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本溪明山b超哪家医院好的本溪人流好的妇科医院本溪包茎手术要花多少钱 Inside the sleek body of the latest iPhone is one of two chips made by different manufacturers.最新款的苹果手机光滑的机身里,内置有由不同厂家生产的两种芯片之一。After conducting tests, a number of iPhone users have claimed the battery life differs on the iPhone 6s depending on which chip is inside.经过测试,许多苹果用户称,iPhone 6s的电池寿命的长短因其内部使用的芯片而有所不同。But Apple has said these tests are #39;not representative of real-world usage,#39; claiming the battery life of 6s handsets varies within just two and three per cent.但苹果公司称,这些测试并不能“代表真实环境下的使用状态”,并声称苹果iPhone 6s的电池寿命差异仅有2-3%。Commentators have branded the issue #39;chipgate#39;.人士将这一事件称为“芯片门”。It has long been rumoured that the A9 chips inside the popular new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets are made by two manufacturers - TSMC and Samsung - and teardowns recently confirmed this.大受欢迎的iPhone 6s和6s Plus手机中内置的A9芯片由两家不同制造商(TSMC公司和三星公司)生产的传言由来已久,近期的拆机实了这一传言非虚。A number of benchmark tests claim to show a theoretical difference in battery life depending on which A9 chip was tested, with one claiming a 50 minute difference between manufacturers.许多基准测试显示,根据测试的是哪一种A9芯片,电池寿命理论上存在差异,其中一个测试声称,两家不同制造商生产的芯片导致的电池寿命差别有50分钟。Tests first posted on MyDrivers showed that TSMC#39;s chip out-performed Samsung#39;s according to reports on BGR.com.根据BGR网站的报道,最先发布在MyDrivers公上的测试显示,TSMC公司生产的芯片表现优于三星公司生产的芯片。YouTubers Austin Evans and Jonathan Morrison then both claimed to show that TSMC#39;s chip is slightly more efficient.YouTube用户奥斯汀·埃文斯(Austin Evans)和乔纳森·莫里森(Jonathan Morrison)均认为TSMC公司的芯片略优。Mr Morrison said that Samsung#39;s processor #39;runs hotter and yields less battery life...there#39;s definitely a difference of battery life between these two chips#39;.莫里森表示,三星处理器“运行时更容易发热,电池寿命更短……这两种不同芯片的电池寿命差异相当明显”。Apple told MailOnline that its own testing, as well as data gathered from its customers since the handset launched, shows the battery life of the handsets varies between two and three per cent.苹果公司告诉《每日邮报在线》(MailOnline),其内部测试以及手机发布后收集自客户的数据均显示,手机电池寿命的差异仅有2-3%。This is regardless of the chips inside them.无论手机内置的是哪种芯片。The information from customers is collected automatically if they opted in when they set up their phones.如果顾客在设置手机时勾选允许,那么客户信息将会自动被收集。The firm said: #39;With the Apple-designed A9 chip in your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you are getting the most advanced smartphone chip in the world.苹果公司称:“iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的内置芯片均为苹果自主设计的A9芯片,这是全世界最先进的智能手机芯片。”#39;Every chip we ship meets Apple#39;s highest standards for providing incredible performance and deliver great battery life, regardless of iPhone 6s capacity, color, or model.“我们出货的每块芯片都符合苹果公司的最高标准,不论是哪种容量、颜色或款式的iPhone 6s,都能够实现卓越的性能和可观的电池寿命。”#39;Certain manufactured lab tests which run the processors with a continuous heavy workload until the battery depletes are not representative of real-world usage, since they spend an unrealistic amount of time at the highest CPU performance state.“某些捏造的实验室测试令处理器持续高负荷地运转,直至电池耗空。由于他们令CPU在最高性能状态运行的时间是不切实际的,这些测试并不能代表芯片在真实环境下的使用状态。”#39;It#39;s a misleading way to measure real-world battery life.“这绝非测量真实环境下电池寿命的正确方法。”#39;Our testing and customer data show the actual battery life of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, even taking into account variable component differences, vary within just 2-3 per cent of each other.#39;“即使把一些可变因素考虑在内,我们的测试以及用户数据显示,iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的电池寿命的实际差异仅为2%-3%。”Currently there is no way to tell which chip your iPhone uses.目前还没有办法知晓你手里的iPhone使用的是哪种芯片。TechCrunch has noted that the two to three percent difference in battery performance is within the manufacturing tolerances for any device.TechCrunch提示,对于任何设备而言,2%-3%的电池寿命差异都在加工误差的允许范围内。 /201510/402987本溪满族县医院概况

本溪南芬人民医院在哪个区Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel电谷锦江国际酒店Power Valley Jin Jiang International Hotel,a 5-star business hotel located at the core area of the High-Tech Development Zone of Baoding, is 10 km to the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Highway. The hotel is located on the citys major road-Chaoyangbei Street.The convenient location let you enjoy the very best of the city and the surrounding areas.电谷锦江国际酒店是一个以绿色环保为主题的现代化的五星级商务型酒店,酒店位于河北省保定市朝阳北大街北段,高新技术开发区的核心区域,距京石(津保)高速公路约10千米,交通非常便利。The hotel has installed photoelectric glasses, and a photovoltaic grid-connected system. “is the largest photoelectric mansion the has solar modules of 22638 m2 for powering up the building. At the same time, the hotel adopted the system that processes urban wastewater for hotel’s cooling, heating and water usage. A truly remarkable recycling efficiency marks it an icon for energy conservation and environment protection.酒店利用太阳能光并网发电,太阳能玻璃幕墙安装面积22638平方米,是世界最大的太阳能大厦。同时,酒店采用了污水源热泵系统,将城市污水经过处理后用于整个酒店采暖、制冷、生活用水,使污水实现了循环利用,提供了可再生能源的利用效率,是国际上为数不多的节能环保型酒店。Power Valley Jin Jiang International Hotel, with 23 floors above ground, is a landmark building of the city. The hotel boasts 291 rooms and suites including superior rooms, deluxe rooms, special view suites and presidential suite. The executive floors and Power Valley Prestige Club provide the most comfortable and luxurious living spaces.Each room or suite is uniquely designed and equipped with state of the art facilities including wide-screen LCD/TV and custom-made mattress. Jin Jiang Fu Chinese Restaurant offers Jin Jiang style Shanghai cuisine. The Sunshine Bar,located at the hotel lobby, is an excellent demonstration of contemporary style and chic design. Green Valley Cafe offers more than 200 Chinese and Western dishes in a comfortable and elegant setting.“Dae Jang Geum” Korean Restaurant provides authentic Korean cuisine; the genuine and friendly hospitality makes the dining experience ever enjoyable. Celebrity Club, an American style bar, will take you into an exotic and glaring world where you can fully relax and forget about the bustling city.Power Valley Hall is an international conference hall that can accommodate up t0 400 people. More than 10 meeting rooms, equipped with high-tech facilities, are the places for high-end social gatherings and business meetings.电谷锦江国际酒店地上23层,是当地最豪华的酒店。拥有客房共291间,其中包括标准间、豪华间、总统套房等。还设有行政楼层及行政俱乐部,房间装饰典雅舒适,现代化设备完善,包括高速宽带网、48频道卫星电视等,并提供对客人的一站式管家务。“锦江府”餐厅经营上海锦江菜,提供精致、丰盛及富有创意的一流精品佳肴;酒店大堂的“阳光酒廊”,更是商谈小聚,独酌小憩之佳选;“绿谷咖啡厅”环境优美,恬静舒适;“大长今”餐厅,提供正宗韩国料理;四层“名人俱乐部”具有美式酒吧的火热风情;恢弘大气的“电谷堂”可同时容纳400余人举办大型国际会议,十余间配备高科技设施的多功能会议室,是高瑞商务会议及社交活动的理想选择。 /201603/430090本溪开发区人民医院专家咨询 China’s own satellite navigation system has won a stamp of approval from an international maritime body, an important step toward its goal of global acceptance for its answer to the ed States’ Global Positioning System (GPS).中国自己开发的卫星导航系统获得了一个国际海事机构的批准,这是朝着其全球目标迈出的重要一步。该系统是对美国“全球定位系统(GPS)”的回应,中国希望它在全球范围内能获得广泛接受。The Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization, a ed Nations body that sets standards for international shipping, formally included Beidou in the World-Wide Radionavigation System during its Nov. 17-21 meeting. This means that the Chinese system has become the third system, after GPS and Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), recognized by the ed Nations body for operations at sea.国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization--IMO)的海上安全委员会(Maritime Safety Committee),是负责在制定国际航运标准的联合国机构。该委员会在11月17日至21日的会议上,正式把中国的北斗系统列入全球无线电导航系统(World-Wide Radionavigation System, WWRNS)。这意味着,北斗已经成为继GPS和俄罗斯全球导航卫星系统(GLONASS)之后,获得海上安全委员会认可的第三个海上作业系统。The inclusion of Beidou “is a recognition that Beidou can provide positioning data of adequate accuracy for its coverage area,” said Kevin Pollpeter, who focuses on China’s space program and information warfare issues at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego.列入北斗“是因为它能够在覆盖区域内,提供足够精确的定位数据,”凯文·波尔彼得(Kevin Pollpeter)表示。他在加州大学圣迭戈分校(University of California, San Diego)全球冲突与合作研究所(Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation)研究中国的太空计划和信息战问题。China first tested the Beidou system in 2000 and has since invested billions in its development to compete with and lower the country’s dependence on GPS. It has mandated the use of the domestic system in government departments including public security, disaster relief and tourism. In January 2013, the country’s transportation authority ordered all tour buses, long-distance buses and vehicles transporting “dangerous articles” in nine provinces to install the system. New heavy trucks manufactured in the nine provinces must install the system or they will not receive transportation permits, the vice minister of transport said. The country has also installed the navigation system in more than 50,000 Chinese fishing boats, including those plying the waters of the disputed South China Sea.中国第一次测试北斗系统是在2000年,此后该国投入数以十亿计的美元来开发它,以便与与GPS抗衡,降低该国对GPS的依赖。中国规定公安、抢险救灾和旅游等政府部门使用国产系统。2013年1月,交通运输部责令九个省为所有旅游大巴、长途客车和运送“危险物品”的车辆安装北斗系统。这九个省制造的新重型卡车必须安装该系统,否则无法获得交通运输许可,交通运输部副部长说。该国还把这种导航系统安装在5万多艘中国渔船上,其中包括那些在有争议的南海海域作业的渔船。But Beidou is not yet a mature system and is hardly poised to rival GPS globally, analysts say. Currently, GPS holds 95 percent of China’s navigation market.但北斗还不是一个成熟系统,尚未做好在全球范围内和GPS竞争的准备,分析师说。目前,GPS在中国导航市场上占有95%的份额。“I would not expect this announcement to result in an upsurge of demand for Beidou,” Mr. Pollpeter said, citing such factors as the decades-long proven reliability of GPS, its accuracy and cheaper receiver cost.“我觉得北斗成为全球无线电导航系统的消息,不会导致人们对它的需求高涨,”波尔彼得说,因为GPS的可靠性经过了数十年的考验,它有很高的准确性,而且GPS接收器也更便宜。However, what the Beidou system does have is strong backing from the Chinese government. In 2012, the vice chairman of the country’s top military body, the Central Military Commission, urged the country’s researchers to improve the system’s capacity to prevent interference, calling the system a “milestone” for the country and military, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The following year, the country’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission drew up a national development plan for Beidou.然而,北斗系统得到了中国政府的大力持。据中国官方通讯社新华社报道,2012年,该国最高军事机构中央军事委员会副主席敦促中国研究人员提高该系统的抗干扰能力,他还称该系统为国家和军队树立了一个“里程碑”。次年,中国强大的发改委为北斗制定了全国性发展计划。Not content with the system’s adoption within China, the government has also set the goal of providing global coverage with 35 geostationary and non-geostationary orbit satellites by 2020. To promote the system’s adoption by other Asian countries, China has been offering civilian use of the service free, the director of the Beidou Satellite System Application Center told Xinhua last year.中国政府不满足于国内对北斗系统的采用,还设立目标,决心到2020年,用35个对地静止和非静止轨道的卫星提供覆盖全球的信号。去年,北斗卫星系统应用中心的主任告诉记者,为了促进其他亚洲国家对该系统的采用,中国免费用它提供民用务。The government says the system is being tested across the region, from taxi-dispatching services in Cambodia to land-use management in Myanmar.政府说,从柬埔寨的出租车调度务,到缅甸的土地使用管理,该系统正在亚洲各地进行测试。“China sees development of Beidou as critical to its military and economic security and has designated it as part of its national infrastructure,” Mr. Pollpeter said.“中国认为北斗系统的开发是其军事和经济安全的关键要素,并将其作为国家级基础设施来建设,”波尔彼得说。Beijing wants to reduce its dependence on GPS because it is concerned the ed States “could disable or degrade the GPS signal to China and thus render its precision-guided smart weapons dumb,” he said. In addition, loss of navigation could also affect sectors as wide-ranging as banking and power transmission.中国政府希望减少对GPS的依赖,因为它担心美国“屏蔽或减少传送到中国的GPS信号,导致中国的精确制导智能武器无法发挥作用,”他说。此外,失去导航信号可能会给很多部门带来影响,比如和电力传输部门。In addition to security concerns, there are economic factors behind the promotion of Beidou.除了安全问题之外,推广北斗系统也有经济上的考量。“The market for satellite navigation products and services in China is estimated to reach to 400 billion renminbi,” about billion, by 2020 and China wants Beidou to capture 70 to 80 percent market share, Mr. Pollpeter said.到2020年,“中国的卫星导航产品和务市场规模可达4千亿人民币,”中国希望北斗系统能够占据70%至80%的市场份额,波尔彼得说。The Chinese Ministry of Transportation sent a delegation to the Maritime Safety Committee meeting, held in London, to introduce the Chinese system. Beidou is the Chinese name for the Big Dipper constellation, one of the brightest clusters of stars in the solar system, which long served as a crucial navigational tool for travelers.中国交通部的代表团参加了海上安全委员会在伦敦举行的会议,并对北斗系统做了介绍。北斗是Big Dipper的中文名字,从太阳系中看去,它是最明亮的星群,长期以来都是旅行者的重要导航标志。What China has been able to do in recent years is overtake Europe’s efforts with its Galileo system, said Todd E. Humphreys, assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. Galileo has not yet been included in the World-Wide Radionavigation System.欧洲也在开发伽利略(Galileo)系统,最近几年,中国赶超了他们,德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校科克雷尔工程学校(University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering)的助理教授托德·E·汉弗莱斯(Todd E. Humphreys)说。伽利略尚未被列入全球无线电导航系统。“It’s interesting that BDS” — Beidou — “began in earnest after Galileo, but has by now outpaced Galileo in establishing itself as a global system,” Mr. Humphreys said. “The Europeans are hampered by too many committees.”“有趣的是,BDS(即北斗)比伽利略后发而先至,已经成为了一个全球性系统,”汉弗莱斯说。“欧洲的委员会太多,阻碍了他们的步伐。” /201412/347002本溪市站前医院好吗

本溪人流医院那家Surprise! A week before Apple Inc.unveils details for its watch, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei came out with a digital watch of its own, with sapphire crystal, stainless steel band and the design aspirations of a Swiss timepiece.号外!就在苹果Apple Watch细节即将揭晓的前一周,来自中国的华为抢先推出了自己的智能手表,该产品配备蓝宝石玻璃表镜和不锈钢表带,设计灵感来自一款瑞士钟表。Huawei, the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker by market share, unveiled the watch at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, the biggest hyped event for mobile tech outside Cupertino. It’s where Samsung Electronics Co. drummed up excitement for its latest flagship phones. The initial feedback on Huawei’s Watch was encouragingly positive. Mashable called it elegant and TechCrunch said “it’s easily one of the best looking devices ever to sport Google’s wearable software platform.”按市场份额计算,华为目前是全球第四大智能手机厂商。该公司在世界移动通信大会上向外界展示了这款智能手表。除了苹果的新品发布会,巴塞罗那举办的世界移动通信大会可谓是移动科技领域最受关注的盛事。三星电子也在这里展示了它的最新旗舰级机型,并引起了极大关注。让华为感到振奋的是,外界对这款智能手表的初步反馈良好。新闻客网站Mashable对它的形容是“优雅”;科技媒体TechCrunch也表示:“在运行谷歌软件系统的可穿戴设备中,它很可能是有史以来最好看的产品之一。”Huawei is like a lot of Chinese smartphone makers striving to move up market with premium phones and wearables. The commoditized smartphone middle market is forcing the Chinese to add some premium flavor to their brands if they want success selling abroad. And Huawei badly does.和许多中国智能手机制造商一样,华为正在努力拓展高端手机和可穿戴设备市场。由于中端智能手机市场已经商品化,如果中国厂商想在海外市场获得成功,就得提高品牌档次。华为正在这方面加强努力。Huawei says it plans sell the watch in 20 countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and said release dates and pricing will come later.华为表示,计划在20个国家销售这款智能手表,包括美国、英国和加拿大。该公司随后将公布该产品的发售日期和价格。Here’s initially where Huawei falls short of Apple’s watch: the Huawei Watch comes in three different colors in gold, silver and black, but Apple offers different materials, like 18-carat rose and yellow gold. And though Huawei earned early praise from Android critics, those same critics wondered if the operating system could compare to Apple Watch’s when it’s released.初步看来,华为这款产品和Apple Watch不同的地方在于:前者有三种颜色,分别是金、银、黑;Apple Watch则提供不同材质的版本,如18K玫瑰金和黄金。同时,尽管对安卓系统持批评态度的人士先是称赞了华为的智能手表,但他们也表示,不知道上市之后该产品的操作系统能否媲美Apple Watch。Still, Huawei is newly intent on trying to match Samsung and Apple’s premium wares. Its watch makes Apple’s event on March 9 just a little more interesting.最近,华为决心在高端领域赶上三星和苹果。这款智能手表则让3月9日的苹果发布会更让人好奇了。 /201503/362747 本溪市北大医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样本溪市看妇科炎症多少钱



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