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恩平妇幼保健人民中医院不孕不育多少钱江门人民医院早泄治疗So you woke up with a hangover and the horrifying realization that you called or texted someone in your intoxicated state. Heres how to fix your drunk dialing or texting disaster.酩酊大醉之后醒过来,非常震惊地意识到,你在喝醉的情况下打电话或发短信给了别人。以下方法可以帮你应对醉酒后打电话或发短信的灾难。You Will Need你需要Email电子邮件Little white lie善意的小谎言Big lie弥天大谎Drunk-dialing app醉后防拨软件Steps步骤Step 1 Take stock1.审时度势Take stock of the situation. If you drunk dialed a distant ex looking for a little somethin somethin, just let it go. Calling back to apologize or explain wont improve the situation -- it will only make you look lamer. Consider deleting ancient history from your phone.评估一下形势。如果你醉酒后拨打了远在异地的前任的电话发牢骚,随它去吧。回电道歉或解释不会对形势有任何改善,只会让你看上去更加尴尬。可以考虑从手机上删除通话记录。Step 2 Heal the anger2.安抚愤怒情绪To repair an angry lash out, write the victim a brief, heartfelt email apologizing for your ugly, slurred words. If you have bad blood to settle, suggest a sober meet-up to hash it out calmly.如果你喝醉后破口大骂对方,向受害者写一封简短的发自内心的邮件,为自己的酒后失言道歉。如果非常不愉快,可以建议见面冷静地说清楚。Step 3 Control damage at work3.控制工作受损If your drunken digits involved a work colleague, youve got some explaining to do. Grab them the next day youre in the office and casually say youre sorry. Throw in a white lie for good measure -- an event like a bachelor or bachelorette party or a reunion with old college friends can often serve as a passable drunk dialing excuse.如果你醉后拨打的电话涉及工作中的同事,你必须进行解释。第二天在办公室的时候找到对方,正式道歉。说一个善意的谎言是个不错的办法——光棍聚会或者与旧同事重聚都可以作为酒后打电话说得过去的理由。Make sure your lie cant easily be discredited.确保你的谎言不会被轻易拆穿。Step 4 Lie big-time4.编个大谎话If you drunk dialed or sent a drunk text to a current love interest, its time for a real whopper. Tell them you were roofied, a friend stole your phone, aliens invaded your body -- the more extreme, the better. If you play your cards right(and your drunken message wasnt too obscene), they may laugh it off and give you another chance.如果你醉酒后打电话或发短信给正在追求的对象,这时候就需要一个弥天大谎。告诉他们你被催眠了,朋友偷拿了你的手机,外星人附体——越极端,效果越好。如果你的谎言恰到好处,他们或许会笑着再给你一次机会。Step 5 Get an app5.安装应用程序Protect yourself in the future with an app designed to deter drunk dials and drunk texts. There are ones that block you from using designated numbers for a set period of time; others that require a friend entering a password to override the block;and even breathalyzer apps that include drunk dialing and drunk texting lockdowns if youre over the limit. Of course, you could simply stay sober. But what fun would that be?安装一款应用程序,专门用来防止醉后拨打电话或发短信,以免将来再次出丑。有一些软件可以阻止你在特定的时间拨打特定的号码;还有一些软件要求朋友输入密码才能解除阻止;甚至还有一种体内酒量测定器程序,如果检测到你体内酒精含量超标,会制止你酒后打电话或发短信。当然,最简单的方法就是不要喝酒,保持清醒。但是这样还有什么趣味呢?95 percent of cellphone owners surveyed admit to having drunk dialed.95%的受调查手机机主承认曾经醉后拨打别人电话。视频听力由。201311/265002中山市人民男科医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 How to Build a Fictional World构筑自己的科幻世界,成为下一个J.K.罗琳!In J.R.R.s world, Gandalf is one of five wizards sent by the Valar to guide the inhabitants of Middle Earth in their struggles against the dark force of Sauron. Gandalfs body was mortal, subject to the physical rules of Middle Earth, but his spirit was immortal as seen when he died as Gandalf the Grey and resurrected as Gandalf the White.在J.R.R.托尔金(魔戒作者)的世界里,甘道夫是在与索伦的黑暗势力抗争中,维拉派来引领中土世界居民的五个巫师之一。甘道夫的躯体会死亡,受制于守中土世界的物理规则,但他的灵魂是不朽的,从他以灰袍甘道夫身分死去,然后以白袍甘道夫复活上可见一斑。According to the Wachowskis script, an awakened human only has to link up and hack the neon binary code of the Matrix to learn how to fly a helicopter in a matter of seconds. Or if you are the One, or one of the Ones, you dont even need a helicopter. You just need a cool pair of shades.根据华卓斯基(骇客任务导演)的剧本,觉醒的人类只需要连结并骇入母体中如霓虹灯闪烁的二进位编码,就能在几秒钟之内学会如何驾驶一架直升机。或是如果你是救世主,或是救世主之一,你甚至不需要直升机。你只需要一副很酷的墨镜。Cheshire cats can juggle their own heads. iPads are rudimentary. No Quidditch match ends until the Golden Snitch is caught. And the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is most certainly 42.柴郡猫(艾莉丝梦游仙境里的裂嘴猫)可以抛耍牠们自己的头。iPad是最基本的。没有一场魁地奇能在金探子被抓到之前结束。而对于生命、宇宙及万物的终极几乎确定是42。Just like real life, fictional worlds operate consistently within a spectrum of physical and societal rules. Thats what makes these intricate worlds believable, comprehensible, and worth exploring.就像现实生活,虚幻世界在一种物理范畴及社会规则下持续运作。那就是让这些複杂的世界可信、可理解、值得探索的事物。In real life, the Law of Gravity holds seven book sets of Harry Potter to millions of bookshelves around the world. We know this to be true, but we also know that ever since J.K. typed the words wizard, wand, and ;Wingardium Leviosa,; that Law of Gravity has ceased to exist on the trillions of pages resting between those bookends.在现实生活,万有引力定律在全世界数百万个书架上撑七套书的哈利波特小说。我们知道这是真的,但我们同样也知道自从J.K.罗琳打出了巫师、魔杖、以及“温咖癫啦唯啊萨(飞行咒)”时,万有引力定律已停止存在于置于书架间的无数书页中。Authors of science fiction and fantasy literally build worlds. They make rules, maps, lineages, languages, cultures, universes, alternate universes within universes, and from those worlds sprout story after story after story.科幻小说及幻想文学的作者确实建造出了世界。他们制定规则、绘出地图、列出家系、创造语言、文化、宇宙、在宇宙中的另一个宇宙,从那些世界中萌芽出一个又一个再一个的故事。When its done well, ers can understand fictional worlds and their rules just as well as the characters that live in them do, and sometimes, just as well or even better than the er understands the world outside of the book.当这功夫做得好,读者可以理解虚幻世界以及他们的规则,就跟生活在其中的角色一样清楚理解,而有时候,就跟读者理解书外世界一样清楚、或甚至更清楚。But how? How can human-made squiggles on a page reflect lights into our eyes that send signals to our brains; that we logically and emotionally decode as complex narratives that move us to fight, cry, sing, and think; that are strong enough not only to hold up a world that is completely invented by the author, but also to change the ers perspective on the real world that resumes only when the final squiggle is reached?但怎么做到的?人类在纸页上的潦草笔记怎么能将光线反射进入眼里,发送信号到我们的脑中;怎么让我们在逻辑上、情绪上都解读成使我们想要战斗、哭泣、歌唱、还有思考的复杂故事;怎么能强大到不只能撑一个完全由作者发明的世界、还能改变读者对于现实世界的观点,而那是读到最后一页潦草笔记才能回去的世界?Im not sure anyone knows the answer to that question, yet fantastical, fictional worlds are created everyday in our minds, on computers, even on napkins at the restaurant down the street. The truth is your imagination and a willingness to figuratively live in your own world are all you need to get started writing a novel.我不确定有任何人知道那问题的,但奇幻、虚幻的世界每天都在我们的脑中、在电脑上、甚至在街道上餐厅的餐巾纸上被创造出来。事实是,你的想像力、以及比喻性地住在你自我世界的意愿,就是你所有需要开始写小说的东西。I didnt dream up Hogwarts or the Star Wars Cantina, but I have written some science thrillers for kids and young adults. Here are some questions and methods Ive used to help build the worlds in which those books take place.我并没有想像出霍格华兹或是星际大战的酒吧,但我为孩子和年轻人写过一些科幻冒险小说。这里是一些问题和方法,那是我用来帮助建造那些书本内容发生的世界。I start with a basic place and time. Whether thats a fantasy world or a futuristic setting in the real world, its important to know where you are and whether youre working in the past, present, or future.我从一个基本的地点和时间开始。不论那是个奇幻的世界,或是真实世界的未来主义场景,很重要的是知道你在哪里,还有不管你是在过去、现在、或是在未来发展的。I like to create a timeline showing how the world came to be, what past events have shaped the way it is now. Then I brainstorm answers to questions that draw out the details of my fictional world:我喜欢绘出一条时间轴显示出世界怎么变成这样的,过去什么事件形塑了它现在的样子。然后我脑力激荡出那些勾勒出我的虚构世界中细节种种问题的:What rules are in place here? This covers everything from Laws of Gravity (or not) to the rules of society and the punishments for individuals who break them.在那地方有什么规则?这涵盖了一切,从万有引力定律(或没有重力),到社会规范以及对那些违反规范的个人之处罚。What kind of government does this world have?这个世界拥有怎样的政府?Who has power, and who doesnt?谁握有权力,谁没有?What do people believe in here?人们在这里相信什么?And what does this society value most?这社会最重视什么?Then its time to think about day-to-day life.然后是时候想想日常生活。Whats the weather like in this world?在这个世界天气是怎么样的?Where do the inhabitants live and work and go to school?居民在哪生活、工作、上学?What do they eat and how do they play?他们吃什么、他们怎么玩?How do they treat their young and their old?他们如何对待他们的年轻人和长辈?What relationships do they have with the animals and plants of the world? And what do those animals and plants look like?他们和那世界的动物以及植物之间有什么关系?那些动物和植物看起来像什么?What kind of technology exists?有什么样的科技存在?Transportation? Communication? Access to information? Theres so much to think about!交通运输?通讯传播?取得资讯的方式?有很多要思考!So, spend some time living in those tasks and the answers to those questions, and youre well on your way to building your own fictional world.所以,花些时间活在那些任务以及问题的里,你就会稳稳地走在建立你自己的虚幻世界的路上。Once you know your world as well as you hope your er will, set your characters free in it and see what happens. And ask yourself, ;How does this world you created shape the individuals who live in it? And what kind of conflict is likely to emerge?;一旦你了解你的世界,就像你希望你的读者们了解得一样清楚时,释放你的角色们,并看看会发生什么事。然后问你自己:「你创造出的世界如何形塑居住在其中的人们?有怎样的冲突可能会出现?」Answer those questions, and you have your story.回答那些问题,然后你就有你自己的故事。Good luck, future world-builder!祝你好运,未来的创世者!201501/353983江门那家治不孕不育医院好

江门市区医治前列缐炎医院HK police attempt to unblock streets香港警方完成清场工作 街道再次畅通Hong Kong police are now attempting to unblock streets that have been occupied by protesters for more than two weeks.香港警方正试图进行清场工作使被示威者占领长达2周的街道再次畅通。The move is aimed at clearing the way for traffic.这次行动是出于恢复交通考虑清楚道路障碍。Police began the attempt early this morning.警方已经于今早开始清场行动。Some roads in Mongkok, Central and Wanchai have now been reopened.旺角, 中环及湾仔的道路已经再次恢复通常。Police also cleared some barricades from the bustling shopping district of Causeway Bay.警方也清除了此前在铜锣湾购物区设置的一些路障。In the process, police called on the protesters to listen to them, and leave the roads open for traffic.警方在行动中号召抗议者们听从命令,离开街道使交通重新恢复。But the ;Occupy Central; protesters have refused to remove the barricades.但位于“占领中心”的抗议者们仍然坚守。They reinforced barricades late on Monday, erecting bamboo scaffolding, and mixing concrete to pour over the foundations of their road blocks.周一晚,他们对路障进行加固,竖起竹制脚手架,并将拌有混凝土的物质倾倒在路障基石上。201410/336024江门市中医院阳痿早泄价格 广东江门泌尿外科

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