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晋江人民医院人流套餐泉州市人流最好的医院Science and Technolgy.科技。Pilotless aircraft.无人机。Giving drones a thumbs up.向无人机打手势。How to integrate the control of piloted and pilotless aircraft.如何让指挥有人机的方法适用于无人机。DECK officers on American aircraft carriers use hand gestures to guide planes around their vessels. These signals are fast, efficient and perfect for a noisy environment. Unfortunately, they work only with people. They are utterly lost on robotic drones-and even if a drone is under the control of a remote pilot deep in the bowels of the ship, that pilot often has difficulty ing them. Since drones are becoming more and more important in modern warfare, this is a nuisance. Life would be easier for all if drones were smart enough to respond directly to a deck officer’s gesticulations.在美国的航空母舰上,甲板指挥员会用手势指挥母舰附近的飞机。这种信号快速、高效,而且十分适用于嘈杂的环境。但遗憾的是,只有人才能读懂这些手势。在无人机上,这一套完全失效;而即便有飞行员在船舱深处远程操控这架飞机,他往往也很难识别那些手势。这是个麻烦,因为无人机在现代战争里变得越来越重要了。若无人机的智能达到了足以直接响应甲板指挥员手势的程度,那一切都会好很多。Making them that smart is the goal of Yale Song, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is not there yet but, as he reports in ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems, he and his colleagues David Demirdjian and Randall Davis have developed a promising prototype.让无人机具备这样的智能是麻省理工学院计算机科学家Yale Song的目标。这个目标虽尚未达成,不过正如他在《美国计算机学会交互式智能系统学报》所报告的,他和他的同事David Demirdjian和Randall Davis已开发了一个很有前景的原型系统。To try teaching drones the language of hand signals Mr Song and his colleagues made a series of s in which various deck officers performed to camera a set of 24 commonly used gestures. They then fed these s into an algorithm of their own devising that was designed to analyse the position and movement of a human body, and told the algorithm what each gesture represented. The idea was that the algorithm would learn the association and, having seen the same gesture performed by different people, would be able to generalise what was going on and thus recognise gestures performed by strangers.为了让无人机读懂手语,Yale Song和他的同事制作了一系列视频,视频记录了多位甲板指挥员对着摄象机摆出的24个常用手势。然后他们用一个自己设计的算法(用于分析人体的位置和动作)来处理这些视频,并让算法知道每个手势的意义。他们的设想是,该算法会记住每个手势所对应的意义,而在对不同人摆出的相同手势进行处理后能够概括出手势本身的意义,从而识别任何人摆出的手势。Unfortunately, it did not quite work out like that. In much the same way that spoken language is actually a continuous stream of sound (perceived gaps between words are, in most cases, an audio illusion), so the language of gestures to pilots is also continuous, with one flowing seamlessly into the next. And the algorithm could not cope with that.很遗憾,实际与预想的不太一样。其实指挥飞行员所用的手语和人说的话差不多。后者实际上是一串连续的声音(人耳能察觉到的词与词之间的停顿在多数情况下只是听觉上的错觉),而手语同样也是连续的,因为两个动作之间是连贯的。但该算法无法处理这种连续的信息。To overcome this difficulty Mr Song imposed gaps by chopping the s up into three-second blocks. That allowed the computer time for reflection. Its accuracy was also increased by interpreting each block in light of those immediately before and after it, to see if the result was a coherent message of the sort a deck officer might actually wish to impart.为了解决这个问题,Yale Song以3秒为一段将视频截开,在各段之间插入时间间隔。这样就给计算机留出了响应时间。同时识别的准确率也有所提高。因为这样计算机就能根据前一段及后一段的视频来理解当前这一段,看看结果是不是那种甲板指挥员可能真的想摆出的有特定意义的手势。The result is a system that gets it right three-quarters of the time. Obviously that is not enough: you would not entrust the fate of a multi-million-dollar drone to such a system. But it is a good start. If Mr Song can push the accuracy up to that displayed by a human pilot, then the task of controlling activity on deck should become a lot easier.他们最终做出了一个正确率为75%的系统。显然,那样是不够的:你不会将一架价值数百万美元的无人机交给这样的系统。但这是个好的开始。若Yale Song能将无人机识别手势的正确率提高至与真人飞行员相当,那么在甲板指挥无人机会容易得多。 /201209/202059特色科室_泉州新阳光妇科医院_有问必答网 Business.商业。Business-process outsourcing业务流程外包At the front of the back office走在后台务的前沿How the Philippines beat India in call centres菲律宾的呼叫中心是怎样打败印度的ITS midnight in Manila, and the capital is just waking up to the start of another working day. At the Worldwide Corporate Centre office block, thousands of young Filipinos are crowding into endless open-plan offices. Once seated, they quickly start answering the questions and calming the frustrations of vexed American consumers beginning their own day on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.在马尼拉(菲律宾首都)的午夜12点,这座首都城市正慢慢步入第二天工作日。此时世界管理中心的办公大楼里,数千名菲律宾年轻人涌入无数的开放式办公室。一坐下,他们就迅速开始工作,对太平洋彼岸正开始新的一天的愤怒的美国消费者提出的咨询做出回答,并安抚他们的情绪。These Filipinos are call-centre workers. To outsiders it is hardly a glamorous profession, yet despite the antisocial hours these men and women have every reason to be as well-motivated and cheerful as they seem. They are well paid and know that they work at the heart of their countrys most dynamic industry.这些菲律宾人都是呼叫中心的员工。在外人看来,这不算是一个光鲜的职业,然而,尽管他们工作时间错乱,这些男男女女也有充分的理由可以像他们看上去的那么积极乐观。因为他们有很好的收入,并且知道他们在自己国家最有活力的行业中心工作。The rise of what is known as business-process outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines has been nothing short of phenomenal. The very first calls were taken in 1997; today the sector employs 638,000 people and enjoys revenues of billion, about 5% of the countrys GDP. Last year the Philippines even overtook India, long the biggest call-centre operator in the world, in ;voice-related services;. The country now employs about 400,000 people at call centres, India only 350,000.在菲律宾,业务流程外包的这一行业的崛起已经成为一种现象了。首次出现是在1997年;现在这个行业员工达到638,000人,营业总额达到110亿美元,约占全国GDP的5%。去年,菲律宾人在话务务上,超越了长期以来全球最大的印度呼叫运营机构。现在,菲律宾呼叫中心有400,000名雇员,而印度只有350,000名。The South-East Asian upstart (population 101m) is unlikely ever to surpass the South Asian behemoth (1.2 billion) across the entire range of outsourcing offerings, which also include all kinds of information-technology services. Yet given the extraordinary growth so far it is hard to gainsay the Philippines own projection that its BPO industry could add another 700,000 or so jobs by 2016 and generate revenues of billion. At that point, the industry would make up nearly a tenth of GDP and be bigger in value than the remittances from the 10m Filipinos working overseas.虽然,东南亚菲律宾的新贵(人数达到101,000,000)可能永远不能通过提供包括各种信息技术务在内的全方位外包务超过南亚的印度巨头(12亿)。然而,鉴于到目前为止的非凡增长,很难否认菲律宾对业务流程外包行业的规划,预计在2016年再增加700,000个工作岗位,收入达到250亿美元。到那时,整个行业的营业额将占全国GDP的十分之一,产值将超过来自1千万菲律宾海外工作者的汇款。As in the call-centre business so far, some of these new jobs will come at the expense of India. Yet Indias relationship with the Philippines in back-office work is more complex than the numbers suggest.到目前为止,呼叫中心的一些新的就业机会是和印度竞争得来的。而印度和菲律宾在后台业务工作上的关系也不仅仅只是数量上的对比这么简单。The main reason for the success of the Philippine call centres is that workers speak English with a neutral accent and are familiar with American idioms—which is exactly what their American customers want. Of these, many have taken to complaining bitterly about Indian accents (which no amount of ;voice neutralisation; coaching seems to have overcome). As a result, the Indian firms themselves have been helping to move jobs to the Philippines by setting up call centres in Manila and other parts of the country. Infosys and Wipro, as well as scores of other Indian firms, now have substantial operations there. And they arent drawn to Manila by cheap labour. Wages in the Philippines are slightly higher than in India since the Filipino accent commands a premium.菲律宾呼叫中心成功的主要原因是它的工作人员能说不带地方口音的英文还能使用类似的美国习语——这恰恰是美国客户需要的。对于这些问题,很多人曾痛苦的抱怨印度口音(无论开展多少次;去除口音;训练,都没法克印度口音)。结果,印度公司因为他们自己的不足使得他们把工作机会给了菲律宾马尼拉以及其他地区设立的呼叫中心。现在印孚瑟斯(Infosys)和威普罗(Wipro),以及其他同等级的印度公司,也有大量的业务在那。而且他们并不是被马尼拉的廉价劳动力吸引过去的。在菲律宾,因为员工的口音要求,需要付额外的费用,他们的工资比印度人还要高一些。It also helps that the country has a big pool of well-educated workers. The million or so Filipinos who graduate every year have few other options to choose from, besides emigrating. And working in a call centre is considered a middle-class job (new recruits start at 0 a month).它还为一大批受过良好教育的菲律宾工作者提供了就业机会。每年有大约一百万的菲律宾毕业生除了移民没有什么可以选择的工作。而且在呼叫中心提供的是相当于中等阶层的工作(新员工一开始每月有470美元的收入)。The big question is whether the Philippine BPO industry, having conquered the call-centre market, can now move up the value chain. To keep growing rapidly-and profitably-it needs to capture some of the more sophisticated back-office jobs, such as those processing insurance claims and conducting due diligence. In these businesses, called knowledge-process outsourcing and legal-process outsourcing, India still rules supreme.菲律宾业务流程外包行业已经征了呼叫中心市场,现在的大问题是它是否能提升企业价值链。要保持快速并且有利的增长,它需要抓住一些更复杂的后台业务,例如一些保险索赔和尽职调查。这些业务被称为知识流程外包和法律流程外包,在这方面印度仍处于领先地位。Integreon offers a glimpse of what the future may hold. The firm occupies just a few discreet, very secure offices. It employs 300 people in Manila, 40 of them lawyers who help multinational law firms with litigation. Familiarity with America helps. ;It makes it very easy for us to do legal research for American firms,; says Benjamin Romualdez, the firms country manager.让我们看看Integreon公司将会发生些什么。这个公司仅仅只占用了几个不起眼的安全的办公室。他在马尼拉有300名雇员,其中40人是律师,帮助跨国的律师事务所进行诉讼。精通美国诉讼。;它让我们能够轻松的对美国的公司进行法律研究,;该公司的区域经理Benjamin Romualdez说。This sort of operation is new in Manila, but Mr Romualdez expects that he can find the skilled workers to double his workforce over five years. Western banks have also discovered the Philippines. JPMorgan Chase now has over 25,000 workers on its own payroll in the country, many of whom do much more than answering phones. The Philippines is set to compete with India across the BPO board.这类机构在马尼拉还是新事物,但是Romualdez先生希望他能找到技术熟练的员工在未来的五年加倍努力。西方也发现了菲律宾。现在,根大通已经有25,000名这个国家的雇员,他们中的许多人不仅仅只是负责接电话的工作。菲律宾将在BPO峰会上与印度竞争。 /201209/199362泉州体检医院哪家便宜

泉州新阳光医院Its wednesday, Feb. 2nd. Im Mark Licea. Its time to get loaded.今天是2月2日,周三,我是Mark Licea。是时候了解最新鲜的资讯了。News Corps iPad exclusive newspaper is being shown today. Its called The Daily. And at the time of this filming we dont know much. It does have a website, although the focus of this newspaper is to be optimized for the iPad. The Daily will have 6 sections with original content every day. We hear that ers can subscribe for 99 cents a week. We will fill you in on the rest tomorrow.新闻集团的iPad电子报纸The Daily今天面世。新闻集团并未透露有关这一项目的太多信息。虽然The Daily有自己的网站,但这份报纸的重点在于iPad版本电子报纸,而这对于iPad产品来说是好事。The Daily有六个板块,每天向读者提供丰富的原创内容。读者每周花99美分订阅杂志。明天我们还将会向您报到详细的信息。It seems like internet access is back up in Egypt. Five days ago the country disconnected itself from the web, but Egyptian websites that were unreachable before now seemed to be up in running. Two of the countrys largest telecommunication carriers are now accessible online, and the website of the Egyptian parliament is working, although the sites last update was on January 24th. Bloggers from the Egyptian Twitter Oddy also confirmed that the web, along with Blackberries and mobile services are back on.埃及恢复了网络供应。五天前,这个国家的所有用户都失去了网络连接,但在断网之前埃及网络运营一切正常。虽然1月24日网站进行了大规模更新,但埃及两家最大通讯运营商和埃及议会的网络可用。虽然埃及大规模“失联”,但Twitter用户仍能发微,黑莓和手机通讯已经恢复。Google Maps 5.1 for Android will now let you to check into a location using latitude. Latitude is a Google service that shares your location with friends. Now Android users have the option to get reminders to check into a place once latitude finds where you are. You can also set it to check into specific places automatically, and Latitude will also check you out automatically once you leave. You can, of course, customize privacy settings to control who sees your info.谷歌地图5.1安卓版可以显示用户所处维度。谷歌纬度是谷歌提供的一项可以和朋友分享所处方位的应用。现在安卓的用户可以通过这款应用检查自己到过的地方。你也可以设置自动显示所在地点,谷歌纬度还能自动记录你居住过的地方。当然,你能够设置哪些人可以看到你的这些信息以保护隐私。Comcast and Time Warner announced the deal that lets you to stream live cable TV content onto your mobile devices. Smart phones, PCs and the iPads will support the service, and networks like CNN ,HLN, Turner Classic Movies and the Cartoon Network will be included. The deal is an add-on to the paid TV Everywhere service that lets Cable subscribers watch on the main content. Live TV Streaming will just be a new feature. Comcasts streaming service, X-finity TV also updated their iPad apps that let you watch movies and TV shows on the tablet. HBO Stars, ShowTime and CinemaX are on board.康卡斯特和时代华纳公司宣布将合作在移动产品上推出在线电视务。智能手机,电脑,iPad将持该务,该务将囊括CNN ,HLN,Turner经典电影和Cartoon Network。该务基于现在普遍的付费电视务,用户只要付费就可以享受对应的电视务。移动电视是未来的发展趋势。康卡斯特的移动务X-finity电视还升级了iPad版本的应用,这样你就可以再平板电脑上看电影电视。现在已经有HBO Stars,ShowTime,CinemaX三个有线电视网络。Google Street View is taking you to the museum. The service is called Art Project, and lets you view from several museums across the world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The National Gallery in London are just a few, and there are 17 museums total. You can walk through the halls or choose to learn more about a particular art piece that strikes your interest. Right now over 1,000 images of artwork are available, and Google plans to add more museums and artworks to the project.谷歌街景带你走进物馆。这是一项名叫Art Project的务,它能让你通过网络参观世界各地的物馆。纽约的大都会艺术物馆,伦敦的国家美术馆只是其中一小部分,这项务总共有17家物馆。你能够穿过走廊,了解你感兴趣的艺术品的信息。现在,这项应用中有超过1千件艺术品的图片,谷歌计划向改务中加入更多的物馆和艺术作品信息。And Flickr made a big booboo. According to a photo blog in Zurich, the site which is owned by Yahoo, accidentally deleted his paid account by mistake, removing his 4,000 photos. And now the site says they can get them back. Luckily he says the original files are saved, but all links pointing to Flickr blog are now dead. The company responded saying that they would restore his account, and add 4-year a free pro to make up for their error. I think Yahoo can probably do better than that.网络相簿Flickr出现大纰漏。苏黎世一家网络相册有消息称。雅虎旗下的网络相册误删付费用户的4千张照片。现在网站方面表示能够恢复图片。幸运的是原先的文件都保存过,但用户链接都丢失了。雅虎回应将恢复这些丢失用户,并免除这些用户未来4年的费用。也许雅虎也许能做得更好。Thats your news for the day. Im Mark Licea, Cnet.com, and youve just been loaded.这些就是今天的新闻。我是Cnet.com的Mark Licea, 感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/203759泉州市做人流哪家好 Science and Technology科技Looking for the Higgs捕获希格斯粒子Enemy in sight?敌军现身?The search for the Higgs boson is closing in on its quarry希格斯玻色子的研究逼近其目标ON JULY 22nd two teams of researchers based at CERN, Europes main particle-physics laboratory, near Geneva, told a meeting of the European Physical Society in Grenoble that they had found the strongest hints yet that the Higgs boson does, in fact, exist.7月22日,驻欧洲粒子物理研究所(CERN,邻近日内瓦的欧洲主要粒子物理实验室)的两组研究人员在格勒诺布尔(Grenoble)欧洲物理协会的一次会议上声称,他们已经得到迄今为止最有力的线索,将力希格斯玻色子的确真实存在。The Higgs (named after Peter Higgs, a British physicist who predicted its existence) is the last unobserved part of the Standard Model, a 40-year-old theory which successfully describes the behaviour of all the fundamental particles and forces of nature bar gravity.希格斯粒子(它以预言其存在的英国物理学家彼得·希格斯的名字命名) 是;基础模型;中最后一个尚未观测到的组件,;基础模型;已有40年的历史,它成功地描述了所有基础粒子的行为及除重力以外的所有自然力。Mathematically, the Higgs is needed to complete the model because, otherwise, none of the other particles would have any mass.在数学层面上,希格斯粒子对于完成;模型;是必不可少的,这是因为,一旦缺少它,所有的其它粒子都将会失去质量。The problem with the elusive boson is not creating it in the first place.对于难于捉摸的玻色子而言,首要的问题并不是将其创造出来。Two of the worlds particle accelerators, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and its American rival, the Tevatron at Fermilab on the outskirts of Chicago, each have more than enough oomph to conjure up the Higgs—at least if it looks anything like theory suggests it should.世界上现有两台粒子加速器,欧洲粒子物理研究所的大型强子对撞机(LHC),以及其美国竞争对手芝加哥市郊费米实验室的兆电子伏加速器(Tevatron),各自都有绰绰有余的充沛魔力去召唤希格斯粒子——如果一切符合理论,至少看来应该是这样。The difficulty, rather, is spotting signs of it in the jetsam of subatomic debris these machines produce.然而,困难在于如何在这些机器制造的亚原子碎片衍生物中辩认出它的踪迹来。Both laboratories use similar approaches: smashing particles called hadrons into each other.两个实验室都采用类似的方法:将称作强子的高能粒子彼此对撞。The LHC collides beams of protons.大型强子对撞机对轰质子束。The Tevatron works with protons and antiprotons.而兆电子伏加速器使用的是质子和反质子。In each case the particles concerned are accelerated to within a whisker of the speed of light before they are forced, head-on, into each other.在它们被强制彼此迎头撞击之前,各自所采用的那些粒子都要被加速至距离光速仅有一线之隔。During such a collision, their kinetic energy is converted into other particles (since, as Einstein showed, energy and mass are but two sides of the same coin).在这样的撞击过程中,它们的动能转换成额外的粒子(正如爱因斯坦所指出的那样,这是由于能量和质量只是同一个硬币的两面而已)。The more kinetic energy there is, the heavier these daughter particles can be.动能越大,越能产生更大质量的粒子。Unfortunately hadrons, such as protons and antiprotons, are made of smaller bits called quarks.不幸的是,强子,比如质子和反质子,是由名为夸克的更小单元所组成的。As a result, hadron collisions can be messy and difficult to interpret.结果,强子的撞击可能造成混乱且难于预测的局面。If a Higgs were to be made in such a collision, the complexity of hadrons means that other particles would be created along with the boson.如果一个希格斯粒子产生在这样的一次碰撞中,那么强子的复杂构造意味着另外的粒子也将会伴随这个玻色子而出现。Both it and its companions would then decay almost instantly into a plethora of less fleeting bits, some of which could be detected.玻色子与它的伙伴们将会几乎在瞬间衰变为大批寿命更短的微粒子,其中有一些能被检测出来。In theory, analysing this shower of daughter particles should give away whether or not a Higgs was involved.理论上,分析这批衰变所产生的粒子应该能轻松查明是否其中曾存在希格斯粒子。But other sorts of subatomic process that do not involve the Higgs can produce precisely the same final ings as those the missing boson is predicted to generate.然而其他类型的不含希格斯粒子的亚原子衰变过程也能够精确地产生相同的最终观测结果,就跟缺失的希格斯粒子预定产生的一般。Finding a Higgs-like signal among the daughters is therefore not, by itself, enough to say you have discovered the Higgs.因而在这些衍生粒子中发现类似希格斯粒子的迹象本身并不足以明你已经发现希格斯粒子。What is needed is an unexpected abundance of such signals.这样的迹象出乎意料地频繁出现是一个必要条件。And it is just such excess that two separate experiments at the LHC, known as CMS and ATLAS, have detected.而在大型强子对撞机上的这两个独立实验(称为CMS和ATLAS)就已经检测到这样的反常频密现象。Individually, each teams result could be a statistical fluke.客观地说,每个研究团队所得出的结论可能只是统计意义上的偶然现象。Neither reaches the exacting standard of proof that particle physicists require to accept a result unequivocally—namely one chance in 3.5m that it occurred by accident.两者都达到粒子物理学家所提出能确定无疑地接受为据的严苛标准——即三百五十万次实验中偶尔发生一次。Instead, they each achieved a significance of somewhere between one chance in 1,000 and one in six, depending on which statistical test you use.不止如此,它们各自都获得了显著的观测数据,从一千次发生一次到六次发生一次的范围之内,这取决于你所采用的统计学测试标准。What set the scientists gathered in Grenoble aflutter, though, was that both experiments ascribed the excesses they observed to the same putative decay pattern—one involving W bosons, which mediate the weak nuclear force that is responsible for certain types of radioactive decay.令到聚集在格勒诺布尔的科学家们兴奋不已的是,这两个实验中所观察到的反常频密现象都要归因于相同的公认衰变模式——一种涉及W玻色子的衰变,该玻色力是传递弱核力的媒介,而弱核力是某些特定种类放射性衰变的主因。Both teams also ascribe the same mass to their putative Higgses, namely 130-150 gigaelectron-volts (the units in which particle physicists measure mass).两个团队也认为他们所推定的希格斯粒子具有相同的质量,即130—150吉电子伏特(这是粒子物理学测量质量所采用的一种单位)。That is at the low end of the predicted range.这处在预测范围中的底部。Sadly, even taken together these results are far from robust enough to claim the Higgss discovery.遗憾地是,即使是将这些结果一并考虑,也远不足于斩钉截铁地断言发现希格斯粒子。With a little tweaking, the Standard Model might explain them in other ways.只要稍作更改,;标准模型;可以用另一种方式去解释它们。Guido Tonelli and Fabiola Gianotti, who head CMS and ATLAS respectively, therefore urge caution.各自领导CMS和ATLAS的基多·汤内利(Guido Tonelli)及法比奥拉·贾诺蒂(Fabiola Gianotti)因而呼吁要格外的小心谨慎。Their goal is to have enough data by the end of the year either to say definitely that the Higgs has a mass of 130-150 gigaelectron-volts, or that if it exists at all, then it must be heavier than that.他们的目标是到今年年末获得足够的数据,要么明希格斯粒子具有130—150吉电子伏特的质量,要么明只要它确实存在,那么它必定要更重一些。If this is the case, the hunt will continue at higher and higher energies (and therefore masses) until either the thing is found, or there is nowhere left in the energy landscape for it to be hiding.如果是这样的话,追捕行动将在越来越高的能量(因此质量也是同样如此)层级上展开,直到发现它为止,否则的话,能量图谱中根本就不存在它的藏身之处。 /201211/210209泉州市做人流的多少钱

泉州哪能做人流Business商业报道Retail in Japan日本零售业Turning silver into gold将白银变为真金Stealth marketing to the elderly隐秘地老年市场营销After a lifetime of saving, its time to party.多年储蓄,该享受了。THE Ueshima coffee shops that dot Tokyo seem like any other chain.分布于东京各处的上岛咖啡与其他连锁店似乎并无差异。But look more closely: the aisles are wider, the chairs sturdier and the tables lower.但仔细观察会发现:走道更宽阔、椅子更结实、桌子更矮小。The food is mostly mushy rather than crunchy:sandwiches, salads, bananas—nothing too hard to chew.大多数食物也更松软而不费劲:三明治、沙拉和香蕉—不需要辛苦地咀嚼。Helpful staffs carry items to customerstables.和善的员工会把食物端到顾客桌上。The name and are written in Japanese kanji rather than Western letters, in a large, easy-to- font.名称和目录都是使用日本汉字而非西方字母,并且使用一种易于阅读的大字体。It is no coincidence that Ueshimas stores are filled with old people.在上岛咖啡店内顾客多是老年人并非巧合。Ueshima never explicitly describes itself as a coffee shop for the elderly.上岛咖啡从不把自己描述为老年人咖啡厅。But it targets them relentlessly—and stealthily.但他们总是把老年人定为目标客户。Stealthily, because the last thing septuagenarians want to hear is that their favourite coffee shop is a nursing home in disguise.之所以要隐秘进行,原因在于古稀老人不怎么想听的一个说法—老年人最喜欢的咖啡店是私人疗养院伪装的。Japan is greying fast: aly a fifth of its people are over 65.日本老龄化速度很快:年纪超过65岁的人已达人口的20%。And the silver generation has gold to spare.而且白银一代正好袋中多金。The incomes of middle-class working folk have declined in the past decade, but seniors are sitting on a vast pile of savings.过去十年,中产工人阶级的收入持续下降,而老年人却坐在大笔储蓄上。Almost a third of the nations household wealth, some ¥450 trillion, is in the hands of those aged 70 and older.该国居民财富的三分之一掌握在年过七旬的人手中。In the West, the elderly pinch pennies, but Japans seniors pay extra.在西方,老年人精打细算,但日本老年人不介意多花钱。At Ueshima a medium-sized coffee is ¥380, about 10% more than at Starbucks.在上岛咖啡,一杯中号咖啡售价380日元,较星巴克贵10%。Many firms tailor their services to silver shoppers without letting on, explains a marketing specialist.一位营销专家解释说,许多公司悄悄地将白发顾客群定义为目标客户。Consider the Keio department store.比如京王百货,On the outside, nothing warns you that it is a mecca for the mature.在外部,没有任何标志提醒你这里是成年人的圣地。But inside there are chairs for weary shoppers.但在内部,到处都设有椅子供疲倦的顾客休息。Signs are in large fonts.各种标志也用大字体。Many salespeople are in their 50s and 60s, since elderly customers trust such people more than whippersnappers.许多销售人员年纪也是五十几岁或六十几岁,因为老年顾客相信他们多于轻狂的年轻人。The food hall promotes good old-fashioned Japanese noodles more than newfangled foreign muck.餐厅也提供的是老式的日本面条而不是国外新方法制成的垃圾食物。The shelves are lower, so older people can reach them.货架也比较低,这样老年人可以够得着。Loyalty cards at Keio award points not according to what you buy, but according to how often you visit.在京王会员卡点数不是依据你购买了什么,而是根据你购物的频繁程度。Seniors have a lot of time on their hands, the marketer explains.老年人不缺时间,那位营销专家说。Marketing to the elderly is tricky.老年人市场的营销手段需要技巧。The direct approach—say,calling your product the soap for the over-70s—does not work.直接的方法是无效的,比如称产品为专业的老年人肥皂。And traditional advertising fails.传统广告手段也无法成功。You cant use TV adverts: they forget them, groans the 30-something executive.你无法使用电视广告,他们记不住,一位三十几岁的主顾抱怨。We show it again and again and again—and they still cant recall it, he sighs.我们一遍一遍又一遍的展示,他们仍然无法回忆起,他叹气说。Word-of-mouth is the only way.口碑传播是唯一的办法。Decades ago it was rarely profitable to market products to seniors, since by the time anyone had reached the age of 70 they probably had only a few years left to live.数十年前老年人市场几乎无利可图,因为当时70岁以后的老年人岁月有限。But Japanese people now live so long—life expectancy for women is 86; for men it is 80—that wooing them is lucrative.但现在的日本人寿命变长了,女性寿命预期为86岁,男性为80岁,于是老年人市场变得迷人了。Some firms try to hook them in their 60s, to build brand loyalty early.有些公司在60岁的年龄层就开始吸引顾客以提前培养他们的品牌忠诚。Others approach them via their children.还有些公司通过子女来获得老年顾客。One cosmetics firm pitches its wrinkle-removal cream to middle-aged women, in the hope that they will recommend it to their mothers. Filial piety comes in many forms.有家化妆品公司向中年妇女推销去皱霜,他们希望这些顾客可以向她们的母亲推荐自己的产品。毕竟孝心有多种表现方式。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/227851 福建省妇保医院预约泉州妇女医院专家挂号多少钱



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