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日常聊天口语对话篇:(8)狂喝滥饮Deadly drinking-- ::57 Bart:: There's a new resurgence in binge drinking (聚众饮酒作乐)among American college students.Lisa: Yes, I've head about it. So what?.Bart: Untunately, college women are gaining ground on (追上,接近,逼近...) men the title of campus drunk.(校园酒鬼的称号)Lisa: Really? Drinking among college students has been going on decades. Why are women drinking more now? Bart: I don't know, but the percentage of college women drinking to get drunk has more than tripled over the past years, says a new report from Columbia University.Lisa: I guess that's really not that surprising. Women are beginning to assert themselves more in every aspect of society.Bart: I know a lot of people are shrugging this off (对某事听之任知,不予重视)as just a teenage rite of passage, but it's more serious than that. I in USA TODAY that alcohol is involved in 90% of all rapes, 80% of all vandalism (蓄意破坏公物或他人私有财产的行经)cases, 0% of all academic problems and % of all dropout (辍学)problems.Lisa: I have to admit, that is shocking! I never realized that booze (酒,痛饮)was so connected with crime.Bart: What's even worse is that as many as 360,000 of today's undergraduates ultimately will die from alcohol-related causes - more than will get advanced degrees. Lisa: That's downright (彻底地,十分地))depressing. I'll bet that fraternities (大学男生联谊会)and sororities (大学女生联谊会)have a lot to do with that. Bart: You're right. Students in frats (fraternities 的缩写)report drinking three times as much as the average student. Also studies show that 5% of freshmen admit to binge drinking in comparison to % of seniors.Lisa: Aren't there any campuses that are trying to do anything about this problem?Bart: Yes, as a matter of fact, the University of Maryland found that 30% of its students actually preferred alcohol-free social events. Officials offered cash awards fro groups sponsoring the best alcohol-free party. hey, would you like something to drink.Lisa: Yeah, just as long as it's doesn't have any alcohol, sugar or caffeine in it!。

My Home -- :56:50 来源: My HomeMy home is on the first floor. there are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is GREen. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much.。

加拿大人早餐通常吃什么-- :6:1 A:So,what do Canadians usually have breakfast?  那么你们加拿大人早餐通常吃什么?  B:Well,breakfast is very important in Canada.We usually have lots of food in the morning.Take eggs instance..We have fried eggs,boiled eggs,scrambled eggs and sunny-side-up…  在加拿大,早饭可是件大事儿我们早上通常会吃很多东西那鸡蛋来说吧我们有煎蛋,煮蛋,炒蛋和半熟的鸡蛋  A:Hold on,please.What do you mean by sunny-side-up?  等一下你说的sunny-side-up是什么意思?  B:Well,when you fry an egg,you just fry one side .So the other side is like a red sun.That's sunny-side-up.  就是当你煎鸡蛋时只煎一面那样的话另一面就象个红太阳那就是sunny-side-up.  A:Interesting.And what else do you have?  有意思你们还吃什么?  B:One very important thing is cereal.I often have cereal with maple syrup.  燕麦是很重要的早餐食品我通常都是燕麦就枫树浆喝  A:Dope.My mouth is watering  不错我都流口水了  B:And we also have bacon or sausage.  还有咸肉和香肠呢  A:Sounds tempting.Is that all?  真有食欲就这些了吗?  B:No,far from it.We sometimes have pancakes or toast in the morning.  远不止呢有时我们早上也吃饼或土司  A:Who cooks all the stuff in your family?  你们家早上谁作饭?  B:Me.Always me. I'm a good cook. I mean not very talented,just qualified. In Canada,I'll cook the whole family if I have time.  我作我手艺不错我是说我到没那么有天分,不过还算合格在加拿大,我有时间的话就会为全家人作饭  A:I'm hungry now. I need to grab something to eat.  我饿了我的去找点儿吃的来  B:No hurry,Come over to my house. I'll make you some French toast.  别急到我这儿来吧我给你作法国土司吃  A:What is it?  那是什么东西?  B:Come here and check it out by yourself.  来自己看吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]maple syrup是从枫树上提炼出来的一种东西这可是加拿大的特产在北京的加拿大人通常都会带上一瓶,以防自己不适应中国的饮食  []My mouth is watering. Water在这里是个动词,表示流口水  [3]Dope是个俚语词,表示"很棒"和cool的意思差不多作为名词,它还有大麻的意思  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问老外它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  oatmeal ham waffle porridge hash-brown potato donut。

二年级英语作文:My clamate --1 01:8:39 来源: I have a new clamate.She is Huang Jie.She is girl.She is twelve years old.She has long hair.She has big eyes and small nose.She is tall.My clamate likes ing book,playing computer games,listening to music,but sometimes she likes playing orts.  This is my clamate,What about you.。

《乌云背后的幸福线精对白 --3 :58:5 来源: 《乌云背后的幸福线精对白精词句:I don't have a filter when I talk.我讲话总是口无遮拦You’re the mighty oak that holds the household together.你简直是家里的顶梁柱The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday.生活会将你的心彻底击碎He’s moaning and groaning.他一直在唉声叹气Sometimes it’s not, they got a broken wing, they’re an easy target.有的姑娘不行,她们受了伤,感情很脆弱,不能趁虚而入Being of service, to your need.任你差遣,听你所需I want her to stop acting so superior to me.我想让她停止对我指手画脚(我希望能改变她那总高高在上的样子)I took care of that jerk off that was in front of your house.我帮你对付了那个站在你门前找你的混蛋.And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings, both of which I've done.而我的妻子希望我减减肥,并且改掉坏脾气而我现在都改了!精对白片段:Pat: Hey! Hey, wait a second! What are you doing? What happened? How come you weren't outside? What the hell's going on?Tiffany: I can't, I can't do it.Pat: What do you mean, you can't do it? You can't do what?Tiffany: I can't give the letter to Nikki.Pat: Tiffany, what are you talking about? What do you mean you can't give the letter to Nikki?Tiffany: Because what am I getting in return? What are you doing me? You said!Pat: You said if I wrote a letter, you'd get it to Nikki.Tiffany: I know.Pat: That was the set-up.Tiffany: Because I do this time after time after time, I do all this shit other people and then I wake up and, and I'm empty, I have nothing!Pat: What are you talking about? You seem like you're a tough girl to me. Why don't you just do things on your own?Tiffany: I always get myself in these fucking situations. I give everything to other people and nobody ever, I never... I don't get what I want, okay? I'm not my sister.Pat: Alright, well, ask you. What can I do you?Tiffany: I can't do it.Pat: Tiffany, what do you want me to do? Think of something.Tiffany: There's this thing.Pat: There’s a thing, okay. What kind of thing?Tiffany: It’s a thing, it's a thing. It's a, it's a dance thing.Pat: It’s a dance thing, all right.Tiffany: It’s a competition thing at the Benjamin Franklin hotel. Tommy would never do it with me and I missed it every single year.Pat: Well, Tommy's dead, so he's not gonna fucking do it.Tiffany: Would you please!Pat: I don't have a filter when I talk.Tiffany: Can we have one conversation without you reminding me that my goddamn husband is dead?Pat: Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay, I'm sorry.Tiffany: But I can only do it if I have a partner... And now I'm about to miss it another year.Pat: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm not gonna dance . What are you talking about?Tiffany: What, your schedule is so busy? “Grapes of wrath” and watching football with your dad?Pat: Tiffany, I'm not gonna do a dance with you.Tiffany: All right, then I'm not giving her your fucking letter.Pat: Wait a second! But you promised you would do this.Tiffany: Think about it.Pat: Well, I aly did do something you, you know.Tiffany: What did you do me?Pat: I took care of that jerk off that was in front of your house.Tiffany: What? Jody?Pat: Let me ask you something. Do you call him when you're lonely? That encourages him, Tiffany. You shouldn't do it.Tiffany: Couldn’t you say the same about you and Nikki?Pat: It’s not at all like me and Nikki. What are you talking about? We're in love and we're married. It's completely different.Tiffany: How are you in love? Tell me about that. The big Nikki love. Tell me about it, I wanna understand it.Pat: We have a very unconventional chemistry, it makes people feel awkward, but not me. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever been with.Tiffany: Wow.Pat: It’s electric between us, okay? Yeah, we wanna change each other, but that's normal, couples wanna do that, I want her to stop dressing like she dresses, I want her to stop acting so superior to me, okay? And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings, both of which I've done. I mean, people fight. Couples fight. We would fight, we wouldn't talk a couple weeks. That's normal. She always wanted the best me. She wanted me to be passionate and compassionate. And that's a good thing. You know? I just, look, I'm my best self today, and I think she's her best self today, and our love's gonna be fucking amazing.Tiffany: It's gonna be amazing, and you're gonna be amazing, and she's gonna be amazing, and you're not gonna be that guy that's gonna take advantage of a situation without offering to do something back. So think about the dance thing. 乌云背后的幸福线精对白。

一封信 --19 :: 来源: Dear He Jian,My name is Wang Jiajia. I study in Xinqi School. I’m twelve years old. I like English very much, because my English teacher is very kind. My favourite fruit is apple, because it’s sweet and healthy. My favourite day is Tuesday, we have computer, P.E. and English. It’s a great day. Tall me about your school, please.Your pen pal,Wang Jiajia。

英语话剧本:洛丹伦的陷落(原创) --7 3:: 来源: 英语话剧本:洛丹伦的陷落(原创)A:阿尔塞斯Arthas U:乌瑟尔Uther M:马尔甘尼斯 Martha Gainesone旁白:很久以前,有一个叫洛丹伦的王国,繁荣昌盛、欣欣向荣然而雕刻在诺森德的石碑上的预言暗示着灾难即将来临……Narrator: Long long ago, there is kingdom named Lordaeron which is powerful and wealthy. However, the prediction impressed on the millstone in Northrend implied that the disaster would comeM:我是黑暗的象征,我要让光明世界充满黑暗!M: I am the symbol of darkness and I will bring about the countless darkness to the hopeless world旁白:许多年以后,洛丹伦王国这时A是洛丹伦的王子未来的继任者,U是白银骑士精英团的团长,也是A的良师益友,为辅佐A尽心尽力Narrator: Many years later, in the kingdom of Lordaeraon,A was the prince and the future successor of the kingdom, while U was no more than the leader of elite silver knight guard but a good teacher and friend of A who assists A with heart and soulU:陛下据说在我国边境上发生叛乱许多子民精神恍惚,揭竿起义U: my majesty. It is reported that there are many terrorist in our territory. Many folks lose their mind and up rise.A:师傅您是为国家屡建奇功的忠臣,也是学多才的大学术家您有什么见解吗?A: my master. You are a loyal who did a deed of merit kingdom and a knowledgeable scholar. What do you think of this incident?U:谢谢夸奖陛下平日里咨诹善道、察纳雅言、体血民情、关乎苍生我们的国家才能茁壮成长,辅佐陛下正是我一生的荣耀U: thanks, my majesty. You know better than everyone and care about the development of kingdom in daily life. So our country can thrive all the time and assisting you is my glory the whole lifeA:好了,说正事吧我热爱这里的寸土寸地、热爱这里的高山流水会不会是平日里我做的不够到位呢?A: OK. Let’s go on business. I love the sun and earth. I prefer the mountains and rivers in our great kingdom .Maybe I did not enough well in dominanceU:我觉得不是税收、徭役造成的问题,也不像是外族入侵或者内部叛乱您有没有听说过诺森德的预言?U: I think that this is not a problem resulting from tax, slavery, invading or rebels problems. Did you hear the prediction of NorthrendA:那是什么?无论是什么阻碍,就让它倒在我的达克利斯之剑吧!A: what is that? Whatever the obstacle is, I will overcome the difficulty by means of using my sword.U:我只是听达拉然魔法学院荣誉院长安东尼达斯提到过这件事U: I just heard this prediction from Dalaran magic academy honor principal Antonidas.A:哦?预言的具体内容是什么?A: OH? What is the content about it?U:臣不敢妄加断言U: I haven’t the final sayA:但说无妨A: just say itU:洛丹伦将会被黑暗统治,一切生灵将遭到摧残U: Lordaeron will be dominated by the darkness and all beings will be ruined.A:荒诞可笑!我徒劳的培养了那么多的只会说梦话的白痴魔法师为了什么?A: ridiculous! Why I foster so many silly magic wizards in vain?U:陛下,请息怒事情不是这样的!听说北方M的邪教异军突起,那里黑社会、毒品、战争、瘟疫多发,是一个不安宁的地方这是一个不详的征兆!我估计也是整个事情的源头U: MY majesty, please don’t lose temper. The situation is complex! It is said that M’s cult spring up in north of our kingdom where triad, drugs, battle, epidemic troubles often occur. That is unstable region in our kingdom and not geely symptoms. I think that is the source of all problems.A:朕要把我们民族的光芒穿越到远方我们民族有你这样的英才,无所畏惧我们下周就起程,犒赏三军准备出征!父王一定会同意的另外处死安东尼达斯!A: I am eager to deliver brightness of our nation. I have no fear because so many elites aassist me .I will hold the military parade and we must depart next week! I sure my father will agree with me. In addition, I will sentence Antonidas!U:恕臣多说两句陛下,目前我们国家经历过一次与野兽搏斗的大战,又在大工程上耗费巨资好不容易减轻赋税徭役,国家才刚有起色就不问是非穷兵黩武,这样做是自取灭亡啊!另外,安东尼达斯是我的好朋友我相信他不会胡言乱语,他也是我们提供技术的总工程师,这样临阵斩将是兵家大忌啊!U: please let me share my tips. My majesty, our kingdom went through a war with beast so far and spent much time and money in establishing projects. If we take military action without considering whether it is reasonable or not when we haven’t completely settled down the taxes and slavery policy, we just suicide. Apart from that, Antonidas is my good friend and I trust him. I don’t believe he told a lie. He is an important engineer majoring in military technology, so if we kill the leader of army when we faced with enemy, it could arouse a serious problem.A:一派胡言!难道是朕将洛丹伦葬送的吗?我深切的爱着我的人民,我只不过像斩草处分免除祸患,早一点给人民一个安逸的幸福环境罢了A: that doesn’t make sense. Is it I that ruin the kingdom of Lordaeron? I love my people and I just hope to cut the grass of hazard in order to bring happiness to our people as soon as possible!U:臣有罪!你说一句话顶奴才一万句只不过这样做欲速则不达,请听听民众的呼声吧,请三思而后行U: I am guilty! What you have said can decide everything. But if we eager something extremely, we will fail to got this. Please take the wish of people into considerations. Please consider again and again and again!A:混蛋朕决意已定,挡我者死!A: shit. I have made up my mind, no one who don’t obey my mind will surviveU:您真是一个少不更事的年轻人啊!U: You are a restless young man!A:敢顶撞君主看在昔日你忠诚无限,今日起你和安东尼达斯两人戴罪立功!A: you dare to insult me! You and Antonidas have to do a deed of merit with guilt since today in spite of your loyalty.U:陛下!我是人民忠诚的儿子呀!U: my majesty! I am loyal to king al the timeA:无需多言……A: needless to saytwo旁白:就这样,在父王的持下一大军在仓促准备下出征了U与安东尼达斯为主将和副将途经一个小镇,天灾军团正步步紧逼Narrator: thus, under the approval of king, the prince led an army without not much preparation. Uther was the general while Antonidas was Lieutenant. When they went across a small town, the disaster army was pressing on them fiercelyU:陛下,形势危急,我们遭到包围了U: my majesty. We are in danger and we are in the siege of foeA:一切反动派都是纸老虎你快去吧安东尼达斯的新开发部队援过来,我会坚守在此!A: all rebels are fake tiger. You must take the high technology troops invented by Antonidas to reince us and I will take hold the frontU:可是陛下!你是帝国的未来呀!U: But, my majesty. You are the future of kingdom!A:大男儿犹豫不决是兵家大忌,这可是您教我的呀!A: a hero can not hesitate when he face the danger. Don’t let me down.U:呜呜……(感动的哭)臣愿效犬马之劳、鞠躬尽瘁死而后已三十分钟后一定赶来!U: WUWU… I will spare no efts to contribute to the kingdom even if I have to die. I will come back 30 minutes laterA:快去快回A: hurry upU:恩,驾!U: YES, JIA!M:Search and destroy!A:来吧!我们是正义之师尝尝我的厉害A: come on! Justice will be done. Begins teachingM:霜冻护盾!食尸鬼、憎恶、蝙蝠、蜘蛛给我上!M: frozen shield! Ghoul, hatred, bats and spider! Destroy!A:神圣之光!(因为疲劳喘气)这个U怎么还没来?A: holy brightness! Why Uther hasn’t come here?M:What is your fuck justice? 被打得落花流水的感觉还不错吧!强权就是真理,力量就是绝对你还不懂吗?M: what is your fuck justice? IS the feeling of being defeated OK? The power is truth and the ce is absoluteA:给我住嘴!有信念就会有光芒!我现在不是一个人在战斗了!A: shut up! Hope will lead to the brightness! And now I am not fight aloneM:还在给我倔强,这里顷刻会化为乌有你的部队在减少而我的部队在增加哈哈(邪恶的笑)这是力量使然,也是天命M: you are still making your own speech. Everything will be ashes. The number of your soldiers is decreasing while my one is increasing .ha-ha. That is power. That is destiny, too.A:不!绝不!我不会就此让你得逞的,数百万的战士就不能这样白白牺牲A: no! By no means NO! I would not let you to reach your evil goal; million of warriors can not sacrifice in vain!M:好吧那你就好自为之吧!纳命来霜冻之箭……M: ok. You should give into me. Die! Frozen arrow!U:陛下!驾! the king!U: my majesty! JIA! the king!A: the king of my father!M:什么!(咧笑)撤退回阴影之中M: what! Withdraw to the shadowA:神圣之光!杀!擒住M我上他一万块大洋!A: holy brightness! Kill! If some one catches him, I will award him 000 dollarsU:住手穷寇莫追,我们不是野兽,我们是圣骑士,无尽的杀戮只会给大地带来更多的创伤U: stop! Don’t run after the foe who only to run away. We are holy knight rather than beast. Limitless slaughters can’t affect only to result more hazardA:我不懂!你什么时候连胜利的意义都不懂了!我要复仇,闪开!额……(吐血)A: I don’t understand! Why you don’t understand the meaning of victory! I am eager revenge; don’t get in the way .Aaaaa…U:陛下,您中毒了,医疗兵,快呀!U: my majesty, you are poisoned, medication service, hurry up!旁白:白天过后夜晚降临Narrator: the day passed by and the night fellU:陛下,您醒了,谢天谢地据我调查,敌人数目增多的原因是使用了受污染的粮食,变成了野鬼U: my majesty, you wake up, thanks god. To my knowledge, the reason why the number of enemy is increasing is that people consume pollutant food. And they become ghost.A:原来如此有什么药方吗?A: so be it. Do you have any medication?U:目前还没有安东尼达斯还在想办法,不过源头应该是那个MU: currently we haven’t. Antonidas is thinking about it and the source of pollution is MA:我恨他!他想夺走我们的家园、土地、梦想还有其他可以掠夺的一切生存还是毁灭,就在于此次战役我们的粮草准备的如何?民兵的情况如何?A: I hate him! He want to plunder our home, land, dreams and any other can be plundered. To be or not to be .it counts on the battle. What situation about our grain preparation? And Militia?M:哈哈哈……你们的粮草已经被污染了,然后分发给了民兵和居民所以你们将会面对的是一大批行尸走肉,是不是很有趣?他们还在沉睡,等到他们苏醒就是你们灭亡的时刻,哈哈……(狰狞的笑容)M: hahaha… your grains were polluted and distributed to the Militia and resident. Then you will be faced with a lot of Zombie .is it interesting? They fall asleep now! When they are awake, it will be high time of nonexistenceA:M!我绝对不会放过你!(咳嗽)快呀!让我们来净化这片土地,杀光这里所有的人!A: M! I will by no means let you run away. Hurry up! Let’s purify this land and kill all people!U:不!陛下!一定会有办法的!他们都是你的子民啊!U: no! My majesty! We sure we will have method to save people! They are your sonsA:子民个屁!谁敢反对,杀无赦!A: OOPS! Kill all people who protest against me!U:陛下!相信我一次好吗?求你了!U: my majesty! Please believe in me? Please!A:现在开始起,撤销你白银骑士团团长的职务,以儆效尤,哼!A: since now from then, you must resign your post of leader knight. You are a bad example, heng!U:哼!陛下反正我们的战马也会被吃掉,我不稀罕!U: heng! My Majesty. Our battle horse will be finished off sometime. I don’t care about the postA:你!等杀光敌人后在跟你算账!A: fuck you! I will punish you after I defeat the enemyNarrator: later, all people or zombies were killed rapidlyM:Time is tick-tockA:神圣之光A: holy brightnessM:来吧,投降吧我会赐予你力量!霜冻护盾!M: come on. Please surrender. I will gift you power! Frozen shieldA:为什么你要那么做?A: why you must do this?M:那只是因为你不肯承认一个事实,黑暗即将统治光明,只有力量才是唯一M: because you dare not to admit a fact that the darkness will dominate the brightness. Only I know the true pathA:少说废话,接招!A: rubbish! Take my fistM:(躲开)哈,我在这里呢M: ha-ha. Here I amA:(喘气)M:你本来是一个最强战士,何苦这样勉强自己呢?M: you are just the most powerful fighter, why you are reluctant to protect brightness?A:呸!无耻的魔鬼,下地狱去吧我已经把那些小鬼头杀光了,看你怎么办?A: pei ! Shameless monster. Ready to go to the hell. We have aly killed all zombies, what could you do?M:什么?撤退回阴影之中M: what? Withdraw to the shadowU:陛下,交给臣来处置他U: my majesty. Please let me to tackle himA:不,你滚开M,我要跟你拼个鱼死网破额……(吐血)A; no, get out. M, I will kill you at all costs without mercy. Er ……M:哈哈(消失了)M: hahahaU:臣前面说了气话,罪该万死但我还是想说一句,我们战斗的意义不是无尽的杀戮U: I’m sorry what I have said because I can’t help being angry. But I still want to advice you. The meaning of fight is not limitless slaughtersA:那是什么!?你这个混蛋老是与我作对!A: what’s the meaning of fight? You are always protesting against meU:陛下息怒,你这样做只会更早的走向灭亡,正确的方法应当是正义的力量U: MY majesty, please don’t lose temper. We will come into ruin if you are stubborn this. The correct method is power of justiceA:我决定了,继续前进直到胜利为止A: I make my mind. We will ward until victoryU:我一定要向国王反应这件事!U: I have to tell the truth to the kingA:你敢!现在我宣布你有叛国罪被撤销主将职务A: stop! Now I declare that you are fired and accuse of sake crimeU:陛下!您现在还不是国王呢U: my majesty! You are not a real king now.three旁白:一年以后,A他们终于到了诺森德这个冰雪世界Narrator: a year later, A’s army arrived in the frozen world Northrend eventuallyU:战士们想家了,粮草几乎断绝了U: warriors miss home and grain is almost cut offA:是啊我想快点结束这场战争、结束乱世回去见了父王给你封赏吧!A: yes. So I am eager the peace to eliminate war. I will award you when we return homeU:谢主隆恩我有一事禀报,劝陛下不要随意杀戮临阵怯战的士兵U: thanks a lot. But I have to persuade you not to kill timid soldiersA:休想!我现在命令你把船砸了,免得某些人心怀不轨A: stop your fool! Now I order you to let boats sunken in case somebody run awayU:陛下!这!U: my majesty! I can’t do this!A:你放心,一定帮你保守秘密的A: relax. I won’t let the cat out of the boxU:不是的,您不可以这么做啊U: no! I can’t do thisA:这里谁说了算?不听话你就走人A: who is the boss? If you don’t obey me, just go out of hereU:走就走,反正我不想打这场没有人道的战争,正义的力量绝对不是一腔怒火那样简单的U: just go out of here. I don’t care about the war without mercy. The power of justice is not absolutely just your wrathA:闭嘴!明天起你可以悄悄地走了若是扰乱军心,我让你永世不得翻身A: shut up! Tomorrow, you must go away. If you disturb the our morale, I will tear you into piecesU:哎,陛下!U: ai. My majestyfour旁白:U走了,留下A一人孤军奋战A请雇佣兵销毁了战船,然后谎称他们作乱让军队无路可退,借机杀了雇佣兵但是有一天A再次陷入绝境,此时U又班师回朝带来更多的援军,这让王子感动不已,俩人发誓永不离弃Narrator: U went away leaving A alone to fight. A conscripted some greedy soldiers to destroy the warships in order to prevent soldiers from escaping. Then, he framed them as rebels and killed them. One day when A’s army was bogged in siege of enemies. In this time, U brought back more reincements to help A. this incident impressed prince deeply. They swore that not abandon each other all the timeU:听说诺森德有一把神剑,名字叫霜之哀伤U: it is said that there is a magical sword named frozen of griefA:是吗?U,你好像变了,变得比以前更忠诚了A: really? U, you are more loyal than beeU:我想那把剑会改变我们洛丹伦王朝的命运吧!U: I take it that sword will change our Lordaeron dynasty destinyA:只有赌一把了A: just bide the timeU:看!那把神剑!霜——之——哀——伤——U: look! That sword! Frozen----of-----griefA:真的,上面写着:‘谁拥有此剑就会拥有百倍的力量’A: right. That is to say: who has this sword will be gifted hundreds times powerU:糟糕,这把剑已经被诅咒了U: oops, this sword was sworeA:管它呢只有我才配的上这种力量,至高无上的力量A: just do it. Only I can dominate this power, the supreme power(念咒语)U:啊……(死了)A:没想到力量会那么强大,对不起,UA: I can’t believe the power is so powerful. Sorry, UtherM:哈哈,你的末日到了!M: ha-ha. It is Day of JudgmentA:啊……(愤怒、悲哀的将霜之哀伤刺入M的体内)M:怎么会这样子,我要与黑暗融为一体了M: impossible. I will be melt and be a part of darkness旁白:M死了,复仇之后的王子精神空虚由于他沾上了M的血,正义的骑士化为了邪恶的骑士受到M灵魂的召唤,他回国后杀了父王夺取王位,并与天灾军团狼狈为奸,洛丹伦帝国就此分崩离析Narrator: M died. After the prince revenge successfully, he lost the belief of life. Because he polluted by M’S blood, the justice knight became evil knight. Called by M’S soul, he killed his father and succeeded the crown after returning home country and commit crimes along with disaster army. In the end, the empire of Lordaeron collapsedA:陛下!洛丹伦王国灭亡了!A: my majesty! The empire of Lordaeron hasn’t been existed everM:Now, we are one!To be continued更多英语话剧请访问:英语话剧网 英语 话剧 洛丹伦。

My Dog --7 :00:9 来源: I have a dog. My dog name is DuDu. DuDu is 9 years. DuDu is fat. It wears a white coat. DuDu has two big eyes and two small ears. It has one short mouth. My dog is smart. I like my dog. Do you like it。

A Big Fire 一场大火 -- :3:18 来源: A Big Fire 一场大火  One night Wu Gang was lying in bed. Then suddenly a loud cry help woke him up. He looked out of the window and found his neighbour's house was on fire. Wu Gang hurried to telephone 9 help. Then he ran out at once. He saw many people trying to put out the fire with water, and he quickly joined in. After some time, the firefighters arrived, the big fire was out at last. Luckily, no house was destroyed by the fire and all the people were safe.  一天夜里吴刚正躺在床上,突然一声呼救声惊醒了他他向窗外望去,发现邻居的房子着火了吴刚急忙拨打9求救然后他就跑出去他看见许多人在尽力用水扑火,便投身其中过了一会儿,消防队员赶到,大火最后被扑灭了幸好房屋没有被火烧毁,所有的人都安全无恙。

我不会用这个角度来看-- :5:   I wouldn't look at it like that.我不会用这个角度来看   “每一件事都有两面”There are two sides of a story.而对于同一件事的看法,每个人或许都不尽相同下次当有人所提出的看法,你自己不能苟同之时,就可以用上这句话I wouldn't look at it like that.“我不会用这个角度来看”以表示自己对于同一件事,持有不同的意见。