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广东惠州中心医院治疗生殖感染价格惠州不育不育检查优惠惠州治疗急性梅毒医院 In the coming years, our program for peace and freedom will emphasize four major courses of action.在未来几年,我们的和平自由计划将着重四点。First, we will continue to give unfaltering support to the ed Nations and related agencies,第一,我们将继续坚定不移地持联合国及其有关机构,and we will continue to search for ways to strengthen their authority and increase their effectiveness.继续寻求各种方法来加强这些机构的权威和增加这些机构的效率。We believe that the ed Nations will be strengthened by the new nations which are being formed in lands now advancing toward self-government under democratic principles.今天,不少新的国家正在成立,正在民主原则的指引下向自治方向迈进,我们相信,联合国将因这些新国家而得到加强。Second, we will continue our programs for world economic recovery.第二,我们将继续执行我们制定的世界经济复兴计划。This means, first of all, that we must keep our full weight behind the European recovery program.这意味着我们必须首先全力持欧洲复兴计划。We are confident of the success of this major venture in world recovery.对于世界复兴中这一重大事业的成功,我们充满了信心。We believe that our partners in this effort will achieve the status of self-supporting nations once again.我们相信,通过这项工作,我们的伙伴将再一次取得自给国家的地位。In addition, we must carry out our plans for reducing the barriers to world trade and increasing its volume.此外,我们还必须执行为减少世界贸易壁垒、增加世界贸易额而制定的计划。Economic recovery and peace itself depend on increased world trade.经济复兴与和平本身都取决于世界贸易的增加。Third, we will strengthen freedom-loving nations against the dangers of aggression.第三,我们要加强热爱自由的国家的力量,以抵御侵略的威胁。We are now working out with a number of countries a joint agreement designed to strengthen the security of the North Atlantic area.我们和许多国家一起,正在为增加北大西洋地区的安全面起草一项共同协议。Such an agreement would take the form of a collective defense arrangement within the terms of the ed Nations Charter.这种协议将根据联合国宪章的规定,采取集体防御协定的形式。We have aly established such a defense pact for the Western Hemisphere by the treaty of Rio de Janeiro.我们已经根据里约热内卢公约为西半球建立了这样一个防御同盟。The primary purpose of these agreements is to provide unmistakable proof of the joint determination of the free countries to resist armed attack from any quarter.这些协议的主要目的是明确表示自由国家抵抗来自任何地方的武装进攻的共同决心。Each country participating in these arrangements must contribute all it can to the common defense.参加这些协议的每个国家必须为共同防御贡献出全部力量。If we can make it sufficiently clear, in advance, that any armed attack affecting our national security would be met with overwhelming force, the armed attack might never occur.如果我们能预先充分地表明,任何影响到我们国家安全的武装进攻必将遭到强大的抵抗,那么武装进攻也许就永远不会发生。02/440682We are living through a time of global economic challenges that cannot be met by half measures or the isolated efforts of any nation. Now, the leaders of the Group of 20 have a responsibility to take bold, comprehensive and coordinated action that not only jump-starts recovery, but also launches a new era of economic engagement to prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again.No one can deny the urgency of action. A crisis in credit and confidence has swept across borders, with consequences for every corner of the world. For the first time in a generation, the global economy is contracting and trade is shrinking.Trillions of dollars have been lost, banks have stopped lending, and tens of millions will lose their jobs across the globe. The prosperity of every nation has been endangered, along with the stability of governments and the survival of people in the most vulnerable parts of the world.Once and for all, we have learned that the success of the American economy is inextricably linked to the global economy. There is no line between action that restores growth within our borders and action that supports it beyond.If people in other countries cannot spend, markets dry up — aly we've seen the biggest drop in American exports in nearly four decades, which has led directly to American job losses. And if we continue to let financial institutions around the world act recklessly and irresponsibly, we will remain trapped in a cycle of bubble and bust. That is why the upcoming London Summit is directly relevant to our recovery at home.My message is clear: The ed States is y to lead, and we call upon our partners to join us with a sense of urgency and common purpose. Much good work has been done, but much more remains.Our leadership is grounded in a simple premise: We will act boldly to lift the American economy out of crisis and reform our regulatory structure, and these actions will be strengthened by complementary action abroad. Through our example, the ed States can promote a global recovery and build confidence around the world; and if the London Summit helps galvanize collective action, we can forge a secure recovery, and future crises can be averted.Our efforts must begin with swift action to stimulate growth. Aly, the ed States has passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the most dramatic effort to jump-start job creation and lay a foundation for growth in a generation.Other members of the G-20 have pursued fiscal stimulus as well, and these efforts should be robust and sustained until demand is restored. As we go forward, we should embrace a collective commitment to encourage open trade and investment, while resisting the protectionism that would deepen this crisis.Second, we must restore the credit that businesses and consumers depend upon. At home, we are working aggressively to stabilize our financial system. This includes an honest assessment of the balance sheets of our major banks, and will lead directly to lending that can help Americans purchase goods, stay in their homes and grow their businesses.This must continue to be amplified by the actions of our G-20 partners. Together, we can embrace a common framework that insists upon transparency, accountability and a focus on restoring the flow of credit that is the lifeblood of a growing global economy. And the G-20, together with multilateral institutions, can provide trade finance to help lift up exports and create jobs.03/65373惠州人民医院男科大夫

惠州割包皮多钱President Bush Congratulates President Uribe of Colombia on Hostage RescueTHE PRESIDENT: Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to President Uribe of Colombia, and he called to give me the good news that hostages had been rescued, including three Americans that had been held since 2003. I congratulated the President. I asked him to congratulate his military and those who had planned it. And I told him what a joyous occasion it must be to know that the plan had worked, that people who were unjustly held were now free to be with their families. So I'm proud of our relationship with Colombia, and I'm proud of my friend, President Uribe. I appreciate his courage and his strong leadership and the successful operations they waged.Thank you very much.200807/43373惠州最好的男科医院排名 Thank you.Everybody, please have a seat. 谢谢你们。大家请就坐。Have a seat. Well, welcome to the White House, everybody. 请就坐。好吧,欢迎来到白宫,欢迎你们。And congratulations to the L.A. Galaxy on your third MLS Cup. Number three. 祝贺洛杉矶队获得第三次职业足球大联盟冠军。第三次问鼎冠军。Before we start, I want to acknowledge an L.A. native and my outstanding Secretary of Labor -- I dont know how her game is, but shes a fan. 在我们开始之前,我想介绍一下这位洛杉矶本地人士及我的杰出的劳工部部长——我不知道她的球技如何,但是我确定她的确是一位粉丝。Hilda Solis is here. 就在这里的希尔达#8226;索利斯。We’ve got some proud members of the California delegation, the House of Representatives who are here. 我们这里还有一些骄傲的众议院加州代表团成员们。Were thrilled to have them.我们很高兴他们的到来。I’m not going to flatter myself by assuming these cameras are for me.我不打算自不量力假设这些相机是专门为我准备。I want to thank the Galaxy for letting me share in the spotlight. 我要感谢队让我在这聚光灯下与你们一起分享。The truth is, in America, most professional soccer players have the luxury of being able to walk around without being recognized.事实上,在美国,大部分的职业足球运动员奢侈的享受着在走路时不会被认出来的待遇。But not these guys. This is the Miami Heat of soccer.但不是你们这些家伙。这是迈阿密热火足球队。And together, they represent one of the most talented lineups that MLS has ever seen.而且,这代表着有史以来最具才华的美国职业足球大联盟已经今非昔比。You’ve got Robbie Keane, all-time leading scorer of the Irish national team.你们有罗比-基恩,这位爱尔兰国家队一直以来的头号射手。Cousin of mine. Robbie arrived halfway through last season, scored his first goal in the first 21 minutes of his first game. 我的表兄弟。上赛季进行到一半时罗比加盟,在他的第一场比赛中在第21分钟就取得了他的首粒进球。His teammates were so happy to have him that they filled his locker with what they called the ;pleasures of Ireland; -- Guinness, Bailey’s, and Irish Spring. 他的队友们对他的到来太高兴以致于在他的储物柜中充满了所称的“享乐的爱尔兰”——吉尼斯,贝利的及爱尔兰的春天。Hopefully Robbie has broadened their horizons a little bit since then.希望自那时起罗比拓宽了他们的视野。We also have a young up-and-comer on the team, a guy named David Beckham. 我们在队中也有一位年轻的有着进取心的人,他的名字叫做大卫#8226;贝克汉姆。I have to say I gave David a hard time -- I said half his teammates could be his kids.我得说大卫曾经有过艰难的时光——我表示他一半的队友都已经能当他的孩子了。Were getting old, David. 我们老了,大卫。Although youre holding up better than me. 尽管你仍然比我更为出色。Last year, at the age of 36, David had his best year in MLS, leading the team with 15 assists.去年,36岁的大卫在美国大联盟中度过了最好的一年, 凭借15次助攻领导球队。He did it despite fracturing his spine halfway through the season, injuring his hamstring the week before the championship game.He is tough.尽管在赛季中途脊柱断裂, 冠军赛前一周肌腱受伤,但他仍然做到了。他非常艰难。In fact, it is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear.事实上,在球场上如此硬汉并且也有自己的内衣生产线的人。David Beckham is that man. 大卫#8226;贝克汉姆就是这样一位。And then there’s the captain, Landon Donovan who has done more for American soccer than just about anybody.然后还有这球队的队长,兰登#8226;多诺万,他对于美国足球比任何人做的都要多。Landon’s eye for the net, his will to win are legendary, and once again, he stepped up when his teammates needed him most.兰登对于胜利的渴望已经成为传奇,再一次,在他的队友们最需要他的时候,他站了出来。After going undefeated at home last season, the Galaxy was struggling in the cold and rainy championship match. 自从上赛季开始在主场处于不败,对正与寒冷的和阴雨连绵的冠军赛对抗。But then, in the 72nd minute, David headed the ball to Robbie, who made a perfect pass to Landon, who chipped in the game-winner. 不过,在第72分钟,大卫将球传给罗比,后者完美将球传给兰登,兰登破门得分。And that set off an all-night celebration in L.A. -- although my understanding is that David had to get up for carpool duty at 8 a.m. so his day was ending a little early.这引发了洛杉矶的通宵庆祝——尽管我的理解是,大卫不得不在8点钟起床去拼车,因此他的那天早早就结束了。So the big names came through in the clutch, but they didn’t do it alone.尽管球星们名字闪耀,可他们并不孤独。For a group with so much firepower, this team shone on defense, recording 17 shutouts. 这球队虽然射门能力犀利,但防守方面也依旧毫不逊色,17次把手城门不失的记录就是如此。They were led by two local guys -- Omar Gonzalez -- give it up - and A.J. DeLaGarza who won a national championship at Maryland. 由本地的两个家伙——奥马尔#8226;冈萨雷斯——放弃它,及在马里兰大学赢得全国冠军的德拉卡萨缔造。Now theyve got another title to their resumes.现在他们在自己的履历中又增添了光辉的一笔。And of course a lot of credit goes to Coach Bruce Arena. 当然,很多要归功于教练布鲁斯#8226;阿雷纳。He took this team from worst to first in just four years. 他仅仅用了4年就将最差的这球队打造成第一名。And I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Bruce. 我想利用这个机会向布鲁斯道歉。When I called to congratulate him on winning the Cup, the team was in Indonesia; it was in the middle of the night. 当我打电话祝贺他赢得奖杯时,球队正在印尼,而这是在午夜。Thank you for taking my call and acting like you actually wanted to talk to me.谢谢你接我的电话,而且你表现的真的想跟我聊天。So everyone whos a part of this club -- the staff, the players, the fans back in L.A. -- together you pulled off one of the toughest feats in team sports: You lived up to the hype.因此所有人都是这个俱乐部的一部分——员工、球员、回到洛杉矶的球迷——你们在这项团队运动中一起实现了最艰难的成就:你们达到了预期目标。You combined star power, hard work; it paid off.明星魅力结合,努力拼搏,最终如愿以偿。And I also want to thank you for doing a little Qamp;A with some of the younger players after we’re done. 我还想谢谢在我们完成后做一些问答的一些年轻球员。As a soccer dad, I know you’ve inspired a lot of kids. 作为一位喜欢足球的父亲,我知道你们激励了很多孩子。And today you’re giving them an experience that they will never forget.今天你们给他们的是一种他们将永远不会忘记的经历。So, again, give a big round of applause to the L.A. Galaxy. 所以,再一次,热烈的掌声献给洛杉矶。Congratulations. 祝贺你们。Best of luck this season.本赛季最好的祝福。201205/182308陈江医院是公立医院还是私立医院

惠州惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗阳痿早泄President Bush Meets with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, welcome back. You and I have met a lot since I have been the President and you have been the President. And I appreciate your determination and your desire to have a Palestinian state, and I share that desire with you.It's not easy -- no doubt it must be frustrating at times for you, because it's hard work to get a state after all these years. But nevertheless, there is a firm determination on your part and on my part to give the Palestinians a place where there can be dignity and hope.We are working hard with you on security matters. We're working hard with you on helping the international community help you get the economy going in the West Bank. And I welcome you back.As you know, I've got four more months left in office and I'm hopeful that the vision that you and I have worked on can come to pass. And my only pledge to you is that I'll continue to work hard to see that it can come to pass. And so I welcome you back -- and I think it's safe for me to say I welcome you back, my friend.PRESIDENT ABBAS: Thank you. (As translated.) Thank you very much, Mr. President. I am delighted, as well as the members of my delegation, to come here again to Washington and meet with you. We've met together for numerous times. Mr. President, we know very well how important this issue is for you and we will continue to work very hard together in order to realize your vision of two states living side by side.There is no doubt that you have done a great deal, Mr. President, and you have exerted a great deal of efforts aiming at achieving that vision that we will work together to achieve. Your efforts, Mr. President, as well as your vision, both help us and the Israelis to work very hard during the last year and since the convening of the Annapolis Conference. Hope will remain, Mr. President. We cannot live without hope. We will continue to work to achieve and realize that hope.And Mr. President, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and thank the ed States for the help and the support and the aid that you have given us, and as well as the efforts that you led to mobilize the world to help the Palestinian Authority on the economic front as well as on the security front.Mr. President, we will continue to work with you and we will continue to keep the hope alive in order to reach a political solution for our issue and for the Middle East.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir.200809/50525 We earn our livelihood in peaceful competition with people all across the earth.今天,我们美国人通过同世界各地人民进行和平竞争来谋求生存。Profound and powerful forces are shaking and remaking our world, and the urgent question of our time is whether we can make change our friend and not our enemy.各种深远而强大的力量正在震撼和改造我们的世界,当今时代的当务之急是我们能否使变革成为我们的朋友,而不是成为我们的敌人。This new world has aly enriched the lives of millions of Americans who are able to compete and win in it.这个新世界已经使几百万能够参与竞争并且取胜的美国人过上了富裕的生活。But when most people are working harder for less; when others cannot work at all; when the cost of health care devastates families and threatens to bankrupt many of our enterprises, great and small; when fear of crime robs law-abiding citizens of their freedom;但是,当多数人干得越多反而挣得越少的时候,当有些人根本不可能工作的时候,当保健费用的重负使众多家庭不堪承受、使大大小小的企业濒临破产的时候,当犯罪活动的恐惧使守法公民不能自由行动的时候,and when millions of poor children cannot even imagine the lives we are calling them to lead, we have not made change our friend.当千百万贫穷儿童甚至不能想象我们呼唤他们过的那种生活的时候,我们就没有使变革成为我们的朋友。We know we have to face hard truths and take strong steps.我们知道,我们必须面对严酷的事实真相,并采取强有力的步骤。But we have not done so. Instead, we have drifted, and that drifting has eroded our resources, fractured our economy, and shaken our confidence.但我们没有这样做,而是听之任之,以致损耗了我们的资源,破坏了我们的经济,动摇了我们的信心。Though our challenges are fearsome, so are our strengths.我们面临惊人的挑战,但我们同样具有惊人的力量。And Americans have ever been a restless, questing, hopeful people.美国人历来是不安现状、不断追求和充满希望的民族。We must bring to our task today the vision and will of those who came before us.今天,我们必须把前人的远见卓识和坚强意志带到我们的任务中去。From our revolution, the Civil War, to the Great Depression to the civil rights movement, our people have always mustered the determination to construct from these crises the pillars of our history.从革命,内战,大萧条,直到民权运动,我国人民总是下定决心,从历次危机中构筑我国历史的柱。Thomas Jefferson believed that to preserve the very foundations of our nation, we would need dramatic change from time to time.托马斯?杰斐逊认为,为了维护我国的根基,我们需要时常进行激动人心的变革。Well, my fellow citizens, this is our time. Let us embrace it.美国同胞们,我们的时代就是变革的时代,让我们拥抱这个时代吧!Our democracy must be not only the envy of the world but the engine of our own renewal.我们的民主制度不仅要成为举世称羡的目标,而且要成为举国复兴的动力。There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.美国没有任何错误的东西不能被正确的东西所纠正。And so today, we pledge an end to the era of deadlock and drift; a new season of American renewal has begun.因此,我们今天立下誓言,要结束这个僵持停顿、放任自流的时代,一个复兴美国的新时代已经开始。To renew America, we must be bold.我们要复兴美国,就必须鼓足勇气。03/438223惠州市医院官网专家在线咨询广东省惠州治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好



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