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接电话打电话她要结婚怎么没有打电话通知我- :59: A:Tom? Oh, it's been a while since we've talked to each other. Nice to hear you again.汤姆吗?噢,我们上次聊天到现在已经有一阵子了很高兴又见到你B:Same here. Hey, did you know Susan is going to get married. She invited me to her wedding and she wants you to attend also.也是在这里嘿,你知不知道苏珊要结婚了她邀请我去参加婚礼,她希望你也能出席A:Really?真的吗?B:Definitely. I'm calling to tell you this.当然我正打算打电话告诉你这件事A:Why didn't she call me?她为什么不打电话给我?B:She tried, but the line is always busy.她打过了,但是电话线路一直处于忙音状态A:Well, I may have stayed on the phone too long. Can you give me her number? I'll call her later.恩,我可能打了太久电话了你可以给我她的号码吗?我稍后打电话给她B:Of course. It's 555-653.当然是555-653A:Thanks. So how are things with you?谢谢那你最近怎样?B:Pretty good. I've just bought a new house.很好我刚刚买了套新房子A:Wow! Great! Where?喔!太棒了!在哪里?B:In the suburb. How are you and Carol? Still living in town?在郊区那你和Carol呢?还住在城里吗?A:Yeah, it's really convenient. The theater and Shopping Mall are within walking distance. Well, I got to go. I'll get in touch with you soon.是的,很方便戏院和购物中心走路就能到达额,我要走了不久之后我会与你联系的B:Okay. Don't get to call Susan.好的记得打电话给苏珊A:Don't worry. Bye.别担心拜拜。

我正在找一只隐形眼镜-31 ::37 A:What are you looking ?你在找什么呀?B:I lost one of my contact lenses, and I’m searching high and low it.我丢了一只隐形眼镜,我正到处在找A:Where did you lose it? Maybe I can help you to find it.你掉在哪儿呢?也许我能帮你找到B:Thank you very much. I think I lost it near the window.太谢谢了,就掉在窗边。

你就像个落汤鸡Soaked Through-7 ::19 A:Wow! You look like a drowned rat! Didn't you know there is a thunder-storm today?哇,你就像个落汤鸡!你不知道今天有雷雨吗?B:I knew there would be a shower, but I didn't realize it would rain cats and dogs today.我知道有阵雨,但是我不知道今天下倾盆大雨A:Well. You'd better take a hot shower right now, or you will catch a cold.额,你最好马上洗个热水澡,否则你会感冒的B:I know. I don't want to get sick, especially during finals week.我知道我不想生病,尤其是在期末考这个周。

品牌英语口语00句(56):她很害羞 --01 :: 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. We cream off the most brilliant.我们只挑最棒的#9658;cream off [化]撇去乳油;提取(精华),选出(最好的部分),从(交易)中牟取最大利益e.g. We cream off the best athletes and put them in a special squad. 我们精挑最好的运动员,然后把他们送到特殊运动队中. I looked ludicrous.我显得跟傻冒似的3. You touched a raw nerve.你犯忌讳了#9658;raw nerve 死穴,痛处 (表面意思理解为裸露的神经,不要碰触哦,可不要哪壶不开提哪壶). Wish you a speedy recovery.祝你早日康复5. You can fish in troubled waters.你可以浑水摸鱼#9658;fish in troubled waters 浑水摸鱼,趁火打劫亦可用 fish in muddy waterse.g. It good fishing in troubled waters. 混水好摸鱼关于“水”的个最常用的习语gt;gt;热门事件学英语:长江中下游旱情持续 鄱阳湖中心成草原lt;lt;6. I don’t want to go to law.我可不想打官司#9658;go to law 打官司,诉诸于法,提起诉讼e.g. Dont go to law if you can help it. 除非万不得已不要打官司7. The pink of perfection!炉火纯青!8. She is shy and retiring.她很害羞#9658;这里需要注意一下 retiring,adj. 腼腆的,害羞的,谦让的,独处的;即将退休的9. The word insubordination is beyond me.我不知反抗为何物. Simmer gently m then drain the solution.文火煎分钟,然后将药水滗出#9658;来看看烹饪的表达gt;gt;Anything的N种英语表达法之“烹饪”lt;lt; 口语。

那我们约别的时间吃午饭-3 :5:6 A:Hello?喂?B:Hi, Shelley. Have you had lunch?嘿,Shelley,吃过午饭了吗?A:Not yet.还没有B:So shall we have lunch together? I’d like to take you this time.一起去吃饭怎么样?这次我想请你A:I’d like to, but I can’t.我想去,但是我不能B:How come?怎么了?A:I’ve a lot of paper work to do right now. I’m behind schedule.我有许多文字工作要做我的进程落后了B:All right. Can we make it another time?好吧那我们约别的时间好吗?A:Sure, thanks.当然谢谢B:I’ll call you later. Bye.稍后我再给你打电话再见A:Bye.再见。

U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick Walsh denied federal prosecutors' request to remand Chaney to custody but modified his bond to ,000, and he will wear an electronic monitoring device upon his return to Florida.。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活To be a good doer.行动实干者You start work with clear objectives in mind工作时脑中有明确的目标 Good doers dont just dive into aproject without thinking. They rein in their enthusiasm long enough to mulate objectives and figure out a plan in order to succeed in whatever theyre set to do. 优秀的实干家不会毫无想法地去做项目不管准备做什么,他们都会尽力延长热情,确定目标并制定计划,以便获得成功Good doers give themselves enough time to think and plan.优秀的实干家会花很多时间进行思考和计划 You measure your own productivity衡量自己的工作效率 Good doers know how to measure their own productivity and revel in it. Most even have a personal, internal ;scoring; system. 优秀的实干家懂得如何衡量并享受自己的工作效率很多实干家甚至拥有个人的、内部的“计分”系统Following their own progress provides them a challenging working environment, firing them up to work harder.Good doers find and use tools to help measure their productivity.跟进自身进程可创造一个充满挑战的工作环境,进而激发他们更努力地工作优秀的实干家会搜索并利用工具来衡量自身效率in order to 为了例句:He lit a cigarette in order to calm his mind.他点燃一香烟,镇定一下情绪更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 03376。