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青岛专业无痛人流医院青岛宫颈糜烂物理治疗费用The risk of runaway climate change can be avoided without seriously denting global economic growth, scientists forecast in the most comprehensive report on global warming yet published.科学家们在迄今最全面的全球变暖报告中预测,人类可以在不严重影响全球经济增长的前提下避免气候变化失控的风险。Huge cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, bringing them nearly to zero by the end of this century, need not derail growth says the study by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s leading authority on global warming.全球变暖的权威机构——联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会(IPCC)的研究显示,大幅削减温室气体排放,在本世纪末将其降低到接近于零的水平,未必影响经济增长。Without such deep reductions, there is a danger of more frequent and intense extreme weather, along with rising sea levels and other impacts of a changing climate, the report says. This will add costs that “cannot even be quantified”, said panel chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, at the launch of the study in Copenhagen yesterday.报告称,如果不进行这样的大幅削减,就有出现更频繁、更剧烈的极端天气的危险,加上海平面不断上升和其他气候变化影响。IPCC主席拉津德#8226;帕乔里(Rajendra Pachauri)士昨日在哥本哈根举行的报告发布会上表示,这将进一步增加“根本无法量化”的代价。Global temperatures have aly risen by nearly 1C since the industrial revolution and governments agreed in 2010 that warming should not exceed 2C, a threshold scientists say it is risky to breach.自工业革命以来全球气温已上升了近1℃,各国政府在2010年同意全球变暖不应超过2℃,科学家们表示,突破这个门槛将有失控风险。Sticking to this limit need only cause an average annual 0.06 percentage point cut in the rate of global consumption, a proxy of economic growth, the IPCC says.IPCC表示,要把升温幅度限制在这个限度内,只会导致全球年均消费增长率(代表经济增长)减少0.06个百分点。That still implies big demands on some nations, said a co-author of the report, Dr Ottmar Edenhofer from Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. “That is an average figure. For some countries this could be quite a huge challenge,” he said, pointing to big oil exporters such as Saudi Arabia and African countries planning to exploit their fossil fuel reserves.报告作者之一、德国波茨坦气候影响研究所(Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)的奥特马尔#8226;埃登霍费尔(Ottmar Edenhofer)士表示,这对部分国家来说仍意味着很高的要求。他说:“这是个平均数字。对部分国家来说这个数字可能是相当大的挑战。”埃登霍费尔提到了大型石油出口国,如沙特阿拉伯和几个计划开采化石燃料储量的非洲国家。Another IPCC co-author, Professor Richard Tol of the University of Sussex in the UK, who claimed earlier panel reports were too “alarmist”, said it was possible to question the 0.06 percentage point number in the latest report and how it was derived.IPCC报告的另一名合著者、曾表示IPCC早先的报告太过“危言耸听”的英国苏塞克斯大学(University of Sussex)教授理查德#8226;托尔(Richard Tol)表示,最新报告提出的0.06个百分点这一数字以及该数字的得出过程仍有质疑空间。But he added: “Such quibbles would be beside the point. It has been long known that smart policy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a small cost, even for deep cuts.”但他也表示:“这样的争辩不是关键。人们早就知道,明智的政策能以较低成本削减、甚至大幅削减温室气体排放。”The trouble was that smart policy would be a carbon tax that was equal for all emissions from all emitters, he said, and “all evidence to date is that governments compete on who can think of the daftest climate policies”, such as subsidies and tax breaks.他表示,麻烦在于,明智的政策是对所有排放者的所有排放征收相同的碳排放税,但“迄今的所有据显示,各国政府竞相拿出最离谱的气候政策,”比如补贴和税收减免。The tone of the IPCC’s latest study is more urgent than previous reports.IPCC最新的这份研究报告在语气上比之前的报告更加迫切。It repeats earlier findings that humans have been the dominant cause of the warmer temperatures measured since the 1950s, which are aly raising sea levels and melting ice caps.该报告重复了之前的发现,即人类活动是上世纪50年代起测得的气温升高的主要原因,气温变暖已引起海平面上升和冰盖融化。Governments have little time to waste, the IPCC says.IPCC表示,各国政府已没有时间可以浪费。“Delaying additional mitigation to 2030 will substantially increase the technological, economic, social and institutional challenges associated with limiting the warming over the 21st century to below 2C relative to pre-industrial levels,” it said yesterday.IPCC昨日表示:“把进一步减排措施推迟到2030年实施,将显著增加在21世纪将升温幅度限制在相对于工业化之前水平不到2℃的技术、经济、社会和体制挑战。” /201411/340530青岛市401医院医生有哪些 Aly beset by aftershocks, incessant rain and mudslides, relief efforts in China#39;s quake-stricken Yunnan province have run into another impediment: a flood of do-gooders champing at the bit to help.除余震、连绵细雨和泥石流之外,中国云南地震灾区的救援行动遇到了另一个障碍:大量志愿者迫不及待地想参与救灾。Authorities in northern Yunnan#39;s Ludian county temporarily closed down access to the quake zone Tuesday morning because traffic from volunteers pouring in had made the aly damaged access road all but impassable. Yuan Yao, an local official involved in directing the volunteer effort, said traffic was backed up for several kilometers.云南鲁甸县政府周二上午暂时关闭了通往灾区的道路,因为大量志愿者的涌入使本已受损的道路几乎无法通行。参与引导志愿行动的当地官员袁耀(音)表示,交通拥堵已达数公里。#39;It#39;s packed with people. They#39;re having a hard time trucking in relief supplies and trucking out the injured,#39; she said.她说,到处都是人,无论是用卡车把救灾物资运进去,还是把伤员转移出来,都很困难。The closing of the quake zone meant the county seat was crawling with clusters of volunteers desperate for something to do. Regular citizens from other parts of Yunnan, Beijing, the Sichuan province capital of Chengdu and other places -- many decked out in self-designed uniforms with the names of their volunteer groups emblazoned across the back -- sat crouched on sidewalks or milled around hotel lobbies, trading rumors about when the road would reopen and going over strategies for when it did.道路关闭使得鲁甸县政府所在地挤满了迫切想为灾区做些事情的志愿者。来自云南省其他地区、北京、四川省会成都以及其他地方的普通民众或蹲坐在路边,或聚集在宾馆大堂附近,交流著有关道路何时重开的传言,并讨论在道路重开后的行动方案。他们中的许多人穿着自己设计的统一装,衣的背后印有所在志愿组织的名字。One such group from northern China#39;s Hebei province was led by Wang Wenzhong, a wealthy entrepreneur and ex-soldier who has taken volunteer teams to six quake zones over the past six years. Mr. Wang, who says he was recently named one of the #39;Ten Great Moral Models#39; in his home county of Zaoqiang, organized and outfitted a team of 10 volunteers, spending around 30,000 yuan (,860) on rescue equipment and relief supplies.其中一个来自河北省的志愿者队伍由王文忠率领。王文忠是一位富有的企业家,也是一名退伍军人,在过去六年中,他曾经带领志愿者前往六个地震灾区。王文忠说他最近在自己的家乡枣强被评选为“十大道德模范”。他组织了一个由10名志愿者组成的小组,并花费约3万元(4,860美元)购置援救设备和救灾物资。#39;These days, a lot of people only worry about accumulating money and seeking personal benefits. They have more than they can spend, but they still don#39;t think to do something for society,#39; he said during a five-hour middle-of-the-night van ride to Ludian from the Kunming, Yunnan#39;s capital. #39;This is my way of thanking society and the government.#39;王文忠连夜从昆明开五个小时的货车赶往鲁甸,他说,现在很多人只顾着赚钱,实现个人利益,他们赚的钱自己已经花不完,但仍然不考虑为社会做些事情。他说这是他感谢社会和政府的方式。Mr. Wang was among the hordes of volunteers who descended on Sichuan province in 2008, when a 7.9 quake flattened the area around Wenchuan and killed some 87,000 people. The explosion of volunteerism was hailed as a watershed moment for civil society in China, a country where civic duty and social responsibility have long taken a back seat to personal achievement and the accumulation of wealth.2008年四川地震期间,王文忠也作为一名志愿者参加了救援。当时汶川附近发生了7.9级地震,导致87000人丧生。志愿精神的兴起被视为中国社会的一个分水岭,长期以来个人成就以及财富积累成了人们追逐的目标,而公民义务和社会责任没有得到应有的重视。But the 2008 effort was also criticized for being rash and disorganized and in some cases hurting relief efforts by gumming up roads and burdening food supplies.但2008年四川地震的志愿者也因为轻率和缺乏组织而受到批评,在一些情况下甚至因扰乱交通和加重食品供应负担而影响救灾活动。#39;Some people rush in and have no idea what the situation is. If you#39;re going to go you have to think first about what you can do,#39; Mr. Wang said. #39;That#39;s where my army experience comes in. Everyone on this team knows how to follow orders. And just like the People#39;s Liberation Army, we#39;re never a burden on the people. We don#39;t eat their food or drink their water.#39;王文忠说,一些人连情况都不了解就往里冲,如果你要冲进去的话,应该先想好自己进去能做什么。他说,我的从军经验此时就派上用场――我们队伍里的每个人都清楚如何从命令;而且,就像解放军战士们那样,我们从来不让自己成为别人的负担,不吃别人的东西、不喝别人的水。The Hebei group did indeed mimic the PLA. The entire group was outfitted with identical uniforms -- military fatigues, canvas shoes and red armbands -- and younger members described themselves as #39;new soldiers.#39; Appropriately, Mr. Wang runs the group like a battalion, collecting intelligence from contacts with state-run media and local government.王文忠的这队伍确实有着解放军的精神。整个小队着装统一,全体人员身着迷、穿帆布鞋、带红臂章。年轻一点的队员称自己是“新兵”。王文忠像军队营长一样带队,通过与官媒和地方政府接洽来收集信息。The Hebei team leader credits Wenchuan with teaching him the value of prior planning, but not all the volunteer groups in Ludian on Tuesday were so organized or professional. While Mr. Wang#39;s crew waited patiently for the go-ahead to enter the quake zone on Monday morning, another group of un-uniformed youth from various parts of Yunnan was loitering outside the county government offices trying to hitch a ride.王文忠说,汶川地震救援教会了他预先制定好计划的重要性。然而,周二在鲁甸灾区,并非所有的志愿者队伍都如此训练有素、如此专业。周一早晨,当王文忠的队伍耐心地等待进入灾区的放行信号时,一群着装各异、来自云南各地的年轻人却在县政府办公室外面逛荡,试图搭个便车。#39;They aren#39;t letting people in,#39; Li Wenwei, a volunteer from Kunming, said in a brief exchange with China Real Time. #39;Maybe we can go with you?#39;来自昆明的志愿者李文伟(音译)跟“中国实时报”栏目记者交涉道:他们(灾区官员)不让我们进去,我们能不能跟你们一起进去?It wasn#39;t immediately clear Monday morning how many volunteers had converged on Ludian with the hope of helping. #39;I don#39;t know. A lot. A lot,#39; said Ms. Yuan.袁耀说,周一早晨还无法立刻搞清楚有多少想帮忙的志愿者来到了鲁甸,我不清楚,只能说非常非常多。 /201408/319009高密市体检哪家医院最好的

青岛人流选哪家医院MONROVIA, Liberia — The family of the sick man, who had endured Ebola’s telltale symptoms for six days, took him by taxi to treatment centers here in the capital twice, only to be turned back at the gate each time for lack of beds. He died at home, his arms thrashing violently and blood spewing out of his mouth, in front of his sons.利比里亚蒙罗维亚——一名患病男子的家人两次坐着出租车将他带到这里的治疗中心,但每次都因为缺少床位而被挡在治疗中心门口,而他已经连续六天出现感染埃拉病毒的症状。最终,这名男子死在家中,他的儿子们看到了他手臂狂舞、口吐鲜血的惨状。“We had to carry him home two times because they could do nothing for us,” said Eric Gweah, 25, as a team of body collectors came to retrieve the corpse of his father, Ofori Gweah, 62. “The only thing the government can do is come for bodies. They are killing us.”“这两次我们都得把他带回家,因为他们不能为我们做什么,”25岁的埃里克·格威(Eric Gweah)说。“政府唯一能做的就是来收尸。他们正在杀死我们。”格威接受采访时,一个收尸队来到家中为他62岁的父亲奥福里·格威(Ofori Gweah)收尸。So many Ebola victims are dying at home because of the severe shortage of treatment centers here in Monrovia, Liberia‘s capital, that they are infecting family members, neighbors and others in a ballooning circle of contagion.由于利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚严重缺少治疗中心,很多埃拉患者正在家中慢慢死去,并去感染家人、邻居,以及其他处于传染范围内的人,致使传染范围不断扩展。Only 18 percent of Ebola patients in Liberia are being cared for in hospitals, holding centers or other settings that reduce the risk of transmission by isolating them from the rest of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unless that rate reaches 70 percent, the center predicted this week, Ebola cases will keep soaring.据美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)透露,在利比里亚,只有18%的埃拉病人在医院、收容中心或其他将他们隔离以降低传染风险的场所接受治疗。该中心本周预测,除非这个比率达到70%,否则埃拉病例将持续攀升。In its worst-case estimate, Liberia and Sierra Leone, two of the three West African nations hit hardest by the outbreak, could face 1.4 million infections by Jan. 20 — more than 10 percent of their combined populations of about 10.3 million.该中心预测的最糟糕的情况是,在埃拉疫情最严重的三个西非国家中,利比里亚和塞拉利昂在明年1月20日前可能会出现140万感染病例,高于两国总人口(1030万)的10%。In the coming weeks, the ed States military will try to overhaul the fight against Ebola in Liberia, home to 1,580 of the 2,800 Ebola deaths so far recorded in West Africa. The 3,000-strong American mission will not treat Ebola patients, but will build as many as 17 treatment centers, with a total of 1,700 beds, and try to train 500 health workers a week.迄今为止,西非共有2800名埃拉患者死亡,其中有1580人来自利比里亚。在未来几周,美国军队将设法对利比里亚抗击埃拉疫情的斗争做出大幅调整。一个由3000名军人组成的美国团队不会参与埃拉患者的治疗工作,但他们将会建设多达17个治疗中心,1700个床位,并会设法每周培训500名医务人员。But building the centers is expected to take weeks and it is unclear who will run them, especially since the disease has decimated Liberia’s aly weak health care system and the fear of Ebola has long kept many international aid workers away.但建造治疗中心需要数周时间,目前也不清楚治疗中心由谁运营,尤其是因为埃拉已经摧毁了利比里亚原本就非常脆弱的医疗系统,而很多国际救援人员又害怕被感染,一直不愿进入该国工作。“I’ve worked in many crises for more than 20 years, and it’s the first time I can see a situation that nobody wants to come,” said Jean-Pierre Veyrenche, who is heading the World Health Organization’s efforts to build treatment centers here. “There’s plenty of money, so that’s not the issue. If you look at Haiti, there were about 800 N.G.O.s there.”“在20多年的时间里,我经历了很多危机,这是第一次看到没人愿意来的情况,”负责世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)蒙罗维亚治疗中心项目的让-皮埃尔·韦朗齐(Jean-Pierre Veyrenche)说。“我们有充足的资金,这不是问题。看看海地,那里有大约800家非政府组织。”“People are afraid to come — that’s it,” he added.他还表示,“人们不敢来,这是问题所在。”With treatment beds overflowing, the government is often left to simply pick up the bodies of the dead. As its six teams of body collectors crisscross this capital of 1.5 million people, navigating cratered streets left over from the 14-year civil war that ended in 2003, they encounter a city that is likely to remain at the mercy of Ebola for weeks, perhaps months.由于治疗中心床位不足,政府通常只能收尸。六收尸队在这个拥有150万人口的首都往返奔波,穿过那些在内战期间变得坑坑洼洼的道路,他们看到的这个城市在未来几周甚或几个月,可能仍会受到埃拉疫情的困扰。该国那场长达14年的内战是在2003年终结的。Every day, each team retrieves half a dozen to a couple of dozen bodies, delivering them to a crematorium at the end of the day.每收尸队每天会收走五、六具到二十几具尸体,然后在当天晚上将尸体送往火葬场。The body collectors who came to pick up Mr. Gweah had descended to the compound where he lived four times in the past four weeks, down a steep cliff to a riverside area called Rockspring Valley. Each week, they had picked up a body that passed on the Ebola virus to the next person, and now Mr. Gweah’s was the fifth body. The crowd, seething beneath a sky of low clouds, erupted in anger.前来收走格威尸体的收尸员在过去四周曾四次来到他所在的居住区,他们沿着陡峭山崖向下来到这个名为石泉谷(Rockspring Valley)的沿江地区。他们每周都会收走一具尸体,而逝者已将埃拉病毒传染给下一个人,格威是他们在这里收走的第五具尸体。在云层低垂的天空下,激动的人群爆发愤怒情绪。“If the government can’t work it out, let them give it up,” said Marvin Gweah, 28, another son. “Let the international community handle this.”“如果政府不能应付,就让他们放弃,”另一个儿子、28岁的马尔温·格威(Marvin Gweah)说。“让国际社会来处理。”Five body collectors in full protective suits clambered up the cliff in the rain, carrying his father’s body in a black plastic bag, resting to just their grip, and steadying themselves on the slippery path. Eric Gweah, his face twisted in anguish, led the way, shrieking “Papa” and throwing his hands up in the air, nearly losing his footing.天下着雨,身着全套防护的五名收尸员爬上山崖,抬着装在黑色塑料袋里的他父亲的遗体。他们有时会停下来喘口气,在湿滑的道路上稳住脚步。埃里克·格威的脸因痛苦而扭曲,他走在队伍的最前面,口中高呼“爸爸呀”,双手举起,差点摔倒。“Stand up! Stand up!” a woman following the body collectors shouted at another woman who had fainted. A cacophony of wailing and sobbing rose as all of Rockspring Valley below seemed to sway in grief.“站起来!站起来!”跟在收尸员身后的一名妇女朝着晕倒的另一女性吼道。刺耳的哭喊声和啜泣声响成一片,此时脚下的整座石泉谷似乎都已陷入悲伤之中。A new 120-bed treatment center, Island Clinic, operated by Liberian health workers under the W.H.O., opened here on Sunday, bringing Liberia’s total beds to 450. The agency is hoping to open two additional centers with a total of 400 beds here in the capital over the next month, but is unable to find international workers to operate them, said Mr. Veyrenche, who is heading the W.H.O.’s efforts to build treatment centers here.在世卫组织的指导下,利比里亚医疗工作者管理的岛屿诊所(Island Clinic)周日开始在蒙罗维亚迎接病患。这座新医疗中心有120个床位,从而将利比里亚的总床位数增至450张。世卫组织希望,一个月内能在首都地区再开两座医疗中心,共计400张床位。不过,负责在利比里亚兴建医疗中心的世卫组织官员韦朗齐表示,无法找到国际人员来接手这些诊所的运转工作。Last week in Bong County, in central Liberia, the International Medical Corps began operating a treatment center built by Save the Children. The Medical Corps and Doctors Without Borders are the only international organizations operating treatment centers in Liberia.在利比里亚中部的邦县,上周,国际医疗队(International Medical Corps)开始掌管救助儿童会(Save the Children)兴建的一座医疗中心。国际医疗队和无国界医生组织(Doctors Without Borders)是仅有的两个在利比里亚运营诊疗中心的国际组织。Sean Casey, the leader of the Medical Corps in Liberia, said he hoped to increase the center’s current capacity of 10 beds to 70 beds over the next six weeks. But because of the fear of Ebola and the time commitment required of foreign volunteers, the organization has been unable to draw doctors and nurses from its usual pool, he said. The organization is recruiting health workers for the first time in the Philippines, Jordan and Ethiopia.国际医疗队利比里亚项目的负责人肖恩·卡塞伊(Sean Casey)称,他希望在未来的六周里将这家诊所目前的10张床位增加到70张。然而他说,出于对埃拉的恐惧,以及外国志愿者需要在当地耗费的时长,国际医疗队一直无法从往常的医护人员库中找到足够的志愿者。该组织正在从菲律宾、约旦和埃塞俄比亚招募医护人员,此举尚属首次。Like most experts here, Mr. Casey was skeptical of the American military’s plans to find and train 500 health workers a week.与身处这里的多数专家一样,卡塞伊对美国军方提出的每周招到并培训500名医疗工作者的计划心存疑虑。“It took us a few weeks to just open 10 beds,” he said. “It worries me that some of their facilities will be open before they’re y.”“就连弄出这10张床位,我们都花了好几星期,”他说。“我担心他们的一些中心会在没有准备好的情况下启动。”Here in Monrovia, the first city to face Ebola’s full onslaught since the virus was discovered in 1976, entire families are dying at home, unable to get a ride in one of the city’s few ambulances or gain admission to overcrowded treatment or holding centers.自从1976年发现埃拉病毒以来,蒙罗维亚是第一座要面对它的全面爆发的城市。这里的整户人家在自己家中死亡,无法搭上城里稀缺的救护车,或是进入过于拥挤的医疗和收容中心。“We came here for the husband last week, we’re back today for the wife, and maybe next week we’ll be back for the children,” said Alexander Nyanti, 23, a body collector who was picking up the corpse of Lorpu David, 30, in a central Monrovia neighborhood off Gurley Street.“我们上个星期来给丈夫收殓,今天又来收妻子,说不定下个星期又要来收孩子,”23岁的收尸员亚历山大·尼安蒂(Alexander Nyanti)说。他来到蒙罗维亚市中心格利街附近的这片社区,是为了给30岁的洛普·戴维(Lorpu David)收殓。A week earlier, his team had visited the same house to retrieve the body of her husband, Sam David, the first Ebola death in that community. The couple shared one room with their two children and the wife’s younger sister.一周前,尼安蒂所在的收尸队来过同一间屋子给丈夫萨姆·戴维(Sam David)收殓。他是这片社区里首名死于埃拉病毒的患者。这对夫妇和两个孩子及妻子的同住一间房。“The little boy is not feeling all right,” John Sackie, the community’s chairman, said as four collectors pulled Ms. David out of a dark room in the back of the house, each grasping a limb.“小男孩不太舒,”社区主任约翰·萨基(John Sackie)说。此时,四名收尸员分别抓着戴维夫人的四肢,将她的尸体从屋子后面一间昏暗的房间里拖了出来。 /201409/332024青岛四方区治疗尿道炎多少钱 Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Dick Costolo is in Shanghai for a few days, but that doesn#39;t mean Twitter will follow.推特(Twitter)首席执行长科斯特罗(Dick Costolo)人在上海,他将在这里小住几日,但这不意味这推特也会跟随他的脚步进入中国。The U.S. social media network confirmed Monday that Mr. Costolo was in China to #39;learn more about Chinese culture and the country#39;s thriving technology sector.#39;推特周一确认,科斯特罗人在上海,他到中国来是为了更多地了解中国文化和中国正在蓬勃发展的科技业。Mr. Costolo will be meeting with professors and students from Shanghai#39;s famed Fudan University as well as government officials and business leaders, according to a person familiar with the visit.据了解科斯特罗这次访问的人说,他将与上海复旦大学的一些教授和学生见面,同时参加的还包括政府官员和商界领袖。Though it might be tempting to assume Mr. Costolo is in fact feeling out the possibility getting Twitter into China, it#39;s unlikely that#39;s the case. In its statement, Twitter also said that it has #39;no plans to change anything about our service in order to enter the market.#39;尽管有人或许会推论,科斯特罗来中国实际上是为推特进入中国的可能性做一番探查,但实际情况可能并非如此。推特在声明中还说,没有计划为了进入这一市场对我们的务做出任何改变。In China, most Internet companies are tasked with monitoring and censoring their social networks. Were Twitter to set up in China, it would almost certainly have to cooperate with the Chinese government#39;s censorship demands -- something it is signaling it will not do.在中国,大多数互联网公司都会承担监督和审查其社交网络的任务。如果推特进入中国,几乎可以肯定,它也要配合中国政府的审查要求,而推特发出的信号则表明它不会这么做。Even if Twitter were to try to cooperate with the Chinese government, it would be unlikely to get a stamp of approval.即便推特是要试图与中国政府合作,也不大可能得到批准。The service has been blocked in China since 2009, due to government concerns it could be used to organize protests like those that were helping topple regimes in the Middle East at the time, according to analysts. Fears that social media could be used to coordinate protests against the government are alive and well in China, which is in the midst of a sustained government crackdown on online discourse.分析人士说,自从2009年开始,推特在中国的务就被封了,原因是政府担心它可能被用来组织抗议(当时,类似的抗议在推翻一些中东国家政府方面发挥了作用)。在中国,有关社交媒体可以被用来协调反对政府的抗议者的担忧大有市场,正因如此,政府才对互联网言论进行持续不断的打击。Instead of trying to get Twitter into China, Mr. Costolo may simply be seeking to understand the world#39;s largest and most isolated Internet market. Though many products on China#39;s Internet remain copies of products coming out in the U.S., intense local competition and specific demands of local users are slowly leading Chinese companies to push in directions not anticipated by Silicon Valley.科斯特罗并非试图让推特进入中国,他可能只是希望了解中国这个全球最大、但也最封闭的互联网市场。尽管中国互联网上的许多产品仍是美国产品的复制,但本地竞争的加剧和本地用户的特殊需求正逐渐促使中国企业在硅谷预料之外的道路上推进。Beijing Momo Technology Co., a dating app that had about 35 million monthly active users at the end of 2013, pre-dated its U.S. equivalent, Tinder. Another example that likely hits closer to home for Mr. Costolo is Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo, which popularized a number of features that would eventually make it into Twitter. Though Weibo still looks and feels very complicated to a U.S. Internet user, it pre-dated Twitter in allowing embedded comments and replies to a post and also to giving photos a prominent presence in a users#39; stream.北京陌陌科技有限公司(Beijing Momo Technology Co.)旗下有一款约会应用,2013年年底的月度活跃用户数约为3,500万。早在美国市场推出同类产品Tinder之前,这款应用就已经推出了。对于科斯特罗,另外一个例子可能更有参考价值,这就是新浪公司(Sina Corp.)旗下的微(Weibo)。新浪微推广了一些功能,而这些功能将最终使它媲美推特。尽管对于美国互联网用户来说,新浪微在外观和感觉上都还非常复杂,但新浪微早在推特之前就允许用户对发布的内容进行嵌入式和回复,同时还在用户数据流中给照片提供了一个重要地位。For years now, China#39;s start-ups have been studying how Silicon Valley works. Valley executives give talks at a proliferating number of start-up accelerators and cafes where entrepreneurs hang out. Some companies, like app search engine Wandoujia, even send employees on yearly trips to northern California to learn more about the culture, and visit the headquarters of the most iconic U.S. Internet firms.多年来,中国初创企业一直在学习硅谷模式。在数量不断增多的创业加速器以及企业家喜欢去的咖啡厅内,硅谷高管们会发表演讲。应用搜索引擎豌豆荚(Wandoujia)等公司甚至每年都会派员工前往加州北部,以便更深入地学习硅谷文化并访问最有代表性的美国互联网公司的总部。Mr. Costolo may well be the first wave of Americans doing the reverse, coming to China to look for new features, business models and even products that could do well if brought back to the U.S. Even if the trip isn#39;t as pointed as that, it still shows that China#39;s Internet market, though isolated from much of the world, has a gravity all its own that has an increasing pull to those thousands of miles away in the U.S.科斯特罗很可能是第一批反其道而行的美国人,到中国来寻找新的特色和商业模式,甚至寻找那些带回美国就可能有良好表现的产品。即便这种访问并不那么有目的性,但这仍表明,尽管中国互联网市场与世界大部分地区相对孤立,但这一市场本身就是非常重要的,对那些远在千里之外的美国人产生了越来越大的吸引力。 /201403/280480青岛401医院在那

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