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本溪市治疗淋病最好的医院本溪生殖医院音频文本从视频7分钟左右开始~欢迎大家收看完整版,视频加载稍慢,请耐心等待~Lets show the picture of the selfie.放那张自拍照。So, I started with Meryl and then everyone jumped in,开始我和梅尔斯特里普自拍,然后所有人都加进来了。You cant see it but next to Jennifer Lawrrence thats Jared Letos eye.你可能看不清楚,在詹妮弗劳伦斯旁边是杰瑞德莱托的一只眼睛。You have to understand that I was on one section of要知道我当时所在那个区域You know theres Angie and Lupita in the back and Brad.后面有安吉丽娜朱莉、露皮塔,还有布拉德皮特。Kevin Spacey was about five rowes back.凯文史派西本来靠后好几排。He jumped up knocked two people over to get there.他跳起来撞翻几个人才抢到镜。Channing Tatum is next to Julia Roberts.钱宁塔图在朱丽叶罗伯茨旁边。and Jared Leto ran from like the other side of the theater go on;Im getting on this;.杰瑞德莱托几乎是从剧场另一边飞奔过来, 还叫着“算我一个!”I heared him jumped in when Bradly too the picture, so his eye is there.他刚进镜头,布拉德利就按下快门,所以只拍到一只眼睛。But he ran from the other side of the theater. It was crazy!但他是从剧场另一边飞奔过来的。这太疯狂了!I think theres a picture in the back of it(does somebody show....)应该还有一张从背面拍的照片(谁放一下……)(men:I think Liza is trying to get in)丽莎也想参与其中吧!Liza is in the back,look at Liza.丽莎在后面,看这儿有丽莎!(men:She was fired up, she was fired up to be in there!)(ellen:I know!)(她打鸡血了,那么远都跑过去!)(艾伦:是啊!)It was great. So the phone that I was using is Samsung Galaxy Note3.太厉害了!我当时用的手机是三星Galaxy Note3It has 13 megapixels HD camera and its setting...它有1300万高清像素,It lets you to use two windows or apps at the same time.它能同时处理两项任务或应用。And in the celebration of us having the most retweet selfie ever,为了庆祝史上转发量最大的自拍照诞生,Samsung said it will donate a dollar for everytime some retweet the photo.三星承诺这张照片每转发一次就捐出一美元。Right now its 2.8 million. So very cool of them.现在是280万。他们很有善心啊!Samsung is donating 3 million dollars on giving half to Saint Jew Childrens Hospital.三星将捐出300万,一半捐给圣犹太儿童医院,and the other half to Human Society ed States.另一半捐献给美国人道主义协会。Oh yeah and theyre gonna give you all a Galaxy note3当然!他们还承诺送你们每人一台Galaxy Note3. /201403/279010本溪那家医院换眼睛好 本溪那个医院治疗男人生殖器

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本溪市站前属于几级The jaws of T-Rex are infamous and lethal, housing sixty teeth with some as long as 30 centimeters. Its skull is constructed of 64 bones designed to be light but strong. It’s 16 times stronger than the jaws of an alligator. The front teeth are dagger-shaped, with serrated edges designed to tear flesh. The larger side teeth are rounded, perfect for crunching bone. Solidly anchored into muscle, they could withstand pressure from any direction. 雷克斯霸王龙的颚令人胆寒,这是一个致命的武器,颚内生长60颗牙齿,一些牙齿的长度达到30厘米。雷克斯霸王龙的头骨由64块骨头组成,轻巧但十分强壮。雷克斯霸王龙的颚比短吻鳄的颚强壮16倍。雷克斯霸王龙的前牙犹如匕首状,牙齿边缘呈锯形,以便撕咬。边部稍大些的牙齿呈圆形,是碾碎骨头的利器。这些骨头都稳固地嵌入肌肉中,可以承受来自任何方向的压力。We have a pretty good idea of how it killed its prey. It seems to have just walked right up to them, taken a bite, and whatever happens happens. 我们能清楚地认识到雷克斯霸王龙是怎么不杀猎物的。他们似乎就是上去横冲直撞,咬上一口,接下来刚发生的就都发生了。Unlike many dinosaurs, they wouldn’t just take the flesh of the carcass. They basically eat most of the carcass.与其他恐龙不一样的是,雷克斯霸王龙不仅吃猎物残骸上的肉,它们也食用猎物的大部分残骸。T-Rex’s huge legs and pelvis make up half its total body weight. Its tail weighs almost a ton. This is because it has to balance out nearly half a ton of head and jaws. Their head is two thirds muscle, which power jaws capable of enough force to bite through a steel oil drum. 雷克斯霸王龙巨大的前腿和骨盆占据他们整个身体重量的一半。它们的尾巴有一吨重,这是为了平衡来自头和颚一吨的重量。它们头部的三分之二都是肌肉,这能带动颚产生足够的力量,能将钢油桶咬穿。All that muscle delivers a bite strong enough to defeat the toughest prey of the Cretaceous. 这些肌肉可以使雷克斯霸王龙的咬击足够杀死白垩纪防御力最高的猎物。T-Rex’s teeth are among the bluntest teeth, bluntest, least sharp of the whole family of Tyrannosaurs. Those teeth are designed to crush, to penetrate thick layers of armor, and muscle, in a crushing, massive hemorrhaging blow. 雷克斯霸王龙的牙齿在整个霸王龙家庭中是最迟钝的。但是它们是用来碾压的,用来穿透坚硬的盔甲壳,仅仅致命一击。The muscles in T-Rex’s neck are nearly as powerful as the muscles of its legs. At half a meter thick, they’re strong enough to lift a hippo or bring down the most well-armed, best-defended herbivore nature has ever produced, Triceratops. 雷克斯霸王龙颈部的肌肉几乎和腿部的肌肉一样强壮有力。它们足有半米厚,并且强壮到可以将一头河马咬起,或者扳倒有史以来盔甲最厚,防御力最强的食草动物——三角恐龙。The best way to attack Triceratops is with a long-barreled, 75 millimeter antitank gun.攻击三角恐龙的最好方法就是用一个管超长的,径口75毫米的反坦克炮。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201402/275541 辽宁省本钢总医院TCT的价格平山区男科专家



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