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宜昌人民医院秘尿外科专家宜昌三医院有泌尿科吗广州指路(Landmarks in Guangzhou) -- 1:1:7 来源: 广州指路(Landmarks in Guangzhou) how is everything coming?  last week, my chinese friend mia took me to the ancestral temple of the chen family. it was lay on the seventh zhongshan road. mia told me, the temple had 6 years' history; the chen supported money to build it the students. i was attracted by the beautiful ornamengts on the wall there! they are colourful, lively, and also mysterious, it must be a rarely which is so grand! besides, it showed feelings of native soil.then we went to sun yat-sen memorial hall. inside there is a picture gallery, an exhibition of dr. sun's life, and a large hall that may be used as a theater, concert, or meeting hall. do you know sun yat-sen? he founded the first republic in china in 19 after many years' fighting. he is a important person the past china.  now i am more and more enjoy chinese trip, tomorrow we will go to the temple of the six banyan trees and tianhe sports complex, i am excited it!  yours joyce宜昌好的男科 聚会-- :6:6 学生:Drew,你喜欢聚会吗?  Student:Drew.Do you like going to parties?  老师:是的,我朋友说我是聚会迷  Teacher:Yes .My friends say I'm a real party animal.  学生:你们国家里聚会是什么样子的?  Student:What's the party like in your country?  老师:你知道,在加拿大,啤酒是很贵的,所以,通常我们都自带酒,这叫BYOB聚会,我们也玩儿一些游戏,有时会玩得很疯  Teacher: Well,you know,Cause beer is very expensive in Canada.We always bring our own beer. It's called BYOB party,and we play drinking games,sometimes it's really crazy.  学生:你们聚会时都干些什么?喝酒吗?  Student:What do you do at parties, drinking?  老师:当然,我们喝酒,跳舞,泡妞,开心----  Teacher:Yeah,we drink, dance, pick up, hot chicks and have fun.  学生:Hot chick是什么意思?  Student:Hot chick?  老师:漂亮姑娘  Teacher:That means beautiful girls.  学生:校园里有很多聚会吗?  Student:Are there lots of parties on campus?  老师:是啊,我们经常考试后聚一聚,你知道我们需要放松,就去泡吧  Teacher:Yeah.We would party after exams.You know we need to relax. So we hit the bars.  学生:Hit是什么意思?  Student:Hit?  老师:噢,Hit在这里不是指打的意思,Hit the bar表示我们列一张酒吧的单子,然后挨个去逛  Teacher:Oh! Hit the bars doesn't mean we hit them.It means we make a list of bars and go around them.  学生:噢,谢谢  Student:Oh. Thanks.  老师:没问题  Teacher:You're welcome.  1.BYOB是英语Bring Your Own Beer的首字母缩写由于国外的酒很贵(到5美元或加元),人们会自带酒水,在国外外时可要当心,别轻易向别人要烟或酒,弄不好就会被别人当成Social smoker或Social drinker,就是那些自己不带烟或不买酒,却总是向别人要的那种人  .Drinking games,国外的drinking games和国内可不一样,有一种游戏是互相问问题,不管多尴尬都要回答,甚至有人会问你:Who did you sleep with last night?  3.Pick up hot chicks中文的直译是泡妞hot chicks是男孩对女孩的称呼,尤其是漂亮女孩儿男孩儿们更常说的是"Let's go to the bar and pick up some hot chicks"绝对地道  .hit the bars不要被hit这个词迷惑,hit the bar在这里就是指去泡吧,hit就是go to的意思另外还有几个跟hit有关的用法,也很常用,比如hit the road表示Let's go. hit the book表示Let's study. hit the sack表示Go to bed.  5.Party animal表示聚会迷,需要注意的是animal表达这种含义时,仅用于这种情况,千万别自创出什么movie animal来,那就出笑话了.我的英文老师(My English teacher) -- 1:1:19 来源: 我的英文老师(My English teacher)  hello! i’m he baoyi. we have three new teachers this term. but my favourite teacher is english teacher. who is she? yes, she’s linda.  do you want to know her? linda is very beautiful. look! she has a round face, two small black eyes, a straight nose, a big mouth and two small ears. her hair is very long. she is not tall and not short. she likes wearing a white dress. she looks like an angle. linda works very hard every day. and she is strict to us. but she is kind. her class is so much fun. really? yes. in class, she is our good teacher. after class, she is our good friend.  her favourite food is tofu. it ’s very very healthy. she is not only good at pingpong, but also good at singing. she likes talking with us. we all like her.宜昌市中医院有泌尿科吗

宜昌市区医治前列缐炎医院青海湖—驴友们的旅游圣地 --31 :00: 来源: 青海湖是中国最大的湖,位于中国西北青海省由于降水量连年增加以及采取了相关环境保护措施,青海湖7年来不断扩张,今年总面积已达,353平方公里,年来覆盖面积最大,也是中国最大的咸水湖群羊在湖边悠然吃草,躺在沙滩上看日出日落,是旅游的好去处喔A flock of sheep graze beside Qinghai Lake, the largest lake in China, in Northwest China’s Qinghai province, Oct 18, . Thanks to an increasing precipitation and ecological protection measures, the lake has been expanding seven consecutive years to an area of ,353 square kilometers, the largest coverage in years. It is also the largest salt water lake in China. 青海湖 驴友 旅游宜昌包皮包茎怎么治疗 Grandma's Birthday 奶奶的生日 -- :5: 来源: Grandma's Birthday 奶奶的生日  It's my grandma's birthday today. She lives with my uncle in a village not far from Taiyuan. We decided to visit her.  At eight o'clock in the morning, my parents and I went to a shop and bought a big birthday cake. It took us two hours to go there in my father's car. My grandma and uncle were very glad to see us. I shook her by the hand and said, "Happy birthday to you!" She smiled happily. Then we sat down to talk, and we had a wonderful time together. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon we said goodbye to them and went home.  I love my grandma. I am going to see her again next month.    今天是奶奶的生日她和叔叔一起住在离太原不远的一个村子我们决定去看她  早晨八点我和爸爸妈妈去商店买了一块生日蛋糕坐爸爸的车去那里用了两个小时奶奶和叔叔见到我们很高兴我握住奶奶的手说,“祝您生日快乐!”奶奶开心地笑了然后我们坐下来说话,一起度过了美好的时光下午五点我们向他们告别回家  我爱我奶奶!下个月我还要去看她宜昌最好的泌尿外科医院是哪家

当阳市治疗性功能障碍多少钱放松-- :5:   洋话连篇口语课堂上,老师请一位学员来回答一个问题,但心情紧张的学员说得语无伦次,老师笑着对他说:"Kict it!"心情紧张的学员不安地问:"'Kict it'是'踢它'的意思吗?"老师:"No,'Kick'确是'踢'的意思,但这个字在美式俚语里头有许多不同的解释,它可以用来指'刺激'、'兴奋'等,但在这里是当动词用,意指'放松身心'如果你觉得太紧张、压力太大了,那你就应该'Kict it'(放松)一定要学会并应用它哟" 有趣的英语课(An Interesting English Cla) -- :59:37 来源: 有趣的英语课(An Interesting English Cla)     铃声一响,我们的英语老师白老师就走进了教师她通常来时手里拿着一本书,可是这次她带来了一袋子水果噢,她成了售货员了!  她把许多苹果、梨、橘子和草莓放在她的说桌上然后她问:“我能帮你们忙吗?”同学们都你看我,我看你,因为他们不知道说什么才好可是我站起身来,朝她走去,回答说:“我要一些橘子”白老师笑了,给了我许多橘子,并表扬了我  我想这些橘子是我的奖品,你这样看吗?  一堂有趣的英语课(an interesting english class)  as soon as the bell rang, miss bai, our english teacher, came into the classroom. she usually came in with a book in her hand, but this time she took a bag of fruit. oh, she became a saleswoman!  she put many apples, pears, oranges and strawberries on her desk. then she asked us, "can i help you?" my classmates all looked at each other, because they didn't know what to say. but i stood up, went to her, and answered, "i want some oranges." miss bai smiled and gave me a lot of orangesand praised me.  i think these oranges are my awards. don't you think so?宜昌市割包皮手术的医院宜昌有什么好男科



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