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David Beckham says he will vote for the ed Kingdom to stay in the European Union. The British soccer star made the announcement in a Facebook post Tuesday. 大卫·贝克汉姆称,他将投票持英国留在欧盟。英国足球明星于周二在脸谱网发帖宣布这一消息。Voters will decide whether the U.K. will stay in the EU when they head to the polls on Thursday.周四,选民将投票决定英国是否留在欧盟。Beckham started his career in England before going on to play in Spain and the U.S. He posted a photo of himself with Manchester ed teammate Eric Cantona, who is French.在西班牙和美国继续效力前,贝克汉姆在英国开始他的职业生涯。他公布自己与曼联队友埃里克·坎通纳的照片,他是法国人。Beckham wrote of his Manchester ed team, ;We were a better and more successful team because of a Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, the leadership of an Irishman Roy Keane and the skill of a Frenchman in Eric Cantona.;贝克汉姆写他曼联的团队,我们是一个更好、更成功的团队,因为我们有丹麦门将彼得·舒梅切尔,爱尔兰罗伊·基恩的带领以及法国埃里克·坎通纳的技术。He went on to say: ;We live in a vibrant and connected world where together as a people we are strong. For our children and their children we should be facing the problems of the world together and not alone.;他接着说,我们生活在一个充满活力、相互依存的世界,人们团结为一变得更强。为了我们的孩子和他们的孩子,我们应该一起面对世界上的问题,而不是独自一人。The post came on the same day British Prime Minister David Cameron pleaded with voters to remain in the EU.该贴发布的同一天,英国首相卡梅伦请求选民选择留在欧盟。If we left, our neighbors would go on meeting and making decisions that profoundly affect us, affect our county, affect our jobs, but we wouldn#39;t be there.如果我们离开,我们的邻国会继续相会并作出决定,深刻地影响我们,影响我们的县,影响我们的工作,但我们却不在。Advocates for leaving the EU argue that exiting would offer better trade opportunities and more secure borders. “退欧”的持者认为,退出将提供更好的贸易机会和更安全的边界。Beckham said no matter the outcome of the vote, both views should be respected. 贝克汉姆表示,无论投票的结果如何,两种观点都应得到尊重。译文属。 Article/201606/450809

To squab Cromwell, he was a pain in the neck,a dangerous loudmouth,对羽翼未丰的克伦威尔来说 他是心腹大患 是极具威胁的煽动者capable of wrecking discipline in the army.甚至可能动摇军心Lilburne, for his part, detested the new regime.至于李尔本 他痛恨新政权All you intended when you set us fighting 你鼓动我们投身战斗的意图was mainly to unhorse and dismount our old riders and tyrants so that you might get up and ride in their stead.不过是要推翻暴君 削弱原有骑士的力量 好壮大你自己 坐上他们的宝座The soldiers Freeborn John and believed they should have a vote.士兵们读了;自由的李尔本;的著作 认定他们应当有投票权Give them an inch and they take a mile得寸进尺之间and, pretty soon, they#39;d start believing their officers were the tyrants他们很快就相信了 他们的长官正是Lilburne and the Levellers said they were.李尔本和其它平等主义者口中的暴君They had to be stopped.An army was not, repeat not, a commune.必须阻止他们 军队不是 绝对不是 人人平等的世界I tell you, you have no other way to deal with these men,but to break them or they will break you.告诉你们 对付这些人没有别的办法 要么揭竿而起 要么束手就擒Yea, and bring all the guilt of the blood and treasure是他们让你们一生背负着屠杀手足同胞shed and spent in this kingdom upon your heads and shoulders和挥霍国家财富的罪名 and frustrate and make void all that work that with so many years#39; industry, toil and pains you have done.让你们多年来 历尽千辛万苦 所积累的成果 前功尽弃I tell you again, you are necessitated to break them.我再说一遍 你们必须战胜他们Off to the Tower went the Leveller leaders like so many traitors.平等派的领袖们被作为卖国贼 关进了伦敦塔But then something astounding happened.然而不可思议的事发生了 /201704/501819

But In the case of this particular hoard of 15,000 coins, gems, medals,但在这个埋藏了一万五千件囊括了 铸币 宝石 勋章and this exquisite silver tigress,they never did.以及这个精美绝伦的银质雌虎的宝藏而言 宝藏的主人再也未能如愿It was instead discovered in 1992 at Hoxne in Suffolk and is now kept in the British Museum.直到1992年 它才在萨福克郡的荷克森被发现 现藏于大英物馆Some sort of force was badly needed to stop the barbarians in the north and west不列颠急需一股力量 来阻止来自西方与北方蛮族from exploiting the vacuum of power left by the exit of the legions.夺取罗马军团撤走后空虚的统治之位At first, the warriors from north Germany and Denmark,sailing up-river in their wave horses,seemed a boon, not a curse.起初 扬鞭策马顺流而来的 北方日耳曼与丹麦士兵 似是佳音 而非噩耗When one local despot, Vortigern, naively imagined he could use the imported barbarians as his own military muscle当地暴君沃蒂艮天真地妄想 能雇佣蛮族之兵力为己所用but neglected to pay them as per the contract,he made one of the more spectacular blunders in British history.而忽视给付相应报酬的约定 便铸成了不列颠史上最愚不可及的大错Furious at being stiffed,the Saxons turned on the local population they#39;d been hired to defend.被欺骗的盛怒之下 撒克逊人对本该保护的当地居民倒戈相向After burning and pillaging, they took land in lieu of pay,settling down amidst the understandably dismayed native population.在烧杀劫掠一空后 他们以地抵资 在理所当然对其大失所望的 当地居民中定居下来Dismayed, but not, I think, terrified.失望是当然 但我想他们并不恐惧Though the earliest chroniclers of the coming of the Saxons thought of Vortigern#39;s faux pas as heralding a sort of final apocalypse,尽管关于撒克逊入主的最早记录者 将沃蒂艮的愚蠢作为天启 预示时代的更迭no one had turned the lights out on Roman Britannia and declared the Dark Ages to have begun.却没有谁终结了罗马不列颠尼亚 而后宣布黑暗时代的到来 /201607/453505

India#39;s chaotic roads have gotten more dangerous.印度混乱的道路使危险加剧。Data from the country#39;s transportation ministry showed last year on average there were 57 accidents and 17 deaths every hour.印度交通运输部的数据显示,去年平均每小时有57起事故和17人死亡。And from 2014 to 2015 the number of accidents went up by 2.5 percent. And most of those are the driver#39;s fault.从2014到2015年,事故数量上升了百分之2.5。其中大部分是司机的过错。Over half of the accident deaths in 2015 were young people between 18 and 34 years of age.2015年超过一半的事故遇难者是18至34岁的年轻人。India isn#39;t the most dangerous place to drive a car. In 2015, WHO put India second behind China in estimated traffic fatalities.印度不是开车最危险的地方。2015年,世界卫生组织在评估交通死亡事故中将印度次于中国。And the WHO puts the number of estimated traffic fatalities in the U.S. at a sixth of India#39;s.世界卫生组织称美国交通死亡事故是印度的六分之一。Of course, India has a much higher population than the U.S., but Indian roads are seeing a spike in motor vehicles — at a rate among the highest in the world.当然,印度的人口比美国要多,但印度的道路机动车处于高峰,是世界上最高的。India#39;s transportation ministry has said it hopes to cut the number of accidents in half by 2020 and has aly located the most dangerous parts of the roads that need repair.印度交通运输部表示,希望到2020年交通事故数量减半,并已经定位需要维修的最危险道路。译文属。 Article/201606/448505

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