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突破口语之独白(6):Oversleeping赖床We all relish an extra hour of rest on an occasional Saturday morning, but researchers say oversleeping on weekends can be a clue to the extent of the sleep debt you're building up during the workweek. If you sleep more than an hour late on weekends, try to increase the amount of sleep you get during the week.我们都喜欢在星期六早上赖床,但是研究人员表示,周末赖床可能会增加一周工作日中的睡眠债。如果你在周末多睡一个小时,在这个星期里你就得增加睡眠量。注解 :1) relish v. 喜爱,爱好2) clue n. 线索 /200708/1646363. If there is one thing that... me, it's... 如果有什么使我······的话,那就是······ 用法透视 这是一个比较复杂的句型,意思是"如果有什么使我......的话,那就是......"。"that"引导的定语从句里的谓语一定是及物动词。 持范例 1. If there is one thing that annoys me, it's people who don't keep their promises. 如果有什么使我恼火的话,那就是不遵守诺言的人。 2. If there is one thing that disappoints me, it's his failure to arrange his time responsibly. 如果有什么使我失望的话,那就是他没有科学地安排时间。 3. If there is one thing that interests me, it's fashion design. 如果有什么使我感兴趣的话,那就是时装设计。 会话记忆 A: Is that pesky lady coming to the office again? 那个讨厌的女人又来办公室啦? B: Yeah, I'm afraid so. 恐怕是的。 A: If there's one thing that bugs me, it's her critical attitude. 如果有什么让我烦的,那就是她尖刻的态度。 B: Yes, it is annoying. 是太烦人了 /200705/13454

6 Housing 住房问题One Do you rent an apartment or own it? 你租房住,还是住自己的房? 1 Introduction The issue of housing is something that China and America generally have in common. In the U.S., like here, houses and apartments are usually more expensive in the cities and the suburbs. The places to live in rural America are usually much less expensive.住房问题通常是中国和美国都所共有的问题。在美国,像这里一样,城市和郊区的房子和公寓都通常贵许多。住在美国乡村通常也要便宜得多。2 Sample Sentences 1. They live in the apartment above ours. 他们住在我们楼上的一套公寓房里。2. The kitchen sink is broken.厨房水池坏了。3. Are there friends or family in the neighborhood?附近一带有朋友或者亲戚吗?4. Would you like a duplex or a mobile home?你想要双层楼公寓还是活动房屋?4. This one is furnished, and the neighborhood looks nice. 这套配置有家具,居民区看起来也很漂亮。6. Does the garage apartment have a fenced yard? 车库式的公寓有篱笆围着的院子吗?7. The suburbs usually have their own churches, schools, and shopping centers. 郊区通常都有他们自己的教堂,学校和购物中心。8. Many people prefer to live near the center of cities, but because houses there are expensive, they often commute from suburbs. 许多人比较喜欢住得离市中心近一点,但是因为那儿的房子太贵,所以他们经常住郊区上下班往返。9. There are only two crimes this year so far in my neighborhood. 到目前为止,今年我们居民区才发生了两起犯罪案。10. The place I’m living now has planes flying over day and night. I can’t stand the noise sometimes! 我现在住的地方日日夜夜都有飞机经过。有时候我真受不了这噪音!3. Conversations 1. House and employment. A: Susan, I am inviting you and Frank to our “house warming” party this weekend.B: A house warming party?A: Yes, Deborah and I are going to buy a new home in Woodlawn.B: Congratulations! That’s wonderful. I bet both of you are quite happy.A: Well, we have always dreamed of owning our own home, but real estate1 in this area is extremely expensive.B: I understand. That’s why Christopher and I want to find a place in a small town, far from the city.A: That’s a good idea if you can find employment nearby.B: I agree. That’s why Christopher is aly looking for a job in Maine, or Wisconsin. ——苏珊,我邀请你和弗兰克这个周末来参加我们家的“乔迁之喜”聚会。——“乔迁之喜”聚会?——是啊,戴拉和我打算在乌德洛买个新房子。——恭喜你们!那太好了。我猜你们两个肯定都很高兴。——是啊,我们一直都梦想着有自己的房子,但是这个地区的房产实在太贵了。——我能理解。那就是为什么克力斯多夫和我想在一个远离城市的小镇上买个房子。——如果你们能在附近找个工作那就好了。——我也这么认为。那就是为什么克力斯多夫总是想在缅因州或者威斯康辛州找份工作。2. High rent.A: I can’t believe the cost of apartments in New York City.B: Oh, you didn’t know that apartments here are considered valuable, even if they are small and crowded?A: Of course I had heard about that, but now I know how expensive it is to rent a place here.B: I don’t mind paying high rent to live in New York. A: Why? You pay so much for such a tiny2 space to live.B: Yeah, but so what! I’m proud to live in the world’s most excting city. And, the salaries here are the highest in the nation, too. ——我真难以相信纽约市的房价。——噢,你难道不知道这里的公寓虽然很小、很挤,但还是很值钱吗?——我当然听说过了,但是现在我知道在这里租间房都多贵了。——能住在纽约,我不介意房租贵。——为什么不呢?你付那么多的钱住一个这么小的地方。——是啊,但那又怎么样?能住在世界上最繁华的城市,我很自豪。而且,这里的薪水也是全国最高的。3. Meeting new neighbors.A: Hi, my name’s Karl. My wife and I are moving in next door.B: Hello, Karl. I’m Chuck Jones. We’re going to be neighbors.A: I’m happy to meet you. It seems everyone in town is so friendly.B: This is a small town, and we like to be neighborly3. We know everyone who lives around here.A: Well, I’m from Chicago. There few people take the time to get to know their neighbors.B: So, tell me, Karl, why did you come all the way to Minnesota to live? A: We wanted to live in a more peaceful4 community and have more space. Another reason is, we can afford to buy a home here, but we can’t in Chicago! ——你好,我叫卡尔。我的妻子和我将会住在你的隔壁。——你好,卡尔。我是查克#8226;琼斯。我们将会是邻居。——我很高兴见到你。看来镇上每个人都很友好。——这是个小镇,我们喜欢和睦相处。每个住在这里的人我们都认识。——啊,是这样,我来自芝加哥。那儿很少有人会抽空来和邻居认识一下。——那,卡尔,你能告诉我你为什么会老远搬到明尼苏达州来住吗。——我们想住在一个更加安宁,地方也更加宽敞的居民区。 还有一个原因是,在这里我们可以买得起房子,但是在芝加哥却不行!4. How much is the rent?A: Let’s move out of here. This apartment is too small. B: I agree. I’ll look in the paper.A: A house would be great. I could plant a garden. And you could use the garage for a workshop.B: Here’s an interesting ad: For rent. Two-bedroom, unfurnished5 house, fenced yard, one-car garage. Pets6 OK. A: How much is the rent?B: The ad says 5 plus deposit7. A: When is the place available?B: It’s available now, and it’s got a very good location8. You won’t be far from work. ——我们搬开这个地方吧。这间公寓太小了。——我赞同。我去看一下报纸。——要是一个房子就好了。我可以有个花园栽种。你也可以把车库当作工作场所来用。——这里有一个广告很有趣:供租。两个卧室,没有家具,有个篱笆围起来的小院子,能放一辆车的车库。可以养宠物。——房租多少?——广告上说是325美金加上押金。——什么时候可以入住?——现在就可以了,而且地理位置很好。你离上班的地方都不会很远。 4 Words and Expressions1. real estate 不动产2. tiny 极小的; 微小的3. neighborly 像邻居的; 亲切的; 和睦的4. peaceful 平静的; 安宁的5. unfurnished 没有家具设备的6. pet 供玩赏的动物, 宠物7. deposit 保金; 押金; 定金8. location 位置; 场所, 所在地 /200603/5425

点击此处下载音频大家好!欢迎与Andy准时相约广播学口语.学习这么多句子,今天要给大家放个假.因为I rsquo;m the one giving off the shirt of my back.所以Letrsquo;s hit the hay。什么意思呢? 音乐之后马上回来。(音乐)先来看Andy给出的原因:Irsquo;m the one giving off the shirt of my back。这句话字面 意思为我是个脱自己衣衫的人.这大冷天,Andy不是发烧了吧?Andy可是健康的很!这句话的真实意思是我是个连衬衫都肯脱给别人的人,即我很慷慨喽!Andy还真的是这样一个人.朋友们都说:He is a man giving off the shirt of his back。You can borrow everything from him while in difficulty except money。(他可是个十分大方之人.在困难中你可以和他借任何东西,除了钱)因为Andy太穷了! 其实不轻易向外借钱也是有原因的.曾经Andy借朋友钱而朋友没还,自己的生活突然变得很拮据,女友知道了,愤愤的说:;Thatlsquo;s more like you。You are the one giving off the shirt of your back。You are so warm-hearted that you have forgotten all about yourself。;(这才象你。你这个慷慨成性的家伙。你热心的连自己都忘了。)所以要吃一堑长一智。(音乐)连衬衫都脱给别人了,那么接下来呢?Letrsquo;s hit the hay。hay干草,hit击打。没事拍什么干草玩呢?这句话可能来自遥远的古代。那时候人们以草为榻。所以当你击打草的时候,就是要开睡了! I like to work in the night。I usually hit the hay at 1:00 early in the morning。SO Irsquo;m always short of sleep。(我喜欢在晚上工作。通常在凌晨1:00睡 觉。所以一直以来严重睡眠不足。)正因为如此,Andy要抓紧一切时间补习。有时候,听女友说话说累了,就开始睡觉了。但 每次都被她推醒了,;Hey,what are you doing?Irsquo;m talking to you,why are you hitting the hay?;(喂,你在干什么?我在和你说话,你怎么睡着了?)(音乐)好了,Andy要接着睡了,再见吧! /200605/7233In the centre of Europe, cities with the population of 7-8 thousand people have been created for refugees with cold nights and dangerous, lawless and hopeless tiring, hungry days.欧洲中部那些拥有七、八千人口的城市却只能让难民们露宿街头,在饥寒交迫、危机四伏、毫无治安中自生自灭。Death is just a step away from refugees.难民离死神只有一步之遥。Sometimes food is brought in via charities and people with hearts of gold but unfortunately it is not enough. Sleeping in tents while shivering from cold and nightmares of homes on fire and death. Fear of radical extremists and fights and tear gas thrown by the police into the camps locations and tents.有时,慈善机构和一些善良的民众会提供一点食物,但是这远远不够。栖身在帐篷内却总会因寒冷和梦魇中故乡的战火和死亡而瑟瑟发抖。常常害怕极端激进分子和战乱,还要提防警察往营地和帐篷内投掷的催泪瓦斯。Dear kind people of Europe and the UK, I don’t believe that in the heart of Europe, centre of technology and civilisation, you don’t know that such a place exists.友善的欧洲和英国民众,我无法相信在欧洲的中心地带,在这科技与文明的中心竟然找不到一处我们的容身之所。History will judge all of us according to our actions. This will stain the heart of history and humanity and it can never be removed.我们的行为自有历史评判。这将成为历史和人性的污点,永远无法被抹去。译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/513704Please join me and welcoming Denzel Washington Thank you. 请大家一起欢迎丹泽尔.华盛顿先生登台演讲谢谢Thank you very much I am obviously the most unorganized. 非常感谢我可能是这里最没准备充分的一位Everybody else has a nice box to bring the script up in Im just like, kinda gather all. 大家都用一个精美的盒子装着演讲稿而我只是把所有资料都放在一起Next up here put it inside a magazine, so... 然后呢把它夹在了一本杂志里面So, in fact, I didnt have it in the right order wait a minute, let me get the right order here. 所以 事实上 演讲稿的顺序全乱套了等我先把页码整理好的So if it starts like flying around the stage just, you know, run around and grab it for me. 所以 如果稿纸在台上飞得到处都是麻烦大家帮我捡起来吧And bring your back up here for me Ill keep going as I can. 交到我这里来我会尽力讲下去的President Guttmann, Provost Price, Board Chair Cohen fellow honorees, beautiful honorees. 古特曼校长 普莱斯教务长 科恩主席诸位获奖者 你们很美丽And todays graduates Im honored and grateful for the invitation today. 还有今天要毕业的同学们今天能受邀前来 我倍感荣幸Its always great to be on the Penn campus Ive been before a lot of time for basketball games. 非常高兴能够来到宾夕法尼亚大学我曾经来这里看过多场篮球比赛As my sun played at the Palestra, played on the basketball team Yes, thats right, played on the basketball game. 因为我儿子就在体育系 是那里的篮球队队员没错 就是玩篮球的201610/473644

电影学口语 Lesson 28:[白雪公主]Have a bite【精片断】剪辑自《Snow White》白雪公主Witch: All alone, my pet?Snow White: Why, why, yes, I am. But---Witch: The ,the little men are not here?Snow White: No, they are not, but---Witch: Mm-hmm Making pies?Snow White: Yes, gooseberry(醋栗) pies.Witch: It is apple pies that make the menfolks’ mouths water. Pies made from apples like these.Snow White: Oh, they do look delicious.Witch: Yes! But wait till you taste one, dearie(宝贝). Like to try one? Hmm? Go on. Go on, have a bite.【口语财富】1. All alone, my pet? 宝贝,就你一个人?2. The little men are not here? 小矮人不在这里吗?3. Making pies? 在做馅饼吗?4. It is apple pies that make the menfolks’ mouths water. 这是让小矮人流口水的苹果派.5. Have a bite. 咬一口. /200604/6504So this is my niece. Her name is Yahli. She is nine months old.这是我的侄女。她叫Yahli。她只有九个月大。Her mum is a doctor, and her dad is a lawyer.她妈妈是一名医生,爸爸是一名律师。By the time Yahli goes to college,等到Yahli上大学的时候,the jobs her parents do are going to look dramatically different.像她父母这样的工作将面目全非。In 2013, researchers at Oxford University did a study on the future of work.2013年,牛津大学的研究人员做了一项关于未来就业的研究。They concluded that almost one in every two jobs have a high risk of being automated by machines.他们得出结论:差不多将近一半的工作都有被机器自动化取代的危险。Machine learning is the technology thats responsible for most of this disruption.而机器学习应对这种颠覆负主要责任。Its the most powerful branch of artificial intelligence.它是人工智能最强大的分。It allows machines to learn from data and mimic some of the things that humans can do.允许机器从现有数据中学习并模仿人类的所作所为。My company, Kaggle, operates on the cutting edge of machine learning.我的公司Kaggle专注于尖端的机器学习。We bring together hundreds of thousands of experts to solve important problems for industry and academia.我们召集了成千上万的专家,正为工业和学术界寻找重要问题的。This gives us a unique perspective on what machines can do,因此,我们可以从独特的视角来观察,what they cant do and what jobs they might automate or threaten.机器可以做什么,不可以做什么,哪些工作可以被自动化或受到威胁。Machine learning started making its way into industry in the early 90s.机器学习是在90年代初进入人们的视野。It started with relatively simple tasks.一开始,它只是执行一些相对简单的任务。It started with things like assessing credit risk from loan applications,像评估贷款申请的信用风险,sorting the mail by ing handwritten characters from zip codes.通过识别手写的邮政编码来检索邮件。Over the past few years, we have made dramatic breakthroughs.在过去几年里,我们取得了突破性进展。Machine learning is now capable of far, far more complex tasks.现在,机器学习可以完成非常复杂的任务。201612/482107

I want to join Boris in paying tribute to the Prime Minister. He has led this country with courage, dignity and grace. He and the Chancellor rebuilt our economy. He has made opportunity more equal in our society. He has exemplified the very best in public service. He deserves to be remembered as a great Prime Minister. He called this referendum, so the British people could decide one big question: should we leave the political structures of the European Union. The British people have given us all a very clear instruction, and I know that we in politics will work calmly, cooperatively and consensually to implement that instruction from the people. The British peoples vote to leave is the start of a process, and while that process is ongoing, our existing trading relationships with the European Union and the rest of the world will continue as before. In the coming days, government ministers and officials can meet to decide the next steps; officials and diplomats can start scoping out the broad parameters for full-scale talks with our European friends and with the institutions in Brussels. Our shared mission is clear: securing the best possible terms for Britain, and of course informal discussions should precede our formal negotiations. Overall, the changes that we will see will be a process of gradual divergence and its important that representatives from every part of the ed Kingdom, every community and different political traditions are involved in shaping our future and we should draw on wisdom from great minds outside politics. As we move forward, we should be in no doubt that Britain is embarking on a new chapter, but one that is in line with our best traditions. We have always been an open, inclusive, tolerant, creative and generous nation – open for business, open to trade, open to other cultures, open to the world. Now, we have a new chance to extend that openness even further. We can build a new, stronger and more positive relationship with our European neighbours based on free trade and friendly cooperation. We can have democratic consent for an immigration policy that is fairer and more humane. We can demonstrate that our progressive, liberal and democratic traditions are being renewed and (that) we stand with all our allies as resolute as ever against intolerance and oppression. We can take our place as a self-governing democracy alongside other great nations working for greater global development, security and prosperity. And we can now, calmly and united, take our country forward in the spirit of the warm, humane and generous values that are the best of Britain. Thank you.201607/455957VOA流行美语 39: FLIP OUT / OFF MY BACK星期天,迈可和李华约在一道到户外市场去买东西。他们很自然地聊起前一天晚上各自做了些什么事。李华问迈可昨晚上干吗?M: Man, last night I just vegged out in front of the TV all night.L: 你说什么? 你说你在电视机前面vegged out? 是不是说你在电视机前面吃生菜?M: No, no, no It doesn't have anything to do with vegetables! To veg out, V-E-G O-U-T, means to sit around and do nothing.L: 噢,原来如此。"to veg out"意思是说无所事事,呆坐在那里。那你干吗不出去呢?M: I was supposed to go out with some friends, but I was too tired after being at work all day. That's why I ended up vegging out in front of the TV all day.L: 啊,原来你是太累了,昨晚你除了呆坐在家里,什么也没干。那么veg out 和英语里面另外一个形容:老是坐在电视机前的人是个couch potato一不一样呢?M: Yes, it is similar to being a couch potato. However, if you are vegging out, that does not necessarily mean you are watching TV or eating like a couch potato does.L: 那样的话,要是我去了公园,呆坐在那儿,啥事也没干, 那还能不能说我在公园里vegging out呢?M: No, if you veg out you usually do so at home. You may be ing, listening to music, watching TV or just sitting there. Basically, your are not thinking of anything very complicated.。L: 所以说要是你veg out的话,通常都是赋闲在家呆坐的。如果你累了一天,或者一直辛苦地在做一件事,看来你多半会翘起二郎腿,什么事也不做,休闲休闲了。M: Yes, that's true. People often veg out after a long day of working or studying. Sometimes, they veg out when they should be working or studying, but then don't feel like it.L: 噢,这样的话,听起来好像是当一个人该做某件事,却投闲置散,拖到以后再去做,那就是veg out了。M: Yeah, you can also say"vegged"for short, as in "I totally just vegged last night in front of the TV."L: 迈可,让咱们先停下来歇会儿吧。L: 我真难以相信你星期六还得上班,我以为你是星期一到星期五上班呢。M: Usually, I do only have to work from Monday through Friday. But my supervisor has really been in my face about getting this project done. I needed to get it done by Monday, so I decided to come in over the weekend.L: 我懂得,你是说你的领导一直在逼着你做完你的工作。可是你是怎么说的? In my face? 那是什么意思啊?M: To say that my supervisor was "in my face" means that he has been giving me a lot of pressure about finishing the project. Just imagine someone who is standing close to your face, demanding that you finish something.L: 要是你说某人是in your face的话,听起来可不是什么好事。像是他不断地在提醒你该做什么事。看来你的领导是个很难处的人啊。M: Actually, he is not that bad. I really like him as a person. He is just very demanding when it comes to finishing work on time. He has an "in your face" personality.L:这样说来,你也可以说某人有"in your face"的个性呐。M: Yes, that means they have a very aggressive, direct personality. Someone like that usually doesn't care what other people think about their ideas.L: 这样形容一个人的个性,听起来不太尊敬。M: You're right, it's not a very nice thing to say about someone. You probably shouldn't tell someone directly that you think they have been in your face about something.L: 谈到"in my face",大太阳正照在我脸上,可真把我晒得够呛,咱们到里边儿去找个阴凉地方吧。M: Okay, how about getting some ice cream? There's an ice cream store right over there.L: 好主意,咱们走吧。今天迈可和李华一块儿去买东西,李华学了两个新词儿:"veg out"和"in my face"."veg out"是说什么事也不做,完全轻松一下;"in my face"是一种咄咄逼人的态度或者个性。 /200602/3114April, 19501950年4月Dear Madam,尊敬的女士,Unless something is done at once about your disgusting exhibition in the filthy play you appear in every night, I and several of my friends will do something very unpleasant about it.如果你每晚的肮脏戏剧还不停止的话,我和我的几位朋友就要对此做出一些不愉快的事情了。What you and your co-partner Hermione Baddeley do nightly in public is a slur on English womanhood.你和你的合作伙伴赫敏·巴德利每晚的当众演出是对英国女性的侮辱。;Fallen Angels; is disgusting as a play, but your performance in it makes it loathsome.《堕落天使》是一部恶心的戏剧,而你的表演更是令人作呕。How the powers that be could permit such an exhibition is past the understanding of a God-fearing woman who supports the present Government--and thanks God for them.怎么会允许这样的戏剧演出,我这个敬畏上帝,持现任政府的女性无法理解,谢天谢地还有政府在。I give you fair warning to leave the play, or it will be the worse for you.我郑重警告你:离开这个剧,否则会有严重后果。Our wrath will strike at you in your home, or maybe during a performance at the theatre.我们会愤怒地攻击你,在你家或者在你演出时。A. Friend一个 朋友Ambassadors Theatre W.C.2.大使剧院 W.C.2.201705/510202

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