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陕西省森工医院消化病在哪个区西安交大医学院第一附属医院胃病胃肠电话号码是多少Japan's post-tsunami politics后海啸时期日本政治Flailing徒劳挣扎Political co-operation, hard before the earthquake and tsunami, has got harder 地震和海啸发生之前就困难重重的政治合作,现在更是愈发艰难AS JAPAN copes with its worst crisis since the second world war, the prime minister, Naoto Kan, is calling for a new politics. In particular, he wants collaboration with opposition parties mostly bent on ousting him. “Many ways of doing things in this country have come to the end of the road,” he said on April 11th. “To rebuild this country, we need a new mindset. I hope for—and expect—a new direction.”日本正在面对自二战以来的最大危机,现任首相菅直人正在呼吁出台新政。特别地,他希望能和决意令他下台的在野党合作。4月11日菅直人说:“这个国家一些处理事情的方法已经走到了尽头。为了重建这个国家,我们需要全新的精神状态。我希望着并盼望着能有新的出路。”He seems unlikely to get it. The quake and tsunami that devastated north-eastern Japan, and the nuclear disaster that followed, have disrupted the economy, with power shortages and stricken factories. Ordinary Japanese have cut back on inessential spending, in a mood of sacrificial restraint. Much has changed. Yet one constant remains: petty political bickering.看来菅直人不太可能看到这一出路了。摧毁日本东北部的地震和海啸,以及随之而来的核灾难,导致了能源短缺以及工厂受灾,从而扰乱了日本经济。在 “自肃”精神的影响下,日本普通民众减少了不必要的开。许多事情都改变了,但是琐碎的政治争吵却从未间断过。As the government has attempted to deal with the mess, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has picked on minor gaffes to justify exaggerated displays of outrage. Mr Kan’s offer to the LDP’s leader, Sadakazu Tanigaki, to form a “grand coalition” with his Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) was rebuffed. The opposition thinks Mr Kan is flailing and his prime ministership, which was in trouble well before the earthquake, is in danger.就在政府试图收拾乱摊子时,在野党自由民主党(LDP)通过挑毛病来替民众夸张的愤怒辩护。菅直人向自由民主党(LDP)主席谷桓祯一提出:由自由民主党(LDP)和他的民主党(DPJ)一起成立“联合政府”,但这个提议被谷桓祯一断然拒绝。在野党认为菅直人在徒劳挣扎,他本在地震之前就不牢固的首相职位现在更是岌岌可危。In opinion polls, Mr Kan’s personal support has increased slightly since then, but around two-thirds of voters are disappointed with the government’s handling of the crisis, particularly at the Fukushima nuclear plant. On April 12th the nuclear accident there was upgraded to level seven, the highest rating on an international scale of severity. That places it on a par with the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago this month (though the radiation released at Fukushima is only a tenth of Chernobyl’s, and nobody has died from it yet). 民意测验显示:在此之后菅直人的持率有了短暂上升,但是约有2/3的选民对于政府应对危机的能力表示失望,尤其是在处理福岛核电站的问题上。福岛的核事故在4月12日升至7级,这是国际范围内严重问题的最高等级。这使福岛达到了在25年前这个月发生的切尔诺贝利核灾难的高度(尽管福岛泄露的放射性物质只是切尔诺贝利泄露的十分之一,而且没有人死于泄露的放射性物质)。201104/134088陕西省生殖保健中心消化病收费标准 Transporter of delight传递快乐的使者Happiness is in your DNA; and different races may have different propensities for it基因决定幸福;而不同种族的幸福倾向不尽相同 Born smiling? 天生会笑?THE idea that the human personality is a blank slate, to be written upon only by experience, prevailed for most of the second half of the 20th century. Over the past two decades, however, that notion has been undermined. Studies comparing identical with non-identical twins have helped to establish the heritability of many aspects of behaviour, and examination of DNA has uncovered some of the genes responsible. Recent work on both these fronts suggests that happiness is highly heritable.人的性格有如一张白纸,唯有经历才能在上面挥毫泼墨——这个观点几乎在整个二十世纪下半叶都十分流行。然而近二十年来,此观点的说力已逐渐减弱。同卵及异卵双胞胎的对比研究为明行为的许多方面的遗传性带来了许多帮助,DNA检查也发现了与此相关的部分基因。最近,对这两个前沿问题的研究表明幸福感在很大程度上是遗传的。As any human being knows, many factors govern whether people are happy or unhappy. External circumstances are important: employed people are happier than unemployed ones and better-off people than poor ones. Age has a role, too: the young and the old are happier than the middle-aged. But personality is the single biggest determinant: extroverts are happier than introverts, and confident people happier than anxious ones.众所周知,决定一个人幸福与否的因素有很多。外部环境就十分重要:就业人群比失业人士更幸福,富裕阶层比家境贫寒的人更幸福。年龄也是一个因素:年轻人与老年人比中年人更幸福。但是,性格是唯一一个最大的决定性因素:性格外向的人比性格内向的人更幸福,自信的人比性格焦虑的人更幸福。That personality, along with intelligence, is at least partly heritable is becoming increasingly clear; so, presumably, the tendency to be happy or miserable is, to some extent, passed on through DNA. To try to establish just what that extent is, a group of scientists from University College, London; Harvard Medical School; the University of California, San Diego; and the University of Zurich examined over 1,000 pairs of twins from a huge study on the health of American adolescents. In “Genes, Economics and Happiness”, a working paper from the University of Zurich’s Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, they conclude that about a third of the variation in people’s happiness is heritable. That is along the lines of, though a little lower than, previous estimates on the subject.性格与智力至少在某种程度上是遗传的,这个观点正变得越来越明确;所以,在某种程度上,一个人感到幸福还是悲伤的倾向可能是由基因传递的。为了确定基因到底在多大程度上决定幸福,来自伦敦大学学院、哈佛大学医学院、圣地亚哥的加利福尼亚大学及苏黎世大学的一组科学家在一个针对美国青少年的大型健康研究中对1000对双胞胎进行了测试。在苏黎世大学经济学实研究院的一篇工作论文《基因、经济学与快乐》中,这些科学家们提出了以下结论:人的幸福感约有三分之一是遗传的。这个结论与之前的估计相一致,只是在程度上稍微低了一点。But while twin studies are useful for establishing the extent to which a characteristic is heritable, they do not finger the particular genes at work. One of the researchers, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, of University College, London, and the London School of Economics, has tried to do just that, by picking a popular suspect—the gene that encodes the serotonin-transporter protein, a molecule that shuffles a brain messenger called serotonin through cell membranes—and examining how variants of that gene affect levels of happiness.虽然关于双胞胎的研究有助于确定一个性格特征在多大程度上能被遗传,但是这项研究并未指出到底是哪个基因起到了遗传作用。伦敦大学学院及伦敦经济学院的一位研究人员简-以内马利·德·内弗已选出一个被认为最有可能起作用的基因,即编码血清素转运体蛋白质(这个蛋白质分子将名为血清素的大脑信使带入细胞膜中)的基因,并尝试检验这个基因的各种变异对幸福感的影响有多大。Serotonin is involved in mood regulation. Serotonin transporters are crucial to this job. The serotonin-transporter gene comes in two functional variants—long and short. The long one produces more transporter-protein molecules than the short one. People have two versions (known as alleles) of each gene, one from each parent. So some have two short alleles, some have two long ones, and the rest have one of each.血清素与情绪调节有关,而血清素转运体在其中的作用至关重要。从功能角度上区分,血清素转运提基因有两种变体:长型和短型,长型能比短型制造出更多的转运体蛋白质分子。人类拥有分别来自父亲与母亲的两个血清素转运体基因,每个基因有两种版本(被称为等位基因)。所以,有些人拥有两个短型等位基因,有些人拥有两个长型等位基因,剩下的则长型短型各一个。The adolescents in Dr De Neve’s study were asked to grade themselves from very satisfied to very dissatisfied. Dr De Neve found that those with one long allele were 8% more likely than those with none to describe themselves as very satisfied; those with two long alleles were 17% more likely.德#8226;内弗士在研究中要求青少年在“非常满意”到“非常不满”之间对自己作出评价。德#8226;内弗士发现,拥有一个长型基因的人对自身评价“非常满意”的比例比没有长型基因的人多8%;而拥有两个长型基因的人则多17%。Which is interesting. Where the story could become controversial is when the ethnic origins of the volunteers are taken into account. All were Americans, but they were asked to classify themselves by race as well. On average, the Asian Americans in the sample had 0.69 long genes, the black Americans had 1.47 and the white Americans had 1.12.以上现象相当有趣。而研究有争议之处在于,志愿者的种族也被考虑了进去。所有志愿者都是美国人,但他们同样被要求区分自己属于哪个种族。在样本中,平均而言,亚裔美国人拥有0.69个长型基因,黑人美国人拥有1.47个,白人美国人有1.2个。That result sits comfortably with other studies showing that, on average, Asian countries report lower levels of happiness than their GDP per head would suggest. African countries, however, are all over the place, happinesswise. But that is not surprising, either. Africa is the most genetically diverse continent, because that is where humanity evolved (Asians, Europeans, Aboriginal Australians and Amerindians are all descended from a few adventurers who left Africa about 60,000 years ago). Black Americans, mostly the descendants of slaves carried away from a few places in west Africa, cannot possibly be representative of the whole continent.毫无疑问,以上结果与另一些研究的结果相符。这些研究表明,亚洲国家人民的平均幸福程度比其人均GDP所预示的要低。然而,在非洲,不论哪国的人民都感到很幸福。不过这也并不出乎意料。非洲是基因最多样化的大洲,因为那里是人类进化的地方(亚洲人、欧洲人、澳大利亚原住民以及美洲印第安人都是大约六万年前离开非洲的一些探险家们的后代)。美国黑人则大多是被人从非洲西部某些地区带来的奴隶的后代,因此他们不可能代表整个大洲。That some populations have more of the long version of the serotonin-transporter gene has been noticed before, though the association has previously been made at a national, rather than a racial, level. In a paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, published in , Joan Chiao and Katherine Blizinsky of Northwestern University, in Illinois, found a positive correlation between higher levels of the short version of the gene and mood disorders (China and Japan have lots of both) and with collectivist political systems. Their hypothesis is that cultures prone to anxiety tend towards systems that emphasise social harmony and away from ones that emphasise individuals’ independence of each other.之前也有人注意到一些人拥有更多的长型血清素转运体基因,不过研究角度是国家而非种族。伊利诺斯州西北大学的约翰#8226;乔和凯瑟林#8226;Blizinsky于年在英国皇家学院学报发表了一篇论文,他们在文中指出,拥有短型基因及情绪障碍症(中国和日本的这两种人群都数目庞大)与实行集体主义的政治制度呈正相关关系。他们的假设是:有焦虑倾向的文化趋于实行强调社会和谐的制度,而远离强调个人独立的制度。This latter study may be a few steps too far along the road to genetic determinism for some people. But there is growing interest in the study of happiness, not just among geneticists but also among economists and policymakers dissatisfied with current ways of measuring humanity’s achievements. Future work in this field will be avidly in those circles.对某些人而言,后一个研究可能在基因决定论这条路上走得有点远了。不过,不仅是遗传学家,就连经济学家、政治决策者也对研究幸福越来越感兴趣。因为政治决策者们对现在衡量人类成就的方式不甚满意。所以以上各界人士将会十分关注这个领域的未来研究成果。201110/158149A beastly business一个残忍的行业Peaceful protests against animal testing are on the rise反对动物实验的和平抗议活动正在高涨A FOG of confusion shrouds British attitudes to animals. For a nation of pet-lovers, Britain has surprisingly few vegetarians—just 3% of the population—a point that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a celebrity chef, tried to make on October 11th when he described the distinction between a pet and a farm animal as “cultural” and suggested, to general outrage, that puppies could be reared for meat. Britain’s animal-experimentation laboratories boast higher welfare standards than many of its farms and abattoirs, yet provoke far more anger. That hostility is now being expressed more openly, as moderate protesters discover new causes to champion and reclaim their campaign from extremists.一些令人困惑的事情让人看不清英国人对动物的态度。他们爱养宠物,但素食主义者却出奇地少(仅占其人口的3%)。这也是10月11日烹饪大师休#8226;弗恩利#8226;惠汀斯托尔想要表明的,当时他说,宠物与家畜的区分只是一种文化习惯,他暗示小也是可以食用的,这激起了公愤。英国的动物实验室比很多饲养场和屠宰场享有更高的福利标准,这更惹了众怒。现在,那些温和的抗议者发现了他们所要捍卫的新目标并从极端分子那里夺回他们的抗议活动,于是敌视情绪更加公开化。The number of peaceful protests against institutions that perform research on animals has increased markedly of late (see chart), as memories of the violent attacks on the homes and cars of researchers have faded, according to information supplied by members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, a lobby group that keeps tabs on such matters. It reckons that many moderate protesters were so appalled at the increasingly abhorrent tactics used by extremists—which culminated in a grave-robbing in 2004—that they abandoned the cause. Only after such attacks had all but halted in did they return to the barricades.游说团体“英国制药行业协会”对此事甚为关注,根据这个协会成员所提供的信息,最近,对于动物实验室研究人员的住所和车辆的暴力攻击少了,而针对这些机构的各种和平抗议突然多了起来(见图表)。该协会认为许多温和的抗议者对于极端分子日渐可恶的伎俩 (2004年的“盗墓活动”达到了顶峰) 感到震惊,以至放弃了这个事业。只是年这类的攻击快要停止时,他们才回到设置路障上来。There is more for them to shout about. Despite a ban on the testing of cosmetics and household products on animals, the number of experiments performed in Britain rose by almost 40% between 2000 and 2010 to 3.7m, mainly because increasing numbers of genetically modified rodents were used. In France just 2.5m experiments were conducted in 2010 and the figure has been stable for many years.对他们来说,需要抗议的还有更多。在英国,这些机构无视不得使用动物对化妆品和日用品进行试验的禁令,从2000年到2010年所进行实验的次数增长了40%,达370万次,主要是因为他们越来越多地使用转基因的啮齿类动物。2010年法国仅有250万次的动物实验,而且这个数字多年稳定不变。Two aspects of European legislation may push the figure higher still. The REACH directive, an effort to identify whether chemicals that are aly used in vast quantities could be toxic to people, requires that their safety be demonstrated scientifically. In some cases only animal tests are deemed sufficient. The European Commission has estimated that 9m animals may be used for such tests; some observers put the figure far higher. Second, changes to the strict laws that require British scientists to consider alternatives to animal tests may be partially relaxed as a result of European reforms. The Home Office is due to respond to a consultation on the subject within the next few weeks.欧洲法律可能会在两个方面推高这个数字。“触及指令”,一项用来鉴别已被人们大量使用的化工产品是否对人体有毒的计划,需要对它们的安全性进行科学论。在有些情况下,只有用动物实验结果才能充分可信。据欧盟委员会估计,可能有900万动物用于此类实验,有些观察者认为这个数字远远低于实际。再者,转变为严格的法律,要求英国科学家考虑动物实验的替代方法,可能是欧洲改革的部分放松。内务部在未来几周将对这一主题的咨询作出反应。Emboldened by the rise of the moderates, new campaigns have begun. Animal Aid, for example, is targeting medical-research charities, which it sees as more amenable to influence than the remote laboratories in which the work is done. It plans to step up its protests.在温和派的鼓舞下,一些新的活动开展起来。例如,“动物救助”活动把矛头指向了进行医学研究的慈善机构,他们认为这些机构比那些做实验的古老实验室更应对其影响负责。他们计划加紧他们的抗议活动。For their part, scientists are beefing up their security on the advice of the police, lest animal-rights extremism return. The last of four people who were convicted of conspiracy to blackmail as part of their effort to intimidate a family who bred guinea pigs at Darley Oaks Farm was released from jail last month. The National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination , which oversaw their arrest, has turned its attention to such matters once again.而科学家们正在加强对警察建议的保护,以防动物权利极端主义的回潮。企图诈骗达利橡树农场一个饲养实验动物家庭的4名罪犯中的最后一人已于上月从监狱释放。过去国家极端主义行动协调小组监督对他们的拘捕,现在再把注意力放在他们身上。Yet direct campaigns to eliminate animal experimentation by targeting institutions that facilitate it have so far relocated rather than removed the practice. In 1997, for example, protesters directed their anger at Consort Kennels, which bred beagles for animal-testing laboratories. It closed, but it sold much of its stock to the laboratory it supplied so that it could breed the animals needed in-house.但是,到目前为止,把实验机构作为攻击目标以减少动物实验的直接活动,只是让这种做法改变一下形式,而不能完全消除。1997年,抗议者把怒火直接发泄到饲养实验用猎犬的Consort Kennels场。该场关闭了,但他把大部分的股份卖给了他们的实验室客户,这样,实验室就能自己饲养实验所需要的动物了。Any successful effort to eliminate animal experiments is more likely to come from within laboratories than outside them, argue researchers. Animal testing is expensive and can be of dubious value, and scientists would prefer cheaper and more reliable alternatives. Alas for lab rats everywhere, such alternatives are not yet sufficiently developed for animal experimentation to be relegated to the past.研究人员认为,任何减少动物试验的成功努力更可能来自实验室内部,而不是外部。动物实验成本高昂,价值取向模棱两可,科学家更愿意采用便宜可靠的替代方法。唉,各地实验室的白鼠们,动物试验虽已过时,但替代方法还没有完全开发出来。201110/158769西安第四医院胃病科医生在线咨询

宝鸡市妇幼保健院消化病怎么预约White House Says Auto Bailout Not Imminent白宫称不会立即救助汽车业 The Bush administration is attempting to dampen expectations for immediate government action to save America's troubled car manufacturers. 美国的三大汽车公司正在谋求政府资助。但是布什政府星期二表示,政府不会表示立即采取行动来拯救陷入困境的美国汽车制造商。Two of America's main three automakers are believed to be weeks - if not days - away from bankruptcy. That is an outcome the Bush administration says should be avoided, yet White House spokeswoman Dana Perino says the president will not be rushed into making a hasty decision when it comes to federal intervention. 美国三大汽车公司中的两家濒临破产,它们即使不在几天之内倒闭,也有可能在几个星期内宣布破产。尽管布什政府说应该避免这种结局,但是白宫发言人佩里诺表示,说到联邦政府出面干预的问题,布什总统不会仓促做出决定。Perino was asked if a rescue plan for the auto industry is imminent. 当被问到拯救汽车工业的计划是否指日可待时。"We did not signal that it would be almost immediate," she said. "I do not know of an imminent announcement coming from us. We are trying to take the time to do it right."  她说:“我们没有表示过会马上采取行动。我也不知道我们会立即宣布有关计划。我们正在把握时间尽量把事情做好。”Last week, the Senate rejected a multi-billion dollar package of bridge loans to carmakers. After the vote, the White House signaled its willingness to consider other options it had previously ruled out, including possibly tapping funds from the 0 billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 上个星期,参议院拒绝了向汽车制造商提供几十亿美元短期贷款的方案。在投票之后,白宫发出信号,表示愿意考虑此前被它排除的其他方案,包括可能动用国会10月份批准的7千亿美元金融救助计划中的资金。Perino says the administration is reviewing the auto companies' financial figures while attempting to craft a government response to the situation. She says no one wants to see the U.S. auto industry go bankrupt, but that President Bush will only approve a rescue plan if he is satisfied that the industry will put itself on a path to long term viability. 佩里诺表示,布什政府在试图对情况做出反应的同时,正在审核汽车公司的财务数据。她说,没有人希望看到美国的汽车工业倒闭,但是布什总统只有在看到汽车工业能够把自己置于一个长期生存的道路上才会批准一个救助计划。"One of the options here is allowing the companies to go into a disorderly bankruptcy," she said. "That is one of the options that is least favored by the president. Put it at the bottom of the list, because he does not think, I the current weakened state of our economy, we could sustain such a body blow." 她说:“一个选择是允许这些公司出现无序的倒闭。这是布什总统最不喜欢的一种选择。所以这个被放在所有选择的最后面,因为鉴于我们经济目前的疲软状态,他不认为我们能够承受这样一个严重的打击。”Millions of American jobs are tied directly or indirectly to the country's domestic automobile industry, widely viewed as the backbone of the shrinking U.S. manufacturing base. 数以百万计的美国工作直接或是间接地与美国国内的汽车行业有关。这个行业被普遍看作是日益缩小的美国制造业基地的主干。For years, American carmakers have focused on larger vehicles, almost ceding the small car market to foreign brands. Sales of trucks and utility vehicles plummeted when fuel prices skyrocketed earlier this year, and vehicle sales of all kinds have faltered during the economic slowdown. 多年来,美国的汽车制造商都把焦点放在更大的汽车上,几乎把小车市场拱手让给外国汽车生产商。在汽油价格今年早些时候飞涨的时候,卡车和多功能车的销售直线下降。在经济滑坡期间,所有汽车的销售都出现了下跌。200812/59016西安糜烂性胃炎 China's Economy Shows Signs of Recovery中国经济持续增长面临挑战As draws to a close, more signs show that China has weathered the global financial crisis and is on its way to even more robust growth. Economists, however, say some issues still weigh on the country's efforts to sustain growth.年已经接近尾声,越来越多的迹象显示中国渡过了全球金融危机,而且增长的势头愈发强劲。不过,一些经济学家表示,中国要保持可持续增长,仍然有一些问题需要解决。New economic data show that China's gross domestic product is expected to grow by more than eight percent this year. Industrial output for November grew just over 19 percent compared with a year ago, just after the financial crisis began. Imports soared nearly 27 percent, fueled by government spending on commodities.新的经济数据显示,今年中国国内生产总值的增长有望超过8%。11月份,工业产出比去年同期,即金融危机初始时期上涨了19%以上。政府购买物资也推动进口暴涨近27%。But while exports show signs of recovery, they remain weak. In November, they were down about one percent from a year ago. 虽然出口显现出复苏迹象,但是仍然比较脆弱。11月份,中国出口额同比下降约1%。Michael Pettis, an associate for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a finance professor at Peking University, says that the figures fuel debate over the country's economic strength.华盛顿卡内基和平基金会高级研究员、北京大学金融教授迈克尔·佩蒂斯(Michael Pettis)表示,上述数据引发有关中国经济能否持续增长的争论。"If you're an optimist it suggests that recovery is continuing," Pettis said. "Most of the numbers look reasonably good. There were still some excessively high levels of investment especially fixed asset investments. But production numbers were good etc. If you're a pessimist you would say yeah, this is exactly what you would expect from a massive-over investment strategy."“如果你是乐观主义者,这些数据显示复苏还在继续。大多数数据看上去不错。在某些领域,特别是不动产领域,投资水平仍然过高。但是工业产出的数据也不错。不过,如果你比较悲观,你会说, 这正是大规模投资战略应该产生的效果。”Some business experts worry that exports will become a smaller part of the economy. Factories face rising labor and overhead costs, and there are expectations the currency, the yuan will appreciate, so business leaders say keeping the sector afloat remains a challenge for the government.  一些业内人士担心,出口在中国经济中所占的比例将越来越小。工厂面临不断上升的劳动力成本和间接成本,而人民币也可望升值。因此,业内人士说,对政府来说,要让出口部门得以维持仍然是个挑战。Stanley Lau, deputy chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which represents Hong Kong businesses in China, says factories face weak foreign demand. 香港在大陆企业的代表、香港工业总会副主席刘展灏 (Stanley Lau)说, 工厂面临外国需求疲弱的问题。"First of all, generally still, many importers do not know what will be the outcome for Christmas sales," Lau noted. "Which means many customers are still waiting for final figures to come out for Christmas sales. That's why they don't give us an order for next year yet. I think they need to wait and see until the New Year holidays and they will plan for order for next year." “首先,很多进口商现在还不知道圣诞节销售的结果,这就意味着很多客户现在还在等圣诞节销售的最后数据。这就是他们到现在还没有给我们下一年订单的原因。我想,他们需要等到新年假期后,才会制定明年的订单计划。”As export demand started to fall last year, China's government began efforts to stimulate the economy - cutting interest rates, encouraging lending and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure projects.随着去年出口的下降,中国政府采取了一系列措施来刺激经济,包括削减利率、鼓励借贷,并在基础建设项目上投资了数千亿美元。But some economists warn those efforts may be causing prices for real estate, stocks and other assets to rise too fast - like a bubble that could burst. They say that China's loose credit, over-investment and under-consumption has led to a potential hazard, particularly in the property market. 但是,一些经济学家警告说,这些措施可能会造成房地产、股票和其他资产价格上涨过快,引发泡沫。他们说中国的宽松信贷、过度投资、以及消费不足都会导致潜在的危害,特别是在房地产领域。However, the government has begun trying to slow things down. Figures from the Banking Regulatory Commission show that in new lending will hit about .3 trillion, but next year it will fall to about .1 trillion. That is still double 2008 lending. 不过,政府已开始试图收紧这些举措。中国业监督管理委员会发布的数据显示,年新增贷款总额将达到1.3万亿美元,而明年则会降到1.1万亿美元。不过这仍将比2008年的水平高出一倍。The government also is trying to cool the overheated property market, with a new sales tax on properties sold within five years of purchase. And there are plans to increase the supply of middle to low-priced housing to curb property speculation.政府也在采取措施给过热的房地产市场降温:明年个人住房转让营业税征免时限由2年恢复到5年;另外,政府也有计划增加中低价位房屋的供应,以遏制房地产市场的投机行为。Andy Xie, an independent economist in Shanghai, warns China's property market could suffer once the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates, which would affect lending around the world.上海独立经济学家谢国忠(Andy Xie)警告说,如果美国联邦储备委员会提升利率,这将影响到全球借贷,中国房地产市场也不会例外。"When inflation happens the Fed will have to raise interest rates substantially, which will lead to a global asset bubble popping and there will be another global crisis. And this global crisis may rival the one we just saw," he said.“当通货膨胀显现时,美联储将不得不大幅度提升利率,进而导致全球房地产市场泡沫破裂。这将会是另一场全球性危机。而这个危机可能不亚于我们刚刚经历的危机。”Economists such as Xie and Pettis warn that governments must move carefully as they wind down stimulus packages. Raising interest rates and cutting spending too soon could easily shock economies and cause asset prices to collapse.谢国忠和佩蒂斯等经济学家都警告,各国政府在削减经济刺激计划时都必须小心谨慎。太快提升利率和减少消费都很容易导致经济震荡,并引发资产价格的崩溃。12/92224西安胃泰专科医院咨询

平凉第一人民医院胃肠科在哪Etiquette with your Ex, we went to the streets of New York and we asked women about situations in which they might need help when it comes to dealing with a former love.Ginny from New Jersey wanted to know whether it's better to tell or not to tell on an ex.My friend is dating my ex. I know something about my ex that she really should know. Do I tell her or do I let it go?Whoop, well here to help us is Janet Taylor, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Columbia University Harlem Hospital. And she sits on the advisory board of Family Circle and she's here with tips on ex etiquette 101.Janet Taylor, good morning.Thank you, good morning. Hannah. What do you think about the question from that last woman? She knows something, should she tell her friend about her ex?Well, it's a great question. Simple answer--let it go.Really, why?Because she doesn't wanna. . . you don't wanna be in the middle. One of the benefits of having an ex is that you have your own freedom to determine yourself and take control. You put yourself in the middle, if you're, if it’s your friend, she is gonna come back and ask you. You need to be prepared to tell the truth. But you don't wanna be the one who is micro-managing your ex-husband in the situation/, it's your time.Yeah, that sounds awful. That sounds like a very dangerous territory as well.Very dangerous territory.Em, something that people have a lot of problems with an ex. Together they have one set of friends. When they split up, what happen? So let's take a look at another question, Ok?OK.How are we going to deal with mutual-friends in a social situation?Wow, what advice to give people about that?Well, the dynamics is changed, so the relationship is changed, but your friends don't necessarily have to. A lot of times, friends don't know what to say, who do I invite, do I invite her, do I invite him? Test the waters, if they're really your friends, you'll know and they will be there for you. If not, then maybe you just have to re-engage new friends or find people who support you.It's not only friends that can be an issue, but also family members and one Family Circle er writes in this question. " I love my in-laws. I divorced their son, not them. And they're still my kids' grandparents. What's the best way to maintain my relationship with them? A lot of people have a problem with that.Exactly, embrace your in-laws, a lot of times grandparents are the only ones at difficult times to show unconditional love. Your kids need that, you need that. Older individuals, a lot of times have wisdom that you could take in. But the fact is just because you divorce their son; your kids still need them and your family.You know, sometimes there is a temptation, even though it's their son, to still ask your in-laws to take your side. And that's something that you really shouldn't do, right?Well, it's hard to say shouldn't, it's natural. I mean most divorces aren't necessarily pleasant. And so the sense is you take a side or another, but as adults, and thinking about what's best for yourself and your children. The cleaner you can be, and understanding that everyone needs support, it's better.Yes, so don't put your in-laws in a bad situation.I would try not to.Yeah, you know sometimes a lot of people have joint custody. They are dealing with two different households. And we had a question from Amy from Missouri about her and her ex who have different parenting styles.My ex and I have different parenting styles, so our children are getting mixed messages when they stay at each home. So what can we do to compromise for them?This is a tough one because people discipline differently, and it can be very confusing for the kids. So what should you do?Don't confuse parenting styles with parenting rules. Obviously, you are gonna have a different style, you're different individuals. The key is to decide, to communicate and decide on some parenting enforceable rules, maybe one or two, then you can agree upon. And then focus on that.So are these practical things like this "the kids are gonna go to bed at this time" or something like that?Again enforceable rules, bed time, who's gonna clean up after dinner. You know some issues that can be decided beforehand that can help with consistency in both households.Right, coz those kids need that stability,don't they? As much as they can living in two different households.Absolutely.Emm. . . thank you so much. Really appreciate your answering these questions.You're welcome200810/52525 In Britain,the famous physicist Stephen Hawkings was even so confident.He claimed physics was y to the mind of god.That was soon to known big scientific problems left.One idea was the most revolutionary of all it seemed to shotfire Theory of Everything and catched the imagination of scientist like Burt Ovrut.It was all to do with string.在英国,著名物理学家斯蒂芬;霍金自信满满。他宣称物理学即将解读神的心意。这成为了遗留下来的重要科学问题。其中一个想法就是革命性的;万物论;,它抓住了伯特;奥维特等科学家们的想象力。而这一切都与振弦环有关。;It has been thought since physics began.That matter was made of particles.We have changed that point of view now.We now think that matter is made up of little strings.;;自从物理学开始以来就有这种想法,即事物是由粒子构成。而我们现在已经改变了这种观点。我们现在认为物质是由许多小振弦环构成。;For years,it has been an article of faith that all the matter in the universe was made up of tiny invisible particles.Now suddenly the particle physicists discovered theyve been studying the wrong thing.The particles were really tiny,invisible strings.The theory was called ;String Theory; and it maintains that matter emanated from these tiny strings like music.多年来,我们一直被一种亘古不变的信条束缚着,那就是宇宙中的所有物质是由微小的无形的粒子构成。现在粒子物理学家突然发现自己一直在研究错误的东西。粒子其实是很小的,无形的振弦环。这一理论被称为;超弦理论;,该理论称事物的起源是这些微小的就像音乐的弦。;You can think it as a violin string or a guitar string.If you pluck it in certain way,you get certain frequency,but you pluck it in a different way,you can get more frequencies on the strings.In fact you have different of notes.Nature is made up of all the little notes,the music notes,that are played on these super strings.;;你把它想象成一根小提琴弦或一根吉他弦。如果你以某种方式拨它一下,你就会得到一定的频率,但如果你用另一种不同的方法拨,你可以得到更多的频率。事实上有不同的音符。大自然的所有小音符,都在这些超弦上演奏。;All the sudden we realise the universe is a symphony,and the law of physics are harmonies of a super string.突然我们认识到宇宙好似一首交响乐,物理定律只是超弦的和声而已。词语解释:1. confident a. 自信的2. revolution a. 革命的164111西安交大医学院第一附属医院胃肠科网上挂号西安胃窦粘膜慢性炎



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