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[健康]你还在捡吃的?食物五秒法则被推翻! --5 :59:38 来源:sohu 对于专业吃货来说,有什么比亲手把自己最心爱的食物掉在地上更伤心的了? 如果你知道五秒法则的话,应该会在食物掉地后的五秒之内,以迅雷不及掩耳盗铃之势捡起所以,在三秒内捡起来呢?它看起来还能吃!但是抛开法则,以科学的角度来看,真的能吃吗? 5 Seconds Is More Than Enough Time Bacteria To Accumulate On Your Food.What sucks is when you drop your beloved food on the ground (oh no!). You aly know the rules, so you start counting down from five as soon as it hits the ground. Three seconds? Hah, looks like it's still edible! Or is it? 那么到底什么是五秒法则呢?顾名思义,就是‘掉在地上的食物,如果你在五秒内把它捡起来,它还是可以食用的’但是,事实可能并非如此! So, what's all this ;five-second rule; business? Well, you most likely aly know the saying that, if you drop your food on the ground, you have five seconds to pick it back up. Well, that may not be as true as most people hope. 食品科学家决定对五秒法则进行深入研究其实对科学家来说,这并不是当前最重要的研究课题,但他们真的不想让这种错误的信息继续流传毕竟,你我身边有太多人,真的会倒数五秒,然后捡起心爱的食物继续吃 Food scientists decided to look into the five-second rule. While it may not be the most important topic them to research, they didn't want the misinmation to keep sping since, you know, pretty much everyone follows it. 一项由克莱姆森大学发布的研究指出,不论食物接触了受污染的地方五秒,三十秒或者是六十秒(还是一个世纪),都会粘上差不多数量的细菌 A study published at Clemson University found that food which touched a contaminated surface five, 30, or 60 seconds all had roughly the same amount of bacteria on it. 假如五秒法则是假的,那什么才是食物被污染最重要的原因?同一研究指出,时间的长短不是重点,重点在于地面的种类和食物被污染了多久 If the five-second rule is fake, what matters most when it comes to bacteria? That same study that found the amount of time wasn't important found that the type of surface, as well as how long it has been infested, plays a bigger role. 信不信由你,高达70%女生和56%男生都承认和正在跟随五秒法则!不要胡乱相信别人说的话,不要人家说五秒法则可行,你就盲目相信但如果你坚持要吃掉在地上的食物,那就只好确保地面是干净的再吃 Believe it or not, 70% of women and 56% of men admitted to following the five-second rule.Basically, don't believe everything you hear. If you absolutely have to eat food off the floor, just be sure that the floor isn't contaminated.奇才老太做出电影主题蛋糕 -- 19::9 来源: An incredible gran is bringing movies to life - and, better still, you can eat them.一个不可思议的老太太把电影做活了,更妙的是,她做的东西可以吃Carole Gregory, a talented artist, creates astonishingly detailed cakes by transming her favourite blockbuster films into sweet, spongy masterpieces.卡萝尔?格雷戈里是个有才华的艺术家,她擅长把喜爱的电影元素融入香甜松软的蛋糕,制出精巧无比的艺术之作The 68-year-old, from Rugeley, Staffs, has crafted jaw-dropping cakes featuring Yoda from Star Wars and Predator, from just sponge and icing.这位68岁的老太太来自英格兰斯塔福郡鲁吉利镇她已经以电影《星球大战系列中的尤达大师以及《铁血战士为主题,仅靠海绵蛋糕和糖衣,就制出了令人瞠目结舌的艺术蛋糕Brilliant baker Carole decided to take on a new challenge after watching one of her favourite flicks and has been inundated with requests from family and friends.卡萝尔是个才华横溢的面包师看过最喜欢的电影后,她总会进行新挑战,家人和朋友们的请求也令她应接不暇Carole said: "I love a new challenge, even though I've made thousands of cakes over the years, I've found making film cakes as a hobby the most fun - it's been great putting movies into the mix!卡萝尔说:“我喜欢新挑战,虽然多年来已经做了成千上万个蛋糕,我还是觉得把电影蛋糕当作业余爱好其乐无穷,在蛋糕中融入电影实在感觉太棒啦!"It makes a change from the usual wedding, birthday, or christening cakes that I'm used to and the reception I've had from friends and family has been amazing.“这不同于我平时习惯做的婚礼、生日或洗礼蛋糕,朋友和家人们的好评简直令我受宠若惊"They can take me anything from a few hours to days at a time to create depending on how big I decide to make them.“做蛋糕需要的时间从几小时到数天不等,这取决于我想做多大的蛋糕"Baking the sponge is the easy part but then moulding it into shape and doing the fine details to make the cake come to life is challenging.“烤海绵蛋糕比较容易,但随后的塑形、做栩栩如生的细节就很有挑战性了"The Predator cake has got the best response so far, everyone's going mad over it and it's been viewed over ,000 times online now.“目前,《铁血战士蛋糕得到的好评最高,大家都超喜欢这款,网上的点击率已经上万"Now I'm thinking about what I can do to top it."“现在我考虑的是怎样才能超越这款”Carole a grandma-of-four, and great-gran-of-two, has always been artistic and has been in the baking business over 30 years.卡萝尔已有四个孙儿,两个曾孙,她一直很有艺术天分,在烘焙这一行已经做了30多年The avid baker now makes the cakes with her husband of years, Richard, 50, and the duo can create anything from two to thirty cakes a week.这位狂热的面包师现在和丈夫一起做蛋糕,她和现年50岁的丈夫理查德已经结婚二十年什么要求的蛋糕两人都能做,一周可以做出二到三十个蛋糕Richard does all of the structural work while Carole spends hours on the finer details - making people double-take the amazing creations.理查德负责蛋糕塑形,卡萝尔则花数小时来完善细节,制出的蛋糕令人忍不住多看几眼Carole said: "We make a great team, over the years my cakes have become more and more popular so an extra pair of hands in the kitchen is great.卡萝尔说:“我们配合得很好,多年来我的蛋糕越来越受欢迎,所以说厨房里有个帮手真的很棒"We have such a close family so it goes without saying I'd do anything them, including all of their birthday, wedding, and cakes any occasion really.“我们家人之间很亲密,所以不用说我也愿意为他们做任何事情,包括生日、婚礼以及任何其他场合的蛋糕"People often ask if I've ever got bored or wanted to do anything else but I'm an artist and I wouldn't change my job the world.“人们常常问我是否会厌烦做蛋糕,或者想干别的,但我是个艺术家,我不会为任何事换工作"Our favourite all-time cake is my 'All you need is love' cake, we can adapt and change it but everyone's always blown away by it.“我们最喜欢的、所有场合皆宜的蛋糕是‘你只需要爱’主题蛋糕,我们偶尔会改动一下,但它总能艳惊四座"The most difficult one's to make are the wonky cakes, you have to balance them just right."“最难做的是‘摇晃蛋糕’,制作时必须平衡得恰到好处”Carole never makes two cakes the same as they all vary in flavour, shape and size depending on what individuals have asked .卡萝尔从不把同款蛋糕做两遍,她总会根据客人需求变换一下口味、形状和大小She said: "People come to me with ideas and visions and I do my best to make them as accurate as possible.她说:“人们来找我时总有自己的想法和希望,我会尽可能准确地再现这些东西"One of the cakes people are mad at the minute are the wedding cakes which are divided into two.“现在特别受欢迎的是一款可以一分为二的婚礼蛋糕"They're pretty and traditional from the front, but completely out there and different at the back.“这款蛋糕的正面既好看又传统,但背面却是另一番景象"We aren't your usual gran and grandad though, we're often out on our motorbikes or at rock nights in our spare time.“不过,我们可不像普通的爷爷奶奶,我们经常骑着托车出去玩,空闲时间还会跳跳摇滚舞"Some of my favourite cakes are ones covered in skulls which are a bit more daring, especially when brides and grooms go them.“我最喜欢的蛋糕中有些是头骨外形,这种设计很大胆,尤其是作为婚礼蛋糕"I'm looking ward to my next challenge, and continuing my hobby - I definitely won't be retiring any time soon."“我很期待下一个挑战,而且我的爱好会持续下去——我绝对不会老早退休”Vocabularyblow away:(从感情上)压倒,倾倒,镇住[]“北京瘫”葛大爷晋升网红 鹿晗学样 --18 ::9 来源:sohu 最近,一种“脖子以下全是腿”的坐姿在网络上爆红,而葛大爷葛优成为了这一姿势的最强代言人与葫芦娃,尔康,以及天线宝宝等“过气明星”再次走红的方式一样,葛大爷以及家庭情景剧《我爱我家再次通过”表情包”的方式,成功上位网红 Recently, a sitting posture become notoriously famous online. And just like other superannuated images such as “Er Kang” and the“Teletubbies”, Ge You becomes popular again through its funny “emoji icon package”. 那么葛大爷的表情包到底有什么独特之处呢? So what's so special about Ge You in this TV series that makes it coming back to public after such a long time? “北京瘫”是这一系列表情包的明星动作,葛大爷饰演的二混子纪春生完美诠释演绎了什么是“北京瘫”——脖子以下全是腿这一姿势的英文表达有Beijing repose, 以及CRI 英语环球广播圆桌议事赫扬翻译的Beijing Slouch Beijing Slouch is the English expression of this posture of Ge You in these pictures. The unemployed native Beijing young man Ji Chunsheng, starred by Ge You, perfectly presented and demonstrated this ;Old Beijingers' Style; sitting posture—below the neck are legs. 很快,机智的小伙伴们发现“ 脖子以下全是腿 ”不仅是葛大爷的专利,更是北京“大爷”的标准化坐姿葛大爷以外,冯导更是北京瘫坐姿的又一诠释者 Netizens found out another representative this posture--Feng Xiaogang. 冯导这姿势是可是和葛大爷一样销魂呢~更神奇的是,网友发现这一姿势不光是老一辈北京“大爷”的专利,更是被小一辈北京“少爷”演绎的淋漓尽致 However, this posture is not monopolized by those old Beijing natives. 近日,网友还评选出了“京城四瘫”!大张伟,鹿晗,易烊千玺,张一山 Recently, netizens have voted younger representatives this posture. 这四位北京“少爷”可谓是继承冯导和葛大爷的衣钵,完美的诠释了北京“少爷”的北京瘫 These four younger native Beijing celebrities perfectly take over the mantle fo Ge You and Feng Xiaogang's sitting posture of Beijing slouch. 其实这种全是腿的坐姿真的无处不在! Here! Here! And Here!! Anyway,医生提醒道,这种坐姿虽然舒适,但是会对脊柱造成严重压迫,所以我们还是应该提倡健康的坐姿 But doctors warn the public, although this position is comtable, but it will exert pressure on the spine hardly, and we should call healthy sitting posture. 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奥巴马访问广岛:历史决不能被遗忘 -- 3:37:51 来源: 自二战以来,奥巴马是第一位访问广岛的现任美国总统 Mr Obama said the memory of 6 August 195 must never fade, but did not apologise the US attack - the world’s first nuclear bombing.奥巴马表示195年8月6日(广岛核爆日)的记忆永远不会被遗忘,但是他表示自己不会为美国的袭击--世界首次核爆炸--而道歉Mr Obama spoke to two survivors and in an address called on nations to pursue a world without nuclear weapons.奥巴马和两位广岛核爆幸存者进行了交谈,并在一场演讲中呼吁各国追求一个没有核武器的世界At least 0,000 people died in Hiroshima and another 7,000 three days later in a second bombing in Nagasaki.在广岛核爆中至少死亡了万人在三天后的长崎核爆中,又死亡了7万000人Mr Obama first visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum bee walking to the Peace Memorial Park, accompanied by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.在日本首相安倍的陪同下,奥巴马首先参观了广岛和平纪念馆,随后又前往了和平纪念公园Both men stood in front of the eternal flame. Mr Obama laid a wreath first, followed by Mr Abe.两人都在公园内常年燃烧着的火焰前肃立奥巴马首先敬献了一个花圈,随后安倍也同样献上了一个花圈"Death fell from the sky and the world was changed," Mr Obama said in his address, noting that the bombing had shown that "mankind possessed the means to destroy itself".奥巴马在演讲中说道:“死亡从天而降,世界而改变”他还指出这场核爆表明“人类拥有毁灭自己的手段”Mr Obama said the memory of Hiroshima must never fade: "It allows us to fight complacencies, fuels our moral imagination and allows us to change."奥巴马说广岛的记忆绝不会被遗忘:“它使得我们可以战胜(我们的)自满,激发我们的道德想象,并且允许我们做出改变”Of nuclear weapons, he said: "We must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them."对于核武器,他说:“我们必须有勇气逃离‘恐怖论’,并追求一个没有核武器的世界”Mr Obama then spoke to two survivors, hugging 79-year-old Shigeaki Mori.在这之后,奥巴马和两名幸存者进行了交谈,还拥抱了79岁的诚昭森"The president gestured as if he was going to give me a hug, so we hugged," Mr Mori said.诚昭森说道:“总统给我打手势,看起来他好像要给我一个拥抱,所以我们就抱在了一起”Mr Obama also talked to Sunao Tsuboi, 91.奥巴马还和(另一位幸存者)91岁的砂尾坪井进行了交谈The Chugoku Shimbun urges Mr Obama to "hear the voices of Hiroshima". "The people of Hiroshima will be watching the president closely, eyeing to what extent he is truly resolved to advance the abolition of nuclear arms," it said.《中国新闻敦促奥巴马“听听广岛的呼声”该份新闻表示:“广岛人民会密切关注奥巴马总统,看他究竟在多大程度上想要真正地推进核武器的废除运动”The Asahi Shimbun carries an saying Mr Obama’s "gestures will shape the visit", with the "most powerful gesture" being to "just listen to the bomb victims’ memories of suffering and activism".《朝日新闻发表了一篇文章,说奥巴马的“姿态将决定这场访问(的基调)”,并指出“最有效的姿态”是“只要听一听核爆幸存者痛苦和激进的记忆”The Japan Times says: "To truly pay homage to those whose lives were lost or irrevocably altered by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, Obama’s visit must galvanise the international commy to move without delay toward a world free of nuclear weapons. The fact that these weapons have not been used over the past 70 years does not guarantee a risk-free future our children."《日本时报表示:“为真正地祭奠这些死于或因为广岛、长崎核爆而被改变命运的人,奥巴马必须促使国际社会毫不迟疑地朝着无核武器世界前进尽管在过去的70年里核武器没有被使用,但这并不能保我们的子孙将来不会有遭受核武器的风险”

北京最古老地铁一号线安装屏蔽门(双语) -- 18::50 来源:sohu 北京地铁一号线作为全国、甚至全世界最繁忙的地铁线路,是中国最古老的一条地铁线随着城市的不断发展,地铁线路范围不断扩大,新建成的地铁线路都配有金属玻璃的整体站台保护门;而一号线由于兴建时间较早,站台旁边并没有任何的防护措施,所以乘客掉下站台,或跳下站台的意外时有发生 7月18日,北京地铁一号线永安里站正式安装了站台屏蔽门,以此来保障广大乘客的人身安全 Platm screen doors were installed at Yong'anli Station on Beijing's subway Line 1 on July 18th to protect passengers of one of the world's busiest metro networks. 目前为止,永安里站的站台门是一号线自1971年建成发车以来的首个站台屏蔽门,站台门为金属玻璃材质,高1.5米 The 1.5 m-tall metal and glass doors are the first barriers China's oldest subway line, which started operations in 1971. 在安装站台门之前,建设者对站台进行了加固和整修预计至年底,北京地铁一号线其余个站台都将安装站台保护门 Builders reinced the platm bee installing the doors. By the end of , the remaining stations on the line will all have screen doors. 目前为止,在北京已有的18条地铁线路之中,只有一号线和二号线没有站台保护措施出于对时有发生的自杀行为和由于拥挤而掉下站台等安全隐患的考虑,广大群众都在呼吁为一,二号线安装屏蔽门 Currently, only Line 1 and Line of Beijing's 18 subway routes have no protective barriers. The public has called screen doors as occasional suicides and accidents have raised safety concerns. 版权所有: CRI NEWSPlus 英语环球广播

安徽省中学教室学生群殴老师,警方介入调查 -- :5:5 来源: 尊师敬长本是每个人不约而同应该遵守的道德准则,有的学生天生叛逆对老师表现出不敬,老师也应该以身作则,首先保自己是一名合格的老师,同时对学生给出正确的引导Chinese authorities are investigating a classroom brawl between high school students and their teacher in Anhui province, local media report.当地媒体报道,警方正在介入调查安徽省高中生在教室围殴老师的事件A purportedly showing the fight sp online on Wednesday, shocking netizens who condemned the incident.据称,周三这段斗殴的视频在网上广泛流传,震惊了网友,大家都强烈谴责这个事件The clip shows a teacher grabbing a studentrsquo;s neck, and a group of students beating and kicking the teacher.视频中一位老师抓住一个学生的脖子,之后一群学生围住这位老师对其拳打脚踢Classroom violence is rare in China, which has traditionally emphasised respect teachers.The incident was first reported by local newspaper Shichang Xingbao on Thursday and quickly picked up by national news outlets and state media.在中国,课堂暴力是很罕见的,因为尊敬师长是中华民族的传统美德周四当地媒体《市场星报首先报道了这一事件,之后被国内各大媒体及官方媒体报道The paper and online portal Anhui News ed Mengcheng education officials as saying they were investigating the incident.据新闻报纸和门户网站《安徽新闻援引蒙城教育部门的说法,他们正在调查这一事件Anhui News said the principal of the school had been suspended, while the students and teacher are being questioned.《安徽新闻称涉事学校校长已经被停职,涉事学生和老师正在接受询问The fight is said to have taken place in a high school in Mengcheng county last Friday during an English night class.据称这场斗殴发生在蒙城县一所高中上周五的一节英语晚自习课上The teacher was reportedly collecting test scripts from students, but one student refused to hand in his paper.报道称当时该教师正在收同学们的试卷,而其中一名同学拒绝交卷The shows the two of them arguing while tugging at a bunch of papers, bee the teacher reaches his hand out to the studentrsquo;s chest to push him away, then grabs his neck.视频一开始两人拽着一叠试卷发生激烈的争吵,随后这位老师用手将学生推开,然后抓住他的脖子The student appears to retaliate by hitting the teacher, and is quickly joined by a group of other students who beat and kick the man in a corner of the classroom. One is seen throwing a large object at the teacher.这名学生开始展开报复,殴打这位老师,很快一群学生加入进来将老师逼到教室角落拳打脚踢其中一个拿凳子向老师砸去The teacher is also seen fighting back and slapping the students several times.这位老师也有过几次反击并掌掴了那位学生几次Reports ed school authorities as saying he did not sustain any injuries.报道援引学校官方说法称该教师无明显伤情Respect the teacherrsquo;;尊敬师长;The clip has since been shared widely online, with many on microblogging network Sina Weibo expressing shock and disgust at the incident.这段视频在网上被广泛分享,很多人在新浪微上表达了对该事件的震惊和憎恶之情Most appeared to side with the teacher and condemned the students their behaviour which they viewed as disrespectful.大部分人站在老师这边,谴责这几名学生这种在他们看来非常无礼的行为The clip shows nobody trying to break up the fight, all you hear are shouts and even laughter. I donrsquo;t know if times have changed, but when I was in high school students were very orderly and obedient, said one user, who also likened a teacher to ;a father the rest of your life;.Respecting the teacher is the most basic starting point, if you canrsquo;t even respect your teacher then you canrsquo;t respect anything, said another.其中一名用户将老师比作;人生的父亲;,他说:;视频中没有一个人去劝架,你听见的只有喝声甚至笑声我不知道是不是时代变了,但我上高中的时候同学们是非常遵守纪律和从安排的;另一名用户表示:;尊重老师是最基本的起点,如果你连老师都不尊重,你不会尊重任何东西;Some even argued that the teacher should have used more ce in disciplining the students.一些人甚至称老师应该尝试用更严厉的手段来管教学生With this sort of class, once you start you should use violence to make the students scared, let the students know that if they rebel against the teacher the consequences would be even more severe. If the teacher cannot do it then maybe the security department can, said a Weibo commenter.其中一个微道:;对于这种课堂,一开始你就要用暴力手段来警告学生,让学生们知道如果他们敢反抗,那么结果将更严重如果老师做不到,那学校保卫处也许可以做到;But a few also found fault with the teacher, saying it was not right him to have grabbed the studentrsquo;s neck.但也有一些人指责这名老师不应该掐着学生的脖子The students are really not obedient, and the teacher is not acting like a teacher, one commentator said.一名用户道:;学生们真的很叛逆,但这位老师也没有表现的像一名老师;

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