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泉州哪家医院查妇科好泉州人流多少线洛江区中医医院门诊怎么走 Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” is an unusual movie, taking place mostly in a lifeboat at sea with a tiger and a young boy. Appropriately, Twentieth Century Fox has given it an unusual premiere.李安导演执导的电影《少年派的奇幻漂流是部非常奇特的电影,其中大部分的故事情节都发生的一个漂在海上的救生船里,在船里的是一只老虎和一个男孩二十世纪福克斯影片公司也为这部电影举办了一场特别的首映活动Last Wednesday, the studio debuted the Oscar hopeful in Paris in a location best designed to bring the audience along Pi’s journey. Not in a theater with cushy seats, but in an indoor swimming pool, with the moviegoers nestled in lifeboats, just like Pi.在上周三(当地时间月7日),福克斯在巴黎初次揭开了这部有望角逐奥斯卡的电影的神秘面纱,而首映的地点则是精心设计,让观众可以身临其中跟少年Pi一起体验奇幻漂流不是有着舒适座椅的电影院,而是在一家室内游泳池里和电影的主角Pi一样,观众们也都是坐在救生船里The 1930s-built Espace Sportif Pailleron is one of the city’s listed buildings and features a recently restored Art Deco interior as well as Paris’ only permanent ice rink.位于巴黎十九区的Pailleron游泳馆建于世纪30年代,是巴黎市区久负盛名的建筑该游泳馆最近还翻修了一个室内的溜冰场,这是巴黎唯一一个永久性的溜冰场But the crowd Lee’s film didn’t get to swim or skate. They were placed in the boats with life preservers in the 1-foot-long pool and shown the picture.不过慕名而来看李安导演电影的观众可不是来游泳或溜冰的他们身着救生衣坐在船里,身处在1英寸长的游泳池里看电影There’s no word on how the crowd handled bathroom breaks during the hour, 7 minute movie.电影时长两小时7分钟,在观影期间观众们要如何去上厕所?这个我们就不得而知啦! 网友围观精吐槽:How do I get out when I need to run to the bathroom?我要是想上厕所怎么出去啊?Did each boat also have a Bengal tiger in it?每个船是不是还配有一只孟加拉虎?I would undoubtedly feel seascik.我绝对绝对要晕船滴! 3晋江市人民医院妇科检查怎么样

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泉州无痛人流方法Chinese family planning officials revealed on Thursday that they are looking into whether celebrated film director Zhang Yimou violated the country one-child rule, prompting a froth of conflicted commentary online as Internet users struggled to balance frustrations with population control against disdain the privileges enjoyed by the wealthy.中国计划生育官员周四披露,他们正调查知名电影导演张艺谋是否违反了本国的计划生育政策,由此引发网友莫衷一是的有人对中国人口控制的做法表示失望,也有人对富人享受特权予以鄙视Mr. Zhang, celebrated internationally films like 1991 Raise the Red Lantern and 199 To Live, is being investigated by the family planning committee in the city of Wuxi, in eastern China Jiangsu province, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday. Wuxi is where Mr. Zhang current wife lives, according to Xinhua.张艺谋因1991年的影片《大红灯笼高高挂和199年的《活着等佳作而在国际上享有盛名中国官方媒体新华社周四报道说,江苏省无锡市人口和计划生育委员会正在调查张艺谋据新华社报道,张艺谋的现任妻子住在无锡The brief Xinhua followed local media reports, which China Real Time has been unable to confirm, ing Wuxi officials as saying the 61-year-old director may have as many as seven children and could face fines as high as 0 million yuan ( million).这则简短的新华社文章发表前曾有多篇地方媒体报道,“中国实时报”栏目一直无法实那些报道文章援引无锡官员的话说,这位现年61岁的导演可能有七个子女,或将面临最高人民币1.6亿元的罚款An official with the Jiangsu provincial family planning commission confirmed that Mr. Zhang was under investigation and said it was ongoing but gave no other details. We dont know yet how we will deal with it, if it turns out to be true, said the official, who gave only his surname, Li.江苏省人口计生委一位官员实,张艺谋接受了调查,并说调查还在进行中,此外没有透露其它细节这位李姓官员说,如果情况属实,我们还不知道要怎么处理Calls to Mr. Zhang assistant rang unanswered on Thursday.周四记者打给张艺谋助手的电话无人接听News of the investigation comes at awkward time the China family planning authorities. Beijing officially continues to defend the one-child policy, saying it has prevented 00 million births and helped lift the country out of poverty. But public anger over ced late-term abortions, anxiety over gender imbalances and shifting demographics have prompted increasing calls the policy to be scrapped, or at least relaxed.调查张艺谋的消息出现在对中国计划生育部门来说颇为尴尬的时候中国官方仍在为独生子女政策辩护,说该政策令中国少生了亿人口,帮助国家脱了贫但民众对于妊娠晚期强制堕胎的愤怒和对性别比例失衡及人口结构变化的焦虑促使越来越多的人们呼吁,废除或至少放松这一政策Shifting attitudes toward the one-child rule were evident online Thursday, as a number of Internet users rushed to defend Mr. Zhang.人们对于一胎政策态度的转变周四在网上显而易见,很多网友纷纷为张艺谋说话I applaud Zhang Yimou having more than one child, wrote one user of the Twitter-like Sina Weibo microblogging service. Having children is a right bestowed on man by Heaven.新浪微的一位用户写道,张艺谋生了不止一个孩子,我鼓掌欢迎,生孩子是天赋人权o quick to investigate this kind of thing -- why dont you jump to investigate all those other problems? wrote another.另一位网友写道,这种事调查得这么快,你们怎么不跑去查其它那些问题?Yet critics of China family planning policy, Mr. Zhang is not exactly an ideal champion. Though once admired in art circles as a defiant figure unafraid of irritating censors, he has since moved into the mainstream -- so much so that he was tapped to direct the opening ceremonies the Olympics -- and is now widely considered to be a part of the establishment elite.然而,对中国计划生育政策的批评者来说,张艺谋并非一个完美的持者尽管在艺术领域曾经被尊崇为一个不畏惧恼人审查机构的桀骜不驯的人物,张艺谋后来已经融入主旋律,他甚至被任命为年北京奥运会开幕式的总导演现在,外界普遍认为张艺谋是体制内精英中的一员The wealthy and powerful in China often find it easy to skirt the one-child rule by simply paying fines -- a phenomenon that has been cause widesp resentment and calls the rule to be more rigidly enced.中国的权贵阶层常常可以通过交罚款轻松摆脱独生子女政策的限制,这一现象已经引发了普遍不满以及对更严格执行该政策的广泛呼吁Rich people can have as many kids as they want? Having more than one is illegal, but pay a fine and suddenly it legal, poet Chen Xuelin wrote on Sina Weibo. Rich people money is their own, but social resources belong to the masses. Who gave rich people the right to dominate public resources?诗人陈学林在新浪微上写道,富人可以随意超生?本来超生违法,但交了罚款就合法了……钱虽然是他们自己的,社会资源确是公众的,是谁给了他们挤占公共资源的权利?Mixed reactions to news of the investigation to a large extent mirror mixed signals from the government on the future of the one-child policy. In March, Beijing stripped power from the National Population and Family Planning Commission and folded it into the Ministry of Health -- a move that suggested rems were in the offing. Yet the central government has continued to insist that the policy will remain in place.对张艺谋超生进行调查的消息引发的反应各有不同,这很大程度上折射出了政府在一胎政策的未来方面释放出的不同信号今年3月,中国政府将国家人口和计划生育委员与卫生部合并,此举意味着改革正在酝酿之中然而中央政府随后又说,计划生育政策将继续存在Rem advocates remain optimistic that major change is coming, arguing that the government needs time to overcome resistance from bureaucrats with a vested interest in maintaining the family planning machinery.改革的持者仍然相信重大变化即将出现,他们认为,政府需要时间战胜来自一些官员的阻力,这些官员在保留计划生育政策的做法中存在既得利益In a certain sense, the brouhaha over Mr. Zhang may help their cause by highlighting the political costs of maintaining a policy that seems to lead to frustration all around.从某种意义上说,张艺谋超生调查引发的关注可能会有助于废除计生政策,因为这件事凸显了继续实施一项明显会引起各方不满的政策的政治成本urprising that some people are praising the investigation. You curse family planning, then turn around and say others should be fined -- isnt that an inherent contradiction? wrote newspaper commentator Zhao Jicheng. Youve been a eunuch so long, you cant stand virility?报纸员赵继成说:竟然有人为调查叫好一边骂计生,一边希望罚别人,劣根性?太监久了,见不得勃起? 391 Last week, a new TV series, Girls, started to air on HBO in the US. It a show about four twenty something women living in New York, navigating the bridge between college and real life.上周,最新剧集《都市女孩正式登陆美国HBO电视网该剧讲述了四位岁左右的纽约女孩,正行走在从大学校园通往现实社会的道路上What is interesting about this series is the friendship it portrays. A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. And this is true of the bond between these four girls.该剧集的卖点在于其描绘的友情朋友是那个你敢于在他她面前表现真我的人而剧中四个女孩间的友情便是如此In one of the early scenes of the pilot episode you see two women spooning in bed together. Warmly intertwined, they are awoken by an alarm, having fallen asleep together watching television.在该剧集试播节目较早的一个场景中,两个女孩亲昵地挤在一张床上,看着看着电视便一起睡着了,然后,一阵闹铃声将亲密无间的二人叫醒A short while later, these same two girls, Hannah and Marnie, share a bathtub and laugh about the emasculated boyfriend in the next room.稍后,还是这两个女孩——汉娜和玛妮,她们共用浴缸沐浴并一起拿隔壁玛妮娇气的男友打趣These women are so comtable together. But when Marnie boyfriend opens the door, he is laughed out of the room. Men have no place or status within the world of these women.两个女孩的共同时光是如此惬意而当玛妮的男友打开门时,可怜的他被一片大笑声赶出了房间男士无法插足女孩们的世界This particular brand of female friendship seems very modern, and many culture critics have been provoked to hail Girls as revolutionary.大打闺蜜友情牌似乎很时髦,《都市女孩也被许多文化人士称赞为革命性创新However, Rebecca Traister at Salon.com makes the point that female friendships which are the main source of emotional nourishment only seem new and noteworthy because of relatively recent history. But it a dynamic that is very old.然而,来自美国芝加哥的新闻与网站Salon.com的丽贝卡?特雷斯特认为,虽然由于近代的历史原因,女性间的友谊作为情感供给的主要来源,看上去似乎格外新奇且引人关注但实际上它由来已久Traister explains that centuries intense social and physical bonds between women were an accepted part of life;. This was because marriage was not about love but about economics.特雷斯特解释说,几个世纪以来,“女性间紧密的社会关系与有形纽带,已被公认为生活的一部分”这是因为婚姻并非关乎爱情,而只是与经济状况有关;It wasnt until the early th century, as marriage came to be treated as a union based on love and sex, that same-sex friendships began to be seen as competitive to the closeness a woman was supposed to feel to her husband,; said Traister.特雷斯特说:“直到世纪初,随着婚姻被视为一种基于爱和性的结合,同性间的友情才被视为夫妻亲密关系的竞争对手”What is great about Girls is that it opens a window through which we can peer at female friendships in the 1st century.《都市女孩的伟大之处就在于,它敞开一扇窗,从中我们可以一窥1世纪的女性友谊The women characters closeness is a byproduct of a world where marriage is no longer the highest goal women.在这个社会中,结婚不再是女性的终极目标,所以女性角色间的亲密关系这个副产品也便应运而生Without this inherent competitive goal, women can m unbreakable bonds of sisterhood and support. Women have time and resources to be whoever they want to be, and instead of focusing on men they can focus on themselves.少了“结婚”这个与生俱来的竞争性目标,女性之间就会形成坚如磐石的情谊和相互撑女性有时间也有资源去成就自我,她们不必再将精力都集中在男人身上,从而可以更关注自己了Girls has been compared to another famous television show, Sex and the City. One also set in New York, also revolving around the friendship of four women. But unlike Sex and the City, Girls portrays a very different kind of feminine companionship.很多人将《都市女孩与另外一部热门剧集《欲望都市放在一起比较后者的故事背景也被设定在纽约,故事也是围绕四位女性的友情展开但与《欲望都市不同,《都市女孩描绘的是一种完全不同的女性友谊;Carrie and her brightly colored cadre made history in almost cartoonish fashion, in which friendship was a public permance enacted in expansive shiny clubs over jewel-colored cocktails,; said Traister.“(在《欲望都市中),凯莉和她衣着艳丽的团以一种近乎漫画式的时尚创造了历史,友情是在热闹炫目的酒吧里,借助宝石色泽的鸡尾酒上演的一场公开秀”特雷斯说;Those flamboyantly drawn expressions have given way to Hannah and Marnie, who breakfast in their grim kitchen, Marnie listening with irritation as Hannah slurps her cereal milk and talks with her mouth full, like regular best friends, not fabulously implausible best friends.;“而这些刻意打造的华丽场景都抵不过汉娜和玛妮在阴暗的厨房里吃的一顿平常早餐,玛妮不耐烦地听汉娜一边大声地喝着牛奶麦片,一边嘴里塞满食物喋喋不休,她们如同普通闺蜜一般,而并非那种关系紧密地不现实的好友”This new breed of friendship is more deeply entwined, and the gritty details of each woman life are laid bare on the dinner table in the crappy apartment they share.闺蜜这种全新的友情在生活中有着千丝万缕的联系,,在她们俩合租的这个简陋公寓中,女性生活中所有鸡毛蒜皮的小事都被曝光在餐桌之上Female friendship is brilliant in its ability to entwine the beautiful, sacred and disgusting facets of the girls that it links.女性友谊的闪光之处就在于,它可以将女孩身上或美好,或神圣,或讨厌的各个方面全部融合在一起 185753泉州新阳光妇科医院泉州哪家医院盆腔炎治的好




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