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Call girl in Berlusconi scandal stars at Paris club party摘要:巴黎一家著名夜店的活动组织者于本周二宣布,声称和意大利总理西尔维奥#8226;贝卢斯科尼有染的应召女郎将以“贵宾”身份出席该夜店举办的“我爱西尔维奥”主题派对。The call girl who claims to have slept with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will be guest of honour at an "I love Silvio" theme party in a renowned Paris nightclub, organisers said Tuesday.Patrizia D'Addario, 42, is at the centre of a political and media storm in Italy since announcing that she had spent the night with the premier, recorded conversations with him and filmed his bedroom with her mobile phone.Berlusconi insists he has never paid for sex, but conceded last week following D'Addario's claims that he "is not a saint".Paris nightclub impresario Benjamin Patou told the reporters the escort had agreed to attend a party at the downtown Le Globo dancehall late Friday, where guests will wear Berlusconi pantomime masks and staff AC Milan strips."Since 1895, Le Globo has been a relaxed and friendly joint. We're standing by the spirit of the establishment by surfing on the tide of current affairs," Patou said."This business between Silvio Berlusconi and Patrizia D'Addario tickled us. We contacted her and she agreed immediately to come. It will be her first public appearance since the scandal," he added.Le Globo began life as a lively brasserie frequented by Parisian artists, thinkers and bohemians. In 1905, Jean Jaures laid the basis of the French Socialist movement there in a series of public meetings.In 1988, it was taken over by a trio of club promoters and now concentrates on spectacular late night parties. /07/79562The shows the robot searching each room, its electronic eye roving from side to side while officers watch safely from a command post.As the robot slowly pushed the man's bedroom door open, the man came out, stark naked, with an AK-47 in hand. The man then started shooting at the robot.The camera goes out at first, and then comes back on.The robot came away with bullet holes, frayed wires and broken cables, but no one was hurt."It saved a life," said Barnett.The man was charged with criminal mischief. The robot will be out of commission for awhile. It's being sent back to its manufacturer for repairs.墨尔本的一个男人被邻居举报说曾威胁他人并有毁灭倾向:“老子家里有一堆武器!老子要拿干翻你们!”于是基于安全第一的考虑,警察们派出了他们那价值六万五千美刀的遥控机器人前去查看一番。视频显示机器人正在搜索每个房间,电子眼从一侧转到另一侧,而工作人员在一个发命令的位置安全地监视着这一切。结果当它轻轻推开男子的房门时……砰的一声,一个裸男跑出来狂打机器人。随后他发现单用打的干不爆这个机械怪物,于是他去装备了他心爱的AK47,然后开干爆了这个可怜的机器人警察们表示很高兴,如果不是这个机器人的话,他们中的一个或几个估计都得躺着出来了。而这名裸男则被以刑事犯罪的罪名逮捕。顺带一提,机器人被送去返修了 /201104/133845

Falklands War福岛战争By late 1981 her approval rating had fallen to 25%, the lowest recorded for any prime minister until that time, but the economic corner had been turned.1981年底,撒切尔的持率跌至25%。这是有史以来英国首相的最低持率。然而,英国的经济却呈现出截然相反的趋势。In early 1982 the economy began to recover and, with it, the prime ministers standing among the electorate.1982年初,英国经济开始复苏。撒切尔在选民心中的地位也随之上升。Her popularity received its biggest boost in April 1982 with her decisive response to the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands.1982月,撒切尔对阿根廷进入福克兰群岛做出了决定性回应,因此声望空前。The prime minister immediately despatched a naval task force and the islands were retaken on 14 June when the Argentine forces surrendered.撒切尔立即向福岛派出了海军部队4日,阿根廷投降,英国重新控制了福克兰群岛。Victory in the Falklands, together with disarray in the Labour Party, now led by Michael Foot, ensured a Conservative landslide in the 1983 election.当时的工党在迈克#8226;富特的领导下混乱不堪,加上福岛战争的胜利,使保守党在1983年的大选中获得了压倒性的大胜。The following spring the National Union of Mineworkers called a nationwide strike, despite the failure of their firebrand president, Arthur Scargill, to ballot his members.尽管全国矿工联合会主席亚#8226;斯吉卡尔没有在会员中进行投票,工会仍然决定在1984年春天举行全国性罢工。Margaret Thatcher was determined not to falter. Unlike the situation Edward Heath faced in 1973, the government had built up substantial stocks of coal at power stations in advance of the industrial action.撒切尔没有退缩。有别于1973年时的希思政府,她对这次罢工早已做好充足准备,储备了大量的煤,所以罢工并未对发电厂的供应构成影响。来 /201304/233950

8 Make it a social occasion 8 让运动成为你的社交活动;Ive got to run with a partner,;says Mike McNally of Des Moines.Mike outgoing personality is the flip side of Marla need solitude.If youre a person who likes keeping pace with someone else,find a companion and go it.住在艾奥瓦州得梅因的麦克.麦拉利说:“我跑步必须和某个伙伴一起跑”麦克外向的性格和玛拉的独处性格正好相反如果你是一个喜欢和别人齐步跑的人,就找个伴一起跑吧 395Registration挂号求医Have you a registration card?你有挂号吗?Which department do you want to register with?你要挂哪科的号?Please dont lose your registration card and bring it whenever you come.请不要遗失你的挂号,每次来时带着它Registration subsequent visits is at counter No..复诊挂号在二号窗口Which department do you want to see?你想看哪一科呀?Well, I suggest you go internal medicine. Please wait in the waiting room till you are called.那好,我建议你看内科请到该科候诊室等待叫号Surgery is open till noon every day.外科每天只有上午半天门诊Please observe the clinical hours.请门诊时间来就诊Today the department of ophthalmology is closed.今天眼科不开诊Do you have your history sheet?你有病历吗? 55

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