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广东省长安医院人工授精生男孩怎么样好不好广州番禺在哪儿做无痛人流广州番禺做微创无痛人流费用 我们给予他人关爱的同时,我们才能被关爱,关爱另外一个正在渴望被关爱的灵魂的同时,我们自己希望得到被关爱的需要才会被满足…Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. This world of ours keeps on spinning through the universe, carrying us with it on its amazing and miraculous journey through space and time; I hope that you're taking the opporty to enjoy the ride, to be aware of the beautiful things there are to see and to feel and experience along the way! We need to know that we matter in this life. We need evidence that others are aware of our presence. And thus, we can be certain that others need the same attention from us. When we give it, we get it. So the giving of attention to another searching soul meets our own need attention as well. However, we're not sure, on occasion, just what we have to offer our friends, families, and co-workers. Why we are in certain circumstances may have us baffled, but it's quite probably that the people we a ssociate with regularly need something we can give them; the reverse is just as likely. So we can begin with close attention to people in our path. It takes careful listening and close observation to sense the message another soul may be sending to our own. This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, thanks joining us today, have a nice day! 68美国女孩常说的句口头禅 -- ::3 来源: 1. Yoba! 对啊这是时尚女孩子创造出来的语言,也是她们常说的单字之一基本上呢,Yoba 就是Yes 的意思比如她们会说"Do you like to go swimming with us?" 你就可以回答"Yoba!" 但是这不是正式的英文,纯粹是好玩的说法  . Bam chi ga bon-bon. 是不是干了什么好事  这群女孩子没事就喜欢说,"Bam chi ga bon-bon." 这是在 70 年代时色情电影中都会有的一段旋律,所以大家都把它引申为跟性有关的一些事物比如说要是有人跟你说他昨天带女朋友回家过夜,这种事情你总不能明问,"Do you have sex last night?" 这么直白实在不合适所以这种情况下,你就可以开玩笑地问他说 "Bam chi ga bon-bon?" 这句话也可以当形容词或名词用,例如,"I have a girlfriend years, but no Bam chi ga bon bon at all." 意思就是交了女朋友二年,却什么事都没发生过  另外有一个词 hanky-panky 跟 Bam chi ga bon-bon 很像,同样是指一些暧昧的事,例如: "There's something hanky-panky going on in the restroom."  3. Damn-it boy 该死的男孩  这群女孩子有一堆话来称呼男孩例如,"Damn-it boy." 就是常常可以听到的一个另外还有"You fool." (你这个笨蛋), "You cheese head" (你这个没有大脑的家伙或是 "You stupid." (你这个愚蠢的家伙),当然可以听出来打情骂俏的成份远多于真正责备的成份  . He is not my type. 他不是我心目中的类型  俗话说一个女孩子想男孩子,二个女孩子谈男孩子,三个女孩子骂男孩子当二个女人聚在一起总是会对周遭的男生品头论足,"He is not my type." 是常用的一个句子,就相当于他跟我不适合啦他不是我想要的那个类型  5. He is a muscle man. 他是个有肌肉的男人  有些美国女孩子很欣赏那些肌肉很多的男人,她们称之为 muscular type,或是可以说 a muscle man,或是 "He is beefy." 如果你跟一个老美说"I have no muscle." ,人家当然就会听不懂,你应该说"I am not a muscle man." 才对  另外有一个说法叫 semi-muscular. Semi-muscular 就是有点肌肉又不会太多,比如可以说 I am semi-muscular with 6-pack ab. 6-pack ab 意味着 "six piece of muscle on the abdomen" 就是有六块腹肌的意思,也可以说成 washboard ab. 像洗衣板一样的腹肌 6. I saw a girl throw herself on him. 我看到有一个女孩对他投怀送抱  这就是指女生作小鸟依人状,把整个人靠在男生身上另外一句类似的话是,"That girl drapes herself all over him." 也是指整个人就趴在他身上  7. You can go commando. 你可以不穿内裤出门  这是个很有趣的单字,美国有些人不爱穿内裤,直接穿一件外裤就出门了,这种行为就叫 go commando.Go commando 原来的意思是履行危险的任务,或许是因为不穿内裤感觉上好像是在冒险,所以就叫 go commando  8. There is a big hole in my head. 我什么也不记得了  说错话怎么办?那就装傻吧装傻的时候可以说这句,意思是我的脑袋中有一个洞,很多原来贮存在这个区域的记忆都不见了比如有人问你昨天是不是跟某某人出去了,要是你不想回答这个问题,你就可以说"Oh! There is a big hole in my head."  有人说,男人最讲理所以如果你有理,你就跟他讲道理如果你没理,你就不要跟他讲道理,他对你一点办法也没有像这句话就挺适合在不讲道理的时候使用例如有人问你,昨晚跟谁出去了,你就可以回答"There is a big hole in my head." 他就会拿你一点办法也没有  9. My aunt Flo is visiting. 我的芙洛姑妈来拜访我了  这里的 Flo 是 Florence 的缩写,但其实 Flo 这里暗指 flow 的意思所以大家应该不难猜到,所谓的 "My aunt Flo is visiting." 就是相当于中文里的,“我的大姨妈来了”我想女生都应该知道这是指什么吧男生在高中之后大概也就知道了吧!  . I am not gossipy. 我才不是长舌妇呢  似乎爱说话是全世界女人的通病,在美国也不例外八卦在英语里面就叫gossip,它可以指八卦新闻或是指爱说八卦的人她们也常用这个字的形容词gossipy  爱讲话的除了 gossipy 之外,你也可以用talkative, chatty或是loquacious. 例如 "You are so talkative. I can’t put up with you anymore." 美国 女孩 常说广州做结扎复通专业医院

广州市去哪家医院看不孕品牌英语口语00句():屈指可数 --9 ::33 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. I’m not a soldier of tune.我不是个手#9658;soldier of tune 军事冒险者;追求财富或享乐的冒险家. He’s unrelenting.他坚定不移3. I refuse to be fitted into any ideological straitjacket.我不会被任何观念所束缚. I do a full workup every year.我每年都做全身体检5. We all slip up.人人都有失误的时候#9658;slip up 滑跤;疏忽,犯错;遭到不幸e.g. It must have slipped up badly. 一定是出了大错6. Nothing really tickled my fancy.没什么吸引我的东西#9658;tickle one fancy 引起某人的兴趣7. She had the presence of mind.她沉着冷静,反应敏捷#9658;presence of mind 沉着,镇定,不乱方寸;聚精会神,专心志致e.g. The boy had the presence of mind to turn off the gas. 那男孩子镇定地关掉了煤气8. A man should have a sinewy body.男人应该强壮9. I can throw him off the scent a while.我可以瞒他一阵子#9658;throwput sb. off the scent 糊弄人. You could count on the fingers of one hand.屈指可数#9658;count on the fingers of one hand 屈指可数,寥寥无几从字面不难猜出这个词的意思,一只手就可以数过来,那可真的是太少 英语口语天河长安医院骗子吗?二十三年品牌 广州番禺流产医院那里最好

天河长安男性结扎复通常用英语900句:关于农场和工厂Farms And Factories -01-7 ::01 来源: 8. This area is noted its rich soil. 这个地区以土壤肥沃著称8. The place is too stony farming. 这地方太多石块,不适合耕种8. In the flat country, people grow wheat and raise cattle.在这平坦的乡间,人们种指小麦,饲养牲畜8. He has bought tractors the village. 他为村里买了台拖拉机8. What's the typical farm product in this region? 这个地区典型的农产品是什么?8. At this time of the year farmers begin to plow their fields.每年这个时候,农民们开始犁地8. Have you milked the cows? 你已经挤过奶了吗?818. Pile the hay in the corner. 把干草堆到边上819. What's the average yearly output of cars in your factory?你们厂平均年产汽车多少台?8. The meat packing industry is developing fast. 肉类加工业发展迅速81. Car manufacturers are having a bad time. 汽车制造商的日子不好过8. State-owned enterprises are getting out of difficulty.国有企业开始走上坡路83. How many workshops are there in your factory? 你们厂有多少车间?8. The computer industry is booming. 计算机业繁荣起来85. The inmation industry helps boost the global economy.信息业推进全球经济发展 工厂 英语 关于 常用 请求帮助“ask help”的常用英语 -- :1:55 来源: 我可以请您帮个忙吗? Do you mind if I ask you a favor? *要注意回答“可以”时用No,“不可以”时用Yes Do you mind if I ask you a favor? (我可以请您帮个忙吗?) No, not at all. (没问题,完全可以) Can I ask a favor? May I ask you a favor? *这两个例句和上面例句不同,用Yes回答“可以” 能帮把手吗? Would you give me a hand? Would you please help me? Would you mind giving me a hand? Could you help me out? 对不起…… Im sorry to bother you,... Im sorry to bother you, but can you help me? (对不起,能帮我一下吗?) It no bother. (没问题) 乐意为您效劳 Ill be glad to. Id be happy to. With pleasure. Love to. 我可不可以……可不可以让我…… Could I possibly...? Could I possibly use your bathroom? (我能用一下您的洗手间吗?) Of course. (当然) 如果可以的话,…… If youd like,... *youd是you would的缩写形式 If you want to,... 请您把糖拿过来行吗? Could you pass the sugar, please? *用于吃饭时等请别人拿自己够不到的东西时 Could you pass the sugar, please? (请您把糖拿过来行吗?) Sure. Here you are. (好的给你) Could I have the sugar, please? Could you hand me the sugar, please? Could you give me the sugar, please? Sugar, please. *比较随便的说法 给! Here you are. *用于拿出对方所期待着的东西时 Here you go. Here it is. 请做这个 Please do this. What do you want me to do? (你想让我做什么?) Please do this. (请做这个) Please take care of this. Would you please do this ( me)? (您能为我做这个吗?) 您能开车送我到那家店吗? Would you drive me to the store? Would you take me to the store? Would you drop me off at the store? (能让我在那家店下车吗?) 您能帮我找到A饭店的电话号码吗? Would you help me find the number the A Hotel? Would you help me find the number the A Hotel? (您能帮我找到A饭店的电话号码吗?) My pleasure. (可以啊!) 我不知道怎么填这张表 I dont know how to fill out this m. *fill out是固定搭配,表示“在空白处填写”m是“表格用纸” How do I fill out this m? Can you help me with this m? (您能帮我填一下这张表吗?) 告诉我为什么? Tell me why. What the reason? (理由是什么呢?) Why do you think that? (你为什么那么想?) 能借用一下你的钢笔吗? May I borrow your pen? *borrow“借入” May I use your pen? Is it okay if I use your pen? 有笔吗? Do you have a pen? Do you have a pen that I can borrow? 能借给我美元吗? Can you lend me ten dollars? 你能给我打个电话吗? Would you give me a call? Could you call me? Can you ring me up? 你今天晚上如果能给我打个电话的话,我将非常感激 Id appreciate it if you could call me tonight. Id appreciate it if you could call me tonight. (你今天晚上如果能给我打个电话的话,我将非常感激 Id be glad to. (我非常愿意) 请关小点儿声 Please turn it down. *turn down 是“关小”电视、收音机等的声音另外关于turn还有以下几种用法 turn up (开大〈电视、收音机等〉的声音) turn off (关上〈电视、收音机等〉) turn on (打开〈电视、收音机等〉) Would you please turn it down? *比较有礼貌的说法 Would you please turn it down? (能把声音关小点吗?) All right. (好吧!) Not so loud, please. Please lower the volume. It too loud. Turn it down. (太吵了,关小点声) *带有命令的语感 等我回来 Wait here until I get back. Please wait here me. 劳驾 Excuse me. *用于向不认识的人打招呼时是一句很常用的口语 Excuse me. (劳驾) Can I help you? (有事吗?) Pardon me. 喂,你! Hello, there! Hi, there! 喂! Hey! *表示呼吁、喜悦、吃惊等口气有些傲慢无礼,所以对不认识的人最好用Excuse me. Yo! Hey, you! Say! *比较旧的说法 你有空吗? Do you have time? *“你有时间吗?”,如果是Do you have the time?的话,意思是“你知道几点了吗?” Do you have time? (你有空儿吗?) Sure. (有空) Do you have a minute? 我想求你件事行吗? Can I ask you a favor? *常用在需要拜托或请求别人之前 Can I ask you a favor? (我想求你件事行吗?) Sure. What is it? (当然什么事?) Can I ask you a favor? (我想求你件事) Sorry, Im busy. (对不起,我很忙) May I ask a favor of you? *更礼貌的说法 Could you do me a favor? Could you help me? Can you help me? 我想打听点儿事 May I ask you something? May I ask you something? (我想打听点儿事) Sure. Go ahead. (当然,请说吧) May I ask (you) a question? Id like to ask you something. I have a question. Could you tell me something? Do you have time to answer a question? Could you answer a question? I hate to bother you, but can I ask you a question? (真不好意思,打扰您了,我可以问个问题吗?) 对不起,打断一下可以吗? Sorry interrupting. *向正在工作或正在说话的人说话时的表达方式 Sorry interrupting... (对不起,打断一下可以吗?) Oh, youre not. (噢,没关系) Im sorry to interrupt you. May I interrupt you? Excuse me interrupting. give me interrupting. 你猜怎么着? Guess what? *跟对方说话时,说Guess what?来吸引对方的注意 Guess what? (你猜怎么着?) What? (怎么啦?) You know what? 对不起,我认错人了 Sorry, I mistook you someone else. *错向陌生人打招呼时 Sorry, I mistook you someone else. (对不起,我认错人了) That all right. (没关系) Sorry, I thought you were someone else. Youre not who I thought you were. Sorry. Oops. My mistake. (不好,我弄错了) 我能用一下您的电话吗? May I use your phone? May I use your phone? (我能用一下您的电话吗?) Go right ahead. (请用吧) 教导 我该怎么做呢? How should I do it? Just start the car! (只要发动车!) How should I do it? (我怎么发动汽车呢?) 你该这么做 This is the way you should do it. I cant do it. (我不会做) This is the way you should do it. (你该这么做) This is how you should do it. You should do it this way. This is how you do it. 这样的话就会很顺利 Itll do the trick. *表示稍微采用一些手段或方法就能产生所设想的效果就会顺利 How this? (这样做怎么样?) Itll do the trick. (这样就会见效) Itll be effective. Thatll work. Thatll do it. 这样看上去好一些 This looks better. This is more pleasing in appearance. I like the looks of this one better. 我用自己的办法做 Ill do it my own way. Let me show you how to do it. (我让你看看我的做法) Ill do it my own way. (我用我自己的办法) Ill do it the way I want to. (我用我自己想用的方法) 像这样? Like this? *穿衣时表示“是这样穿吗?”;吃第一次吃到的东西时表示“是这样吃吗?” You eat sushi this way. (寿司是这样吃的) Like this? (是像这样吗?) You mean like this? 像什么? Like what? Like what? (像什么?) Like chicken. (像只鸡) 很简单 It easy. It a cinch. It a snap. 简单得不得了 Just like that! Can you buy guns in America? (在美国可以买到吗?) Yes. It easy, just like that! (是的,轻而易举) Just as if it were nothing. (简单得不能再简单了) 有点儿难哦 It a little hard. It kind of difficult. 很复杂哦 It complicated. It complex. 首先应该做这个 This is the first thing to do. You should do this first. 你掉了这个 You dropped this. *drop “掉下,丢下” You dropped this. (你掉了这个) Oh, yeah. It mine. (哦,对!是我的) 我想这是你丢的吧! I think you dropped this. I think this is yours. (我想这是你的吧) 这是你的吗? Is this yours? Did you drop this? 这不是你的吗? Isnt this yours? Doesnt this belong to you? 是我的 It mine. Yes, that mine. (是的,那是我的) Yes, it my handkerchief. (是的,是我的手绢) It belongs to me. 我的钱包丢了 Ive lost my wallet. 这下可麻烦了 Im in trouble! *be in trouble 表示“陷入困境” 提议 要我帮忙吗?要我帮你拿吗? May I help? May I help? (要我帮忙吗?要我帮你拿吗?) Sure. If you dont mind. (当然,要是不麻烦的话) Do you want any help? Need any help? Need a hand? Do you need a hand? Can I give you a hand? Do you need some help? Can I help you carry that? (要我帮您搬吗?) 决定之前再好好考虑考虑 Think twice bee you decide. 这个怎么样? How about this one? How about this one? (这个怎么样?) It the same price.(这个价钱也是一样) What about this one? 我提个建议 I want to make a suggestion. I want to offer a suggestion. 我们走近道吧! Let take a short cut. *short cut表示“近路,捷径” Let go a shorter way. 咱们逃学吧! Let play hooky! *play hooky 俚语,“逃学” Let skip school! Let cut class! Let ditch school! 我们打电话请个病假吧! Let call in sick. 玩扑克吧! Let play cards! 我有个主意 I have an idea. I have an idea. (我有个主意) What is it? (什么主意?) Ive got it. I have come up with an idea. I have a good idea. (我有个好主意) 这样怎么样? Tell you what. *用于向对方提建议时它是Ill tell you what.的缩写 Tell you what. Why dont you come to my house now? (这样怎么样?你现在就来我家一趟,怎么样?) Okay. (好吧!) 让我考虑一下 Let me think a moment. 你好好想想看 Just think about it. I dont know what to say. (我不知道说什么好) Just think about it. (你好好想想看) 你该剪剪你的头发了 You should get a haircut. You should cut your hair. You need a hair cut. 你也一起来吧? Wont you join us? *Wont you...? 表示“……好吗?”,是一种表达建议的较随便的方式 Why dont you come along? (我们一起去吧?) 你有什么建议吗? What do you suggest? What is your suggestion? 打赌? Wanna make a bet? *wanna口语说法是Do you want to...的缩写 Wanna make a bet? (打赌?) Youre on! (行啊) Do you want to bet? Why dont you put your money where your mouth is? Let bet on it. (我们打个赌吧) Want to bet? 我建议你坐出租车去 I suggest you take a taxi. 接受请求和建议 有事吗? Yes? 有事吗? Can I help you? *直译是“我可以帮助你吗?” Excuse me. (劳驾) Can I help you? (有事吗?) What can I do you? 可以,什么事? Sure. What is it? *这种表达方式是作为对对方请求帮忙的回答 Sure, what can I do? Sure. How can I help? What is it? 有什么问题吗? Any problems? Is there a problem? What seems to be the problem? Anything wrong? 怎么了? What the matter? What the matter? (怎么了?) I dont feel well. (我觉得不舒) 当然 Of course. *一般情况下的说法,“当然” Did you finish the report? (你写完报告了吗?) Of course. (当然) Wanna come to my party? (你来参加我的舞会吗?) Of course. (当然) Sure. *比Of course.要亲切一些 Okay. Certainly. Sure thing. sure. *俚语 Surely. No way. (绝对不行) 没问题没关系 No problem. *No problem是Dont worry的随意的表达方式 Could you give me a hand? (能帮我一把吗?) No problem. (没问题) There no problem. You bet. All right. Sure. Absolutely. Certainly. My pleasure. 这是谁的主意? Whose idea is it? 好的,谢谢 Yes, thank you. *向对方表示感谢的心情 Would you like to try? (你想试试吗?) Yes, thank you. (好的,谢谢) No, thank you. (不,不用了) 是的,拜托您了 Yes, please. *请求对方帮忙时 Would you like some more? (您想再要点儿吗?) Yes, please. (是的,拜托您) 您请 Go ahead. *催促对方说话或行动时 May I? (我可以lt;先……〉吗?) Go ahead. (您请) 您先请 After you. After you. (您先请) Thank you. (谢谢) Go ahead. *Go ahead比After you语气要随便 这是我的荣幸 My pleasure. Thank you the report. (谢谢你的报告) My pleasure. (哪里,我乐意之至) It my pleasure. Id be happy to. It no problem. 当然 Why not? *表示“没有理由不同意”的语感,意为“当然”、“很愿意” Should we have more drinks? (我们再喝点儿吗?) Why not? (当然) No reason not to. 没关系 No, not at all. Would you mind if I smoked? (我可以抽烟吗?) No, not at all. (没关系,您请) 这就做 I will. Do your homework now. (你现在就做作业) I will. (这就做) Im going to. Ill do it. 明白 Got it. *特别是在听到命令和吩咐时用 Get it? (明白了吗?) Got it! (明白) Got you. Gotcha. *俚语 不用多说了(就交给我吧) Say no more. *用来回答对方提出“想……”的请求时 I hate to ask you help, but... (我不太想麻烦你,但是……) Say no more. (就交给我吧) Be my guest. Dont worry about it. Ill take care of it. Leave it up to me. 就像在自己家里一样 Make yourself at home. I like your apartment. (我喜欢你的公寓) Make yourself at home. (请随便点儿,就像在自己家里一样) 很高兴为您效劳 Id be happy to help you. Id be happy to help you. (很高兴为您效劳) That alright. (谢谢!不用了) Ill be happy to help you. Id love to help. *女性常用 Id be more than happy to help you. *更强调高兴的表达方式 遵命 Certainly. *愉快地、感到荣幸地接受别人请求或提问时,给予的礼貌性的回答 Id like more water, please. (我想再要点儿水) Certainly. (遵命) 照您说的做 Whatever you say. I think we should do it this way. (我认为应该这样做) Whatever you say. (照您说的做) Youre the boss. (您是头儿,您定吧!) Youre in control. (由您掌管) 为你做什么都行 Anything you. Would you help me out? (你能帮我吗?) Anything you. (为你做什么都行) Ill do anything you. *上句是这句的缩写 交给我吧! Ill take care of it. *“我来做”、“我负责任” It due tomorrow. (付期截止到明天) Ill take care of it. (我来处理吧) Ill handle it. Leave it to me. (You can) count on me. *count on... “指望……”、“依靠……”、“期待……” You can leave it up to me. 算我一个 Count me in. *用在听到了有趣的事情或计划时,带有“让我也参加吧”的语感 Are you coming? (你也来吗?) Count me in. (算我一个) Im in. Im into it. *比较随便的说法 Count me out. (我不做别把我算上) 剩下的就交给我! Ill do the rest. I have to leave early today. (今天我得早走) Okay. Ill do the rest. (好的,剩下的由我做吧) Ill finish up. Ill take care of the rest of it. 就这么着,说好了 Deal. *既可以作为问题,也可以作为回答,常用于妥协时、分配工作时表示“那就开始吧”、“就这么定了”、“那就成交了” Is it a deal? (这样行吗?) Deal. (行,就这么着) Ill cook if you do the dishes. Deal? (你洗碗,我就做饭,行吗?) Deal. (就这么着) It a deal. That a deal! That will do. No deal. (那样的话还是定不了) 不管发生什么,我也要做 Ill do it no matter what. *no matter what “无论怎样”、“无论发生什么” If you do that, youll get fired. (如果你那样做,那你将被解雇) Ill do it no matter what. (不管发生什么,我也要这样做) Ill do it regardless of circumstances. Nothing will stop me from doing it. Nothing will get in my way of... 这相当简单 It quite easy. How did you do that? (那是怎么做的?) It quite easy. (这相当简单) It pretty simple. It really easy. 那算不了什么 It nothing. That looks hard. (那看上去很难) It nothing. (那算不了什么) It a cinch. It a piece of cake. 那太好了 That would be great. Would you like some coffee? (你来杯咖啡吗?) That would be great. (那太好了) That would be perfect. That would hit the spot. (那太让人满意了) That exactly what I want. (那正是我想要的) That would be grand. *比较旧的说法 行吗? Would you? Ill help. (我来帮你吧!) Would you? (行吗?) Could you? 好吧! Youre on! *就对方所说的事表示“可以”、“明白了”的感觉 Let play mah-jong. (我们玩麻将吧!) Youre on! (好吧!) Okay. Sounds good. Ill take you up on that offer. Let get moving. Youve got a deal. 如果不给您添麻烦的话 If you dont mind. Would you like some help? (用我来帮助您吗?) If you dont mind. (如果不给您添麻烦的话) Excuse me. May I help you? (劳驾,我可以帮忙吗?) Sure. If you dont mind. (嗯,如果不麻烦你的话) If it no trouble. If you wouldnt mind. 随时为您效劳 Anytime. *对方说Thank you时的回答表示“什么时候我都乐意为您效劳”、“无论什么时候我都可以帮忙” Thank you everything. (太感谢您了) Anytime. (愿意随时为您效劳) 什么都行 Anything. *“什么都可以,你说的做” What would you like to drink? (你喝点什么?) Anything. (什么都行) 那,我们做吧 Let do it! *对新事物、有趣的事情而言 We should take a trip. (我们应该去旅行) Let do it! (那我们去吧!) Let not. (算了吧!) 满足你的希望 Your wish is my command. I want that. (我要那个) Your wish is my command. (满足你的要求) Anything you say. I wanna make all your dreams come true. Im here to please you. 那个可以 That will do. How this? (这个怎么样?) That will do. (可以呀) That good enough. 什么都可以 Anythingll do. *用于哪个都管用的时候 哪儿都行 Anywherell do. 足够了 Thatll be enough. Should I make more? (再多做点儿吗?) Thatll be enough. (那就足够了) That enough. That will do now. 什么事? What it about? Can I talk to you? (我能跟你说句话吗?) Sure, what it about? (当然,什么事?) 能告诉我您的电话号码吗? May I have your phone number? May I have your phone number? (请告诉我您的电话号码) Sure, it -. (好的,-) Your number, please? May I have your number? Could I have your number? 拒绝请求和建议 我希望可以,但是…… I wish I could, but... *委婉地拒绝对方要求的表达方式 Could you work overtime tonight? (今天晚上能加个班吗?) I wish I could, but... (我希望可以,但是……) Id love to, but... 我不愿意 I wont. I want you to do it now. (我想让你现在就做) I wont. (我不愿意) 不,谢谢 No, thank you. *虽然很感激,但必须拒绝时使用 Do you need help? (要我来帮你吗?) No, thank you. (不,谢谢) No, thanks. *随便的说法 Yes, thank you. (好吧,麻烦你) 我想不行 I dont think so. Can we go? (我们也能去吗?) No, I dont think so. (不,我想不行) I dont believe so. 我不要 I dont want it. Here you are. (给你) I dont want it. (我不要) 真的不要 I really dont want it. Take one. (拿一个吧) I really dont want it. (我真的不要) 真抱歉,我不能帮助你 Im sorry I cant help you. Where is the A Hotel? (请问A饭店在哪儿?) Im sorry I cant help you. (对不起,我帮不了你) Can you work overtime tonight? (今天晚上你能加班吗?) Im sorry, I cant help you. (对不起,我加不了班) Im sorry I cant assist you. Im sorry I cant be any help. 我反对他的建议 Im against his proposal. 我很乐意,可我帮不了你 I wish I could help you, but I cant. Could you help me get a job? (您能帮我找一份工作吗?) I wish I could help you, but I cant. (可惜我帮不了你) 那事我使不上劲 I cant do anything about it. You have to help me. (你得帮帮我) I cant do anything about it. (那事我使不上劲) There is nothing I can do about it. I can do nothing about it. 我无法满足你的愿望 I cant make that happen. I want to work this company. (我想在这家公司工作) Sorry, I cant make that happen. (对不起,我无法满足你的愿望) 我没那份心情 Im not in the mood. Do you want to dance? (想跳舞吗?) Im not in the mood. (我没那份心情) I dont feel like it. 很遗憾,我现在有件急事 Im afraid Ive got urgent business now. Im afraid Ive got urgent business now. (很遗憾,我现在有件急事) That a shame. (真是太遗憾了) 我有别的事 I have other business to take care of. Are you free today? (你今天有时间吗?) No, I have other business to take care of. (没有,我有别的事) 对不起,我现在正忙着呢 Im sorry, but Im busy just now. Im sorry, but Im busy right now. 对不起,我有急事 Im sorry, but Im in a hurry. Sorry, I dont have time. (对不起,我没时间了) 现在不行 Not right now. 我就算了吧 Count me out. *自己不愿意参加,不愿意加入时使用 Are you coming? (你来吗?) Count me out. (我就算了吧) Count me in. (算上我一个) 如果可以的话,最好不…… Id rather not. Let go drinking. (我们去喝酒吧) Id rather not. (我还是不去了吧) 够了,够了 Enough. *Enough表示“所有量,接受量足够了”也可以用来表示有够多的麻烦和痛苦时 You have to... (你必须……) Enough. (够了,够了) Enough aly. That enough. 已经足够了 Ive had enough. How about more salad? (再来点儿沙拉,怎么样?) No, thank you. Ive had enough. (不,谢谢,已经足够了) 很遗憾,今天我不太方便 Untunately, it not convenient me today. Why dont we have dinner together? (一起去吃顿饭,怎么样?) Untunately, it not convenient me today. (很遗憾,今天我不太方便) 没说到点儿上离题万里 That beside the point. *beside the point 表示“估计错的”、“没抓住中心的” If it hadnt rained, I would have done it. (要是没下雨的话,我就可以做,可是……) That beside the point. (根本没说到点儿上) 请求同意 做……可以吗? Is it all right if...? *常用来表示比较有礼貌地请求对方允许 Is it all right if I open the window? (我可以开窗吗?) Absolutely. (当然)*也可以用Is it all right to...? 来代替Is it all right if...?意思相同 Is it all right to smoke here? (我可以在这儿抽烟吗?) No, this is a nonsmoking room. (不行,这儿是禁烟室) 我可以进来吗? May I come in? May I come in? (我可以进来吗?) Please, do. (请进) Is it alright to come in? May I enter? 我可以坐这儿吗? May I sit here? Is this seat taken? Is someone sitting here? Is this seat free? 我可以在这儿玩球吗? May I play catch here? May I play catch here? (我可以在这儿玩球吗?) Of course you may. (当然,玩吧) 我可以抽烟吗? Do you mind if I smoke? Do you mind if I smoke? (我可以抽烟吗?) No, I dont mind. (行,没关系)*回答Do you mind...? 的提问时,想说“不行”时用Yes,“行”时用No 这儿可以拍照吗? Am I allowed to take pictures here? *allow表示“原谅”、“同意”、“承认” Am I allowed to take pictures here? (这儿可以拍照吗?) Yes, I think so. (我想可以) Is taking pictures allowed here? Are you permitted to take pictures here? Do they permit taking pictures here? Is it okay to take photographs here? 让我看看 Let me see it. This is my favorite picture. (这是我最喜欢的照片) Let me see it. (让我看看) Let me take a look. Please show it to me. 我可以借用您的电话吗? May I use your phone? May I use your phone? (我可以借用您的电话吗?) Only if it not long distance. (只要不是长途电话就行) 我可以借用您的卫生间吗? May I use the bathroom? May I use the rest room? May I use the washroom? 我可以把车停在那儿吗? Can I park my car there? Can I park my car there? (我可以把车停在那儿吗?) Yes, you can. (可以,停那儿吧) Is parking there okay? Is it all right to park my car there? Am I permitted to park my car there? 我可以看一眼吗? May I take a look? May I have a look? May I see it? 哪儿都可以吗? You mean any place? Do you mean any place? Anywhere okay? Any place? 同意、不同意 行 Go ahead. May I use your phone? (可以借用你的电话吗?) Go ahead. (可以) 随你吧 It up to you. You decide. 可以 Sure. Would you help me? (你能帮我吗?) Sure. (可以) No problem. Okay. Sure thing! Why not? I dont see why not. *直译“我没有理由说不”,see表示“明白” I dont see why it is not all right. That sounds okay. 行啊! Im game! Let go out drinking. (我们去喝一杯吧) Im game! (行啊!) Im all it. (非常赞成) 如果你不介意的话 If that all right with you. *请求对方同意、许可的说法 It five oclock now. (现在5点了) Let leave now, if that all right with you. (我们走吧,如果你不介意的话) If that all right you. 如果方便的话…… If it all right with you,… *这句同上句If that all right with you.大致相同,但这句用在对话开始时 If it all right with you, Id like to go to bed now. (如果方便的话,我想休息了) Go ahead. (您请吧) 可以,您请 Yes, please do. May I sit here? (我可以坐在这儿吗?) Yes, please do. (可以,您请坐) Sure, go ahead. No problem. 约翰,你可以回家了 You may go home now, John. 很遗憾,恐怕不行 Im afraid not. *用于虽然对方也许不想听,或者不相信,但不得不说No(不)时这是一种委婉的否定表达方式,含有表示同情对方的心情 Is this the smoking section? (这儿是吸烟席吗?) No, Im afraid not. (很遗憾,好像不是) ? Im afraid so. *这句话的意思是“很遗憾是这样”、“很遗憾是这么回事” 最好不要 Id rather you didnt. *Id rather...not表示“如果可以的话,我不想……”、“如果可以的话我想拒绝……”、“如果允许的话我想推辞……”Id rather是I would rather的缩写形式,用于婉转地拒绝对方的建议时 May I smoke? (我可以吸烟吗?) Id rather you didnt. (最好不吸) Would you mind if I went with you? (我也可以和你一起去吗?) Id rather you didnt. (希望你最好别来) Id prefer it if you didnt. Id prefer you not to. Id rather that you not. 不行! Not on your life! *表示强烈的拒绝 Would you lie me? (你能帮我撒个谎吗?) Not on your life! (不行!) Certainly not. Not any reason! No way! Not a chance! Fat chance! Not a chance in the world! *表示更为强烈的拒绝 绝不允许! Over my dead body! *表示“只要我还未闭眼,绝不让……”、“完全不可能” Would you loan me ¥0,000? (你能借给我万日元吗?) Over my dead body! (绝不可能!) Never! That will never happen! I will never let that happen! Id rather die first! 不!不行! Nope! *比较随便的俚语说法 Are you going to the party? (你要去参加舞会吗?) Nope! (不,不去) 还没有 Not yet. Have you finished? (你做完了吗?) Not yet. (还没有) 现在不行 Not now. Could you help me? (你能帮我一下吗?) Not now. (现在不行) Later. (过会儿吧) 这里不行 Not here. May I smoke? (我可以吸烟吗?) Not here. (在这儿不行) 你不能在这儿吃东西 You may not eat here. You may not eat here. (你不能在这儿吃东西) Im sorry, I didnt know. (对不起,我不知道) Eating here is not allowed. You cant eat here. Eating is prohibited here. Please refrain from eating here. 引起注意 看! Take a look! Have a look! See yourself. 听好喽! Listen! *在说完listen!引起对方注意之后,再开始进入话题,是很常用的方式 Hi! Tom. (嗨!汤姆) Listen! Do you want to know a secret? (听着!你想知道一个秘密吗?) Listen up. *更强烈地引起注意的说法 Listen to me. (听我说) Listen to this. (好好听着) 别不理我 Dont ignore me. *ignore“忽视,不理” Listen to me. (听我说) 看这儿! Look here! 看那儿! Look at that! Look at that! (看那儿!) Wow! (哇!) 快来看呀! Come, look! 看我! Look at me! Hey, look! (嘿,看呀) 我听见有什么声音 I heard something. I heard something. (我听见有声音) It just my dog. (那是我的) What was that noise? (那是什么声响?) I think I heard something. (我听见有动静) 我这就去看看 Ill go and take a look right away. Did you see Tom new house? It really nice. (你看到汤姆的新家了吗?特别好) Ill go and take a look right away. (我这就去看看) Ill go and check it out immediately. Ill go give it a look right now. 该你了 It your turn. *用于各种情况,如玩游戏或是顺序做事情等 Who next? (下一个是谁?) It your turn. (该你了) 日常英语 英语口语天河长安医院打掉孩子怎么样好不好广州人工授孕去那好



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