underwater or jumping in a pool? Bizarre photo has the internet baffledIt's the latest bizarre photograph which has left the Internet baffled.近期一张匪夷所思的照片流传网络,让网友困惑不已This holiday snap of a little girl has left thousands of people confused as to whether she is underwater, or jumping into a pool.这张小女孩的旅游快照让数千人备感困惑——她到底是一直在水中?还是刚刚跳进泳池?The picture was posted on photo-sharing website Imgur, where it has been viewed more than 1.million times, and prompted fierce debate over what it actually shows.这张图片被发到图片分享网站Imgur后,已经有超过0万的浏览量,其内容引发了网友激烈的争论The photo was uploaded last night by Imgur user Maskari, and is captioned: 'This girl looks like she's underwater and jumping into water at the same time.'昨晚,Imgur用户马斯克利(Maskari)上传了这张照片并附文字说明:这个女孩看上去既像在水中,同时又像在跳水At first glance, the bright blue background of the water and the splashes around the child's face makes it look like she is swimming underwater.乍一看,女孩周围天蓝色水的背景以及孩子脸上飞溅的水花,让她看上去是在水中游泳However, on closer inspection her hair - which is tied up in a cute ponytail - is dry, meaning just must have jumped into a swimming pool.但是,仔细看她可爱的马尾辫就会发现——她的头发是干的!这就意味着她肯定是刚跳进泳池不久But that hasn't stopped Internet users from commenting on the image's 'mind blowing' powers, and speculating over whether it was created using photo manipulation software.这张照片引发的争议让不少网民觉得是“意念”的力量,也有人怀疑这张照片是用修图软件合成的'The picture is taken upside down in water right?,' one web user wrote underneath the picture.有网友在图片底下道:“这张图片是在水中拍的吗”Another added: 'Stop confusing me.'另一人追评道:“别再让我疑惑了”While another commenter said: 'Kids are waterbending younger and younger these days'.也有人道:“现在的孩子越来越会玩水了”Other viewers described her as 'Shr?dinger's girl' - a reference to thought experiment Schr?dinger's cat, and said the photo had left their 'mind blown'.有人把这个女孩叫做“薛定谔的女孩”,是把她和思想实验“薛定谔的猫”联系起来,说这张照片让他们“观念爆炸”However, several commenters explained how the girl must be above the water surface and was merely jumping into a pool.然而,也有几个人在中极力论女孩是在水面之上,是刚刚跳入水中的'Her hair is dry,' one wrote. 'She is just jumping in a shallow pool and little droplets have flown around her looking like air bubbles.'一位网友写道:“她的头发是干的,她刚刚跳入浅水池,周围飞溅的小水珠看上去像气泡”The picture has echoes of viral phenomenon 'The Dress', a photograph which prompted online arguments as to whether a dress photographed by Scottish couple Cecilia Bleasdale and Paul Jinks was blue and black, or white and gold.这张图片是对热议文化现象“连衣裙”的回应此前的连衣裙图片是苏格兰夫妇塞西莉亚布里斯代(Cecilia Bleasdale)和金克斯保罗(Paul Jinks)拍摄的,网友对图中的连衣裙是蓝黑色还是白金色争议颇大Vocabularybaffled:困惑的droplet:小水珠教育部回应“毒跑道”事件,称绝不手软 --3 19:7: 来源: 近日频频被媒体曝光的学校塑胶跑道质量问题引起社会广泛关注教育部有关负责人日就相关问题回答了记者提问 China’s Ministry of Education on Wednesday said it had ordered local education authorities to remove all substandard running tracks at schools after children reportedly fell sick from exposure to artificial turf.中国教育部周三声明,在有关学生因人造草坪有毒而生病的消息报道之后,已经出台相关举措勒令各地教育部门清除所有有安全隐患的“毒跑道”In a statement released to the press, the ministry said it had invited environmental protection and quality inspection authorities to check all newly-built synthetic racetracks at schools nationwide during the upcoming summer school break, and immediately remove substandard ones.教育部在新闻发布会上的声明中表示,已经请来了环保以及质检部门,在暑假期间对全国范围内所有学校新建的跑道进行了检查,并马上清除不合格的跑道Construction of all synthetic racetracks is to be suspended until the bidding process and the contracts the construction had been reviewed by authorities to ensure their quality, it said.声明中说,所有在建的人造跑道工程全部暂停,直到招标过程以及施工合同都由相关部门过审并且能保质量安全后才可继续The development came after students in Beijing reportedly suffered from nosebleeds, dizzy spells and coughs, after running on the tracks.事件起因是北京有学生被报道在跑道上跑步之后出现了流鼻血,头晕以及咳嗽的症状Similar cases were reported in Jiangsu, Guangdong and other provinces, adding to concern over poor quality supervision of a product that affects the health of students.江苏,广东以及其他省也有类似的事件发生,引起了大众对于此类会影响学生健康的产品的质量监管不足的担忧China’s national TV, the CCTV, earlier reported that some of the substandard racetracks were made of industrial wastes such as scrap tires and wires and cables.中国中央电视台早前报道过一些劣质跑道是由工业废弃物制成的,比如废轮胎,废电线以及废电缆Beijing’s education authority has aly begun investigations and at least the running tracks of one school have been removed.北京教育部门马上开始着手调查此事,目前至少有一所学校的跑道已经被清除In its Wednesday statement, the Ministry of Education said it will soon confer with the Ministry of Environmental Protection to push ahead with checks and removal of substandard racetracks.在教育部周三进行的回应中还提到,该部将会尽快于环境保护部商议,进一步进行劣质跑道的检查和清除工作It will also coordinate with relevant authorities to up requirements installation of synthetic racetracks in schools, and strengthen supervision over racetrack manufacturers.该部也将会和相关部门合作,提升学校中人造跑道建设的要求,并加强对跑道制造的监管Education authorities and schools must give quality the top priority in the bidding process of racetrack construction projects, it said, adding that those responsible the substandard and even "toxic" running tracks will be "severely punished with no mercy."声明中强调,教育部门和学校方面在跑道建设工程的招标过程中都必须将质量放在第一位,并说那些劣质“毒跑道”的相关负责人都将会予以严肃查处,绝不手软母女“联名发表”论文引质疑 -- :3:01 来源: 一个18岁的高中生竟能在高三繁重的课业之余,依然“从事马克思主义研究”,并以第一作者身份发表长达页的教育部资助项目论文?请看相关报道: The dual authorship of an academic paper by an 18-year-old high school student and her monther has sparked a controversy. The papers show that the mother, a professor of Marxism at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan, is the secondary author. 一个年仅18岁的高中生与母亲“联合发表”的学术论文在网上引发热议身为中南财经政法大学马克思主义学院教授母亲仅是“第二作者”网民称母亲帮女儿以第一作者身份(the first author)发表论文,是为了让她获得两所当地高校的自主招生入围资格(to be qualified independent recruitment in two local universities)面对质疑,母亲辩解称,孩子出生于书香之家(was born and bred in a well-educated family),有能力写这个文章虽不能一口断定高中生就写不出这样的论文,但公众对此事提出质疑,并掀起对学术道德的讨论(raise controversies and doubts about academic ethics)也很正常要回应质疑高校应对该学生的学术能力进行客观考核(obliged to get the student's real research capability validated)如实造假,还应追究其母的学术不端(academic misconduct)行为(中国日报网英语点津 彭娜)

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