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As the creative director of the French children’s clothing company Bonpoint, Christine Innamorato spends a lot of time thinking about fashion. But interior design, she said, deserves just as much attention.作为法国童装品牌邦布朗(Bonpoint,法国顶级童装奢侈品牌——译注)的创意总监,克丽丝汀·那莫瑞图(Christine Innamorato)把大把的时间花费在了思考时尚这件事上。但是室内设计也值得同等的关注,她说。If you’re trying to create a happy, comforting environment, “the decoration of a child’s room is very important,” said Ms. Innamorato, 48, speaking through an interpreter. That’s why her company has a dedicated team of antiques shoppers to furnish its 110 stores around the world, she said. In fact, she added, “When we show a nice dress in an armoire, sometimes the moms just want to buy the armoire.”如果你想要打造一个快乐、舒适的环境,“儿童房的装修非常重要。”48岁的那莫瑞图通过翻译这样表示。这就是为什么她的公司里有一专业的古董买手团队,为全球110家店面布置家具,她说。事实上,她补充道:“当我们在一个大衣柜里展示一件漂亮裙子时,有时妈妈们只想要买那个衣柜。”But beyond furniture, “the quality of light is very important, and makes a big difference,” she said. “It has to be warm and cozy. It’s all about good energy.”除家具之外,“灯光的质量也非常重要,而且真是会大不一样,”她说,“灯光必须温暖舒适,给人好的感觉。”In New York for the opening of a new Bonpoint store in SoHo, Ms. Innamorato took time out to shop for the most comforting sort of lighting: night lights.在纽约,邦布朗要在SoHo开一家新店,那莫瑞图花时间实地勘察了店面,找到最舒适的一种布光:夜灯。At the Schoolhouse Electric amp; Supply Co. showroom in TriBeCa, she admired the Ion C-Series lamps in the window: bare bulbs with exposed filaments on brightly colored bases.在位于翠贝卡区(TriBeCa)的Schoolhouse Electric amp; Supply Co.,她对橱窗里的离子C系列(Ion C-Series)灯具喜爱有加:裸灯泡和暴露在外的灯丝,拧在色鲜艳、五颜六色的基座上。“The light is just soft enough for a child’s night light, but it would also be good for an adult,” she said. “I would use a number of them together.”“作为孩子的夜灯,这种光线足够柔和,但对于一个成年人来说也很好,”她说,“我想要把它们好几个放在一起用。”At Babesta, she studied a large, playful lamp modeled on the cartoon character Miffy. “It’s funny, but it’s also comforting,” she said of the bunny-shaped form.在巴贝斯通(Babesta,一家纽约童装店——译注),她看到一座好玩的巨大台灯,是以卡通形象米菲(Miffy)为原型制作的。“它非常有趣,光线也很舒适,”她如此评价这只兔子造型的灯具。And because it was so much bigger than the average night light, she added, “You could put it on the floor or on a table next to the bed.”因为这款灯比其它夜灯大得多,她补充道,“你可以把它放在地板上,或者床边的桌子上。”She also liked the GummiLights by Jellio, battery-powered lamps made to look like oversize gummy bears.她还喜欢Jellio设计的GummiLights这款灯,是靠电池供电的,造型像超大尺寸的小熊软糖。Candy for the eyes, she called them: “You almost want to eat it.”这是个养眼的东西,她这么称呼这款灯,“你几乎想要吃掉它。”And at Kikkerland, in the West Village, she picked out the Moon night light.而在西村(West Village)的仙源(Kikkerland,美国一家品牌家居店——译注),她拿起一款月亮夜灯。A small, plug-in model, it was one of the simplest she chose. But as a design inspiration, the moon is “ideal for a night light,” she said. “It’s a nice invitation to dream.”这是一款小巧的即插式模型,是她挑选的灯具里最简单的一款。但是,作为设计灵感的月亮,是“最完美的夜灯”,她说,“是对美梦的绝佳邀请。” /201407/308996

MIKE TROIANO NEEDED to get something off his chest, and he went to social media to do it. In a recent Instagram post, the CMO of Waltham, Mass.-based tech company Actifio announced to the world, with a mix of liberation and mourning: #39;Retiring Bigass Suburban Dad Cargo Shorts. Godspeed, old friend. #itssohardtosaygoodbye.#39; The accompanying photo showed a forlorn and weathered pair of olive cargo shorts. The pockets sagged like old skin, clearly distressed from years of carrying, as Mr. Troiano told me, #39;anything smaller than a toaster.#39; 迈克·特罗亚诺(Mike Troiano)有心事要倾吐,于是他去了社交媒体上发帖子。在最近的一个Instagram帖子上,这位马萨诸塞州沃尔瑟姆市(Waltham)科技公司Actifio的首席营销长带着既解脱又哀痛的情绪向世界宣布:“大号‘乡下老爸’的工装短裤要退休了。祝你好运,老朋友。#itssohardtosaygoodbye(想说再见太难)。”配的照片是一条可怜的、饱经风霜的橄榄色工装短裤。下垂的口袋就像是衰老的皮肤,显然是遭受了多年装东西的折磨。正如特罗亚诺告诉我的:“只要是比烤面包机小的东西都会往里塞。”Like many men, myself included, Mr. Troiano, 47, responded to the cargo craze of the 1990s, when the military-inspired shorts and pants were introduced as casual wear for civilians. Cut above the knee, they were #39;the manliest shorts out there,#39; Mr. Troiano said. As pants, they were rough, tough and workable for carpenters, adventurers and ordinary men who just needed to carry more stuff. F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal,Styling by Anne CardenasDockers“阿尔法修身工装裤”,售价68美元,urbanoutfitters.com有售。和许多男士(包括我在内)一样,47岁的特罗亚诺也对1990年代的工装热做出了积极响应。当时这种灵感来自军的短裤和长裤首次被作为休闲装向普通人推广。特罗亚诺说,那时这种长度到膝盖上方的短裤“是最有男人味的短裤”。长裤则比较粗糙耐穿,木匠和冒险家能穿,也适合需要装更多东西的普通人。At some point, however, Mr. Troiano decided the baggy cargo look was no longer appropriate. They were a #39;stage-of-life#39; pant, he said, and he was well beyond his undergraduate days. His reaction isn#39;t entirely uncommon-particularly among men who associate the look with sloppy collegiate bros burdened by bloated pockets.不过,从某个时候开始,特罗亚诺觉得这种宽松的工装风格不再适合了。他说,这种裤子只适合某个阶段,而他早就过了大学生的年纪了。他的反应并不罕见——尤其是把这种风格与口袋塞得鼓鼓的散漫的大学男生联系起来的男性。But there may be life in those pockets yet. #39;If you asked us if cargo pants were stylish just a few seasons back, we would have answered with a resounding, #39;No,#39; #39; wrote the editors at Esquire on the magazine#39;s site in 2012. In the next sentence, however, they confessed to changing their tune. As well they should: In the past couple of years, the cargo has experienced a complete reputation rehab to become one of the most stylish and versatile go-to pieces of a man#39;s wardrobe.不过这种裤子或许还有一定的生命力。《时尚先生》(Esquire)杂志编辑2012年在其网站上写道:“如果几年前你问我们工装裤是不是时髦,我们的回答肯定是否。”但是在接下来那句话中,他们却承认他们的态度正在改变。他们确实也应该改变:这几年来,工装裤经历了一次彻底的名誉修复,成为了男士衣橱里最时尚也最百搭的单品之一。This spring you can find debonair cargo pants from labels like Michael Bastian, Todd Snyder, Ovadia amp; Sons, Balmain and Michael Kors. Even Dockers, which reported that its sales of cargoes have grown in the past year, this spring introduced a trimmer and more stylish pair, called the Alpha Slim-Fit Cargo. 从左至右依次为:瑞格布恩、Ovadia amp; Sons、拉夫#8226;劳伦黑标(Ralph Lauren Black Label)今年春季,你能找到来自迈克尔·巴斯蒂安(Michael Bastian)、托德·斯奈德(Todd Snyder)、Ovadia amp; Sons、巴尔曼(Balmain)以及迈克尔·科斯(Michael Kors)等品牌的优雅工装裤。就连Dockers今年春季都推出了一款更时尚的修身工装裤,名为“阿尔法修身工装裤”(Alpha Slim-Fit Cargo)。据报道,Dockers去年工装裤的销量有所增长。These new styles have evolved greatly from the original #39;90s cargo, which had a Rambo-in-Passaic look. #39;These aren#39;t college-fit cargoes that are baggy and beyond,#39; said Michael Kors. #39;Ours are polished with a cleaner fit. I wear cargoes all the time.#39; 这些新款式是从最初90年代军装痕迹比较明显的款式演变而来的。迈克尔·科斯说:“这些并不是适合大学生的宽松工装裤,我们的款式设计得更修身。我一直都穿工装裤。”Mr. Kors#39;s version is slender and comfortable with real New York attitude. It has the crisp lines of a chino with a great deal more visual appeal. With four smooth zippered pockets, these cargoes are a slap in the face to the bulkiness of the past, and pickpockets of the future.F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal,Styling by Anne Cardenas从左至右依次为:托德#8226;斯奈德、迈克尔#8226;巴斯蒂安、Gant by Michael Bastian、李维斯(Levi#39;s)、迈克尔#8226;科斯American designer Michael Bastian has included cargoes in his collection since his first spring season in 2007. Mr. Bastian#39;s spring cargo pant, pictured at right, is softened up, with slim legs and neater, flatter pockets. They could replace your linen slacks for a languorous soiree on the beach, but they#39;re polished enough for a smart weekend in the city or even a summer Friday at the office. #39;I think [the cargo] is the one pant that falls directly in that spot between jeans and chinos,#39; said Mr. Bastian. #39;[It#39;s] a little more dressed up than a jean and a little more special than an ordinary chino. It covers a lot of ground.#39;托德#8226;斯奈德这款腿部修身剪裁的工装裤采用人字纹面料。口袋为平整的流线型,中间没有典型的褶皱。Infantry工装裤,售价295美元,toddsnyder.com有售。He said he wears corduroy cargoes for much of the year; in winter, they#39;re heavier and blended with cashmere; in summer, they#39;re lighter weight and off-white. #39;Pair [cargoes] with a very tailored blazer,#39; he advised, #39;and you#39;re well-dressed enough for anything.#39; Seeing the designer#39;s signature cargo look-rolled to the ankle and paired with a soft-shouldered blazer, shirt and tie-is enough to banish any frat-boy associations you ever had. 迈克尔#8226;巴斯蒂安带四合扣的平整的口袋位于略高于小腿的位置。Snap工装裤,售价465美元,Cottage Miami有售,电话305-534-9917。One association designers would do well to hang onto is cargoes#39; connection to military history, which lends them a cool, rugged appeal. #39;Cargo pants#39; longevity is all about their utilitarianism,#39; said American designer Todd Snyder, whose resume includes stints at Gap, J.Crew and Polo Ralph Lauren dating back to 1992, and who shares Mr. Cucinelli#39;s fondness for pairing cargo pants with a sport coat. #39;That functionality endures over time.#39; Mr. Snyder#39;s olive-hued Infantry Cargo pants, shown above, have slim modern lines but also a historical military feel: You can almost see them on Alec Guinness in #39;The Bridge on the River Kwai#39; or in a #39;Downton Abbey#39; war scene. 李维斯采用全棉斜纹布面料,非常适合骑车上班。口袋有两个夹层。通勤工装裤,售价78美元,levi.com有售。Adhering even closer to the style#39;s military roots, Rag amp; Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville collaborated this spring with Crye Precision, manufacturers of modern-day combat apparel, to create their Precision Pants. With inverted pleat pockets on both leg fronts and backs, the trousers are severely stylized. The collaboration, said Mr. Wainwright, telegraphs that their cargoes are #39;all about vintage and authentic military clothing,#39; cutting to the heart of men#39;s appreciation for the look. Gant by Michael Bastian腰部带纽扣的口袋可以装东西,大腿的口袋就可以腾出来。腰带很特别地带有额外的纽扣。完美工装裤(Perfect Cargo Pant),售价225美元,gant.com有售。But loving cargo pants doesn#39;t necessarily mean that you#39;re one step away from re-enacting the Battle of the Bulge on the weekends. There#39;s something purely aesthetic in the power of the pocket. #39;It gives the pants just a little extra interest, rather than just a regular flat-front trouser,#39; said Bruce Pask, men#39;s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. 迈克尔#8226;科斯这款修身工装裤采用很轻的弹性斜纹布面料,有四个小的拉链口袋。工装裤,售价175美元,michaelkors.com有售。And so what started as a utilitarian pant and advertisement for masculinity, has morphed into an endlessly interpreted design staple. Will the cargo ever go away? Avowed cargo enthusiast Alex Kasavin certainly doesn#39;t think so. Mr. Kasavin, a co-owner of Brooklyn menswear shop IDOL, sees only continued evolution. A designer#39;s sensibility can come through even when he works within the conventions of cargo pants, Mr. Kasavin said. #39;It#39;s still a cargo, but it#39;s also clearly that designer#39;s pant.#39; At his store, he is selling the Matrix-like #39;Memphis#39; pants from Rick Owens#39;s Drkshdw label. He also admires styles from other designers, such as Balmain.Everett Collection老式工装裤 2000年,身穿宽松工装裤的男孩乐团98 Degrees成员。科斯的款式很瘦,很舒,有着纯粹的纽约态度。它有着斜纹棉布裤的挺括线条,视觉上的吸引力则强得多。四个流畅的拉链口袋让从前的臃肿无所遁形,也让小偷无处下手。These days, cargo pants speak across cultures, from hip-hop to hipster, beach front to board room. With all these options, I thought, surely I can coax Suburban Dad Mr. Troiano back into the cargo-pant fold. 从2007年首个春季系列开始,美国设计师迈克尔·巴斯蒂安的设计就一直包括工装裤。右图中巴斯蒂安今春的工装裤更加柔软,小腿更修身,口袋也更平整。这条裤子可以替代亚麻宽松裤去参加慵懒的沙滩聚会,而若要在城市里度过潇 的周末,或者夏季的周五在办公室里,它也足够地精致。巴斯蒂安说:“我觉得工装裤正好介于牛仔裤和斜纹棉布裤之间的位置。它比牛仔裤正式一点,又比普通的棉布裤更特别一点。它可以驾驭很多场合。”First, I asked if he would look at some images of the futuristic cargo pants by Rick Owens. He fell silent. It was the silence of countless of us dads who have passed Brooklyn hipster viability. Next, I asked him to look at Todd Snyder#39;s work. #39;That#39;s a nice pant,#39; he said, #39;[It#39;s] a classic look.#39; #39;How so?#39; I asked. #39;Like Otis Day#39;s #39;Shout#39; classic,#39; he said, #39;everyone loves that song!#39; Yes, I thought, in their own ways, everyone loves these pants.但是说到最新的设计师品牌高档工装裤,不得不提到意大利设计师布鲁奈罗·库奇内利(Brunello Cucinelli)。他花了很大精力为工装裤赋予了一丝奢华和休闲高雅的元素。库奇内利就像是一位时尚预言师,他从1998年开始就设计了小巧的工装裤款式。他说:“这种款式既年轻又实用,会让人显得很现代,同时又很舒适。它已经成了我的常规穿着。”But you can#39;t talk about the new generation of high-end, designer-refined cargo pants without mentioning Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli, .MI -0.20% who has done more than his share to impart an air of luxury and casual sophistication to the pants. Something of a fashion fortune teller, Mr. Cucinelli has produced a more dapper cargo pant since 1998. #39;There is something youthful and practical about them which keeps a man looking modern and comfortable,#39; said Mr. Cucinelli. #39;They#39;ve become part of my uniform.#39;他说他大部分时候都穿灯芯绒工装裤。冬天比较厚,布料添加了羊绒;夏天是轻薄的白色工装裤。他建议道:“可以把工装裤和裁剪十分考究的休闲西搭配,这样什么场合都能应付。” 巴斯蒂安的标志性工装裤款式——裤脚卷至脚踝,搭配一件无肩衬休闲西、衬衫和领带——足以将任何兄弟会的痕迹消除。THAT#39;S DEBATABLE | Should I actually carry anything in my cargo pockets? 设计师仍然很坚持的一点是工装裤和军之间的联系,这种联系让工装裤有了一种很酷的粗犷的吸引力。美国设计师托德·斯奈德(Todd Snyder)说:“‘工装裤’的长盛不衰在于它的实用主义。”自1992年起,斯奈德陆续在盖璞(Gap)、J.Crew和拉夫·劳伦(Polo Ralph Lauren)供职。他和库奇内利一样,都喜欢将工装裤和轻便上衣搭配。他说:“那种功用性是历久常新的。”上图中斯奈德设计的橄榄色步兵工装裤有着修长的现代线条,同时也有军装的历史感:《桂河大桥》(The Bridge on the River Kwai)中的亚历克·吉尼斯(Alec Guinness)身上或者《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)中的战争场景中就有这种裤子的影子。Sure! 今年春季,瑞格布恩(Rag amp; Bone)设计师马库斯·温赖特(Marcus Wainwright)及大卫·内维尔(David Neville)与现代军制造商Crye Precision联合推出了Precision Pants,将工装裤与军的渊源体现得更淋漓尽致。这款裤子前后都有暗?袋,风格化十足。温赖特说,这次合作的工装裤“就是对老式的真正的军的演绎”,完全颠覆了男士们对这种款式的审美。Crazy as it sounds, #39;utilitarian#39; fashion can actually be useful, contends the pro-stash camp. #39;You can carry everything in your pockets,#39; said Alex Kasavin, co-owner of Brooklyn store IDOL. American designer Todd Snyder takes a more conservative approach-restricting the actual cargo to slim and essential objects. #39;You can carry your phone and passport,#39; said Mr. Snyder. #39;But nothing bulky.#39; 但爱穿工装裤并不一定意味着你周末穿上工装裤会让突出部之役(Battle of the Bulge)重新上演。工装裤的口袋有着很纯粹的美感。波道夫·古德曼精品百货店(Bergdorf Goodman)男装总监布鲁斯·派斯克(Bruce Pask)说:“口袋让裤子多了有趣的元素,让它不再是一条平淡无奇的裤子了。”Not Really 于是,最开始主打男子汉气概的实用工装裤演变成了有无数种解读的设计单品。工装裤会不会淡出时尚舞台?酷爱工装裤的亚历克斯·卡萨文(Alex Kasavin)肯定不会这么认为。卡萨文是布鲁克林男装店IDOL的老板之一,他认为工装裤只会继续演化。卡萨文说,即使是按照工装裤的传统惯例设计,设计师的感觉也能体现出来。他说:“虽然还是工装裤,但也很明显带有设计师的风格。”他的店里卖的是瑞克·欧文斯(Rick Owens)旗下Drkshdw品牌的工装裤,《黑客帝国》(Matrix)里孟菲斯(Memphis)的那种款式。他也喜欢巴尔曼等其他设计师的款式。Since one crucial element of the revamped designer cargo is sleeker pockets, keeping them empty or near-empty makes sense. #39;You don#39;t want to end up looking like a pack mule,#39; said Michael Kors. But if you must, he allowed: #39;Just a slim credit card or wallet.#39; Bergdorf Goodman men#39;s fashion director Bruce Pask always keeps his cargo pockets clean, with one exception-those days when he#39;s on location for a photo shoot. 从嘻哈到嬉皮,从海滩到会议室,如今各类文化中都能看到工装裤的身影。我觉得,既然有这么多的选择,我肯定可以把“乡下老爸”特罗亚诺拉回到工装裤的世界。Maybe 首先,我问他是否愿意看看瑞克·欧文斯设计的未来主义风格工装裤的图片。他陷入了沉默。正是无数老爸们的这种沉默最终让布鲁克林嬉皮风得以延续。接下来我让他看托德·斯奈德的作品。他说:“这条裤子不错,经典的风格。”我问道:“为什么?”他说:“就像Otis Day的经典歌曲《呐喊》(Shout)。所有人都喜欢那首歌!”没错,我心想,每个人都在以自己的方式喜欢这种裤子。Some feel it#39;s a matter of choice. #39;That#39;s a very personal question,#39; said Rag amp; Bone designer Marcus Wainwright. #39;I#39;m not going to determine that for anybody.#39;争议点 该不该在工装裤口袋里装东西?Lawrence LaRoseIllustration by Joe McKendry for The Wall Street Journal裤兜当然可以装东西!当然可以!

As a water planner in Utah, Pat Crowley had grown frustrated that his message of conservation was being largely ignored by an agriculture industry intent on siphoning off the Colorado River to keep crops in California and other Western states succulent.帕特·克劳利原本是美国犹他州的一名水资源规划师,他一直热衷于传播水资源保护理念。但农业界一心只想着如何从科罗拉多河抽取河水来滋养加利福尼亚州和西部其他州的农作物,对于他的理论基本上置若罔闻,这让克劳利非常沮丧。Then a few years ago, the 34-year-old whitewater rafting enthusiast was listening to a TED talk on edible insects, which touted the critters as a surprising potent source of protein. The more he heard about the potential water savings from swapping insects for traditional protein like soy and grains, the more he realized it might be time to change professions.几年前,这位34岁的漂流爱好者有机会聆听了一场TED演讲,主题是可食用昆虫。演讲者把这些小动物誉为惊人的蛋白质来源。而且,放弃诸如大豆和谷物这类传统的蛋白质来源,转而利用小昆虫,显然具有节约用水的巨大潜力。他越听越觉得,可能是时候改变职业了。After toying with farming insects in 2011 for animal feed, Crowley, his wife Erica Koltenuk, co-founder Dan O’Neill and several friends set up shop in a local restaurant in Salt Lake City and began experimenting with making flour from crickets. Yes, crickets– through a process whereby the bugs are roasted, ground into a powder, and added to a mixture that also includes organic dates, nuts and spices.2011年,在抱着玩玩的心态饲养了一些用于动物饲料的昆虫之后,克劳利和妻子埃里卡o科尔特努克、联合创始人丹o奥尼尔以及几个朋友在盐湖城开设了一家餐厅,开始尝试着以蟋蟀为原料制作面粉。是的,以蟋蟀为原料。具体流程是,先焙烧这些小虫子,研磨成粉,然后将它们添加到一种还包括有机枣,坚果和香料的混合物之中。A year later, they unveiled Chapul cricket bars, the first-ever energy bar made from cricket flour. The bars, each containing the equivalent of 25 crickets and claiming to contain twice the protein of their competitors, are now in over 200 health food, bike and extreme sports stores nationwide—the latest being Colorado-based Natural Grocers, a chain of 100 stores in the Midwest and West.一年后,他们推出第一款使用蟋蟀粉制作的能量棒——Chapul蟋蟀棒。每个能量棒包含大约25只蟋蟀,其蛋白质含量据说是竞争对手的两倍。现在,这款能量棒已经进入200多家位于全美各地的保健食品、单车和极限运动商店。最新一家合作伙伴是总部位于科罗拉多州,在中西部和西部地区拥有100家门店的Natural Grocers连锁零售公司。“I decided to create a consumer product that would make it a very easy first step for people to try insects in a way that wasn’t a novelty but incorporate it into a staple food – make it more of a nutritional product,” says Crowley, who has long blond hair and bears a passing resemblance to the late Kurt Cobain. “This was definitely a mission-driven endeavor. It turns out the market has been responsive to it.”克劳利说,“我决定创建一种消费产品,让人们很容易迈出品尝昆虫的第一步,因为这种食品把昆虫融入一种主食,这样它就更像是一种营养产品,这种吃法不算特别新奇。”留着一头金色长发的克劳利看上去颇像已故歌星科特o柯本。“这是一次完全受使命感推动的尝试。事实明,市场对我们的努力做出了响应。”The bar got a huge boost when Crowley, dressed in a Chapul T-shirt and carrying a container of crickets, was selected to appear in March on the entrepreneur show Shark Tank, the hit business competition show on A in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. After initial reactions of “you gotta be kidding” and “there is no way I’m eating that,” the panel warmed to the product—and panelist and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban agreed to invest ,000 for a 15 percent stake in the business (“Let’s eat some crickets,” he told Crowley).3月份,当克劳利身穿Chapul T恤,携带一个装满蟋蟀的容器出现在A电视台收视率极高的创业节目《鲨鱼坦克》(SharkTank) 时,这种能量棒的知名度瞬间暴涨。参与这档商业竞争节目的创业者往往需要使出浑身解数,向一组评委推销他们的创业点子。乍一听克劳利介绍完,评委们纷纷表示,“你肯定是在开玩笑,”“我绝对不会吃这玩意,”但他们随后对这款产品产生了浓厚兴趣。担任评委的达拉斯小牛队 (Dallas Mavericks)老板马克o库班当场拍板,承诺将投资5万美元购买这家公司15%的股权(“让我们吃一些蟋蟀吧,”他告诉克劳利)。“It’s a solution to a problem,” Cuban said via Twitter. “We need better sources of protein and over time I think consumer habits will change.”“这是一个解决问题的方法,”库班通过Twitter表示。“我们需要更好的蛋白质来源,假以时日,我认为消费习惯会发生变化。”In fact, Chapul is just one of a dozen or more new companies attempting to change the way Americans look at bugs. Brooklyn-based Exo is making protein bars, Boston-based-Six Foods is planning to sell tortilla chips made from cricket flour, and All Things Bugs, a Gainesville, FL-based firm founded by an entomologist, is looking to sell its own cricket flour to this burgeoning market. EnviroFlight in Ohio and AgriProtein in South Africa, meanwhile, are among at least four companies globally producing insects for the pet food, aquaculture or animal feed markets.事实上,除了Chapul之外,还有十几家新公司正在尝试着改变人们看待小昆虫的方式。布鲁克林的EXO公司正在制作蛋白质能量棒。波士顿Six Foods公司打算销售用蟋蟀粉制作的墨西哥炸玉米片。总部位于佛罗里达州盖恩斯维尔,由一位昆虫学家创建的All Things Bugs公司也计划向这个新兴市场销售自己的蟋蟀粉。与此同时,至少有四家公司正在全球各地针对宠物食品,水产养殖或动物饲料市场生产昆虫,比如俄亥俄州的EnviroFlight公司和南非的AgriProtein公司。The big opportunity they see: the consumption of insects as protein is much less taxing on the environment—growing, harvesting and processing them takes far less resources than chickens, cows and pigs, one percent of the greenhouse gasses of cattle and 100 times less water—so they tap into the current sustainability craze. They’re rich in protein and other key nutrients like omega-3 acids. And the products can be made at a low cost—until now, with very little competition.他们看到了一个大机遇:消费昆虫蛋白质对环境的损害要远低于传统蛋白质来源——与鸡、牛和猪相比,饲养、收获和加工昆虫耗费的资源要少得多。因此,这类食品特别容易拨动热衷于可持续发展理念的当代人的心弦。昆虫含有丰富的蛋白质和诸如ω-3脂肪酸这类关键的营养素。这类产品的制作成本相对较低,而且直到目前,竞争对手寥寥无几。But convincing Americans to eat anything containing creepy crawlers is not an easy sell. Unlike the developing world, where the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that two billion people depend daily on as many as 1,900 insect species for food, Americans and much of the West have long considered spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, flies and bees to be a nuisance that must be swatted away or stamped out.但要说美国人吃任何一种以令人毛骨悚然的爬虫为原料的食物,可不是一件容易做到的事情。不同于很多发展中国家——联合国粮农组织(Food and Agriculture Organization)估计,有20亿发展中国家人口每天依靠多达1,900种昆虫为食——美国人和其他西方国家一向认为蜘蛛、蝗虫、蟋蟀、苍蝇和蜜蜂皆是令人不胜其扰的小动物,必须赶紧驱离,或者干脆当场歼灭。But Crowley and other edible insect aficionados are counting on younger, environmentally-conscious Millennials to move the sector beyond gag gifts like lollipops with scorpions or one-off bug buffets to become a staple in health food stores, snack stands and the larger food chain. The key, they say, is playing up the health benefits of eating products with insects while emphasizing bugs’ small environmental footprint.但克劳利和其他可食用昆虫爱好者正在把推动这个行业的希望寄托在更年轻,更具环保意识的千禧一代身上,希望他们不只是把昆虫食品当作类似蝎子棒棒糖这种恶作剧礼物,或者一次性自助餐,还会推动这类食品成为健康食品商店、小吃店和大食品连锁店销售的一种主食。他们声称,关键是要大力宣扬吃昆虫产品对健康的好处,同时要强调昆虫食品的环境足迹要远小于传统蛋白质来源这一事实。“We are trying to set up future generations with a more sustainable food system, one that is more resource efficient and one that is more adaptable to a more changing climate,” Crowley says.“我们正在努力为子孙后代建立一个更具可持续性,更节约资源,更适应气候变化的食物系统,”克劳利说。Rose Wang, co-founder of Six Foods, which in May raised ,000 on Kickstarter to make its Chirps cricket chips and hopes to have the product in stores by fall, agrees. “It’s all about the vision of what eating insects can be,” Wang said in an e-mail interview, pointing out that the bugs are high in protein, low in fat, and can be raised humanely in small spaces, without antibiotics or growth hormones. “There is no question that insects are the most humane way to eat meat,” she says, “And as people become more cognizant of where their food comes from and how it is produced, they are becoming more open to new sustainable foods like insects.”露丝o王认同这种看法。五月份,这位Six Foods公司联合创始人在众筹平台Kickstarter上筹集了7万美元,开始制作Chirps蟋蟀条,她希望这款产品能够在今年秋天进入食品店。在接受电邮采访时,王女士表示,“这就是吃昆虫能够带给我们的美好愿景。”她指出,昆虫不仅具有高蛋白,低脂肪等特质,而且可以在小空间内人性化饲养,无需使用抗生素或生长激素。“毫无疑问,昆虫是最人性化的吃肉方式,”她说。“随着人们对于食物的来源和生产方式有了更深入的了解,他们越来越愿意接受像昆虫这种全新的可持续性食物。”Glen Courtright, CEO and founder of EnviroFlight, is going even further with the environmental approach. His company takes some of the estimated 36 million tons of food waste that ends up in landfills each year and feeds it to the larvae of black soldier flies. A protein meal and oil derived from the dehydrated fly larvae are then packaged and shipped to the pet trade–as well as fish and pig farmers who are clamoring for a protein substitute for fishmeal, which comes from aly overfished oceans.在环保之路上,EnviroFlight公司创始人兼CEO格伦o考特赖特走得更远。他的公司每年利用估计3,600 万吨运送至垃圾填满场的食品垃圾,来喂养被他称为黑士兵的苍蝇幼虫。然后,衍生自脱水蝇蛆的蛋白粉和油被打包运送到宠物市场,以及养鱼户和养猪户。这些农民一直吵着要求获得一种能够替代鱼粉的蛋白物质——海洋已经被过度捕捞,难以为继。EnviroFlight is also partnering with the feed industry around the world to provide its technology and know-how on raising insects for animal feed. Courtright expects to see growth of 50 percent this year, adding that he is struggling to keep up with demand.此外,EnviroFlight正在与世界各地的饲料行业合作,为后者提供养育昆虫饲料的技术和专业知识持。考特赖特预计今年的业务量将增长50%,他正在努力跟上不断增长的需求。“Big business understands there has to be a fish meal replacement, a sustainable fish meal replacement,” said Courtright, who initially explored producing oil from insects, bacteria and then algae for biofuels before shifting to the feed sector. “They are seeing the viability of the product and they are understanding insect technologies are real and they are coming.”考特赖特声称,“大企业明白,必须找到一种传统鱼粉的替代物,一种具有可持续性的替代物。”在转向饲料行业之前,他起初尝试着从昆虫、细菌和藻类中提炼生物燃料。“他们将发现这种产品是可行的,意识到昆虫技术不是骗局,就会找上门来。”But will insects catch on as pizza did after World War II or sushi did in the 1970s?但这些小动物能否像比萨饼在二战后,或寿司在20世纪70年代那样风行一时?Some experts think the deluge of new insect-related companies could be a turning point in entomophagists’ (that’s those who advocate for insects as food) decades-long battle to get the six and eight-legged critters onto the plates of consumers.数十年来,食虫学家(即那些主张食用昆虫的人士)一直在竭力推动六条腿和八条腿的小动物进入消费者的餐盘。有专家认为,与昆虫相关的新企业不断涌现,或将成为这种努力的转折点。“This is more than a blip. This is the beginning of a curve that will go steadily up,” said Montana State University Associate Prof. Florence V. Dunkel, a leading edible insect expert who organizes an annual bug buffet on campus each year featuring delicacies like wax moth larvae quesadillas, curried mealworms and Chinese stir fry made with crickets.“这种现象不是昙花一现,而会成为一条将稳步上升的曲线的开端,”蒙大拿州立大学(Montana State University )副教授弗洛伦斯o邓克尔说。这位著名的食用昆虫专家每年都在校园组织一场昆虫自助餐,其中的特色佳肴包括蜡蛾幼虫油炸玉米饼、用咖哩粉烹调的黄粉虫和爆炒蟋蟀。“There was the environment,” she says, ticking off forces that are driving interest in the new food group. “There was the need to have more nutrients. And then there was the openness of the Millennial generation to search out better ways to live,” she added. “It’s a no-brainer to begin to incorporate insects into our diet as a protein source.”她列举驱动人们对这种全新食物类别产生兴趣的力量,“当时的环境,对更多营养物质的需要,还有就是千禧一代在搜寻更好生活方式时抱有的开放心态,”她补充说。“在这些因素的推动下,人们开始不假思索地把昆虫作为一种蛋白质来源融入我们的饮食。”But while Dunkel predicts that shoppers in the next few years could find bags of frozen moth larvae next to the frozen shrimp, others, including the FAO, are more cautious. They say consumer products will remain a “niche market” for at least another generation, mostly attracting thrill-seeking Westerners as well as immigrant communities in the West pining for traditional insect favorites like grasshoppers from Mexico or Mopane worms from southern Africa.不过,虽然邓克尔预测称,在未来几年,冷冻蛾幼虫将与冷冻虾一道出现在消费者的购物袋之中,但其他人,包括联合国粮农组织,都比较谨慎。他们表示,至少对下一代人来说,昆虫消费类产品将依然是一个“缝隙市场”,其主要受众是寻求刺激的西方人,以及西方国家中渴望享受墨西哥蚱蜢或南部非洲可乐豆木蠕虫等传统昆虫美食的移民社区。The FAO’s Paul Vantomme, who coordinates the agency’s insect program, says he thinks the greatest potential is in the animal feed sector, noting that insects could represent up to 10 percent of the 150 million tons of protein sold each year in two decades. The insects would replace fishmeal and supplement soybean meal, Vantomme said.负责协调粮农组织昆虫项目的联合国官员保罗o旺托姆表示,他认为最大的潜力将是动物饲料领域。他指出,在未来20年每年售出的大约1,500万吨蛋白质中,昆虫的占比有望达到10%。在他看来,昆虫将取代鱼粉,还将成为大豆粉的补充。“China imports 30 million tons of soybean meal in order to supply its chicken and pig farms,” Vantomme says. “The average Chinese eats meat once a week, and that is expected to double in the next five years. That means they will be importing 60 million tons. Even China is looking for alternatives for these imports. For them, it’s a big problem.”“为了满足养鸡场和养猪场的需要,中国每年进口大约3,000万吨大豆粉,”旺托姆说。“中国老百姓通常一周吃一次肉,他们的肉食需求预计将在未来5年翻一番。这意味着,他们将进口6,000万吨。就连中国也开始为这些进口饲料寻找替代品。对他们来说,这是一个大问题。”EnviroFlight’sCourtright also says he expects the animal feed sector to offer the most potential for investors. “For animal feed, definitely. For human feed, I don’t think the West is y,” Courtright says. “We’re not that hungry yet. We are not starving and insects are not part of our culture.”此外,EnviroFlight公司的考特赖特表示,他预计饲料行业将成为最有潜力吸引投资的领域。“对于饲料产业来说,肯定如此。但我不认为西方公众已经做好了食用昆虫的准备,”考特赖特说。“我们还没有饿到那份上。我们目前还没有体会到挨饿的滋味,也不具备吃昆虫的文化传统。”Some of that trepidation was on display the other day at Fortune when several reporters said they were scared to even try samples of the Chapur coconut, ginger and lime or the peanut butter and chocolate bar. Much of the apprehension came from expecting to bite into a cricket, as famously seen on the TV show Fear Factor, although the bars have no visible cricket parts and lack the woodsy flavor of chirping insects. The taste and consistency are closer to a chocolate or tropical power bar.前几天,就在《财富》(Fortune) 杂志社,当几位记者绘声绘色地描述他们颤颤巍巍地品尝Chapul椰子、姜汁、酸橙或花生酱和巧克力棒样品的经历时,有好几位编辑都露出了惊恐万分的表情。其中很大一部分忧虑恐怕跟有可能咬到一只蟋蟀有关——就像他们在电视节目《谁敢来挑战》(Fear Factor)中看到的那个著名场景——尽管这些能量棒看不到明显的蟋蟀痕迹,也缺乏这种吱吱叫的昆虫身上特有的那股木香味。这些食物的口味和一致性更接近于巧克力或热带棒状食品。A few blocks away, the bars were on sale at midtown Manhattan’s Westerly Natural Market natural foods store. Positioned alongside a protein bar featuring Chia seeds and another one claiming to save lives with each sale, staffers said the Chapul cricket bars were selling mostly to “hard-core” customers trying to tap into the latest health food trends. Sales have been slow due to limited marketing and the foreign concept of edible insects, they said.几个街区之外,在曼哈顿中城的西风自然市场 (Westerly Natural Market),有不少天然食品商店正在销售这些棒状食品。其中有一款蛋白质棒包含野鼠尾草籽,和另一种据称每销售一笔就能拯救许多生命的草籽。站在一旁的销售人员表示,Chapul蟋蟀棒主要卖给了那些尝试着迎合最新保健食品趋势的“死忠”顾客。由于市场营销活动有限,再加上公众对食用昆虫的概念还非常陌生,这些产品的销售一直非常迟缓,他们说。For his part, Chapul’s Crowley has grown accustomed to the naysayers and acknowledges he still has work to do to help consumers overcome their fears of eating products like his with insects. But he believes his company has plenty of room to grow, predicting that it could see million in revenue in 2015 and more than million in five years.不过,对于各种反调,克劳利早已习以为常,并且承认在帮助消费者克对昆虫食品的恐惧方面,他依然需要做大量工作。但克劳利相信他的公司有足够大的成长空间,他预计公司营收将在2015年达到100万美元,并且将在五年内突破1,000 万美元大关。“I have no doubt that the industry will continue to grow,” Crowley says, noting that he expects Chapul to be in 10,000 stores in five years. “We need to diversify our food system,” he says. “We are not trying to eliminate food sources. We are just trying to add insects to the of the American diet.”克劳利说,“这个行业将继续增长,我对此坚信不疑。”他预计Chapul将在五年内进入1万家商店。“我们需要丰富我们的食品系统,”他说。“我们不是在尝试着消除食物来源。我们仅仅是想把昆虫添加到人们的饮食菜单之中。” /201407/315747

Wu Zhuan and Zong Yinghong don#39;t wear wedding rings, nor do they hold hands or kiss in public. Instead, it is their matching turquoise shirts decorated with yellow and black hearts that signal that they are man and wife.张阳阳和男友赵晓龙穿着情侣衫。吴专和宗银红都不戴婚戒,也不会在公共场合牵手或亲吻,他们彰显夫妻关系的方式是穿着印有黄色和黑色心形图案的蓝绿色情侣衫。The newlyweds plan weekend outings-wearing matching gray hoodies, striped sweatshirts or a set of purple pig shirts-to window shop and gin up glances in places like Wangfujing, Beijing#39;s version of Times Square.这对新婚夫妇周末通常到类似王府井的地方,身穿灰色情侣帽衫,或者条纹情侣运动衫,亦或是紫色的印有小猪图案的情侣衫,逛街和吸引人们的目光。王府井常被称作北京的时报广场(Times Square)。#39;We want everyone to envy us,#39; said Mr. Wu, a 32-year-old forestry and conservation consultant, sitting next to his identically dressed spouse.32岁的林业和保育顾问吴专坐在与他穿着同样衣的妻子旁边说,我们觉得别人看着我们羡慕的眼光感觉很舒。Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong have stiff competition on their weekend jaunts. In a single hour on a recent Saturday afternoon, eight couples could be spotted walking down Beijing#39;s hip shopping street Nanluoguxiang wearing either identical or matching outfits-black shirts with yellow hearts and smiley faces on them, or a skirt paired with a polo shirt of the same stripes.情侣衫:中国式恩爱秀像吴专和宗银红这样喜欢在周末穿着情侣装来吸引眼球的人不在少数。在近期一个周六的下午,仅在一小时内,就有八对穿着情侣装的情侣或夫妇走过南锣鼓巷。他们有的穿着黄色心形图案和笑脸的黑色情侣衫,有的穿着印有同样条纹图案的连衣裙和Polo衫。One such couple, Jin Ying and He Yukun-wearing a blue-and-white-striped dress-shirt combo-said the first time they dressed alike was like a pledge to one another, an admission of feelings they hadn#39;t fully expressed before.金莹和何禹坤就是其中一对,他们分别身穿有同样蓝白条纹的连衣裙和衬衫。他们说,他们第一次穿情侣装时就像给了对方一个承诺,表达了他们过去没有完全表达出来的情感。In a country where matchmaking has traditionally meant little or no input from the young people involved, couples are wresting back control. As courtship gets redefined, one byproduct is a fashion trend that would make most high-end designers cringe.在这样一个有着包办婚姻传统的国家,情侣们正重新夺回主动权。随着示爱的行为得以重新界定,一个派生的影响便是形成了一股时尚趋势,而多数高端设计师将不得不迎合这样的趋势。A search for matching couple clothing-known as qing lü zhuang-on China#39;s biggest e-commerce site Taobao, offers more than three million results from online stores that have launched to meet the high demand. In roughly the last year, searches for the clothing have increased by 57%, according to Alibaba Group, Taobao#39;s parent.在中国最大的电子商务网站淘宝网(Taobao)上搜索情侣装,可以从诸多网店中得到超过300万个结果。这些网店都在努力满足这个需求。据淘宝网的母公司阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)说,在过去的一年左右的时间里,情侣装的搜索量增长了57%。The phenomenon has its versions in the West-say, portraits of families sporting matching Christmas sweaters. A move toward his and her clothing failed years ago. In China, though, the trend provides a framework for romance, something that hasn#39;t always been the primary factor in a relationship.西方也有类似的现象。比如说,西方家庭的成员会穿同款 诞装在一起拍照。数年前,情侣装未能成为潮流。但在中国,这股趋势带来了一种浪漫感,而过去浪漫在情侣或夫妻关系中并不总是一个重要的因素。For hundreds of years, parents and grandparents parsed out family trees, calculated dowries and astrology charts to arrange marriages. And even in recent years, many matches have sprung from a plan for a better material life, the promise that a combined income could afford a new home and maybe even a BMW.几百年来,父母和祖父母通过检查家谱、嫁妆和算命来安排婚姻。即便是在近些年,一些人能走到一起也是因为这样可以带来更好的物质生活,意味着两人的收入加在一起可以买套新房子,甚至再买辆宝马车。Ms. Zong, a 31-year-old accountant in Beijing, said she chose to marry Mr. Wu, whom she first met in 2007, because he makes her laugh. Mr. Wu said it was Ms. Zong#39;s gentle nature that won him over. #39;I would call her just to hear her voice,#39; he said.金莹和何禹坤现年31岁的宗银红是名会计,住在北京,她在2007年第一次见到吴专。她说,选择嫁给吴专是因为他能让她开怀大笑。吴专说,宗银红温柔的气质让他心动。他说,我会就为了听她的声音给她打电话。Ms. Zong says her parents, farmers who grow corn and beans in China#39;s northeastern Jilin province, sometimes wear similar colors-gray and black-and old Mao-inspired jackets from years past, though that is less an expression of affection than an old remnant. She could never imagine them deliberately wearing matching shirts as symbols of love, she said.宗银红的父母都是农民,在吉林省种玉米和大豆。她说,她的父母有时会穿颜色类似的外套,这些外套属于毛泽东时代那种黑灰颜色的衣。但她说,这并不是表达感情的方式,而是一种旧有的习惯。她无法想象父母会故意穿上情侣装,以此作为爱的象征。#39;The first time they met was on their wedding day,#39; Ms. Zong said. #39;Surely they love one another, but our love is different,#39; she said.宗银红说,他们两个人第一次见面是在他们自己的婚礼上,他们当然爱对方,不过我们的爱情跟他们不一样。For Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong, their coordinated-fashion debut wasn#39;t long after they started dating. #39;It made us official,#39; said Mr. Wu.对于吴专和宗银红来说,两个人从开始约会不久就穿着情侣装上街了。吴专说,她送给我,我才发现这是一个正式的的事情。Sun Peidong, an associate professor at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University, says the phenomenon reflects an increasingly materialistic society that is obsessed with logos and labels. People want BMWs to show they are rich; now they want matching-couples labeling to show they are in relationships, said Ms. Sun. And ultimately, matching duds is a way for people to feel secure, she said.复旦大学副教授孙沛东说,穿情侣装的现象折射出一个痴迷于品牌和标签、越来越物质化的社会。她说,人们希望开宝马来显示自己的富有;现在又希望穿着情侣装来显示自己不是单身;归根到底,穿情侣装还是为了满足人们的安全感。Bai Zhengping, just six months into a relationship, asked his girlfriend Ma Xin to accompany him on a shopping trip to buy twin Superman shirts. #39;I felt proud, like I was saying, #39;She#39;s mine,#39; #39; said Mr. Bai. #39;I just wanted everyone to know,#39; he said, noting they have been together now for two years. She smiled and said, #39;I was so happy he asked.#39;白郑平在与现任女友马鑫刚谈了六个月恋爱的时候,就让马鑫陪着自己去买两件“超人”T恤。白郑平说,当时我觉得骄傲,就好比是在说“她是我的人”了。他说,我当时就是想让所有人知道。白郑平说自己与马鑫已经在一起两年了。马鑫则笑着说,他当时开口的时候我好开心。Clothing designer Zhou Yougen launched online in 2011 his couples label Fei Chen, whose tagline says, #39;Listen to the heart, the beating of one another.#39; He said the fashion category has evolved from mere matching T-shirts to trendy dresses and shirts that complement one another. Best-sellers like a yellow and blue cotton dress with accompanying boyfriend knit shirt helped Mr. Zhou#39;s 2012 revenue reach 800,000 yuan, roughly 0,000, increasing 15 times from a year earlier, he said.2011年,装设计师周友根在网站推出了他的情侣装品牌“飞辰”,品牌标语这样写道:用心聆听,彼此的心跳。周友根说,情侣装已经从图案一样的T恤衫发展到了互相搭配的时尚裙装与衬衫。飞辰最为畅销的款式包括黄蓝棉布装以及与其搭配的男士针织衬衫。这些畅销产品使得周友根在2012年的收入达到人民币80万元,是2011年的15倍。Mr. Zhou, who is 40 and sometimes pairs his outfits with his wife#39;s, said the segment has so much potential that he is toying with the idea of designing more mature outfits for older couples, or for entire families.现年40岁的周友根有时也会搭配着妻子的着装来穿衣,他说情侣装领域有很大的潜力,他自己还在考虑给年纪大一些的情侣设计更成熟的衣,或为全家人设计装。Couples have the option of buying identical shirt sets or outfits that play off one another. For example, on the couples section of the site Wholesale7.net, #39;Spring Lovers#39; shirts feature two separate heart halves and a disjointed message that is only able when seen as a set: #39;Let Love...Create Miracle.#39; The company says sales of its matching couple shirts jumped 30% last year.情侣们可以选择购买图案或文字相得益彰的同款情侣衬衫或情侣装。比如,网站Wholesale7.net的情侣产品区,“春天爱人”(Spring Lovers)情侣衬衫各有半颗心,两件衬衫上的文字连在一起是“让爱……创造奇迹”。该公司说,情侣衬衫的销售额去年增长了30%。Major brands have taken notice, pushing the fashion statement to new levels with his-and-hers underwear. PVH Corp., parent of Calvin Klein, creates sets sold especially for Asia. Calvin Klein also stocks matching pajamas in China.主要品牌注意到了这一潮流,用情侣内衣将时尚宣言推到新的高度。Calvin Klein的母公司PVH Corp.生产专门在亚洲销售的情侣内衣。该公司还在中国销售情侣睡衣。Not everyone is immediately won over by the trend. Zhi Yingli, a 21-year-old student in Beijing, said she was mortified when her ex-boyfriend wanted them to flaunt identical clothes. #39;It#39;s like you#39;re parading your most private feelings,#39; she said. After some months, it grew on her, she said.并非每个人都立即被这一潮流赢得了芳心。北京21岁的学生英丽(音)说,当她的前男友想和她穿情侣装时,她觉得很窘。她说,就像展示你的最深的情感。不过她说,几个月后她就对情侣装爱不释手了。But since they broke up, Ms. Zhi won#39;t wear any of the half-set of the clothes she still has in her closet. #39;Maybe only if I haven#39;t done laundry for weeks,#39; she said.但由于他们已经分手了,英丽不会再穿她衣橱里仍留着的情侣装。她说,或许只有在几个星期没洗衣的时候才会穿。Meanwhile, Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong say they hope to be dressing alike for years to come and plan to expand their matching wardrobes. Ms. Zong said they are preparing for winter and are even considering buying special mittens, consisting of one mitten for him and one for her and a muff in the middle so the couple can stay warm without ever having to let go of each other#39;s hands.与此同时,吴专和宗银红说,他们希望今后继续穿情侣装,并计划扩大他们的情侣装储备。宗银红说,他们正在为冬天做准备,他们甚至考虑购买情侣手套,一只手套给他,一只手套给她,两只手套用一个暖手筒相连,这样两人就可以不必放开对方的手而保持手暖暖的了。 /201310/259713In the beginning, there were Levi#39;s. In 1853, during the heart of the gold rush, a Bavarian émigré named Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco from New York, looking to expand his family#39;s East Coast dry-goods business. Among his wares were blankets, cloth by the yard and durable work pants, sometimes called ;jeans pants.; Then in 1872, one of Strauss#39;s customers, a tailor named Jacob Davis, made him the offer that would change his fortunes — and the way Americans dressed — forever. Davis had been buying Strauss#39;s blue denim and duck cloth to sew ;waist-overalls; and had perfected a method of reinforcing them with the same copper rivets he used on horse blankets. Unwilling to put up the necessary to patent his creation, he suggested that Strauss pay the fee in exchange for a half-interest in the business.起初,有Levi#39;s牛仔裤。1853年,在淘金热的高潮,一个名叫利维·斯特劳斯(Levi Strauss)的巴伐利亚移民从纽约来到旧金山,想扩大他家族的东海岸公司(East Coast)的纺织品生意。他的产品包括毯子、大量布料和耐磨的工作裤——这种裤子有时被称为“牛仔裤#39;”。1872年,斯特劳斯的一位顾客、一个名叫雅可布·戴维斯(Jacob Davis)的裁缝提出一个建议,这个建议将彻底改变利维的命运以及美国人的着装方式。之前戴维斯经常购买斯特劳斯的蓝色粗斜纹布和帆布,缝制“齐腰工装裤”,而且用他做马鞍褥的铜铆钉改进了加固方法。他不愿花68美元给自己的创造申请专利,所以提议让斯特劳斯来付这个费用,回报是这个生意一半的利润。The patent for ;improvement in fastening pocket-openings; was granted in 1873, and soon after Levi Strauss amp; Company opened its first San Francisco factory to manufacture bluejeans. The original design, which was simply called ;XX,; was eventually assigned lot number 501. Competition was fierce: In addition to an upstate New York company called Sweet-Orr, founded in 1871 (which may actually have been the first commercial jeans producer), there were countless regional jeans companies by the turn of the century, including Osh Kosh B#39;Gosh in Wisconsin and Carhartt in Michigan. In 1911, the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company of Kansas started producing its own brand of workwear, which eventually led to Lee Dungarees. Along with Wrangler (originally founded in 1904 as the Hudson Overall Company of Greensboro, N.C.) and Levi#39;s, Lee went on after World War II to become what James Sullivan, author of ;Jeans: A Cultural History of an American Icon,; calls ;the big three; of bluejeans.“改进加固口袋的方法”的专利在1873年获得批准,不久之后,利维·斯特劳斯公司(Levi Strauss amp; Company)在旧金山开设了第一家工厂,生产蓝色牛仔裤。最初的设计被简单命名为“XX”,最终指定的批号为501。竞争非常激烈:1871年纽约州北部成立了一个名叫甜蜜奥尔(Sweet-Orr)的公司,它实际上可能是第一个牛仔裤生产商;到20世纪初,出现了数不清的地区牛仔裤公司,包括威斯康星州的奥什·科什·比哥什公司(Osh Kosh B#39;Gosh)和密歇根州的卡哈特公司(Carhartt)。1911年,堪萨斯州的H·D·李商业公司(H.D. Lee Mercantile Company)开始生产它自己的工作品牌,最终演变为李牌工装裤(Lee Dungarees)。Levi#39;s公司、Lee公司和牛仔公司(Wrangler,它成立于1904年,最初名为北卡罗来纳州格林斯罗市哈德逊工装裤公司[Hudson Overall Company of Greensboro, N.C.])这三家公司一直存续到“二战”后,成为詹姆斯·沙利文(James Sullivan)所说的牛仔裤“三巨头”。沙利文是《牛仔裤:一个美国标志的文化史》(Jeans: A Cultural History of an American Icon)的作者。Regardless of brand, jeans have reflected the mood of the country since the moment they were introduced. ;You went from cuffed jeans in the ‘50s to faded and bell-bottoms in the ‘60s and early ‘70s, to the designer jeans of the disco era, the saggy jeans of the hip-hop era and on to the exclusive 0 jeans we now call premium,; Sullivan says. And like all truly revolutionary products, jeans have inspired adoration, outrage and everything in between. As Yves Saint Laurent said more than once, ;I wish I had invented bluejeans.;撇开品牌不说,牛仔裤从诞生起就反映了这个国家的情绪。“从50年代的翻边牛仔裤,60年代、70年代初的褪色喇叭牛仔裤,到迪斯科舞时代的设计师牛仔裤,嘻哈时代松垮垮的牛仔裤,再到如今300美元的高端牛仔裤,”沙利文说。像所有真正具有革命性的产品,牛仔裤激发了爱慕、愤怒以及各种情绪。伊夫·圣·洛朗(Yves Saint Laurent)曾不止一次说过,“真希望牛仔裤是我发明的。” /201409/326817

A new US TV show has *captivated people’s attention all over the world, giving rise to numerous newspaper commentaries, interviews and discussions on prime time news broadcasts. No, we are not talking about the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, but rather, a science documentary series titled Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.近日,一档新上映的美国电视节目吸引了全球人民的眼球,各大报纸竞相,诸多新闻广播也在黄金时段对该节目进行采访报道。我们接下来要说的并不是那部名声大噪的奇幻电视剧《权力的游戏》,而是一部名为《宇宙:一段时空奥德赛之旅》(以下简称为《宇宙》)的科学记录片。The 13-part show kicked off in March and will come to its journey’s end in June. It has made TV history. According to National Geographic, it is the largest global *rollout of a TV series ever, appearing on 220 channels in 181 countries and 45 languages.此片共13集,今年三月开播,至六月结束。它创造了电视节目的新历史:据《国家地理》报道,这部纪录片是目前全球覆盖面最广的一档电视节目,已在全球181个国家220个频道用45种语言播出。The popularity of the show is partly due to its charismatic host, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson, according to some US media outlets, is the most beloved *astrophysicist in the country. He has a *knack for making complex scientific facts interesting and accessible to common people. He is a popular science writer, appears in numerous science programs on TV, and hosts the weekly radio show and podcast Star Talk. Cosmos, in turn, has made Tyson the single most visible public face of science in the US today.该片如此受欢迎,部分原因来自其个人魅力爆棚的主持人——奈尔#8226;德葛拉司#8226;泰森。美国媒体称他为美国最受欢迎的天体物理学家。他总能深入浅出,擅长将复杂的科学事实变成每个普通人都明白的有趣内容。此外,他还是一位高人气科普作家,做客多档科学电视节目,并主持每周电台广播与播客《星语》。而此次,《宇宙》的播出,则使他成为美国当今科学界曝光率最高的公众人物。Tense topics颇具争议的话题But not everyone is happy about the show and to see Tyson become so popular. In the US, because of religious right groups and *conservatism, scientific topics like evolution and climate change have become politically controversial. Religious right groups, according to a Salon article, are “freaking out” about the show. They believe God created the universe and all living things in it.然而,并非人人都乐于看到这档节目以及泰森的走红。在美国,由于宗教右翼团体与保守主义人士的存在,进化、气候变化等科学话题在政治上颇具争议。据美国《沙龙》网络杂志报道,这部片子让一些宗教右翼团体很抓狂,因为他们相信是上帝创造了宇宙和所有生物。As for climate change, recent polls show there are still many people in the US who don’t think global warming is happening, a New York Times article reported.而来自《纽约时报》的报道称,在最近的投票中,美国仍有很多人不相信全球变暖现象正在发生。But Cosmos doesn’t shy away from these topics. The first few episodes of the show saw Tyson explain the Big Bang Theory and human evolution. And just before US President Barack Obama unveiled on June 2 regulations to cut carbon pollution from power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, Tyson *confronted climate deniers in that week’s episode. He said that global warming is not caused by “those damn *volcanoes”, but rather, we humans are the problem.但是,《宇宙》并没有因此而回避这些话题。在最初的几集中,泰森就解释了宇宙大爆炸理论,介绍了人类进化史。美国总统奥巴马6月2日揭晓减排法案,期望在2030年前把全国发电站碳排放量从2005年度水准上减少30%。而在此之前,泰森就在该周纪录片中直面否认气候问题的人们,称全球变暖并非因“那些可恶的火山”而起,而是我们人类自己的问题。Even if you are not interested in science, you should watch the show, simply because you are a member of this universe.即使你对科学兴趣乏乏,你也不能错过此片,因为你也是这个宇宙的一员。Tyson said at the show’s premiere: “The goal [of the show] is to convey why science matters to the person, to our society, to us as *shepherds of this planet. It involves presenting science in ways that connect to you, so Cosmos can influence you not only intellectually but emotionally, with a celebration of wonder and *awe.正如泰森在纪录片伊始所言,“这部片子更像是一个守护者,旨在传播科学对于每个人和整个社会的意义。它会从与你息息相关的角度讲述科学,带来智慧与情感的双重影响,让人惊奇的同时让人敬畏。“Science should be part of everybody’s life. The *prerequisite is not that you become a scientist. It’s that at the end of the series, you will *embrace science and recognize its role in who and what you are,” said Tyson.泰森还说:“科学应该是每个人生活的一部分。你不一定非得成为一名科学家,但在看过这部片子之后,你将会更加热爱科学,并认识到科学在‘你是谁,你是什么’问题中所扮演的角色。” /201406/307390Scientists have sequenced the genome of the world#39;s oldest continuously surviving cancer, a transmissible genital cancer that affects dogs. This cancer, which causes grotesque genital tumors in dogs around the world, first arose in a single dog that lived about 11,000 years ago. The cancer survived after the death of this dog by the transfer of its cancer cells to other dogs during mating. The genome of this 11,000-year-old cancer carries about two million mutations -- many more mutations than are found in most human cancers, the majority of which have between 1,000 and 5,000 mutations. The team used one type of mutation, known to accumulate steadily over time as a ;molecular clock,; to estimate that the cancer first arose 11,000 years ago.一般来说,癌症在宿主体内产生后,会随着宿主的死亡而灰飞烟灭。不过,据《科学》1月23日报道,有一脉“犬传染性性病肿瘤”(CTVT)已经存在了1.1万年,可能是有史以来最古老的癌症。该肿瘤的第一任宿主在品种上接近哈士奇,其基因至今仍保留在肿瘤细胞中。这一脉CTVT自1.1万年前首次出现以后,非但没有消亡,反而通过交配在犬类中广泛传播。这项研究已经在学术杂志《科学》上面发表。科研人员已经完成了CTVT的基因排序工作,发现它已经有了大约200万个变种。在人类中,癌症的变种一般在1000至5000个之间。研究团队分析了其中一个变种,认定CTVT最早出现在1.1万年之前。;The genome of this remarkable long-lived cancer has demonstrated that, given the right conditions, cancers can continue to survive for more than 10,000 years despite the accumulation of millions of mutations,; says Dr Elizabeth Murchison, first author from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge. The genome of the transmissible dog cancer still harbors the genetic variants of the individual dog that first gave rise to the cancer 11,000 years ago. Analysis of these genetic variants revealed that this dog may have resembled an Alaskan Malamute or Husky. It probably had a short, straight coat that was colored either grey/brown or black. Its genetic sequence could not determine if this dog was a male or a female, but did indicate that it was a relatively inbred individual.论文第一作者、来自剑桥大学的伊丽莎白?默奇森士说:“这个癌症如此长寿,实在难得。它的基因说明,在适当的环境下,癌症能够存活1万年以上,并衍生出数百万个变种。”这个癌症基因至今仍保有1.1万年前其首任宿主的基因。分析表明,这位“始作俑者”在品种上和哈士奇非常相似,毛发短而直,可能以灰、褐、黑等颜色为主。默奇森说:“我们不知道为什么这一条会患上传染性癌症。”;We do not know why this particular individual gave rise to a transmissible cancer,; says Dr Murchison, ;But it is fascinating to look back in time and reconstruct the identity of this ancient dog whose genome is still alive today in the cells of the cancer that it spawned.; Transmissible dog cancer is a common disease found in dogs around the world today. The genome sequence has helped scientists to further understand how this disease has sp. ;The patterns of genetic variants in tumors from different continents suggested that the cancer existed in one isolated population of dogs for most of its history,; says Dr Murchison. ;It sp around the world within the last 500 years, possibly carried by dogs accompanying seafarers on their global explorations during the dawn of the age of exploration.;谈及CTVT的传播史时,默奇森说:“不同大陆上肿瘤变种的范式表明,肿瘤长期局限在一个孤立的犬类种群里,在过去500年内才在全世界传播开来。这些犬类也许是在探险时代的早期跟随主人们周游世界的。” 自然环境下的传染性癌症非常罕见。癌症能够在宿主的不同器官中扩散,但很难传染给其他个体。作者之一麦克?斯特拉顿说:“这个传染性犬类癌症的基因会帮助我们研究癌症传染的过程。虽然传染性癌症非常罕见,但我们必须做好准备,以防类似疾病在人类或者其他动物中出现。另外,通过研究这个古老的癌症,我们能够更加广泛地了解影响癌症进化的因素。Transmissible cancers are extremely rare in nature. Cancers, in humans and animals, arise when a single cell in the body acquires mutations that cause it to produce more copies of itself. Cancer cells often sp to different parts of the body in a process known as metastasis. However, it is very rare for cancer cells to leave the bodies of their original hosts and to sp to other individuals. Apart from the dog transmissible cancer, the only other known naturally occurring transmissible cancer is an aggressive transmissible facial cancer in Tasmanian devils that is sp by biting. ;The genome of the transmissible dog cancer will help us to understand the processes that allow cancers to become transmissible,; says Professor Sir Mike Stratton, senior author and Director of the Sanger Institute. ;Although transmissible cancers are very rare, we should be prepared in case such a disease emerged in humans or other animals. Furthermore, studying the evolution of this ancient cancer can help us to understand factors driving cancer evolution more generally.;美国国家卫生研究院的癌症遗传学家伊莱恩?奥斯特兰德说:“这绝对令人兴奋。成千上万年来,犬类一直传播、照顾这一脉的癌症细胞,现在我们有机会研究它了。 /201401/274271

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