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To defend his new empire, the first emperor begins为了保卫新生的国家 这位君王Perhaps the most ambitious engineering project开始了人类历史上最大规模的In the story of mankind:工程建设:The great wall of China.修筑长城Designed to hold back the nomadic hordes of central Asia,长城是为抵御亚洲其他游牧民族的入侵而建And extended over the next 1800 years.修建工程持续到之后的一千八百年Construction claims a million lives.共动用了一百万人力But after 11 years of rule,但在十一年的统治后On a journey to find a legendary magical spring在前往寻找传说中Said to hold the secret of eternal life,喝后能永生的泉水的路途上Shi huang di, the most powerful man in the world,Falls ill.秦始皇 这个人类历史上最强大的君王 病了Mercury tablets prescribed by his doctors to make him immortal御医为他开了含水银的所谓的长生不老药Are destroying his brain and body.彻底地摧毁了他的身体和大脑 Article/201509/400829

我们一直都被教育,说读好书才有好的工作。那么,现在的美国,那些职业才是最赚钱的呢?快来看看我们今天的这期节目,说不定就能成为你将来大学专业选择和职业选择的参考。 特别是那些要去大洋彼岸发展的同学们 Article/201508/394902

Today we#39;re back in the mountains,and we#39;re gonna set off our own full-scale avalanche to see its deadly effects.今天 我们回到这片山区 准备制造一次真实的人造雪崩 亲眼目睹一番致命的后果If all goes to plan,the whole mountainside will come crashing down.如果一切依计而行 整个雪坡将排山倒海直冲下来To trigger the avalanche,the team will drop four 28-pound charges from a helicopter.为引发雪崩 我们将从直升机上抛下四枚二十八磅的炸弹Hello, Dave. This is Danny, over.We#39;re aly heading up the mountain.你好戴夫 我是丹尼 完毕 我们正出发前往雪山And we#39;re hoping for a big one,but it#39;s way too dangerous for any human.我们本来想搞点大动作 但是这对血肉之躯太危险了Instead, we#39;ll place a life-sized replica skier in the avalanche fall line.取而代之的是 把拟真滑雪者放在 雪崩行进的范围内It#39;s fitted with a transceiver which is used by backcountry skiers.其上安装了无线收发器 是野外滑雪者常用的装备It sends out a signal which rescuers can track,even if it#39;s buried deep.即使深埋地底 它发射的信号 也能让救援者循踪而至Once the avalanche is triggered,we#39;ll send in the search-and-rescue guys,see how long it actually takes them to reach the dummy.雪崩一旦发生 我们会派出搜寻救援队 看究竟要久才能找到假人And then the team are gonna bury me in the snow and see if I would have lasted long enough for them to reach me and make it out alive.而后 工作队会将我埋进雪中 看我是否能持到他们找到我 并成功的死里逃生Once the danger zone is cleared,we call in the helicopter.一旦此地危险解除 我们招来直升机All right, we#39;re gonna turn to the left there,right around there to the left.好了 我们将在此左转 就在此向左Okay, Nick, you y?Yeah. Yeah, go ahead and throw bombs.好了吗 尼克你准备好没 好了 开始 扔炸弹吧Hovering 20 feet above the summit,they#39;re taking their positions.直升机在山顶上方六米处盘旋 他们已各就各位Now they start their bombing run.Igniter on.Bombs away.现在要开始引爆了 点火 投弹The heli team will drop four charges,But the clock#39;s aly ticking.直升机小组将投向四枚炸弹 计时已经开始These bombs have two-minute fuses.炸弹有延时两分钟的引线The chopper must be 500 yards away from the explosion,or the shock wave will knock them out of the sky.飞机必须距离爆炸点四百五十米远 否则冲击波会把他们从天上轰下来 Article/201702/492177

But early the next morning things took a turn for the worse但次日清晨 伤情就急转直下and he had a massive stroke.并且严重中风This left him with severe brain damage.这使得他的大脑受到了重创He was told he#39;d never talk properly again.医生说他可能永远无法开口讲话了I remember watching a programme probably six months我记得大概在史蒂夫出事的六个月前before Steve had his accident,我看过一个节目which showed a lady caring for her disabled husband讲的是一个女人照顾其残疾丈夫的故事and I remember feeling,我还记得自己当时觉得;Gosh, if that happened to me, I don#39;t think I#39;d be able to do that.;天哪 要是发生在我身上我可做不到I remember sitting for about two hours in the room when he was asleep,我曾在熟睡的丈夫身旁呆坐两个小时raging inside that this was not fair.心里怒喊着 这不公平We#39;d just got our business going我们刚刚开始自己的事业and it was doing really well,还经营得不错and we had two young children还有两个年幼的孩子and I just think sometimes it#39;s not fair.我只是觉得有时候世界真不公平 Article/201411/344865

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