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the Travel section’s Oct. 19 issue on Europe, writers and editors selected special items to profile from a dozen cities. Below, explore everything from chocolate in Brussels to silk in Florence to design in Copenhagen.在欧洲版月19日旅游板块,作者与编辑精选了十二个城市的独特珍宝,下面,我们从布鲁塞尔的巧克力、佛罗伦萨的丝绸到哥本哈根的设计,逐一欣赏吧London: Hats伦敦的帽子“Americans are not always sure what to do with hats,” said Rachel Trevor-Morgan, who was seated in the second-floor showroom of her millinery at 18 Crown Passage. This tiny lane is one of the oldest pedestrian streets in central London, complete with gas lamps — a suitable setting one of the oldest industries in England.“美国人不太明白应该怎么戴帽子”瑞秋·特莱福-根(Rachel Trevor-Morgan)说,她坐在自己位于伦敦大道18号的女帽店二层的展览室里这条小街是伦敦市中心最古老的步行街之一,街边的煤气灯为英格兰最古老的这一行业构成了恰到好处的背景Ms. Trevor-Morgan was surrounded by hats of all shapes (wide-brimmed, pillbox, beret, fascinators), in materials like silk taffeta, wool houndstooth, velour felt, straw and lace. Embellishments included peacock or spiky feathers, silk flowers or sheer veils, bows or curls.特莱福-根女士身边围绕着形形色色的帽子(宽檐帽、小圆帽、贝雷帽、羽毛头饰等),材料包括塔夫绸、犬牙织纹羊毛、丝绒、草和蕾丝饰物有孔雀尾羽或其他长羽毛、绢花或者面纱、蝴蝶结或卷发“The point is to feel beautiful, not silly,” said Ms. Trevor-Morgan, who has designed some 65 hats Queen Elizabeth over the last decade and creates bespoke hats all occasions. She recommends clients make a one-hour appointment and bring along the outfit a particular event so she can match the color. (Prices generally are 0 to ,000 pounds, or about to ,5, at .57 to the pound.)“关键是要让人觉得漂亮,而不是傻”特莱福-根女士说过去十年中,她为伊丽莎白女王设计了65顶帽子,专门为各种重大场合而定制她建议顾客预约一小时的面谈时间,把特定场合所穿的衣拿来,好让她搭配颜色(售价通常0至00英镑;照1英镑等于1.57美元计算,合3至35美元)Just below her store is Lock amp; Company, which claims to be the oldest hat shop in the world. Established in 76 and famous topping the heads of Adm. Lord Nelson and Winston Churchill, it can be perused by men and women alike looking everything from rain hats (#3;79) to a fedora (roughly #3;0) to a faux fur hat (on average, #3;0).她的店铺下面就是洛克公司(Lock amp; Company),它始建于76年,号称是全世界最古老的帽子店,因纳尔逊勋爵(Adm. Lord Nelson)和丘吉尔戴过而闻名于世,同等层次的人群也会来这里选购帽子,包括雨帽(79英镑)、费多拉男式软呢帽(大约0英镑)以及人造皮毛帽(均价0英镑)The designer Edwina Ibbotson, whose latest royal client is Pippa Middleton, says she can tell if a hat is right a woman when she sees “that sparkle in her eye.”设计师艾德维娜·依波逊(Edwina Ibbotson)的最新皇室客户是皮帕·米德尔顿(Pippa Middleton)她说,一个女人如果戴对了帽子,你甚至可以看到“她眼里的光芒”Some celebrities are gravitating to the milliner Jess Collett, whose shop in the heart of the trendy Notting Hill area she likens to a “candy store.” Her clients include Thandie Newton and Kate Hudson, as well as the royal sisters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Her hats have a playful, theatrical feel, from a red feather Mohawk to a swirling constellation of flowers.有些名人青睐女帽制造品牌杰丝·柯莱特(Jess Collett),她家的店铺位于时尚中心区诺丁山她把店铺比喻成一个糖果店,客户包括桑迪·牛顿(Thandie Newton)和凯特·哈德森(Kate Hudson)及王室花尤金妮公主和碧翠丝公主她家的帽子有着顽皮的戏剧感,从一根红羽毛的莫霍克到旋转星群般的花冠“I want everyone to want to wear a hat,” Ms. Collett said. “It automatically makes you more interesting.” Or, as London’s arguably most fashionable hat maker, Philip Treacy, put it: “A hat can completely change the personality of the wearer. I like to make hats that make the heart beat faster.” JENNIFER CONLIN“我希望人人都戴帽子”柯莱特女士说,“戴上帽子,你顿时就迷人起来”而伦敦最时尚的帽子制造商菲利普·特里希(Philip Treacy)说:“一顶帽子能完全改变人的性情我喜欢制造让人心跳加速的帽子”詹妮弗·柯林(JENNIFER CONLIN)供稿 5670武汉华夏割包皮多久能好武汉治疗不孕不育的费用是多少The story of Pygmalion goeslike this: A sculptor carves a statue in the shape of a beautiful woman. Itso beautiful that he falls in love with her, prays that she could become real,has his wish granted, and lives happily ever after. The tale has been reimaginedcountless times since its initial publication as part of Ovid epic poemMetamorphoses in 8 A.D. Pinocchio, Frankenstein, My Fair Lady, and 90s makeovermovie She All That all have their origins in that myth.皮革马利翁的故事是这样的:从前,有一个雕塑家雕了一个美丽的女人她太美丽了以至于雕塑家爱上了她,他祈祷她能变成真人,他的愿望实现了,从此他们过上了性福的生活自从公元8年,奥维德叙事诗变形部分首次出版以来,这故事就被广泛引用皮诺奇、科学怪人、窈窕淑女,以及90年代改头换面的电影里都有这个故事的影子But Pygmalion true modern heir might be Davecat, a man who lives insoutheastern Michigan with three high-end sex dolls. His first purchase, whichhe named Sidore Kuroneko, he considers his wife; the other two—named Elena andMuriel—are just intimate friends. Though he didnt sculpt them, they are hiscreations. He designed their bodies bee they were manufactured and theirpersonalities after they arrived. “There was never a moment when [Sidore]—orany doll, that matter—was merely an object to me,; he told me when we spokelast year.皮革马利翁现代版真实继任者要属戴维猫了,一个跟三只高端定制充气娃娃住在密歇根东南部的男人订购的第一件产品,他取名为Sidore Kuroneko,他把她当做妻子,另外两个叫做埃琳娜和穆里尔的只是亲密朋友尽管他没有雕刻她们,但他创造了她们(角色和外形)在制造成形之前他设计了她们的身体随后才收到货物“不论是[Sidore]还是其他娃娃,她们从来不会反抗我”当我们去年聊天时他告诉我Though Davecat may be one of the most visible modern sex doll owners—with anactive blog and appearances in s, documentaries, and TV spots—he part ofa commy called iDollators. These owners of high-end, anatomically correctdolls use them sex, love, art, and companionship.戴维猫也许是性爱娃娃诸多拥有者里较出名的一个——他活跃于客、专栏、记录片和电视广告中——他是这个被称作iDollators的团体一员这个群体用高端定制、符合解剖学构造的娃娃来满足他们的性、爱、艺术和友谊等需求If Pygmalion lived in today world, none of this would be too eign to him.In Ovid original story, there is some implication that the sculptor was notonly in love with the statue but that he had sex with it bee it came tolife, according to The Erotic Doll, a book by Dr. Marquard Smith, the head ofdoctoral studies and the research leader at the Royal College of Art Schoolof Humanities. Other tales of statue-love can be found throughout classicalantiquity. example, the Greek rhetorician Athenaeus wrote of a man who hada physical love affair with a statue of Cupid. In a somewhat more recentexample, a gardener was reportedly found attempting to get it on with a replicaof the Venus de Milo in 1877.如果皮革马利翁生活在现代,他应该会很适应这一切据皇家艺术学院人文院导史密斯马奎德士,在性爱娃娃一书中所说,奥维德的原著中有过一些暗示,雕塑家不仅跟雕像坠入爱河,还在他们共同生活前就有过性行为在其他的雕像故事里——你可以发现,爱情贯穿整个古典时期例如,古希腊修辞学家阿特纳奥斯写道有人爱上丘比特雕像最近的例子是1877年,报道说一个园丁被发现试图吃复制品维纳斯的豆腐 33武汉大学中南医院男科专家挂号

武汉医院男科生殖器生殖器问题解答武汉治疗睾丸炎费用Oscar the dog travels around the world宠物奥斯卡环游世界Oscar and his owner travel around the world, hoping to arouse people’s care the shelter dogs.宠物Oscar和女主人共同环游世界,希望可以唤起大家对流浪动物的关爱Oscar the dog has been to a lot more places around the world than many of us. He has flown over the Grand Canyon (大峡谷,美国亚利桑那州科罗拉多河的一个大峡谷) in a helicopter and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (金门大桥) in his latest tour.宠物奥斯卡游览了很多地方,这已经超过了我们其中的很多人它乘坐直升飞机飞跃大峡谷,最近它又穿越了金门大桥Oscar’s owner, Ms Joanne Lefson, saved him from a dog shelter eight years ago. The pair began their trip around the world to help millions of dogs without a home. They have visited more than ,000 dog shelters on the way.奥斯卡的主人,Joanne Lefson 女士八年前在所容所里面收养了它之后,他们俩便开始环游世界去帮助成百万的流浪他们一路上寻访了万多个收容所Oscar is ten years old now, but he is still healthy and happy. Joanne wants people to know that shelter dogs need love, too.如今,奥斯卡岁了,它依旧健康快乐Joanne想要人们明白收容所的(流浪)同样需要关怀 170武汉男科医院治疗剪碎湿疣么If any of the five real-life sleeping beauties open their eyes when they are kissed by their suitors at an art exhibit in Kiev, they are contractually obliged to marry them.乌克兰首都基辅的一个艺术展览馆正在举办真人版;睡美人; 展览,照合同规定,如果男性访客能吻醒五位睡美人中的任何一位,睡美人就需要跟他们结婚The women were chosen earlier this month to each lie sleeping three days as part of an installation in the National Art Museum of Ukraine.这是乌克兰国家艺术物馆展览的一部分,扮演;睡美人;的女子是在8月初招募的,她们每人将躺在物馆中睡三天As they sleep, men survey and kiss the women, trying to wake them. If the sleeping beauties open their eyes, both man and woman are contractually obliged to tie the knot.在她们沉睡的过程中,男性访客可以观察、亲吻尝试唤醒这些;睡美人;如果;睡美人; 睁开眼睛,这对男女就可以照合同约定喜结连理;Everybody, any viewer, will have to sign the contract, which says if – this is very important, because nobody has to – if I kiss the beauty and she opens her eyes while being kissed, I marry her,; said Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko, who organized the exhibit.;每位访客也需要签订合同,上面规定:‘如果睡美人在我亲吻她的时候睁开眼睛,我会跟她结婚这个合同的规定非常重要; 组织这次展览的乌克兰艺术家Taras Polataiko表示Requirements the princes and princesses are the same: they must be over 18 years old, they should not be married, and they are required to have a serious intention and sincere desire to get married.展览对这些;王子和睡美人们;的要求相同:必须年满18岁,未婚,还要态度严肃真诚,非常想要结婚Polataiko said he hoped the exhibit would produce a real love connection participants and male visitors.Polataiko说希望这次展览能让;睡美人;扮演者和男性访客之间产生一种真正的爱情联系;I hope they come, so it will be more interesting the beauties. But I really dont know. It a really serious thing, it marriage,; he said.他说:;我希望男性访客能来,这样对于睡美人们来说会更有趣不过我真的不知道,婚姻是非常严肃的话题;Men were allowed to kiss the beauty only once, and only on the lips. The Sleeping Beauty exhibit runs from Aug to Sept 9.男性访客只能亲吻美人一次,而且只能亲在嘴唇上;睡美人;展览会从8月日到9月9日 196636武汉阴囊长疙瘩

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