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泉州妇科医院排行榜泉州泉港治疗不孕不育哪里好泉州做无痛人流医院哪里花费少 Her destination is Mexico它的目的地是墨西哥and one small and special group of trees.和一小群独特的树木No-one knows how she finds them, in these great mountain forests.在这大片的山林里 谁也不知道它是怎么找到的She joins other monarch butterflies它和其他帝王斑蝶作伴that have travelled here from all over North America.一路飞越北美到这儿来Countless butterflies crowd these particular trees,数之不尽的蝴蝶 聚集在这些树上hanging from every branch.悬挂在每根枝娅上They come here because, although winter brings a chill to the air,它们飞到这儿来 是因为尽管冬天的空气变得冷冽there will not be a lethal freeze as there will in Canada.还不至于像加拿大那样 把它们冻死The conditions are perfect for hibernation.这里的环境最适合冬眠Hibernating butterflies are vulnerable to predators.冬眠的蝴蝶 是掠食动物眼中的肥羊But monarchs are poisonous.但帝王斑蝶带有毒性However, a few birds have learned to rip out the toxic parts and eat the rest.不过有些鸟儿 学会扯掉有毒的部分They kill hundreds of thousands of butterflies把剩下的吃进肚里 几千只蝴蝶死在它们手里and dislodge many more.被赶走的更多Those that fall must get back into the trees before nightfall brings another killer.落下的蝴蝶必须回到树上 否则夜里又出现另一个杀手They vibrate their wings to warm their flight muscles.它们振动翅膀为飞行肌肉加温But its a race against time.但这是一场和时间的赛跑Night brings a lethal ground frost.夜晚带来致命的地面霜201309/255089泉州治疗子宫颈炎那个较好

泉州市人民医院附属第一医院怎么去Whats the point of having sick days if you never use them? Everyone needs a little me-time every once in a while. And if youre caught, just say you really were sick of work.如果你从来没有请过病假,关键是什么呢?每个人偶尔都需要一点私人时间。如果你被抓住了,就说你真的生病无法工作。You Will Need你需要A good but simple excuse简单的好借口A phone电话And a plan for the day做好计划Steps步骤STEP 1 Pick a day1.选择一天Decide what day you want off. Try to pick a day where you’ll get out of something unpleasant.想好哪一天休息。尽量选择可以让你摆脱不开心的事情的一天。Monday and Friday are particularly conspicuous; the three-day weekend is a dead giveaway.周一和周五是最容易暴露的,连续三天的周末很容易让人怀疑。STEP 2 Decide what to do2.决定做什么Think about how to spend your day off. Forget going to a tanning or beauty salon. If you show up the next day with a tan or a perm, you’ll be busted.想一下怎样度过偷懒的这一天。不要想着去晒黑或美容沙龙。如果你第二天去上班时带有晒黑的痕迹或烫发,一下就穿帮了。STEP 3 Decide on malady3.疾病Decide on a reasonable malady, and keep it simple. I’ve got a bug is easier to remember than a long, involved tale of exotic food poisoning. And remember: you’ll have to be better in 24 hours.选择一种合理的疾病,简单一点。“细菌感染”比怪异的食物中毒更容易记。记住:无论选择哪一种疾病,必须是24小时内能痊愈的。STEP 4 Rehearse your story4.排Rehearse what you will say when you call in. Repeat your story until you’re satisfied you have struck the right mix of fact and fiction.预演一下打电话请病假的情景。重复你编造的故事,直到对自己编纂的这个故事感到满意。STEP 5 Call before office hours5.上班前打电话Make the call before office hours so you get your supervisor’s voicemail, which can’t talk back or ask probing questions.上班时间开始前打电话,这样你可以在上司的语音信箱留言,不会让他有机会问话。Play an alibi tape you recorded when you really were sick—and silence any background noise—to leave a convincingly pitiful message.播放真正生病时录制的磁带,消除所有背景噪音,只留下可信的可怜兮兮的信息。STEP 6 Prepare to return6.准备回归After spending a glorious day doing whatever you like, prepare to return to work. Rehearse your response to inquiries about your health and other questions that might catch you off guard.花费整整一天做自己喜欢的事情之后,准备重返工作。预演一下同事可能会问到的关于你的身体状况等等问题。If you’re a woman, return to work without a stitch of makeup. This will convince any doubters that you truly were sick. If you’re a man, stay unusually quiet all day.如果你是女性,重新上班时不要化妆。这样会说所有怀疑者,你真的病了。如果你是男性,一整天都保持沉默。STEP 7 Find out what you missed7.了解工作进度Once you’re back, make a show of finding out everything that happened the day before, so you can catch up on whatever work you missed. You’re so dedicated!一旦回归,马上查看一下你请病假的这一天发生的事情,这样就可以赶上自己错过的工作进度。你还是非常敬业的!According to a recent absenteeism survey, 43% of workers admitted to falsely calling in sick at least once in the previous year.根据最近一项旷工调查,43%的工作人员承认在过去的一年里曾经至少一次谎报病假。视频听力译文由。201403/282628泉州治疗妇科炎症哪家医院最好 The heat wave in many parts of China shows no sign of easing. The National Meteorological Center says temperatures in some areas could surpass 40 degrees Celsius.在中国大部地区肆虐的这股热浪似乎并没有减轻的迹象。国家气象中心表示一些地区的温度降超过40摄氏度。Henan, Hebei, Beijing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan will see temperatures above 35 degrees. The highs above 40 degrees are forecast for areas in Zhejiang and Xinjiang.河南,河北,北京,广东,广西,贵州以及四川将迎来35度以上的高温天气。浙江和新疆将出现40以上的高温天气。The center says the heat wave will continue to wreak havoc in the next few days, and temperatures could rise further. The public has been warned to stay indoors when possible, and keep cool and hydrated.气象中心预报该热浪将在未来几天继续肆虐,而气温也会进一步升高。市民应该尽量待在室内并保持室内环境凉爽,同时多饮水。201307/250338泉州处女摸手术

泉州新阳光妇产医院要预约吗But in the western part of the island, these flamboyant birds不过在岛屿西部 森林里除了这种华丽的禽鸟share the forests with a rather unassuming-looking character...还有一种外观不起眼的鸟类the Vogelkop bowerbird.褐色园丁鸟He might lack the plumage,它或许没有亮丽的羽毛but hes got an extraordinary repertoire of song.却有绕梁三日的歌声And, hes a wonderful mimic.还是个模仿天王Those are pigeon wing beats.那是鸽子拍击翅膀的声音Thats a modest tiger-parrot.那是怯虚鹦鹉And that, a sulphur-crested cockatoo.那是葵花凤头鹦鹉Even more surprising hes an avid collector,更令人惊讶的是 它还是个热心的收藏家with a very appreciative eye for colour.对色情有独钟This male favours red and orange flowers.这只雄鸟喜欢红色和橘色的花朵And hes very fond of fungus.而且很喜欢菇菌201308/254366 本集将选取生活在中国境内截然不同的地理环境(如海洋,草原,山林,盆地,湖泊)中的具有代表性的个人、家庭和群落为故事主角,以及由于自然环境的巨大差异(如干旱,潮湿,酷热,严寒)所带来的截然不同的饮食习惯和生活方式为故事背景,展现大自然是以怎样不同的方式赋予中国人食物,我们又是如何与自然和谐相处,从而了解在世代相传的传统生活方式中,通过各种不同的途径获取食物的故事。美食中英对照烤松茸:roasted matsutake油焖春笋:braised bamboo shoot莲藕排骨汤:lotus root and rib soup 酸辣藕丁:hot and sour lotus root炸藕夹:deep-fried lotus root sandwich 鱼头泡饼:b soaked in fish head soup香煎马鲛鱼:decocted mackerel酸菜鱼:boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili201307/246223福建二院检查多少钱泉州剖腹产哪个医院好



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