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2019年12月09日 02:22:42 | 作者:挂号网 | 来源:新华社
地点:莫妮卡与钱德勒的婚礼现场人物:莫妮卡,钱德勒,菲比,瑞秋事件:婚礼仪式结束后,摄像师为大家拍照留念,菲比为了掩护瑞秋,谎称自己怀了Monica: What are you talking about?Phoebe: Yes, I… I am with child. And I didnt want to say anything because it your day; I didnt want to steal your thunder.Monica: Wait a minute! So you told people I was pregnant? Does this look like a conversation that I want to remember?Chandler: Who the father?Phoebe: I cant say.Monica: Why?Chandler: Why not?Phoebe: I cant say because he famous.Rachel: Oh my God, who is it?Monica: Phoebe, come on, you have to tell us.Phoebe: Okay, Okay. It James Brolin. James Brolin is the father of my baby.Chandler: As in Barbara Streisand husband James Brolin?Phoebe: What? Well he never said that to me! 53烤乳猪 roast pig A gentleman was invited dinner. When he hurried there and sat down, he was happy to see a roast pig in front of his seat:;Not bad, I am next to the pig.;一位先生去赴宴迟到了,匆忙入座后,发现自己的座位正对着乳猪,于是大为高兴的说:“还不错,我坐在乳猪的旁边”But then he noticed the angry fat lady sitting next to him. He faked a smile and added: ;Oh I am sorry, I meant the roasted one on the table.;这时才发现身旁的一位胖女士正怒目相视,他忙陪笑改口到:“对不起,我说的是那只烤好的”1.A gentleman was invited dinner.这句话中出现了一个词组,be invited :sb. be invited doing sth.sb. be invited sth.意思是某人被邀请做某事eg:Jack was invited giving a lecture yesterday morning.区分一下be invited to do sth:被邀请某项活动Sean was invited to the project as the partner.肖恩以搭档的身份被邀请去了那个项目.roastvt.amp; vi.烤,烘,焙vt.嘲讽,挖苦n.烤肉;户外烧烤野餐adj.烤好的,烤制的eg:I thought Id do a roast dinner.晚饭我想要做顿烤肉注:roasted意思是烤好的,文章中后面会出现3.fakefake和disguise和fabricate的区别fake是假的的意思,disguise是伪装,假装的意思,fabricate是编造的意思,大多是编造不存在的事物,比如说编造根部不曾存在的理由,托辞等等 18A String in A Bar第单元 绳子上酒吧A string walks into a bar and asks the bartender a drink. The bartender looks at the string and says, ;Sorry, Dude. We dont serve strings in here. You are going to have to go somewhere else.; The string is angry and leaves the bar.有条绳子走进酒吧,要酒保给他一杯酒酒保看着这条绳子说道:“抱歉,小伙子,我们这里不招待绳子,你去别的地方吧”于是绳子愤愤地离开了酒吧Moments later the string comes back into the bar and asks the bartender a drink.过了一会儿,这条绳子又回到酒吧要酒保给他一杯酒;Sorry, we dont serve strings. Now, get out of here.; This really pisses the string off. He leaves the bar and goes outside.“抱歉,我们不招待绳子现在给我滚开”绳子这回真的火大了,他离开酒吧He is so angry that he has a tantrum outside. He get himself so upset that he ties himself all up in knots. He goes back into the bar and asks the bartender a drink one more time.他愤愤不平地在外面发了一顿脾气,气到把自己全身打结他又走进酒吧,再一次要酒保给他一杯酒The bartender peers over the bar at the string and says, ;Listen. I told you we dont serve string, arent you?;酒保盯着吧台上这条绳子说道:“听着,我已经告诉过你这间酒吧不招待绳子难道你不是绳子吗?”The string looks at the man and says, ;No, Im a frayed knot.;绳子看着酒保说:“不,我是一个磨损的绳结” Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 3这部电影说白了就是歌舞片,却歌舞的很异国情调 讲述的是一个美国女孩,举家来到古巴喜爱舞蹈的她一下子被当地热情的舞风所吸引,并和一个古巴男孩在舞蹈中谱出一段恋情的故事 歌舞片看过不少,但这部电影更是在舞蹈中,融入了很多的元素:异国情调、革命、叛乱、富家女与穷小子等等 废话不多说,献上原声,很热情的曲风,也很古巴很拉丁(或许跳拉丁的朋友可以借来一用) 58

Ive Got Everything!我什么都有了!A married couple is driving down the interstate doing 50 mph. The husband is behind the wheel. His wife looks over at him and says, ;Honey, I know weve been married years, but I want a divorce.;一对夫妇驾车以50英里的时速行驶在州际公路上丈夫在开车,妻子看着丈夫说:“亲爱的,我知道我们结婚已经年了,但是我想要离婚”The husband says nothing but slowly increases speed to 60 mph.丈夫什么也没说,悄悄地把车速提到了60迈She then says, ;I dont want you to try to talk me out of it, because Ive been having an affair with your best friend, and he a better lover than you.;她接着说:“我不会改变主意的,我和你的好朋友好上了,他比你好”Again the husband stays quiet and just speeds up as he clenches his hands on the wheels.丈夫继续保持沉默,双手紧紧地攥着方向盘,脚下猛踩油门She says, ;I want the house.;她说:“我要房子”Again the husband speeds up, and now is doing 70 mph.他再踩油门,车速提到了70迈She says, ;I want the kids too.;她说:“孩子们也要跟我”The husband just keeps driving faster, and faster, until he up to 80 mph.他只是不断地提速,直到80迈She says, ;I want the car, the checking , and all the credit cards too.;她说:“还有车、存款和信用卡都要归我”The husband slowly starts to veer toward a bridge overpass piling, as she says, ;Is there anything you want?;丈夫将车转向对准一个立交桥的桥基,这时,她问道:“你要什么东西吗?”The husband says, ;No, Ive got everything I need right here.;他说:“不用了,就现在来说,我需要的已经有了”She asks, ;What that?;她问:“是什么?”The husband replies just bee they hit the wall at 90 mph... ;Ive got the airbag!;在车以90迈的速度撞上桥基前,他答道:“我有安全气囊!” 8

Shane Files solo第单元 夏恩一个人坐飞机Shane mother filled his backpack with books, and toys. He was only six years old and he was flying half way across the country all by himself. When Shane was two his parents got a divorce and since then theyve had shared custody. This year Shane dad had moved to Washington, so Shane was flying out to meet him. His dad would be there at the airport to pick him up.夏恩的妈妈把书本和玩具塞进夏恩的背包里夏恩今年才六岁,正一个人坐着国内班机,目前还在半路上夏恩两岁时父母就离婚了,从那时起两个人便共同拥有对夏恩的监护权由于夏恩的爸爸今年搬到华盛顿,所以夏恩要坐飞机去看他他爸爸会在机场等着接他His mother drove him out to the airport and walked him to the check out gate. She gave him a big hug and asked the flight attendant to take good care of him.他妈妈开车送他到机场,陪他走到出境大门那里她用力拥抱了他一下,并请空员对他多加照顾Inside the plane Shane explored everything. The flight attendant gave him earphones to watch movies. They gave him as much Coke as he wanted and at dinnertime he asked two desserts.夏恩在飞机上东摸西摸,看到什么都很好奇空员给他耳机看电影,他想喝多少可乐也都让他喝,晚餐时他还要了两份甜点He watched the movie and then pressed his nose to the window as the landscape passed beneath him. Soon, he felt asleep. When he woke up he had arrived and the flight attendant had carried him out to where his father was waiting. Shane couldnt wait to tell his dad all about his trip.他看完电影后,便把鼻子贴在窗户上,看着下面经过的景色,接着很快就睡着了等他醒来时飞机已经抵达目的地了,空员便带他到他爸爸等他的地方夏恩迫不及待要告诉他爸爸旅行时所发生的一切

The disabled men who act as each other arms and eyes Two disabled men, one blind, one a double amputee, have spent over ten years planting trees together in rural China. ;I am his hands, he is my eyes,; says Haixia. ;We are good partners.; The elder of the two, Haixia, 5, was born blind in his left eye because of a cataract, and since a fragment of stone flew into his right eye during a factory accident in 00, he has been totally blind. His colleague and close friend, Wenqi, 53, has been a double arm amputee since the age of three when he touched an unprotected electric cable lying on the ground and received a high voltage shock. Haixia believes fate brought the two of them together again in 00 following his accident so they could help each other to prosper, allowing them to fulfil work they couldnt do alone. ; me it is not complicated,; Haixia says. ;Im disabled and dont want to be a burden on my family, so I plant trees. After ten years the trees will grow and I will get money.; So far they estimate they have planted ten thousand healthy trees, and three thousand more which have died. While the work may not be fast, the three-hectare site is now covered with trees and attracts nesting birds. Vocabulary:Amputee, cataract 3730

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻9.Morning sickness 9.晨起反应The neighbor dropped in on a friendand found her sitting at the kitchen table,staring blankly at a half-empty cup of coffee,her three kids squabbling loudly in the other room.一个邻居顺道去拜访自己的一位朋友,发现她正呆坐在厨房的桌子旁,眼睛茫然地盯着已经喝了一半的咖啡,她的三个孩子正在隔壁的房间里大声地喧哗;What wrong ?; she asked.The friend told her that she had ;morning sickness;.“怎么了?”她问朋友告诉她自己不过是有点“晨起反应”Surprised the neighbor said,;I didnt even know you were pregnant.;邻居非常吃惊,说,“我甚至都不知道你又怀了!;Im not.; the harried young woman replied.;Im just sick of mornings.;“哦,我没有怀,”年轻的妇人苦恼地回答,“我只是腻烦透了早上而已!” 191

非常不错的电影,尤其是中文的翻译,相当传神去看电影之前,就看影评说一定要注意下里面的音乐看完电影之后,真的被里面的音乐所震撼电影已经很精了!但是音乐更精!很难说到底是音乐衬托了电影,还是电影衬托了音乐. 专辑曲目: 1. Real In Rio – The Rio Singers. Let Me Take You To Rio (Blu’s Arrival) – Ester Dean and Carlinhos Brown3. Mas Que Nada ( Rio Version) – Sergio Mendes featuring Gracinha Leporace. Hot Wings (I Wanna Party) – will.i.am amp; Jamie Foxx5. Pretty Bird – Jemaine Clement6. Fly Love – Jamie Foxx7. Telling The World – Taio Cruz8. Funky Monkey – Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti, and Davi Vieira9. Take You To Rio (Remix) – Ester Dean. Balanco Carioca – Mikael Mutti. Sapo Cai – Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti. Samba De Orly – Bebel Gilberto. Valsa Carioca – Sergio Mendes 下载地址:http:u.1.comfileaqpu5sus 5

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