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THESE are Britain’s cheapest homes – set to go on sale for just a POUND.英国最便宜房屋即将出售,仅卖1英镑。The Victorian terraced houses were originally bought for as much as pound;70,000 EACH – but are now being offered at the rock-bottom price to DIY enthusiasts.维多利亚式排屋每间最初售价高达7万英镑,而现如今却要以跳楼价卖给DIY热衷者。Each buyer will have to prove they can bring the house up to scratch using “construction skills” before they can own the property.每位买主必须在购买前明自己“有能力”翻修这些老房子,使之达到合格标准。Homes in the Granby Triangle area in Kensington, Liverpool were part of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s plan to destroy thousands of homes across the country.这些房屋位于利物浦的肯辛顿格兰比三角区,属于前副首相约翰#8226;普雷斯科特提出的铲平全国数千座老房屋计划中的一部分。Under his regeneration Pathfinder scheme, around pound;2.2bn was blown on buying and demolishing homes – but not enough new homes were built for the displaced occupants.根据他提出的“探路者”重建方案,政府将斥资约22亿英镑用于房屋购买与拆迁——但新购置的房屋数量不足以满足未予安置的住房者的需要。Residents in the Granby area fought to save the properties and now the city council has agreed to sell them to locals who will be able to revamp them.格兰比地区的居民一直在争取保留自己的房产,如今市政议会已经同意将这些房屋卖给有翻修能力的当地购房者。As part of the initial pilot scheme, 20 houses will be offered for sale to residents for pound;1.作为最初试点方案的一部分,有20座房屋将以1英镑的价格卖给当地居民。Liverpool’s Deputy Mayor and Finance Chief Cllr Paul Brant said: “This allows people who may be excluded from mortgages but have construction skills to play a part in the regeneration of their communities.利物浦市副市长、主管财政的议员保罗-布兰特表示,“这一举措可以使不具抵押贷款资格但拥有翻修能力的人在其社区房屋重建中发挥一定的作用”。“We’ve seen that the private sector model has not succeeded so far and, through this way of doing things, if there is any profit it will stay with local people.”“我们已经看到,私营模式至今还未收获成效。不过采用现在这种方式,如果有利可图的话,受益者也将是当地居民”。Jonathan Brown, spokesman for the Merseyside Civic Society, said: “We fought against Prescott’s scheme and it’s great to have won all these years later.默西赛德郡公民协会发言人乔纳森#8226;布朗表示,“我们一直反对普雷斯科特的计划,经历了这么多年的抗争能取得胜利也算是大快人心。”“Local people have been let down over and over again for decades.“过去几十年,当地居民一次又一次地陷于失望之中。”“I hope this now rolls out to other areas of the city in desperate need of regeneration.”“我希望当前这种做法也能推广到本市其他一些亟需重建的地区。” /201302/226594

China#39;s economy is limping into the final months of the year, raising the question: why isn#39;t Beijing doing more to support growth? 中国经济正在蹒跚步入今年的最后几个月,人们不禁要问这样一个问题:北京为什么不采取更大力度的措施来持经济增长? Industrial output is now growing at the slowest rate since May 2009, decelerating to 8.9% year-to-year in August, down from 9.2% in July. Business surveys show new export orders contracting. The one bright spot in the August data came from real estate, with the area of new residential property under construction rebounding to 4.9% year-to-year growth, after eight months of contraction. 中国工业增加值目前的增速为2009年5月以来的最低水平,8月份同比增幅降至8.9%,低于7月份的9.2%。企业调查显示新增出口订单处于萎缩状态。8月份数据中唯一的亮点来自房地产业。在建新住宅项目面积继收缩了八个月后,8月份同比增长4.9%。 The government so far has contented itself with two interest rate cuts, a modest acceleration of public spending, and approval of more infrastructure projects-most recently a slew of new subway systems for second-tier cities. Relative to the scale of the slowdown though, those efforts appear modest-nowhere near the 4 trillion yuan (0.4 billion) stimulus plan unveiled at the end of 2008. 中国政府目前为止出台的措施仅限于两次下调利率、小幅加快公共出速度、批准更多的基础设施项目(最近一次是批准众多二线城市新建地铁系统)。不过,与经济增长放缓的程度相比,这些努力看起来力度不大,远远不及2008年底推出的人民币4万亿元(合6,304亿美元)的刺激计划。 One possible explanation is that a once-in-a-decade leadership transition has frozen China#39;s decision making process. Achieving consensus on any big decisions before the Party Congress-likely in mid-October-will be difficult. But that seems unlikely to be the major factor-if there#39;s one thing China#39;s leaders can always agree on, it#39;s the importance of growth. 一种可能的解释是,10年一次的领导人换届冻结了中国的决策过程。领导人在(可能于10月中旬举行的)18大前夕就任何重大决策达成一致将很困难。不过,这似乎不太可能是政府未推出大规模刺激计划的主要原因──如果有什么事是中国领导人总能达成一致的,那就是经济增长至关重要。 A more likely explanation is that, as far as Beijing#39;s concerned, current growth remains in the acceptable range. At the beginning of the year Premier Wen Jiabao lowered the growth target to 7.5% from 8%. With a modest increase in infrastructure and real-estate investment, that is within reach. There are no signs in the data of mass factory layoffs-a key measure for stability obsessed Beijing. 一种可能性更大的解释是,在北京看来,目前的经济增长速度仍处于可以接受的范围。今年年初,中国国务院总理温家宝将经济增长预期目标从8%降至7.5%。借助于小幅增加基础设施和房地产投资,这一目标是可以实现的。经济数据中未显示出工厂大规模裁员的迹象──裁员是北京极为关注的一个衡量社会稳定的重要指标。 Even if the government wanted to do more, though, room for maneuver is more constrained than it was going into the last crisis. Ballooning credit, fear of bad debts in the banking system, and incipient price pressure all make it difficult to push the stimulus button much harder. Overcapacity in industry means that Beijing#39;s move to loosen lending has been met by a lukewarm response from borrowers. 不过,就算政府想采取更多措施,其调控的空间和上次危机时相比更加有限。激增的信贷、对体系不良贷款的担忧、初露端倪的价格压力,所有这些因素都使政府难以推出更大力度的刺激计划。工业产能过剩意味着,尽管北京放宽了信贷,借款人的反应却较冷淡。 But whatever the mixture of deliberate intention and involuntary constraint that#39;s shaping Beijing#39;s limited response to the downturn, it appears policy makers have come round to the reality of China#39;s slower growth. 不过,不管是什么深思熟虑的打算以及偶然的制约因素导致北京对经济增长放缓的应对措施有限,决策者似乎都已经接受了中国经济增长放缓的事实。 /201209/198883

PreviewTheme: Thainess: Sustainable Ways of LifeNational Pavilion Day: September 5Pavilion Mascot: "Tai"Location: Within Zone B of the Expo Site展馆主题:泰国人:可持续的生活方式国家馆日:2010年9月5日吉祥物:小阿泰展馆位置:B片区 /201005/104815ArcelorMittal has refused to rule out further plant closures in Europe as the global steel industry enters what some observers fear could be a five-year spell of overcapacity linked to signs of a severe slowdown in demand and consumption in China. 安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)拒绝排除进一步关停在欧工厂的可能性。与此同时,全球钢铁行业正陷入某些观察人士担心可能长达五年的产能过剩期。人们可从中国钢铁消费及需求增长显著放缓影响的迹象中认识到这种产能过剩。 The unwillingness by the world#39;s biggest steelmaker to confirm previous pledges that it would keep its main European factories open has sparked speculation that it might be preparing to announce permanent shutdowns of some of its smaller units on the continent. 这家全球最大的钢铁制造商不愿确认其早前有关保持在欧主要工厂运转的承诺,人们因此纷纷猜测该公司或准备宣布永久关闭部分在欧的中小型工厂。 Lakshmi Mittal, chairman, chief executive and main owner of the company, told the Financial Times that the ;sustained collapse in European steel demand has created a severe imbalance with potential supply of the metal; and that the overall problems for the world economy remained ;very concerning;. 安赛乐米塔尔董事长、首席执行官和主要股东拉克希米#8226;米塔尔(Lakshmi Mittal)对英国《金融时报》表示,;欧洲(钢铁)需求持续下滑导致潜在供应与需求之间出现严重失衡;,而且世界经济面临的整体问题仍然;非常令人担忧;。 In answer to questions about whether ArcelorMittal was considering any further closures in Europe to add to the permanent shutdowns of two plant furnaces in Liege, Belgium, a company spokesperson would only say that ;no further plans have been announced;. 在被问及安塞乐米塔尔除永久性关闭两座位于比利时列日的工厂外是否还在考虑进一步关闭在欧工厂时,该公司一位发言人仅表示;目前尚未公布进一步的计划;。 Isabelle Barthes, policy adviser at Industriall, a Brussels-based trade union covering the metals industry, said she was ;concerned; about the possibility of ArcelorMittal making further large cuts in its European plant network. 钢铁行业贸易协会Industriall的政策顾问伊莎贝尔#8226;巴尔泰斯(Isabelle Barthes)表示,她对安塞乐米塔尔进一步大幅关停在欧工厂的可能性感到;忧虑;。Industriall的总部位于布鲁塞尔。 Hermann Reith, an analyst at BHF Bank in Germany, said the whole of the steel industry in the developed world was suffering from ;structural overcapacity; in which plant supply was about 20 per cent higher than likely demand. ;I can#39;t see any potential for improvement for some time,; Mr Reith said. 德国BHF分析师赫尔曼#8226;赖特(Hermann Reith)指出,发达国家的整个钢铁行业存在;结构性产能过剩;问题,工厂产能较潜在需求高出约20%。他表示:;短期内我看不到任何改善的可能。; If ArcelorMittal were to cut its European plant network in any sizeable way, it would signify a partial unravelling of the logic behind the bitterly fought acquisition by Mr Mittal in 2006 of Luxembourg-based Arcelor. The deal to create ArcelorMittal was driven by the Indian billionaire#39;s idea about uniting his Mittal Steel business – which had a big presence in the US and eastern Europe – with Arcelor#39;s high-tech steel making plants in western Europe. 若安塞乐米塔尔大幅关停在欧工厂,则表明拉克希米#8226;米塔尔2006年艰难收购总部位于卢森堡的安赛乐背后的逻辑已部分不复成立。安塞乐米塔尔的成立动机,来自于这位印度亿万富翁欲把安赛乐位于西欧的高科技钢铁产能与自己旗下的米塔尔钢铁业务联合在一起的构想。米塔尔钢铁在美国和东欧拥有大量业务。 The most likely candidates for plant closure would include several fairly small units in France, Germany and Spain – although it could also include facilities in Romania and Poland which he owned prior to the Arcelor acquisition. 最有可能被关停的工厂包括位于法国、德国以及西班牙的几家规模较小的工厂——拉克希米#8226;米塔尔在罗马尼亚和波兰的工厂(他在收购安赛乐之前已拥有这些工厂)也有关停可能。 Europe accounts for about half ArcelorMittal#39;s steel output but only about a sixth of its profits – a fact driven by higher costs in Europe plus the weakness of demand in the continent linked to difficult conditions for many industries that use steel such as construction, cars and white goods. 欧洲占安塞乐米塔尔钢铁产出的约二分之一,但仅占其利润的约六分之一—主要是受欧洲生产成本较高以及市场需求疲软影响。这种需求疲软与欧洲的建筑、汽车及白色家电等多个存在用钢需求的行业处境艰难有关。 This year world steel demand is forecast by Meps, a UK consultancy, to rise by only a weak 3.6 per cent, mainly due to a marked slowdown in the growth in demand for the commodity in China. Over the past three months, steel prices have fallen in most parts of the world, putting steel industry profitability under strain. 英国钢铁咨询公司Meps预计,今年全球钢铁需求将仅微弱增长3.6%,这主要是受中国钢铁需求增长显著放缓影响。过去三个月中,全球绝大部分地区的钢铁价格出现下跌,钢铁行业的盈利能力承受着压力。 /201207/189704

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