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旅游英语口语:参观首饰厂 --9 19:5:53 来源: Key sentences(重点句子)1.This factory produces China′s traditional handcraft:cloisonne,or Beijing enamel,as it is called.这个厂主要生产我国传统工艺品:景泰蓝制品,也叫北京烧瓷.The technique must be very complicated.这工艺一定很复杂吧?3. Shall we go and have a look in the workshop?要不要到车间去看看?. Come with me to the display room,where thousands of varieties are on show.跟我到展销厅去看看目前展出的有几千种5.There′s jewelry there,and over there are various vases,utensils,and an assortment of otherthings.那边是首饰,那边是各种花瓶、器皿和其他各种各样的东西6. All these s are of the latest design and samples,besides which there are captions in Englishwith marked price.这些产品都是近几年的新设计新品种,每样旁边都有英文说明和标价7. It′s just like a treasure palace.这里简直像一个珍宝宫殿8. I wonder whether I will be able to part from here once I enter.我怀疑我进去了是否还能出得来9. I also want to buy several necklaces,several bracelet bangles,a casket jewel box,a pen my husband.我还要买几串项链、几个手镯、一个首饰盒,给我丈夫买笔. Do you think I should take this clock or the pair of bottles?你想我是买个座钟还是买这对瓶子?. I've also settled on this table napkin box,toothpick bottle and this set of tableware.我看中了这个餐巾纸盒、牙签瓶和这套餐具. I'll put them in the glass closet in our dining room.我要把它们放在餐厅玻璃柜里.Thank you your compliments.谢谢你们的夸奖DialogueLi:This factory produces China's traditional handcraft:cloisonne,or Beijing enamel,as it iscalled.Nina:Miss LI,how is cloisonne made?The technique must be very complicated.Li:I know a little bit. First they have to make a pattern de-sign,then bodymaking,wiring,enamel-filling and firing,and polishing and gilding. Shall we go and have a lookinthe workshop?Nina:No,I just wondered and asked.Nora:I've heard that those who have been in China buy some pieces as mementos.Nina:Let's also buy some. Miss Li,take us to have a look.Li:Mr. Wang,the manager is coming. Let's follow him.Wang:Welcome. Come with me to the display room,where thousands of varieties are on show. Here are watches and clocks,and writing materials. There's jewelry there,and over there arevarious vases,utensils,and an assortment of other things. All these s are of the latestdesign and samples,besides which there are captions in English with marked price. Except some reserved s,all may be sold on hand.Nora:Thank you. It's just like a treasure palace. I wonder whether I will be able to part from hereonce I enter.Wang:Take your time. I'll be back with you in half an hour. (In about 30 minutes)Nina:I think anyway I must buy a vase. I also want to buy several necklaces,several braceletbangles,a casket jewel box,a pen my husband,and Miss Li,do you happen to have acalculator with you?Nora:Nina,do you think I should take this clock or the pair of bottles?I've also settled on thistable napkin box,toothpick bottle and this set of tableware. I'll put them in the glass closet in ourdining room. (Mr. Wang returns. )Waug:What have you harvested?Nora:Chinese civilization…Nina:And oriental arts.Wang:Thank you your compliments. And thank you,Miss LI, bringing them to ourfactory.Li:You're welcome. Bye now!Words and Expressionsutensil n. 器皿assortment n. 各种各类的聚合bracelet n. 手镯bangle n. 手镯civilization n.文明oriental a. 东方的 旅游 英语口语 参观。

  • 一只导盲(Seeing Eye Dog) -- :: 来源: 一只导盲(Seeing Eye Dog)   a blind man is walking down the street with his seeing-eye dog one day. they come to a busy intersection, and the dog, ignoring the high volume of traffic zooming by on the street, leads the blind man right out into the thick of traffic. this is followed by the screech of tires and horns blaring as panicked drivers try desperately not to run the pair down.  the blind man and the dog finally reach the safety of the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and the blind man pulls a cookie out of his coat pocket, which he offers to the dog.a passerby, having observed the near fatal incident, can't control his amazement and says to the blind man, "why on earth are you rewarding your dog with a cookie? he nearly got you killed!"the blind man turns partially in his direction and replies,  "to find out where his head is, so i can kick his ass."。
  • 游泳Swimming -- :: 来源: In summer, the weather is very hot. Swimming is popular. I like swimming, too. I think swimming is a very interesting sport. It helps us build a healthy body. And it makes us cool in the hot summer days. Besides, we can call several friends to swim together. Also, we can play and have fun in the swimming pool. Anyway, swimming is a joyful activity in the hot summer.夏天天气很热,游泳很受欢迎我也喜欢游泳我认为游泳是一项有趣的运动它帮助我们建立一个健康的身体,使我们在炎热的夏天感到凉快除此之外,我们可以叫上很多朋友一起游我们还可以在游泳池里玩耍不管怎么说,游泳在夏天是一项快乐的活动。
  • 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙 --1 :: 来源: 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙你见过跳着街舞的黑人孙悟空吗?你见过穿着普拉达、古琦、阿玛尼的玉皇大帝吗?你见过龙王和他的妻子为是否给孙悟空金箍棒争打不休吗?你见过身着现代装、脚穿高跟鞋为孙悟空争锋吃醋的龙女吗?这就是现代版的音乐剧《大梦神猴The modernized version of the famous Monkey King musical makes jaws drop with its contemporary twists. The people behind the scenes share with Chen Jie their inspirations and their optimistic views about Chinese musicals.Every Chinese grows up with the story of the Monkey King, but I'll bet not many have ever seen it like this: the main character is an African-American who dances hip-hop; the Emperor of Heaven wears Prada, Gucci and Armani; the Dragon King and his wife fight with each other about whether to give weapons to the monkey or not; their three daughters, all in modern dresses and high-heel shoes, compete the heart of the monkey.Everything in the new version of the Monkey King musical, co-produced by Beijing Permance Arts Group and Beijing Genhua International Culture and Media, makes jaws drop.Broadway actor Apollo Levine, who plays the monkey, sings in English while he duets with the Emperor of Heaven actor who sings in Chinese. The monkey converses in English with his followers, who all speak in Chinese.Audiences may feel a bit disconnected in the first few minutes, but are soon so drawn by the actors' emotions and the dramatic story, that they will not find anything strange in the musical.The story is no longer a hundred-year-old folklore about the gods, the spirits and Buddha, but an aspiring contemporary drama about a young man who keeps leaving home in search adventures, after he gains power, he takes the responsibility to protect his family and finally realizes the value of home."I had no idea about the Monkey King bee I came here. The cast and director are wonderful and they help me learn everything about the story. I watched movies and television versions," Levine says."I always try to find something in me similar to the character and get to the table. Ironically, I find myself in the monkey. Like him, I travel and explore everywhere. I don't want to stay at home. The play helps me to find my responsibility in my family." 3 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴。
  • 我喜欢听音乐 I Like Listening to Music -- :: 来源: I like listening to the music,because it makes me relaxed. Last summer holiday, my father bought me a MP3 as the birthday gift.I usually put it in my schoolbag. On the way to school or go home, I usually listen to music. Pop music is my favorite. Jay and Stephy are my favorite singers. I like their songs. The rhyme and lyrics are wonderful.我喜欢听音乐,因为它能够使我放松去年暑假,我爸爸给我买了一部MP3作为生日礼物我经常把它放在书包里在上学或者回家的路上,我经常听音乐流行音乐是我的最爱周杰伦和邓丽欣是我最喜欢的歌手我喜欢他们的歌,它们的旋律和歌词都很美。
  • 我有九条小金鱼(I have nine little goldfish) --5 ::01 来源: 我有九条小金鱼(I have nine little goldfish)  i have nine little goldfish .eight goldfish are all orange and one is black .i like the black one best.  we call it xiao hei .its body is black .it has two big and round eyes, a small mouth ,and a big tail. though it's very small ,it swims fast . i often feed them and change water them. we are good friends .  我有九条小金鱼八条金鱼都是桔黄色的,只有一条是黑的我最喜欢那条黑的  我们叫它小黑它全身都是黑色的它有两只又大又圆的眼睛,一张小嘴和一条大尾巴尽管它非常小,但它却游得很快我常常去喂它们,给它们换水我们是好朋友。
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