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孝感中心医院割包皮手术价格湖北省中西医结合医院男科专家VOA流行美语 40: TO BE INTO / GEEK这一天迈可准备和李华一起温习功课,在他们两人对话的时候,李华学到了两个新词儿:"to be into" 和"geek".L: Hi迈可! 我马上要考试了,你帮我温习一下功课好吗?Hey, 你在看什么书啊? Hmmph! 是本漫画?M: Yes, it is a comic book. I really used to be into comic books when I was a high school student, but now I don't have much time to themL: "Be into" 漫画书,你是指你总是把头埋进漫画书里边儿?M: Well, not exactly. Be. B-E. Into. I-N-T-O. "to be into" means to be very interested in something, and to know a lot about it.L: Oh, 你指的是一种嗜好。可是我以为只有儿童才看漫画书的。你未免年纪太大了点儿吧?M: Please! Comic books are not only for children. A lot of people my age are into comic books. And in Japan, everyone s them, young or old.L: 我想你对 漫画书很有兴趣也没什么不好。而且你还有其它好些兴趣。M: That's right! I am into dancing. I am also into camping and watching sports。L: 我就不喜欢看运动节目。我倒是对连续剧兴趣很浓。IM: Why are you still into soap operas? They are soooo boring! At least the people who play sports are real!L: 你看你的漫画书,我看我的连续剧。不论如何,我还有些真正的嗜好。举例来说,我就对中国书法就非常有兴趣,只不过,老实说,我的字老写不好。M: That's not true! I think your calligraphy is very good. You have been into calligraphy for a long time, haven't you?L: 不错,我很小的时候,我妈妈就逼着我练字。那时候,我一点也不喜欢,可是现在我真感激她那时逼着我练字。M: Also, you are into learning English.L: 那倒也是,不过那可不是我的嗜好。在中国,我们从中学就开始学英语了。M: Well, at least you are lucky you started young. I have only been into learning Chinese for a couple of years, and my Chinese is terrible!L: 不,迈可,那你可说的不对,你的普通话说的挺好的。L: 迈可,你是不是该停下来,别再看那漫画书,该开始复习功课了。M: Li Hua, you sound like my mother. Anyway, I can't put this comic book down. I am such a comic book geek.L: 你说你是什么?一个"geek"? 那是什么意思?M: Well, a "geek" is soomeone who spends all of their time with their special interests or hobbies. They are mor concerned about their hobbies than being "cool" or making friends.L: geek是怎么拼?的这个字听起来好怪噢。M: Geek. G-E-E-K.L: 这样的话,我能不能说篮球名将Michael Jordan 是一个篮球 geek?M: Well, not really. Geeks are not usually into playing sports. They like things like comic books, computers, collecting stamps, ing science fiction books。L: 这样说来,一个 geek所喜欢的东西别人未必喜欢。他们专心注意的是用脑筋和想象力的东西,但是不需要身体动得太多。M: That sounds about right. Geeks often put their hobbies before other things, such as their social life, meeting girls, gaining a useful education.L: Aha! 你就是一个地道的 geek! 你就情愿看漫画书而不肯学习。有的时候你宁愿在家玩儿而不肯外出跟朋友们混在一起。M: Gee, thanks Li Hua. Anyway, I am not completely a geek. I do study hard most of the time. I do like to dance, and I do have a lot of female friends.L: 好了,好了算你是半个geek. 对了,我有个表弟就是一个geek。他老是看武打电影和玩。他从不穿一件像样的衣,他也不在乎找不找到工作。M: Yes, your cousin sounds like a real geek to me. A lazy geek.L: 可是他至少不像你那样是一个漫画书geek!M: I am into comic books. So what?今天迈可和李华二人本来是要在一起温习功课的,结果聊起了:"to be into" 和"geek"这两个新词儿。李华现在明白了"to be into" 就是一个人对一件事物特别有兴趣,也对那件事物特别懂。"geek"是说一个人只花时间在他发生浓厚兴趣的嗜好上,别的都不管不顾。 /200602/3115武汉华夏医院身体检查 69 advertising words classifieds personals poster promotion billboard leaflet publicity jingle logo slogan media hype market target special spam phrases place an ad launch a campaign reach consumers tv spots tv commercial offer free gifts brand loyalty mail shot advertising agency create an impression brand name selling point ad campaign beginner a: how could we advertise our celebrations to mark the centenary of the founding of the university? B; I’m sure we could get one or two tv companies to come in. perhaps the president could invite them and do an interview. A: that’s a good idea. We could put up some posters in and around the campus with a list of events. It would be quite cheap to do on the campus. B: it will be expensive to do outside the campus. Perhaps we could arrange for some sponsorship. A: we could contact alumni who work for large, well-know companies. They might be able to arrange cheap advertising in exchange for some free tickets. B; good thinking! We should also print some leaflets for students to distribute. A: we should put some information about it on the home page of our university website. When people visit the website, they’ll see the information. B: we could take out some advertisements to local newspapers. I checked the prices and they are reasonable. A; ok. Let’s get to work on our advertising campaign. Intermediate A: there are advertisements everywhere here in hong kong. The city is so bright at night, with all the neon signs. B: I like it. It makes the city feel alive. I like all the different colors and I like the billboards with eye-catching pictures and slogans. A; I think that there are too many of them. I think that companies spend far too much money on advertising. They should have lower prices instead. Then they would see more. B; I see your point, but if companies didn’t spend money on advertising, no one would hear about their products. I agree that some form of advertising can be annoying. I don’t like it when people try to give you leaflets with information about products you have no intention of buying. A; I really hate receiving spam. I also dislike having to listen to advertisements and jingles when they are broadcast in stores or on the subway. B; yes, that annoys me too. With billboards, you can look away, but with broadcasts, you can’t avoid them. I like the way that advertising agencies use comedy in their campaign. A; I like that too. I don’t like the way that advertising campaign often tell you if you don’t buy a certain product, you’re not cool or modern or efficient or something. B: that kind of advertising seems to be very common with brand name products. They are always trying to maintain brand loyalty. /200705/13738即学即用英语会话词典E部分:在饭店务台进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16385湖北省中医院看泌尿科怎么样

武汉中心医院割包皮手术价格武汉华夏男子医院包皮手术费大概多少钱 Now, I use my music to reach peoples hearts and have found there are no boundaries.现在,我用我的音乐来打动人们的心灵,并发现这是没有边界的。My audience is anyone who is here to listen, even those who are not familiar with classical music.我的听众是所有愿意倾听的人,包括那些对古典音乐不熟悉的人。I not only play at the prestigious classical concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center,我不仅在著名的古典音乐厅表演,类如卡内基音乐厅、肯尼迪中心等,but also hospitals, churches, prisons, and restricted facilities for leprosy patients, just to mention a few.还在医院、教会、监狱和麻风病患者隔离区表演。这只是几个例子。Now, with my last piece, Id like to show you现在,我想用最后一首曲子告诉你们that classical music can be so much fun, exciting, and that it can rock you.古典音乐也有有趣、激动人心的一面,它能够震撼你们。Let me introduce you to my brand new project, ;Baroque in Rock,; which became a golden disc most recently.我要介绍一个我的全新项目,“摇滚式的巴洛克”,它最近获得了韩国金唱片奖。Its such an honor for me.我感到十分荣耀。I think, while Im enjoying my life as a happy musician,我很享受作为一名快乐的音乐家的生活,Im earning a lot more recognition than Ive ever imagined. But its now your turn.并得到了超乎想象的认可。但现在轮到你了。Changing your perspectives will not only transform you but also the whole world.思维的转变不只会改变你,也会改变整个世界。Just play your life with all you have, and share it with the world.去尽情地享受你们的人生并与这个世界分享。I really look forward to witnessing a transforming world by you, TEDsters.我真心期待看到一个由所有TED成员们改造的世界。Play your life, and stay tuned.享受生活,保持期待。201701/487955湖北武昌阳痿早泄价格

武汉华夏男科医院怎么样VOA流行美语 61: TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN / DUHMichael和李华正在尽情享受这星期才开始的假期。今天他们去参加了一个音乐会。Michael教会李华两个常用语:24-7和duh。L: Michael,这音乐会真不错,就是太长了。我啊快要饿死了!快去找个地方吃东西吧!M: Alright. There's a cafe on the corner over there, I think it's open 24-7.L: 对,前面就有家咖啡馆。你说那个cafe 24-7, 24-7是什么意思呀?M: I said it's open 24-7. You know the number 24, and seven, right? 24-7 means it is open all the time.L: 我知道了!就是说一天二十四小时,一个星期七天它都开门。对不对?M: You've got it! In the U.S. a lot of small diners, convenience stores and gas stations are open 24-7.L: 对,我看到一些小饭馆,还有一些杂货店还有加油站,他们都是二十四小时营业的。Michael, 那24-7是不是只能用在商店哪?M: Not at all! It can be used for anything. For instance, Li Hua, if you ever have an emergency, you can call me any time, 24-7.L: 噢,24-7可以用在任何场合。你说要是我遇到紧急情况,可以在任何时候打电话给你。Michael, 你真是太好了。不过,我想我可能会先打911。M: Yeah, that's probably a better idea. 911 operates 24-7. Li Hua, can you use this phrase now?L: 让我想想。有了。期终考试前,我肯定很多人为了准备考试,交报告晚上开夜车,所以可以说:Many students worked 24-7 before the finals. 对不对?M: You're right. I was also up 24-7 studying and writing before the finals.L: 那最后一个礼拜真够呛。现在总算轻松了。M: That's right! Woo Hoo! Hey, after we eat, let's go dancing somewhere.L: Michael,你还没有玩够呀!M: Now that we are on vacation, I'm y to party 24-7!******L: Michael,这饭馆开门吗?M: Well, duh, Li Hua! The lights are on and there are people inside. What do you think?L: 你说什么? Duh? 那是骂人的意思吗?M: No, I didn't say anything bad! All I said was "duh". When someone says something that you think is very obvious, or asks you a stupid question, you can say "duh".L: Duh! 也就是说我刚才问这个饭馆有没有开门是个傻问题,所以你就说:duh!就像是我们中文里说的"废话"!Michael, 他们这里有咖啡吗?M: Duh, Li Hua. Of course they have coffee here. Practically every restaurant in the States has coffee.L: Michael, 我只不过随便问一句,你就又来duh, duh, duh...真讨厌!M: Oooh! Sounds like you are getting a little grumpy, Li Hua. I guess you are pretty tired, huh?L: Duh, Michael! 现在都已经半夜一点半了,你还问我累不累?我才该对你说"duh"!M: Ok, Ok, calm down. I'll just get a coffee to go, and give you a ride home. It sounds like you need some sleep.L: Duh! 我当然想睡觉了!不过,买了咖啡在路上喝,然后你开车送我回家。这倒是个好主意。M: I see you are not the kind of person who like to party 24-7!L: Duh! 我悃成这样,你看我是个喜欢整天整夜party的人吗?李华今天学到两个常用语,一个是:24-7,意思是一天二十四小时,一周七天都工作,或者是成天成夜地干什么事。另一个是:duh, 意思是:废话,当然咯。 /200602/3136 Eventually, we did make it to the top, and we stayed there for 25 years. The Oprah Winfrey show.最终 我们终于攀上了巅峰并且保持了25年之久奥普拉.温弗瑞的栏目Was number one in our time slot for twenty one years. And I have to tell you, I became pretty comfortable with that level of success.21年来都保持同时段收视冠军的位置我得承认这样的成功让我感觉非常好But a few years ago, I decided, as you will, at some point, that it was time to recalculate. 但在若干年前 我做出了决定各位将来也会和我一样会在某一时刻 认为自己要重新开始Find new territory, break new ground. So ended the show, and launched OWN.寻找新版图 开辟新天地于是我停掉了栏目推出了OWNThe Oprah Winfrey Network. Initials just worked out for me. So, one year later after launching on.也就是;奥普拉.温弗瑞有线电视网;我很喜欢缩写词在推出一年之后Nearly every media outlet had proclaimed that my new venture with a flop, not just a flop, but the big bold flop, they call it.几乎所有的媒体都宣布我的新事业失败了不仅是失败 用他们的话说是;一败涂地;I can still remember the day I opened up USA Today and the headline ;Oprah - Not Quite Standing On Her OWN;. I mean, really, USA Today, thats the nice newspaper.我至今依然记得 那天当我翻开《今日美国》时一个大标题映入眼帘 ;奥普拉 - 自难成事;我就纳闷了《今日美国》这样的好报纸居然也这样It really was, this time last year, the worst period in my professional life. I was stressed, and I was frustrated.的确 去年的这个时侯是我职业生涯的低谷压力感与挫败感油然而生And quite frankly, I was... Actually, I was embarrassed. It was right around that time, the President Faust called. And asked me to speak here.说实话 当时感觉身陷窘境就在那个节骨眼上 福斯特校长给我打电话邀请我来这里做演讲201608/462486湖北省中医院看男科怎么样武汉最专业治不孕不育的医院



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