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to go with the flow 随波逐流英文释义 Informal expression meaning to adapt to and accept current circumstances without opposing them; to adjust to adversity or obstacles with a relaxed, open perspective.例句 While I would have preferred to have our annual party at my favorite old restaurant, other people wanted a new place. I decided to go with the flow.我想在我最喜欢的餐厅开年度聚会,但其他人想找个新地方,我决定随大流。 /201209/197608音频切割的工具出了问题,暂无音频.Man: It's amazing to me how international business has become. Take my store for example. On any given day, you will find imported items from more than 20 different countries on our shelves.Woman: How many different varieties of products do you import from China?Man: China provides the balk of our product inventory, for sure. We import more than from 40 different items from China. Most of the imports that come out of China are low-grade plastics or toys. Japan produces many electronic exports, Germany produces excellent mechanical exports.Woman: Do you import any food items?Man: Generally speaking, food items are difficult to import. Food with the short shelf life is liable to spoil in the time it takes to ship from one place to another. The only food items we import are specialty canned or preserved foods. The shelf life is longer for these products. /201001/95620

President Donald Trump claimed he was the victim of a witch hunt by “bad and conflicted peopleafter it emerged that special prosecutor Robert Mueller was investigating him for possible obstruction of justice in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Russia probe.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)声称,他成了“有心理冲突的坏家伙们”主导的一场迫害的受害者。此前有报道称,特别检察官罗伯米勒(Robert Mueller,见上图)正在调查他是否在联邦调查局(FBI)的通俄调查中妨碍了司法。The White House has not denied reports that Mr Mueller has expanded his investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow to determine if Mr Trump tried to influence the probe in a way that obstructed justice.有报道称,米勒已把调查扩展到特朗普竞选团队与俄罗斯之间可能存在的勾结,以确定特朗普是否以妨碍司法的方式试图影响调查。白宫没有否认这些报道的内容。White House officials have urged Mr Trump not to tweet about the Russia probe because of possible legal complications, but he lashed out at Mr Mueller on Thursday.白宫官员敦促特朗普不要就通俄调查一事在推特上发言,因为这可能带来法律上的复杂性,但特朗普在周四猛烈抨击了米勒。“You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history led by some very bad and conflicted people!Mr Trump tweeted. “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice.”“你们正在见美国政治史上最严重的迫害事件——由一些有心理冲突的坏家伙们主导,”特朗普在推特上发言称,“他们在通俄调查中编造了虚假的勾结,没有发现一丝一毫的据,所以现在他们端出了妨碍虚假调查司法的说法。很奀?”John Thune, a senior Republican senator, dismissed the claim that it was a witch hunt, saying Mr Mueller was a “man of integrity He also added that he wished Mr Trump would stop tweeting a sentiment that is shared by many Republicans.资深共和党参议员约翰?图恩(John Thune)对于这是迫害的说法不屑一顾,他表示,米勒是一个“正直的人”。他还补充道,他希望特朗普不要继续在推特上发言——很多共和党人对此都有同感。来 /201706/514628

A Long March-5 carrier rocket has arrived in Wenchang, Hainan, for the launch of the Shijian-18 communication satellite thats scheduled for June, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said last Saturday.中国航天科技集团公司上周六表示,一枚长征五号运载火箭已运抵海南文昌,为计划月进行的实践十八号通信卫星发射任务做准备。It will be the second mission of the Long March-5 which made its maiden flight from Wenchang in November.这将是长征五号继去年十一月的文昌首飞后的第二项任务。During the mission, the rocket will further test its core technology, accumulate data and provide support ahead of the launch of the Change-5 lunar probe in the second part of this year.执行此次任务过程中,长征五号将进一步测试其关键技术,积累数据,为今年下半年执行嫦娥五号月球探测器发射任务提供持。Fuelled by liquid hydrogen, kerosene and liquid oxygen, the Long March-5 can carry a payload of 25 tons into low Earth orbit and 14 tons in geostationary transfer orbit, over 2.5 times the capacity of other models of Long March carrier rockets.长征五号以液氢、煤油、液氧为燃料,近地轨道运载能力达5吨级,地球同步转移轨道运载能力达4吨级,是其他型号长征系列运载火箭的运载能力的2.5倍以上。来 /201705/508876

supine -------- 仰卧的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Lying on the back with the legs extended and the face pointing upward.例句 Lying supine on a bench, my older brother was exhausted by his strenuous basketball game with his son.在陪他儿子打完激烈的篮球比赛之后,我哥哥躺在长凳上,筋疲力尽。 /201505/376315

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