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Thank you so much, Anders, thank you for the kind introduction.It is really a great honour to be elected as the next Secretary General of NATO, this unique Alliance. And I will do my utmost to live up to that honour and to follow the great example which you, Anders, have set over the past five years.Because you have shown strong leadership of the Alliance. And you have developed the Alliance into an even more capable organisation providing security, providing stability, and also building the bonds between Europe, ed States, Canada – the transatlantic bonds. So we are all grateful for that and we thank you for the leadership you have shown for so many years in NATO.As we all know, NATO is not just a security Alliance. It is a family of values which reaches across the Atlantic and defends almost one billion citizens of our Allied countries.And we must continue to stand up for those values. This Summit has provided an important platform and an important direction for the future. We need to invest politically and financially into the Alliance.And I look forward to taking up the post on the 1st of October. And I look forward to working with all 28 Allies to keep our Alliance strong into the future.Thank you so much and I look forward to working together with all of you after the 1st October.201504/371182

Now, my favorite example of color bravery is a guy named John Skipper.关于勇敢地面对肤色差异,我最喜欢引用的例子是一个叫John Skipper的家伙,He runs ESPN.他是ESPN的管理者。Hes a North Carolina native,quintessential Southern gentleman, white. 他是北卡罗来纳州当地人,典型的南方绅士,白人哦。He joined ESPN, which aly had a culture of inclusion and diversity, but he took it up a notch.在他加入ESPN时,ESPN已经形成了一种包容和多元化的文化,但他将文化落实。He demanded that every open position have a diverse slate of candidates.他要求每一个空缺岗位都要有多元化的候选人。Now he says the senior people in the beginning bristled,and they would come to him and say,Do you want me to hire the minority,or do you want me to hire the best person for the job?他说在最初的时候,高层怒不可遏,径直找他谈话,你希望我雇佣少数族裔的人,还是一个最适合这份工作的人?And Skipper says his answers were always the same:Yes.而Skipper说他的回答总是不变的,是。And by saying yes to diversity, ESPN.I honestly believe that ESPN is the most valuable cable franchise in the world.向多元化敞开大门,我发自内心地相信ESPN是世界上最具价值的电台。I think thats a part of the secret sauce.我认为这是其秘密武器之一。Now I can tell you, in my own industry,at Ariel Investments, we actually view our diversity as a competitive advantage,and that advantage can extend way beyond business. 现在我要告诉你的是,在我从事的行业,在亚瑞投资公司,我们实际上将多元化看作竞争优势,这个优势的影响力远远超乎商业范畴。Theres a guy named Scott Page at the University of Michigan.在密歇根大学有个叫斯科特佩奇的人,He is the first person to develop a mathematical calculation for diversity.他是第一位建立多元化数学算法的人。He says, if youre trying to solve a really hard problem,really hard,that you should have a diverse group of people,including those with diverse intellects. 他说,如果你试图解决一个非常困难的问题,非常困难的问题,你的团队成员应是多元化的,人人各有所长。The example that he gives is the smallpox epidemic.他举的例子是天花传染病。When it was ravaging Europe,they brought together all these scientists,and they were stumped. 当天花肆虐欧洲时,科学家们汇聚在一起,却束手无策。And the beginnings of the cure to the disease came from the most unlikely source,a dairy farmer who noticed that the milkmaids were not getting smallpox.第一道曙光从谁也不曾料到的地方照来,原来是一位奶农,他注意到挤奶女工都没被感染。And the smallpox vaccination is bovine-based because of that dairy farmer.正因为那位奶农,基于牛痘的疫苗才得以发现。Now Im sure youre sitting here and youre saying,I dont run a cable company,I dont run an investment firm,I am not a dairy farmer. 我确信坐在这儿的你们会说,我并不管理一家电台,我并不拥有一家投资公司,我不是一位奶农,What can I do?我能做些什么?And Im telling you, you can be color brave.我来告诉你,你可以勇敢地面对肤色差异。If youre part of a hiring process or an admissions process,you can be color brave.如果你在公司做人事或行政,你应让自己变得勇敢。If you are trying to solve a really hard problem,you can speak up and be color brave.如果你在努力解决一个很困难的问题,你应直言不讳,勇敢面对。Now I know people will say,but that doesnt add up to a lot,but Im actually asking you to do something really simple: 我知道有些人会说,这样做贡献不了什么的。但实际上我是在请你做一些非常简单易行的事情:observe your environment,at work, at school, at home. 注意周边环境,工作中,在学校里,在家里。Im asking you to look at the people around you purposefully and intentionally.我请你们注意身边的人,有意识地去观察,Invite people into your life who dont look like you, dont think like you,dont act like you,dont come from where you come from,and you might find that they will challenge your assumptions and make you grow as a person. 让你的生活与那些你不曾来往的人有所交集,这些人或许长相、思想、行为跟你不一样,或许跟你来自不同的地方,你会发现,他们会让你反思你曾经的假设,让你朝着正确的方向成长。You might get powerful new insights from these individuals,or,like my husband, who happens to be white,you might learn that black people,men, women, children,we use body lotion every single day.从他们身上,你也许会听到全新的深刻见解,或者,像我的丈夫,他碰巧是白人,你会懂得黑人,无论男人,女人,还是孩子,我们每天都用润肤露。Now, I also think that this is very important so that the next generation really understands that this progress will help them,because theyre expecting us to be great role models. 那么,我认为,其重要性也在于让下一代明白,这一进程会帮助他们,因为他们在期望我们成为杰出的榜样。201507/383545

And then one of my heroes, Geoffrey Canadas, grew up in the South Bronx. After graduating from Bowdoin and getting his masters at Harvard, he returned to New York city and used his education to ensure that the next generation would have a chance at the same opportunity. Geoffreys Harlem Childrens Zone is a nationally recognized program that covers 1oo blocks and reaches nearly 10,000 children with a variety of social services to ensure that all kids are prepared to get a good education.还有我心目中的英雄之一——杰弗瑞·凯那德,他在南布朗克斯长大。在拿到鲍登学院的学士学位和哈佛大学的硕士学位后,他返回纽约,运用所学到的知识,确保下一代能够拥有平等的机会。杰佛瑞创办的“哈雷姆儿童地带”组织获得了全国性的认可,该项目覆盖100个街区,给近1万名儿童提供各种社会务,以保所有孩子们都能为接受良好的教育做好准备。And in an effort to invest in and encourage the future Wendy Kopps, Van Joneses and Geoffrey Canadas, the Obama administration recently launched the office of social innovation at the White House. The president has asks Congress to provide million in seed capital to fund great ideas like the ones I just described. The office is going to identify the most promising, results-oriented non-profit programs and expand their reach throughout the country.为了使温蒂·柯璞、凡·琼斯以及杰佛瑞·凯那德所建的项目在未来得到投资个鼓励,奥巴马政府最近在白宫设立了“社会革新办公室”。总统已经请求国会拨款5千万美元作为种子资金来资助那些了不起的想法,就像我刚才所说的那些项目。该办公室将会认同那些最有前景、结果明确的非盈利项目,并将扩大它们在全国的业务。And this university is blessed with some of the leading researchers and academics who are focusing aly their attention on solving some of our nations most critical issues, like the energy crisis, global warming, climate change, and air pollution.这所大学幸运地拥有一些一流的研究人员和专业学者,他们正把研究重点放在解决我们国家最迫切的问题上,例如能源危机、全球变暖、气候变化以及空气污染。And you, the students, the graduates and faculty on this campus, youre capable of changing the world, thats for sure. Where you are right now is no different from where Wendy and Van and Geoffrey were when they graduated, remember that.而你们——这所学校的大学生们、毕业生们以及教职工们——你们有能力改变这个世界,这是肯定的。你们现在的起点和当年温迪、凡、杰佛瑞毕业的时候的起点并无二致,记住这一点。 /201303/228219

Hi, Im Lisa Murkowski. And Im honored to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate, where I chair the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Its been a pretty good week in Congress – with the House of Representatives welcoming a new speaker, Paul Ryan, and the Senate passing a major bill to protect our nations cyber security. What I want to talk with you about today, though, is another key national security issue – energy. And I want to highlight what is happening in my home state, because it foreshadows challenges to come all across our nation. Since taking office, the Obama Administration has repeatedly denied Alaskas best opportunities to produce energy for our nation and the world. It has blocked production in half of our National Petroleum Reserve, which was specifically designated for energy development. It is locking away the non-wilderness portion of ANWR, where an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil could be produced from just 2,000 acres. In the Chukchi Sea, the constantly-shifting regulatory environment recently forced a company to abandon seven years of work and billion in investment. And instead of recognizing that as a significant loss, the Administration doubled down last week by canceling offshore lease sales in the region. All of these decisions ignore the will of hard-working Alaskans, who overwhelmingly support new production. The Administration is opening the door for Iranian oil production, but closing it on Alaskan oil. And while the consequences are not yet evident, they will be. These decisions mean fewer jobs, less security for our country, and more of our dollars going overseas. They threaten the safe operation of our Trans-Alaska Pipeline, a national security asset that is just one-third full. And, it is only a matter of time until the Administration applies this short-sighted strategy to the rest of our nation. With prices low, we need to open the areas where it is most cost-effective to produce energy. We need to modernize our policies and open our markets. And we need to avoid overly burdensome regulations. Unfortunately, the Administration is charting a different course. The EPA and other agencies are issuing a barrage of regulations that will have limited environmental benefit, but will absolutely reduce our ability to produce energy here at home. For example, the EPAs new ozone standards will provide little in the way of health benefits, while costing billions to comply. Its climate regulations will shutter power plants across the country – raising electricity costs and threatening the reliability of our electric grid. And the ‘Waters of the ed States rule, the WOTUS, a massive expansion of federal regulatory powers, could allow the EPA to regulate drainage ditches and occasional ponds. There is a better path. There is no reason why our energy policy should be so divisive. And thats why I am working hard to forge bipartisan consensus on policies that will keep energy affordable and abundant, as it becomes cleaner and cleaner. To give you one promising example, those of us on the Energy Committee have developed a broad bill that will save energy, promote innovation, invest in critical infrastructure, and boost our energy trade – among many other benefits. It passed out of our Committee with a strong bipartisan vote. We have also gathered bipartisan support to end the outdated ban on crude oil exports. Moving forward, Republicans hope that President Obama will work with Congress on policies like these that can draw bipartisan support. Thats the best way to help states like Alaska. And its the best way to protect our future – our economy, our security, and our environment. Thanks so much for listening.201511/411736

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