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Christmas isn#39;t just for humans; at London Zoo, the animals are given presents to enjoy.圣诞节可不只是给人类准备的,在伦敦动物园,动物们也被分发了礼物欢庆节日到来。On Thursday morning, animals including the tigers and meerkats were given festive treats.上周四上午,包括老虎和狐獴在内的动物们都得到了节日礼物。Six-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis woke up to a pile of presents to rip open.6个月大的苏门答腊幼虎阿基里斯和卡利斯醒来后发现自己有大一堆礼物要撕开看看。It seems there was nothing inside the presents, but cat-owners know they often prefer wrapping paper and cardboard boxes to presents within, no matter how expensive the gift you chose for them was.似乎盒子里并没有什么礼物,但养过猫科动物的人都知道,它们更喜欢包装纸和纸盒,而不是盒子里的礼物,不管你给他们挑选的礼物有多么昂贵。The Zoo’s meerkats were given pinecone baubles stuffed with festive veg to munch on. |动物园里的狐獴得到了松果饰品,里面塞满了节日蔬菜。These were hanging on a Christmas tree in their enclosure.这些礼物挂在它们的住所中的圣诞树上。ZSL’s Zoological Manager Mark Habben said: “We love a bit of festive cheer at ZSL London Zoo, and like to find fun ways for the animals to join in the festivities.伦敦动物学协会的动物主管马克-哈本说:“我们想在伦敦动物园营造一些节日气氛,喜欢为动物们找到有趣的方式加入到节日庆祝中。”“We’ve come up with a variety of activities to encourage them to use their natural skills, like foraging or sniffing out their next meal.“我们想到了很多活动,鼓励它们使用自然技能,比如觅食或者寻找下一顿餐饭。”;Our tiger cubs loved using their newly learnt hunting prowess to rip open their presents, while our meerkats searched for their treats under the tree - just like kids all over the country on Christmas day.”“我们的幼虎喜欢使用新学到的狩猎本领撕开礼物包装,狐獴则在树下搜寻礼物,就像全国的孩子们在圣诞节做的那样。”Another London animal who has been enjoying the festive season is Larry, the Number 10 cat. He has been seen sitting proudly underneath the Downing Street Christmas tree.另一只享受圣诞节日的伦敦动物是唐宁街10号的捕鼠官拉里。人们看到它得意洋洋地坐在唐宁街的圣诞树下。 /201612/484945At last week#39;s ;Love and Sex with Robots; conference in London, David Levy, an expert on artificial intelligence, predicted that human-robot marriages would be legal by 2050.上周在伦敦举行的“与机器人的爱与性”大会上,人工智能方面的专家大卫·勒维预测,人类与机器人之间的婚姻将在2050年前合法化。Adrian Cheok, computing professor at City University London, supported the view.伦敦城市大学计算机系教授艾德里安·丘克持该观点。;That might seem outrageous because it#39;s only 34 years away. But 34 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous,; said Cheok.丘克称:“这可能听起来不可思议,因为距2050年只有34年了。但34年前,人们还觉得同性婚姻不可思议呢。”And though human-robot marriage might not be legal until 2050, Cheok believes humans will be living with robot partners long before then.他认为,尽管人类与机器人或许要到2050年才能合法结婚,但早在那之前他们就能成为生活伴侣。He believes robot-human marriages will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on society.他认为机器人和人类的婚姻将对社会产生极其积极的影响。;People assume that everyone can get married, have sex, fall in love. But actually many don#39;t,; he says. ;A lot of human marriages are very unhappy. Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human.;他说:“人们认为每个人都可以结婚、做爱、坠入爱河。但实际上许多人并没有。很多人的婚姻都很不幸福。与糟糕的婚姻相比,一个机器人反而会比一个人类好得多。”Others are less convinced. Oliver Bendel, professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, says he does not believe sex or love robots will have moral standing.不过其他人对此并不信。瑞士应用科学和艺术大学的教授奥利弗·本德尔表示,人类与机器人的性和爱关系将不会获得道德的撑。;Marriage is a form of contract between human beings to regulate mutual rights and obligations including the care and the welfare of children. Perhaps one day robots can have real duties and rights, though I don#39;t really believe it,; he says.他表示:“婚姻是人与人之间的一种合同形式,它被用以管理人与人之间共同的权利和义务,包括对孩子的照顾和福利。也许有一天机器人能够拥有真正的责任和权利,虽然我不相信这会发生。”However, he acknowledges that human-robot marriage could become legal by 2050 simply in response to public pressure.但他同时也承认,在2050年前,人类与机器人的婚姻或许因为社会压力而合法。 /201701/487597Spicy Food Might Help You Live Longer辛辣食物或能延长寿命!Salsa or Sriracha, load up on spicy food if you want to live longer, new research suggests. A study published in the journal PLoS ONE linked red hot chili peppers with a 13% lower risk of death.新研究表明:如果你想更长寿,那就多吃点辣酱、辣食吧!在PLoS ONE杂志上发表的一项研究表明:红辣椒会降低13%的死亡率。Using data from the National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES), scientists from the University of Vermont analyzed the diets of over 16,000 American adults. Specifically, they looked at the question, ;How often did you have hot red chili peppers?; Those who reported eating any hot peppers in the past month had a lower mortality rate over a period of 18 years, after adjusting for other factors.佛蒙特大学的科学家们从国家健康与体检调查机构获得数据,分析了16000多位美国成人的饮食情况。具体来说,他们研究了这个问题,“你多久吃一次红辣椒?”在调整了其它因素后,那些说自己上个月吃了红辣椒的人,他们在未来18年的死亡率更低。While it#39;s difficult to prove a direct cause-and-effect between the two, these results don#39;t stand alone. Two more studies, one from India and another from China, have also connected spicy foods with longevity. That#39;s good news for your Chipotle order.虽然很难明两者之间的直接因果关系,但是这些结果还有其它撑。另外两项研究也认为辛辣食物与长寿相关,一项研究来自印度,另一项来自中国。所以放心吃墨西哥风味快餐吧。So what#39;s so magical about chili peppers? Besides nutrients like B, C and pro-A vitamins, the researchers believe an active ingredient called capsaicin protects against both heart disease and obesity. And although the survey asked about red chilis specifically, capsaicin is found in all types of hot peppers, including jalape#241;os, habaneros and cayenne. It#39;s what gives them their heat!那么辣椒有什么神奇之处呢?除了维他命B、维他命C和维生素A原等营养物质,研究员认为一种被称为辣椒素的成分能预防心脏病和肥胖。尽管该研究只具体调查了红辣椒,但所有辣椒都含有辣椒素,包括法国的jalape#241;os辣椒、哈瓦那辣椒和卡宴辣椒。正是因为有了辣椒素,辣椒才能那么辣!Peppers can also help you out right now, if you#39;re looking to lose a few pounds that is. ;While the jury#39;s still out on whether or not spicy foods can actually give us a metabolic boost, there#39;s no doubt that eating spicy foods may also have a weight loss benefit,; says Jaclyn London, R.D., Nutrition Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute. ;That#39;s because when we consume foods with heat, the natural tendency is to slow down while we eat (since it#39;s tough to race through anything with hot peppers!), helping us stay in touch with satiety signals and really stop when we#39;re full - not stuffed.;如果你正打算减掉几磅,吃辣椒就行了。“虽然还没有确定辛辣食物是否能促进新陈代谢,但对辛辣食物有助于减肥这一点,是毫无疑问的,”注册营养师贾克琳#8226;伦敦说道,她是好管家机构的营养主任。“因为当我们摄入带有热量的食物时,吃的时候就会自然放慢速度(因为就着辣椒吃菜太难了!),这样就会发出饱腹的信号,当我们饱而未撑的时候,就能停下来不吃了。”Living longer and hitting those weight loss goals? Peppers for the win!想要长寿、变瘦?那就吃辣椒吧!译文属 /201701/489785

The Lion King—and their democratically elected leader狮子王——他们民主选举产生的领导人 /201612/481023

;If you had to choose, would you prefer a woman with a hot body or a beautiful face?;“如果你不得不作出选择,你会选择身材好还是颜值高的女人?”It#39;s a classic question that every woman wants to ask their boyfriend. Of course, he would prefer both. However, only a small number of women are blessed with Victoria#39;s Secret model genes.这是一个老生常谈的问题,每个女人都想这样问她们的男友。当然,他肯定喜欢两者兼具!但是,只有很少一部分女性能够具有维秘模特的基因。I once an article that said, nowadays, some women wouldn#39;t let their boyfriends see their real face. They wear concealer even when they go to bed and get up earlier so that they have enough time to put on some makeup before he wakes up.我曾经读过的一篇文章称,现今一些女性不会让他们的男友看到自己的素颜。甚至晚上睡觉时她们也会抹上遮瑕膏,早上很早起床以便于在男友起床之前有时间补妆。Looking perfect means a lot to them. They are easily affected by the current standards set on beauty.使自己看起来完美对她们来说很重要。她们很容易受到来自目前美丽的标准的影响。They go to extremes in search of a unified and recognized image of beauty, and once they find it, they work hard to get and maintain it.她们在寻找统一和公认的美丽面孔上走上了极端,而一旦她们找到了,就会努力得到并维持住这份美丽。Part of the reason they behave this way is people impose stereotyped ideas about beauty on them. The other part of the reason is they are not confident enough about themselves and easily surrender to the whims and fancies of men.她们之所以会这样做,部分原因是因为人们会将美丽的刻板印象强加在她们身上。而另一部分原因则是女性对自己不够自信,很容易就屈于男人的冲动和幻想。So, instead of asking men to answer this question, women should bear in mind that the scope of beauty is getting broader and broader. Only when they really appreciate their own beauty, will they become more confident.因此,女人们不应该叫男人回答这个问题,而是要在心里面谨记,美丽的范围正变得越来越广。只有当女人真正懂得欣赏自己的美丽之后,她们才会变得更加自信。;I feel free, once I realized I was never going to fit the narrow mold that society wanted me to fit in,; s a e from Ashley Graham, the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Vogue.时尚杂志《VOGUE》第一个大码超模阿什利·格雷厄姆有一句名言:“当我意识到不会委屈自己缩进这个社会想让我适应的狭窄模具时,我就感觉到了自由”。We don#39;t want to see similar beautiful faces on the street, looking like products from the same assembly line.我们并不想在街上看到虽然很美、却像同一个流水线生产出来的产品一样的脸庞。Don#39;t label yourself a certain kind of woman. Be the woman that gets to decide who you are and how you should look. Being different is beautiful; being confident is beautiful; being real is beautiful.不要给自己贴上是某种女人的标签。你应该成为那种自己决定自己是谁、自己决定自己是什么样子的女人。与众不同就是美、充满自信就是美、真实不虚就是美! /201703/501204

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