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  The 1-year-old beauty posted a picture of herself on her blog, grinning at the camera with her thumb up as she posed outside the iconic building. Watson also clutched an armful of books and revealed she will be 'busy studying' as she embarks on the new term.1岁的艾玛在牛津大学的标志性建筑外自拍了一张照片上传到自己的客中照片里,她竖起大拇指,对着镜头咧嘴笑,同时,手臂还夹着一摞书,暗示着在新学期里她要“忙于学习”了People seem to never be satisfied with what they have got. Recently, a research released by China Youth Daily social survey center, indicates that in Beijing almost eighty percent of the interviewees dont like the reputation of their jobs. 377

品牌英语口语00句(55):必须打消这个念头 --01 ::31 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. Give me some sage advice.愿听高见#9658;sage advice 明智的劝告sage adj. 贤明的;睿智的 n. 圣人;哲人;德高望重的长者e.g. Not everybody is a sage. Who can be entirely free from error? 人非圣贤,孰能无过?. You need to do an ECG (electrocardiograph).你得做个心电图3. I prefer a clear broth.我喜欢清汤#9658;clear soup 清汤light soup 也指清汤. Rotate your hips, ladys!们把胯扭起来!5. I have one foot in the grave.我半截身子已经入土了6. The team was demoralized.全队士气大挫7. The film is pretty fast and furious.影片紧凑、刺激#9658;fast and furious 飞快地,(游戏、表演等)生动活泼的,喧哗的gt;gt;《速度与6首爆宣传片 火爆公路竞逐(新片速递)lt;lt;8. Teething troubles growing pains are to be expected.前期会有一些问题#9658;teething troubles 出牙期的病痛;暂时的困难;(项目、创业等遇到的)初期困难,创业阶段的困难#9658;growing pains 发育期痛,青少年发育期的关节痛;成长的烦恼;(企业、事业等)早期发展中的困难9. You must banish the thought.你必须打消这个念头. The bridge was jerry-built.这座桥属于豆腐渣工程#9658;jerry-built adj. 偷工减料的 v.草率建筑,偷工减料地营造( jerry-build的过去式和过去分词 )e.g. That jerry-built cabin will blow apart in a strong wind. 那间草草建起的小屋一阵强风就会被吹走的#9658;jerry-build vt. 草率建筑,偷工减料地营造,粗制滥造去看这个词是怎么来的 gt;gt;每日一句:jerry-build有什么含义呢?lt;lt; 英语口语A source said about the Oscar winner and his model girlfriend: "People around him are worried about how Johnny is doing because he and Vanessa seem so fractured right now. Their relationship is heading toward the end."【今日主题】This morning I'm going to continue being out with the answers to the translation exercises left in 86th periodical morning class. And you might get an unexpected and surprised harvest. 我们来看第题:他爱上那位美丽的姑娘是很自然的事儿翻译为: It is natural that he fall in love with such a beautiful girl. [句子结构剖析] 这是一个含有主语从句的复合句主句是:It is natural,从句是:that he fall in love with such a beautiful girl. 在这个主语从句中that是连接词,连接主句和从句,没有具体意思,但是不能省略“fall in love with somebody”是坠入情海的意思,而今天Juliet想和大家来详究这个短语,fall in love with such a beautiful girl可以看做是这个从句中的整个谓语,但是严格地说起来,it is not exactly right. Why? 因为“原滋原味”的谓语就是“fall”这个实义动词,in love 是是做定点状语,with such a beautiful girl 是介词短语是这个从句中的状语成分,表示的是“对象”[陷阱提示]在上期,我们说道了虚拟语气的体现就在于一个句子中的谓语形式(或者说谓语结构)那么在这个复合句中,主句中的表语是形容词“natural”, 后面又跟有主语从句that he fall in love with such a beautiful girl,这里大家或许会对fall这个谓语有疑惑疑惑点就在于主语是第三人称单数,主句也是一般现在时,为何不用falls呢?因为——一个含有主语从句的复合句中主句中如果表语是有“natural”这个形容词的话,这个主语从句是要使用虚拟语气的,即:谓语结构为——should + 动词原形那么这个主语从句的谓语完完整整的应该是:should + fall但是我们说过了should是可以省略的,就是fall这个动词原形了这么一说,大家的疑惑地道解决了吗?[短语详析] fall in love with somebody 与某人坠入情海 I remember I've talk about my love stories. And today we happen to " love " , then I would like to go on with my " love stories " from which you might get some useful expressions to express your love to your lover.When I were at high school, I had a big crush on my political teacher and we were attracted to each other. Maybe someone says,' Juliet, it is rather too early you to fall in love. ' However, it is the truth. Later, I was sent to university. When I were at university, my beauty and talents caused many many handsome guys' knees to shake. Nevertheless, I was unmoved I kept keep on touch with my teacher loved in my first love. (我在中学时,就爱慕上我的政治老师了,我们都彼此互相吸引着对方或许有的人会说:“Juliet,你为免也太早坠入情海了吧!”当我在大学的时候,由于我的美丽和才华,很多很多的男生为之拜倒在我的石榴裙下但是我却是无动于衷,因为我一直在和我初恋中的老师保持着联系“拜倒在一个靓女的石榴裙下”是我们中文中很妙的文学用语,也是现在非常时尚的用语,它表达出一个男孩子极其地爱慕一个女生我们可以用到这个句子:A woman's something causes a guy's knees to shake. 或者是另外一个句子:A guy is pinned (or tied) to a woman 's apron-strings. 还有一个更为地道的“惯用语”表达:To throw oneself at someone's feet example: I'm still looking the right girl to marry. And when I find her, I'll throw myself at her feet and ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. 我现在还在物色一个我认为合适的女孩作为我的妻子一旦我找到了,我就要拜倒在她的石榴裙下,恳求她作为我的终身伴侣I think this guy is very sensitive and very careful about his marriage instead of playing a trick on feelings between he and a woman. 要是一位男生拜倒在一个女生的石榴裙下后,他会为之茶饭不思,整天就是那女生的影子,学业都可以抛弃,爱情的魔力是很大的我们说他这时候真是神魂颠倒了,爱得晕头转向了那么, 爱情中说“爱某人爱得神魂颠倒”这么美妙的文学语言用英文又怎么说呢?不知大家有没有喝醉酒的经历,醉酒后走起路来就像踩在软绵绵的“云”中一样,飘飘欲仙,那么用上“cloud”这个词,可以这样说:1 She makes him feel up (备注:对妇女动手动脚 ) in the clouds. 或许这还不足以表达“神魂颠倒”的程度,我们用上“nine”这个数词:She makes him feel up on clouds nine. 这还不够淋漓精致地表达出初恋时那种爱得死去活来的感觉,那么我们再用上“world”这个词:She makes him on the top of the world. Yeah , in truth, my teacher really made me on the top of the world. After my graduation from university, my parents who awfully disapproved of my marriage to her and asked me why I had been loving head over heels in love with him who was not only poor but also powerless,ugly and I had no answer to it. Maybe that's called "Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. " 大学毕业了,我的父母是极力地反对我和我的老师的结缘我的父母问我为什么沉溺他的情海如此之深,说他无钱无权,也不帅,我无语或许这就是所谓的“情人眼里出西施”吧 “情人眼里出西施”这个中文谚语用英文中可以这样说:Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder美就在于观者的眼中因为世界上的美与丑是主观的看法我们还可以这样说: Beauty lies in the lover' s eyes. Love is blind. Love sees no fault. Love blinds a man to imperfections .我们要指“男欢女爱”,“沉溺情海”“爱得晕头转向”可以用到上面句子中的一个片语:fall head over heels(1.完全地, 全部地) (.神魂颠倒) in love with someone. 还可以用:fall in love with someone from head to toes (从头到脚地——引申出“完全地”“全部地”之意)上面个短语使用的情景不一样,这个情景就在于时间Fall in love with someone "from head to toes"侧重点在于指“经过很长时间才热恋”, 而fall "head over heels" in love with someone则是强调很快就在火热的爱情之火中燃烧起来了 Let 's look at the example sentences: 1 It takes John years to fall in love with Jane from head to toes. (John历经年来的苦苦追求,才取得Jane的芳心) They had a blind date(经第三方介绍而进行的约会) and fell head over wheels in love with each other. (经媒人一介绍,不久他们就沉溺情海中了)I were at university , the moment I saw my schoolmates were two peas in a pod under the dropping willows in the evening breeze, I ran into a dancing room to press my legs and flipped desperately so that I could drive my loneliness and jealousy to them. I wished he could be a student , studying with me at the same university. 我在大学时,每当我看到学友们在晚风中青翠的垂柳下形影不离时,我就跑进舞蹈室拼命地压腿,练空翻,以驱赶我的孤独与妒忌真希望他和我同龄在同一个学校读书And now maybe it is tune to me that he didn't. Because I spent so much time in practicing my skills in ballet , I can make so many achievements today.一旦男生和女生沉溺情海时,大都会“形影不离”,那么中文的这个成语“形影不离”用英语怎么说了我们可以用到上面句子中的俚语:two peas in a pod 直译为:一个豆荚中的两粒豆子非常形象地引申出“形影不离”这个意思要表达在爱情中“形影不离”,还可以这么说:They have eyes each other and get the entire world. "Haver eyes each other" 译为: 目中无人 这个“目中无人”是指他两爱得就只知道这个世界上只有他们人,再没有别人了 60

看电影学英语:Dreamgirls《追梦女郎精讲(3) -- :53:39 来源:   影片对白  Jimmy: I'm sorry, baby, but when Jimmy's involved, the song got to have some soul! Damn! Lord have mercy! Got to have soul!  Curtis: Soul, gospel, RB, jazz, blues, everything else the man has grabbed from us. Listen, there's got to be a better way us to get our music to a broader audience, only this time with our artists and our money.  Jimmy: Marty, this man is handing me a line of crap.  Marty: Yeah, I know, baby.  C. C. : Got me a Cadillac Cadillac, Cadillac  Got me a Cadillac car  Got me a Cadillac Cadillac, Cadillac  Look at me, mister, I'm a star  Marty: I know what you cats are trying to do, and you can get it. James Early ain't no street-corner punk looking his first date. He's an established artist with a recording contract.  Curtis: On a shitty local label that can't get him to the pop charts.  Marty: We can't do nothing about that.  Curtis: All I'm asking is one record, man. One song with a simple hook. "Look at me in my pretty car, makes me feel like a movie star." You know where all the hits happen these days? In cars, man. Songs that make you feel good while you're driving your automobile.  Marty: Yeah? Jimmy's fans like taking the bus. Let's hit it, Jimmy.  Jimmy: Hey, what do you think about using that bridge there, baby?  Movin' out  Movin' up  Movin' on  Curtis: Sounds a little tick-tock, boys. Let's stay in the pocket.  Man: Going to work! Shut it down! Recording, Cadillac Car. Take nine.  Jimmy: I got me a Cadillac  Cadillac, Cadillac  I got me a Cadillac car  Got me a Cadillac  Cadillac, Cadillac  Look at me, mister, I'm a star  I'm on the move  I'm gettin' on  I'm breakin' out  And it won't take long  Behind the wheel  Got a song  Pedal's down  And I'm gone  Curtis: We've got that coming up in the next hour, but now, let me get a hold of your ear. It's a different sound the Thunder Man. And I think you're gonna enjoy it.  妙语佳句,活学活用  1. Hand me a line of crap  Crap 指"无意义的话,大话,废话",这里hand me a line of crap 指的是 tell a lie  . Street-corner punk looking his first date  This is a sort of euphemism being an amateur, it's not a common one, but used in context it means that Marty sees himself as a man with experience because he's an "established artist with a record contract".  3. established artist: 有名望的艺术家  . hook  Hook 这里指的是一首歌中最容易被人们记住、最能打动人心的地方  5. All the hits  Hits这里指"流行音乐排行榜中位居榜首的歌曲"  6. Stay in the pocket  这个片语可能起源于美式足球,本意是"not scramble around looking a pass(传球), stay in the pocket is safer"这个片语在这里的意思是"Let's stay the safer route when making this song."  7. Let me get a hold of your ear  意思是"Let me get you to pay attention to what I'm about to say because I think it's important you to listen to me. "  Dreamgirls 是一部以上世纪六、七十年代为背景的影片,并且影片的主要内容是黑人音乐的发展,在语言上有相当多那个时代的烙印,并混杂了非常多的黑人英语,其中很多已不再使用、或并非标准英语的用法我们介绍这部影片,希望大家能对那个时代的英语、黑人英语有所了解,对黑人音乐的发展有所了解 学英语 看电影 女郎Croatian journalist James Braddock claims the Oscar-winning actress' upcoming directorial debut 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' is based on his book 'The Subject Work', which he published in .

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 每天一提醒I am the best version of me今天的我就是最好的我 Were all flawed; either we think so, or someone else thinks so. Bottom line is, no one is ever perfect. 我们都有缺点我们是这样认为的,别人也是所以人无完人But I must bear in mind that among all these imperfections, I am the best version of me.但是我一直记住的是正因为有了这些不完美,我才是最好的我bear in mind 记住; 不恝于怀; 铭记不忘; 牢记例句:We must bear in mind these lessons paid with blood.我们要记住这些血的教训.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3676,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Seek out happiness in your every day lives追求更好生活Get outside.出去看看It has been scientifically proven that being outdoors helps alleviate feelings of sadness and depression. Sit a while and pay close attention to your surroundings; I guarantee youll soonbe reminded of the beauty of life.科学研究表明,出门看看能够帮助缓和悲伤及抑郁出去坐一会儿,看看周围的景色,保你会重新认识人生的美好give and get.原谅、释怀Holding grudges serves absolutely no purpose in life. Weve all been bruised bee, some worse than others, butno matter the situation, you will always be better off leaving it in the past.If not their sake, give them your own.怨恨毫无用处人人都受过挫,程度不同而已但无论情况如何,向前看才是最重要的不为别人,也是为了自己,学会原谅【知识点讲解】alleviate vt.减轻;使 ... 缓和例句:They alleviated the boredom of waiting by singing songs.他们以唱歌来减轻等候的厌烦pay attention 注意例句:I hope you will pay attention to this problem.希望你对此给予关注更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki[本节目属] 9635

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