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华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院男科预约武汉治疗早泄那家医院好It can be easy to see the worlds most powerful and influential people as occupying a sphere far removed from the rest of us.人们很容易认为世界上最有权势和影响力的人生活在我们不能企及的世界。But even some of the most successful people started off working odd jobs to earn money and learn the ropes.但即便是一些最成功的人,也是从琐碎的工作开始赚钱和熟悉各个行业的。These 10 successful people prove that the path to success doesnt have to be linear.下面0位成功人士明,通往成功的道路并不一定是条直线。Donald Trump collected bottles唐纳特朗普捡瓶子The president-elect and billionaire real-estate mogul grew up wealthy, but he says his father wanted him to learn the value of money early on.刚当选总统的亿万富翁、房地产大亨特朗普出生于富裕家庭,但他说父亲希望他从小就能明白金钱的价值。As a child, his father, real estate developer Fred Trump, would take him to construction sites and have him and his brother pick up empty soda bottles to redeem for cash, Trump tells Forbes.特朗普对《福布斯》表示,父亲弗雷特朗普是房地产开发商,在他还是个孩子时父亲就带他到建筑工地上,让他和弟弟捡空饮料瓶换钱。He says that he didnt make much, but it taught him to work for his money.他没赚到多少钱,但这教会了他通过工作赚钱。Hillary Clinton supervised park activities希拉克林顿管理公园活动Clinton writes in her autobiography ;Hard Choices; that she got her first paying job, other than babysitting, at 13, supervising a small park a few miles from her home in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge.希拉里在她的自传《艰难的选择》中写道,除3岁时当保姆外,她的第一份工作是看管离她家几英里的芝加哥郊区帕克里奇的一家小公园。The former secretary of state says she had to lug a wagon full of balls, bats, and jump ropes back and forth three days a week that summer.这位前国务卿称,那年夏天,她每周有三天必须拖着一个装满球、球拍和跳绳的小车,往返于两地之间;My parents believed in self-reliance and hard work, and they made sure we kids learned the value of a dollar and appreciated the dignity of a job well done,; she writes.她写道,“我父母相信自力更生和辛勤工作,他们让我们这些孩子们懂得了一美元的价值、领会到做好一份工作的自豪感。”President Barack Obama scooped ice cream贝拉奥巴马总统卖冰淇淋Even the leader of the free world once had an unglamorous summer job.就连自由世界的领导人也曾做过乏味的暑期工作。As a teenager growing up in Honolulu, Obama got his first gig working the counter at Baskin-Robbins, Time reports.据《时代》杂志报道,在火奴鲁鲁长大的奥巴马的第一份工作是在芭斯罗缤(美国一家冰淇淋零售店)做务生,当时他还是个十几岁的少年。Bernie Sanders worked as a carpenter and documentary filmmaker伯尼.桑德斯当过木匠和纪录片导演After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1964 from the University of Chicago, where he was an active member of the local civil-rights movement, the Vermont senator held a number of odd jobs, including carpenter and documentary filmmaker, before being elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, in 1981, at the age of 39.桑德964年获得芝加哥大学政治学文学学士学位,在大学里他是当地民权运动的积极分子981年,39岁的桑德斯当选佛蒙特州伯灵顿市市长。此前,这位佛蒙特州参议员曾做过很多临时工,如木匠和纪录片导演。Madeline Albright sold bras马德奥尔布赖特卖内衣Albright became the first female secretary of state, serving under President Bill Clinton. She made it into the US as a political refugee from Czechoslovakia.奥尔布赖特在比尔.克林顿时期成为美国第一位女性国务卿。她是来自捷克斯洛伐克的政治避难者。She got her first job selling bras at a department store in Denver, she tells Forbes, and adds that she probably made next to nothing but learned how to deal with people in difficult situations.她对《福布斯》称,自己的第一份工作是在丹佛的一家百货商店卖胸罩,还说她没赚到什么钱,但是学会了如何与难搞的人打交道。Michael Bloomberg was a parking-lot attendant迈克布隆伯格曾是停车管理员The former mayor of New York City is now worth an estimated .7 billion, according to Forbes, but he comes from a middle-class family.据《福布斯》称,这位前纽约市市长的身价约为427亿美元,他只不过来自一个中产阶级家庭。As a student at Johns Hopkins University, he worked as a parking-lot attendant to help pay his loans for tuition.布隆伯格在约翰霍普金斯大学读书时,为了付学费贷款曾做过停车管理员。Mark Cuban sold garbage bags马克.库班卖垃圾袋When the Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur asked his dad if he could get a new pair of expensive sneakers, his dad told him he could go get a job. So he did, selling garbage bags door-to-door.当达拉斯小牛队老板、企业家马克.库班向父亲询问能否买一双昂贵的新运动鞋时,父亲告诉他可以去找份工作。库班这么做了,他挨家挨户兜售垃圾袋。Cuban was 12 at the time, and he asked his dad how he was supposed to find a job. Thats when one of his dads friends stepped in. He said he had some garbage bags he needed to sell, so Cuban went door-to-door selling the bags for three dollars more than he paid for them.库班当时12岁,他问父亲应该如何找到一份工作。父亲的一位朋友当时插了一嘴,称他有一些垃圾袋需要出售,所以库班就美元的差价上门出售这些垃圾袋。Warren Buffett was a paperboy沃伦.巴菲特曾是报童Buffett has been interested in making and saving money since he was a kid. Today, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is worth an estimated .6 billion, according to Forbes, making him one of the worlds wealthiest people.巴菲特在儿时就很喜欢赚钱和攒钱。据《福布斯》显示,作为伯克希尔.哈撒韦公司的董事长和首席执行官,如今巴菲特身价约96亿美元,这使他成为世界上最富有的人之一。At the age of 13, Buffett spent his mornings delivering copies of The Washington Post. That same year, he invested ,200 of his savings into 40 acres of farmland.13岁时,巴菲特每天早上都为《华盛顿邮报》送报纸。那一年,他用1200美元的积蓄投资了40英亩农田。Oprah Winfrey worked at a corner grocery store奥普温弗瑞曾在一家街角杂货店工作Winfreys media empire made her the first female black billionaire - shes worth an estimated .9 billion today, according to Forbes. Before she made it to the top, she struggled her way out of a difficult, impoverished childhood.据《福布斯》称,温弗瑞的传媒帝国让她成为首个黑人女性亿万富翁,如今其身价约9亿美元。在温弗瑞成功之前,她曾有过一段艰苦、贫穷的童年。When she was living with her dad in Nashville as a young teenager, she worked at a corner grocery store next to her dads barbershop, Forbes reports.《福布斯》报道,温弗瑞少年时和父亲居住在纳什维尔,当时她在父亲理发店旁边的一间街角杂货店工作。Michael Dell washed dishes迈克戴尔洗盘子As founder and CEO of Dell Inc., Dell enjoyed a rise to power during the heyday of the personal computer. Today, Dell is worth an estimated .5 billion, according to Forbes.作为戴尔公司的创始人和首席执行官,戴尔在个人电脑的鼎盛时期建立起他的帝国。据《福布斯》称,戴尔现在身价约05亿美元。But before he helped make PCs mainstream, Dell got his first job scrubbing dishes for a Chinese restaurant at the age of 12.但在戴尔推动个人电脑成为主流之前,他的第一份工作是12岁时在一家中餐馆洗碗碟。来 /201611/480250武汉华夏医院割包皮挂什么科 Jeff Sessions, Donald Trumps embattled attorney-general, said on Thursday that he would recuse himself from investigations involving the US presidential campaign, amid controversy over his failure to disclose meetings with the Russian ambassador.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)饱受围攻的司法部长杰夫o塞申Jeff Sessions)周四表示,他会回避与美国总统选战有关的调查。日前,塞申斯因未能披露与俄罗斯大使的会晤而引发极大争议。Mr Sessions did not reveal in his Senate confirmation hearings that he twice met Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak while acting as a close adviser to Donald Trump during last years presidential campaign. The Trump campaigns relations with Russia are the subject of multiple inquiries amid warnings that Moscow was meddling in the US election.去年总统大选期间,塞申斯曾在身为唐纳德·特朗普亲密顾问的同时,两次与俄罗斯大使谢尔盖o基斯利亚Sergey Kislyak)会晤。而在参议院他的就职听会上,塞申斯却没有透露这一事实。在莫斯科干预美国大选的多重警告下,特朗普选举阵营与俄罗斯的关系成为多起调查的对象。The attorney-generals remarks came in a brief press conference on Thursday afternoon, shortly after President Trump had insisted he did not think Mr Sessions needed to recuse himself, and that he thought the former senator had ;probably; testified truthfully.塞申斯是在周四下午一个简短的新闻发布会上做出上述表态的。就在不久之前,美国总统特朗普曾坚称,他认为塞申斯不需要回避,还认为这位前参议员的词;可能;是真的。Yet a number of senior Republicans joined Democrats in calling for Mr Sessions to step aside from any investigations into Russia and the campaign.不过,多名资深共和党Republican)联合民主党人(Democrat)呼吁塞申斯回避任何对俄罗斯和选战的调查。Mr Sessions said he had decided to withdraw from any existing or future investigation of any matter relating to the presidential campaigns. He added that he had not intended to give a false response in his Capitol Hill testimony and that he would be writing to the Senate committee to explain his testimony.塞申斯表示,他已决定退出任何现在或将来的、对总统大选有关事务的调查。他还表示,在国会山的词中,他并没有给出错误回答的意图。并表示,他正在写信给参议院的委员会,为词做出解释。来 /201703/496567武汉华夏医院专治

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