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抚顺望花医院男科最好的医院抚顺市妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗抚顺慢性前列腺炎的费用 A: This is Manager Liang's office, what can I do you? B: This is Wang Xiao from AB company speaking. Our CEO Mr. Green has an appointment with Mr. Liang tomorrow morning. But there is a minor change in tomorrow's schedule. Mr. Green has an abrupt urgent case tomorrow and he has to go abroad today. He wanted me to convey his apology to Mr. Wang.A: OK. I'll tell him.B: And Mr. Green will make another appointment when Mr. Wang comes back.A: OK. Thanks calling.B: Bye!A: Bye!重点知识讲解:CEO Chief Executive Officer 执行总裁,首席执行官Minor 最小的,少量的其反义词是major,意为“较多的,主要的”Abrupt 突然的,突发的Urgent 紧急的Convey 传达“convey sht. to sb.” 的意思是“向某人传达某事”,比如在对话中“convey one’s apology to sb.” 的意思就是“向某人传达歉意” 77导购口语:What kind of wristwatch are you interested in, a dress watch or a sport watch?您对哪个类型的手表有兴趣,装饰用的手表还是运动手表?We have a complete range of famous brands here. How about this one? It an Omega.我们这儿各种名牌的货色齐全这只如何?这只是欧米伽的Seiko watches are pretty good. They keep time as well as being tasteful.精工表相当好不但准确,而且格调也很高雅 语句:A complete range of famous brands各种名牌的货色齐全;keep time(钟表)走得准;as well as…不但……而且…… 情景再现:It one of the best clocks in our shop.这是我们店里最好的钟表之一They are waterproof and shockproof.它们是防水防震的You can take it back another change if it isnt a good timekeeper.如果时间走得不准,可以给您换货This ladies watch with luminous dial is so delicate.这只女士夜光表是如此的精致 1318辽宁抚顺治疗早泄哪家医院最好

清原县第二医院不孕不育预约A: I want to return this radio.我想退下收音机B: OK.May I see your receipt?好的,我能看下你的收据吗?A:Certainly.I have it right here.当然可以,就在这里B:What the problem with the radio?收音机有什么问题A:It is a poor resection.质量不好B:Perhaps you like a different one.也许你想换一个A:No.Thank you.Every fund deserves I want.不,谢谢了我想要退款B:OK.Give me a few seconds.好的,请稍等 61清原县妇幼保健院治疗阳痿多少钱 Different types of credit coverbull;HEADING AOffered by a number of underwriters in the UK and on the continent,this policy structure protects against the catastrophe risk.Sometimes called ;Excess of Loss; or ;Stop Loss cover;,the underwriting philosophy is centred around the insured existing in-house credit management controls.The insured will agree a ;first loss; or non-qualifying loss designed to eliminate predictable lower level losses.Bad debt losses in excess of this level accumulate within a second predetermined band or layer,referred to as the annual aggregate.A layer of cover is then purchased in excess of this self-insured proportion.Cover of up to 0% of each qualifying loss in excess of this agreed annual aggregate is available.The cover is normally fixed up to an agreed ceiling of annual losses,known as the ;maximum liability.;bull;HEADING BThis is the more traditional credit insurance policy,normally protecting all sales under a single policy.The policy provides the credit manager with up-to-date financial advice on all principal customers.Generally the insured will self-insure an element of each credit limit.Normally indemnity is 80%-85%.At commencement of the policy an assessment is made of turnover likely to be declared under the policy.The underwriter will agree an annual premium rate charged against such declarations,usually quarterly.bull;HEADING CSome insurers now offer pre-delivery cover as an additional element of whole turnover cover.Indemnity is the same as normal credit risk and premium is either charged as an additional rate on turnover or is combined in a single charge.bull;HEADING DMore companies are now expanding their export business and require a simple,cost-effective credit insurance policy which does not automatically provide unnecessary political risk cover.Multi market insurance has been designed to provide cover in a single policy against the risk of non-payment,due to insolvency or protracted default,in the UK and most OECD markets.All credit risks are covered with 90% indemnity both UK and export sales.Financial advice is also available on major buyers.bull;HEADING EOccasionally one debtor may represent an inordinately large element of a company turnover.Although one argument suggests that if the buyer is undoubted,then credit insurance cover is not necessary,the catastrophic effect of non-payment,due to uneseeable or uncontrollable events,would invariably suggest otherwise.Principal customer cover provides protection against non-payment through insolvency of larger buyers.The benefit of financial advice is available and indemnities vary between 70%-90%.This type of cover is sometimes referred to as ;Datum Line; cover.bull;HEADING FInsures individual target risks or the large single contract.Premium can be charged as a percentage rate on insured sales,but is more likely to be calculated as a rate on contract value.Indemnity varies from 75% to 0%,dependent upon the quality of risk.bull;HEADING GInsures the advance payments made to a supplier prior to receipt of goods.The policy can also be extended to cover consequential loss which may be incurred if the supplier defaults.Policies are usually underwritten on a single contract basis with premium charged as a fixed amount on contract value.Indemnity up to 0% is available.Five-tier rate system controversialGermany export credit insurance system came of age on July 1 with the abandonment of a 50-year-old system of unim premium rates.A five-tier system was introduced which effectively reduced the mer standard premium by two-thirds cover on deals with lowest-risk countries,and doubled it companies doing business with the world economic laggards.While the government saw the change as an occasion celebration,industry and the opposition remained as resolutely glum as they had through more than two years of consultation.Certain media commentators were downright aggressive.One leading newspaper, example,described the move as an insurance policy the Bonn government paid by exporters.East German politicians complained that because of the heavier premiums deals with their manufacturers traditional Russian and other east bloc countries,export credit insurance would now exclusively benefit west German companies.Bonn was insistent that the changes should go through.Germany was behind the times,it said,being the only major exporter to apply unim tariffs.It also had international agreements to honour:subsidy rules in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade required export credit insurance schemes to be independent and self-supporting.The old system was increasingly failing to meet these criteria.At the same time,the Bonn administration was under strict orders from the Bundesbank to cut state spending wherever possible.Mounting deficits in the state-sponsored Hermes insurance programme,administered by the Allianz group,were a clear target.The federal budget subsidised the Hermes programme to the tune of a record DM5.1bn last year,and a further escalation to DM7.5bn(regardless of the impact of the new premiums) has aly been earmarked the current year.As Gunter Rexrodt,economics minister,pointed out recently,DM.5bn of the 1993 Hermes deficit was due to outstanding debts from the mer Soviet Union.While he failed to mention that countries such as Russia and the Ukraine-still important outlets east Germany struggling industry-had been placed in the worst risk grade,he made much of cheaper premiums other countries where west German exporters are hoping to find new growth.Singapore,Taiwan and South Korea are now in the top rank-;countries without special risks;. export credit insurance purposes,they are now on equal terms with large industrialised nations which the services of Hermes play no role.Premiums on deals with China and the Czech Republic are reduced by a third.Mr Rexrodt insisted that higher premiums Russia and mer Soviet Union states offered no disadvantages to German exporters,since competing nations had long since been paying more cover there.While the minister side-stepped the implications east Germany,his ministry officials had earlier ridden rough-shod over protests.At a March meeting in the Baltic state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,regional leaders protested that Hermes operated exclusively on behalf of west German interests.A Hermes representative was able to demonstrate the charge as untrue with figures which at the same time,which at the same time starkly illustrated just how important the system was to the region economy.While Hermes covered 6 per cent at most of all German exports,the proportion rose to 50 per cent in the mer GDR. 7抚顺市第五医院男科咨询

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