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鹰潭治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的余江县第二人民医院预约英语非常道 第34期:春游通过畅聊“春游”中我们所经历的那些“趣事”,了解有关旅游外出的常见... Article/201510/396112鹰潭市妇幼保健院产科 He had a way of interpreting a lyric, even as a very young boy,他从年纪很小时就很懂得诠释歌词that made you believe the song.让你相信歌中的内容He knew how to perform.他很善于表演This was, l think, something that Berry Gordy really liked about Michael我想这也是贝瑞·戈迪很欣赏迈克尔的一点because, not only was he a great vocal talent,因为他不光是有副好嗓子but he was a great performer.他还是个杰出的表演者Watching him, as a kid, be so comfortable performing看他年纪小小就能在台上神态自若probably helped me become a better performer, actually.或许帮助我也成为一个更好的表演者His voice was nearly as high as stevie Wonder#39;s.他的声线几乎与史提夫·汪达一样高l met stevie when he was eight years old我认识史提夫时他也才八岁and l said, #39;Here#39;s another little youngster who#39;s far beyond his age, talent-wise,我说 又一个拥有超龄表演天份的小子#39;but able to sing adult songs in perfect-pitched voices,可以一音不差地演唱大人的歌曲#39;real high voices that hadn#39;t changed yet. #39;高亢而还未变嗓的声音 Article/201509/396886《WHAT WOULD YOU DO?》:Gay Parents Bashed《你会怎么做?》:当同性恋家长遭歧视Back in Norma#39;s Cafe in Farmers Branch, Texas, a popular breakfast bar where home cooking and small talk are served up in a friendly, family style.回到德州Farmers Branch的Norma#39;s Cafe,一间知名的早餐吧,那儿以友善、家庭的风格提供家常料理和嘘寒问暖。Hey, do you guys wanna go to the park? Really? I#39;d love to.嘿,你们想去公园嘛?真的?我想去。You do? Well, only if we get ice cream.你想吗?这个嘛,只要我们点个冰淇淋。This family is far from conventional.这个家庭可一点也不传统。Cute! Thank you! Are they yours?真可爱!谢谢!他们是你的小孩吗?They are ours, yeah! Are they yours? Oh...are you sisters? Or what do you mean?他们是我们的小孩,对!他们是你们的小孩?喔...你们是姊吗?不然你是什么意思?No! No! No! We are their parents.不!不!不!我们是他们的父母。You are gay, and you have kids?你们是同性恋,然后你们有小孩?This waitress can#39;t seem to digest what she is hearing and seeing.这个女务生似乎无法消化她所听到和看到的事。It#39;s bad enough that you are lesbians, but that they don#39;t have a father, I think that#39;s kinda bad.你们是同性恋已经够糟了,但他们没有父亲,我认为那有点不太好。You don#39;t feel uncomfortable people watching you?人们看着你们的时候不会觉得不舒吗?Other patrons take notice, but they don#39;t say a word.其它顾客注意到了,但他们一句话也没说。I mean, isn#39;t it bad for the kids?我是说,这对孩子不是很不好吗?No. I...I think that we are excellent parents.不。我...我认为我们是很棒的父母。What these diners don#39;t know was that the gay parents, their children and the waitress are all actors. We#39;ve coached them in commonly used discriminatory remarks.这些用餐顾客不知道的是,这对同性恋父母、她们的孩子和女务生都是演员。我们已经指导了他们常被使用的歧视性言论。My heart#39;s gone boom, boom, boom.我的心蹦蹦蹦地跳。Will people in this conservative part of Texas step up to defend this non-traditional family?在德州的这个传统地区,人们会为这个不传统的家庭挺身而出吗?I just think it#39;s terrible. I think they need a dad. Don#39;t you want a dad? We are fine!我只是觉得这很糟糕。我认为他们需要一个父亲。你们不想要个父亲吗?我们很好!But this man at the next table is not fine.但邻桌的这位男士可不好。I#39;m sorry, but you are just being rude. What do you mean being rude? It#39;s not appropriate.我很抱歉,但你很没有礼貌。你说没有礼貌是什么意思?这很不恰当。He escorts the waitress away for a timeout and a lesson in Southern Manners.为了中场休息以及给她上一堂南方礼仪课程,他陪同女务生离开。It#39;s completely inappropriate that when somebody comes to a restaurant to have breakfast with their family, but you question their life choices.当某人来到餐厅和他们的家人用早餐,而你却质疑她们的人生选择,这是完全不恰当的。I just feel like I#39;m entitled to, uh...my opinion, and I#39;m just uncomfortable. I know you are entitled to your own opinion, but...this is not the place where you need to force your opinion.我只是觉得我有资格,啊...表达我的意见,而我只是很不舒。我知道你有表达自己意见的权利,但...这不是个你需要强加你自己意见的地方。Ok, let me put the order in. I apologize.Ok,让我把订单送进去。我道歉。Still, it doesn#39;t appear that the waitress has learned her lesson. What does she try is to get others to join her cause.但那位女务生似乎还没学到教训。她试着去做的是要拉拢其它人加入她的行列。Is it just me that#39;s upset?是只有我感到不开心吗?That doesn#39;t bother me at all.那一点都没困扰到我。It doesn#39;t bother you either? It#39;s not...那也没困扰到你吗?没有...Actually, your behavior bothered me.事实上,你的行为困扰到我了。You don#39;t think it#39;s bad for the kids that they don#39;t have a dad?你不认为没有父亲对孩子们是不好的吗?No!对!So our actress decides to take manners into her own hand. Texas is one of twenty-nine states where gays CAN be refused service.所以我们的女演员决定要用自己的方式来表示礼貌。德州是二十九个可以拒绝务同性恋的州之一。I think you guys should just leave, because you disturb them, and you are disturbing everybody else.我认为你们应该就离开,因为你打扰了他们,也打扰到其它人。You can get out.你可以滚出去了。No, I#39;m not leaving. I have to work here.不,我没有要离开。我得在这工作。No, I have to. No, you are by far the worst waitress I#39;ve ever seen in this restaurant, ever. You#39;re a horrible person, and you#39;re a horrible waitress, like you need to leave. You need to physically leave this restaurant right now. And if you#39;re uncomfortable, ask someone else to take care of them.不,我必须要。不,你是目前为止我曾在这间餐厅看过最差的女务生。你是个糟糕的人,你是个糟糕的女务生,你必须要离开。你必须马上真的离开这间餐厅。如果你不舒的话,请别人来务他们。Homosexuality and gay parenting are hot button issues, particularly in Red States, like Texas. So we wondered, is this heroic intervention a fluke?同性恋和同性父母是高度敏感议题,特别是在像是德州的红州(持共和党的州)。所以我们怀疑,这样英雄般的插手会是侥幸吗?Ok, everybody, we are...rolling.Ok,各位,我们....开始了。Back in the dining room...回到餐厅...Are you guys a couple?你们是情侣吗?Ya.是的。And you#39;re raising kids like that?你们像这样抚养孩子?Ya, it#39;s alright to our beautiful children.对啊,对我们可爱的孩子来说这没关系。But they need dads.但他们需要父亲。This time the waitress is even more unlettered...这次女务生甚至更没教养...I#39;m not the one in public kissing all over another woman in front of my kids. That#39;s not... I-I-I actually have morals and standards.我不是在我孩子面前、在大庭广众之下亲遍另一个女人的那个人。那不是...我、我、我实际上是有道德标准的。...Prompting this man to take a surprising approach....促使这名男子做出令人惊讶的举动。You believe in Jesus?你信耶稣吗?Do I? What are you trying to tell me?我信吗?你想要跟我说什么?Don#39;t judge. That#39;s it. I#39;ll never judge you, and I try not to judge other people.不要批评。就这样。我不会批评你,我也试着不去批评其它人。But the waitress doesn#39;t follow his spiritual guidance.但这女务生并没有遵循他的精神指导。I mean you are parents. And these little...this little kid, she is gonna turn out gay just like you, because you have no dad in this family.我是说,你们是父母。而这些...这个小孩,她会变成像你们一样的同性恋,因为你们这个家庭没有父亲。Distraught, he appears to be looking for a manager, but instead, he storms out the door. What is he up to? A few minutes later, Donovan returns and delivers this note.他几乎就要抓狂了,他似乎在找经理,但他却冲出门外。他要做什么?几分钟后,Donovan回来并递了这张纸条。It says, ;Hello friends, I know it doesn#39;t mean much, but I love you all. You have a beautiful family, and I pray that one person#39;s judgemental intolerance does not in any way put a damper on your heart or minds. In the words of MLK Jr., #39;In the end we remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.#39; Donoman.;上面写:“哈喽朋友们,我知道这不代表什么,但我爱你们。你们有个美妙的家庭,而我祈祷一个人判断上的偏狭不会在你们心中或脑中用任何方式留下不愉快的印象。MLK Jr.(马丁路德金恩,美国民权运动领袖)说过:‘最后我们记得的不是敌人说过的话,而是朋友们的沉默。’Donoman上。”This actress who in real life happens to be gay, is purely touched beyond her role.这名女演员在现实生活中也正巧是同性恋,跳脱出她所扮演的角色深受感动。That means so much. Thank you so much.这意义重大。非常谢谢你。But when our waitress doesn#39;t back off, our gentle man takes a stronger stand.但当我们的女务生并没有软化,我们这位温和的男人采取了强硬的立场。Who are you?你算哪根葱啊?I am a human being that has the same feelings and everything. They are just disturbing.我是个人,有着相同的感受和一切事物。她们就是扰人。A human being. That#39;s all. That#39;s it! You are not King. You are not God. You have no choices. You have no place to put anybody in their places.你是一个人。就这样而已。就这样!你不是国王。你不是神。你没有选择。你指责他人是不对的。Hello, sir. This is all part of the TV show What Would You Do.哈喽,先生。这全都是电视节目《你会怎么做?》的一部分。Oh, man.喔,天啊。They are actors. We want to see if anyone would stand up for them.他们是演员。我们想看是否有人会为他们挺身而出。I think silence is one of the failures of people today, that when they see an injustice...an injustice or an intolerance, they stay silent. And that#39;s the worst thing.我认为沉默是今日人们失败之处之一,他们看见不公不义的事...不公不义或缺乏宽容的事,他们保持沉默。那是最坏的事。Which is why our gay actress (I just wanted to thank you guys so much.) is so personally touched by the support she#39;s seeing.那也是为什么我们的女同性恋演员(我只是非常想要感谢你们。) 因为刚刚所见的持而个人深受感动。Prenty, you are acting. This wasn#39;t real, and you#39;re in tears.Prenty,你在演戏。这不是真的,但你在流眼泪。It#39;s real for me. This is my everyday life. So when they are saying those things, they are really talking about me.对我来说是真的。这是我每天的生活。所以当他们说那些事的时候,他们实际上就是在说我。So... Yeah, I#39;m desperately touched by this, hmm...happily so.所以...对。我无可救药地为此感动,嗯...也为此开心。But we wonder, what would bystanders do if our gay parents are male. Watch what happens when our waitress refuses to serve them.但我们想,如果我们的同性恋父母是男性,旁观者会做些什么。看看我们的女务生拒绝务他们后发生什么事。Wait, just understand... I#39;m saying what everybody here is thinking. I#39;m saying what everybody here is thinking.等等,请谅解...我说的是在座每个人正在想的事。我说的是在座每个人正在想的事。You act this way in front of the children. Just leave. It#39;s disgusting. Come on.你在孩子面前这样表现。离开吧。你很恶心。拜托。This time, no one stops her. And it appears one patron actually agrees.这次,没人阻止她。似乎有一名顾客实际上同意她。What was he thinking?他在想些什么?I don#39;t wanna be on TV, John.我不想上电视,John。You high-fived her. That was for the food.你和她击掌了。那是为食物击掌。But overall, bystanders do speak up against our waitress when the gay parents are male.但整体来说,当同性恋父母是男性时,旁观者还是会出声反对女务生。This is not the place for a political debate. This is a place for you to do your job and serve your tables.这不是个做政治辩论的地方。这是让你做好工作和务顾客的地方。And those who do are extremely angry.而那些站出来的人都非常愤怒。You are disgusting. You are the bitch disturbing everybody.你令人作呕。你才是那个打扰大家的贱人。I#39;m not the only one that thinks that.我不是唯一这样想的人。You are the hate mommy.你才是充满恨意的母亲。A surprising show of support.一个令人吃惊的持表态。What#39;s up bring it to the kids with your feeling. You#39;re disturbing their family.为什么要把你的感受带给那些孩子。你打扰了他们的家人。When you consider that we did the same setup in a more liberal state of New York last year...当你想起我们去年在更开明的纽约州也有制作相同的情节...And there, out of a hundred bystanders, less than a dozen spoke up.在那里,100个旁观者中,只有不到12人发声。I... First of all, it#39;s none of my business.我...首先,这不关我的事。We are here to eat, and that#39;s it.我们来这吃东西的,就这样。In Texas, out of fifty-three bystanders, twenty-four voiced their support, about half.在德州,五十三个旁观者中,有二十四个说出他们的持,几乎有一半。You#39;ve got a beautiful family. Joey and I wanna buy you breakfast.你们有个美妙的家庭,Joey和我想要请你们吃早餐。So at the end of the day, Texas have shown us another side.所以这天最后,德州让我们看到不同的一面。It#39;s about the quality of the parent, the love that is there in their homes, more than it is their having a mom and a dad.这跟父母的品质有关,他们在家中的爱,比他们拥有一位母亲和一位父亲还重要。Confirming that everything is big in Texas, especially people#39;s hearts.实了在德州所有的东西都很大(德州出名地大、汉堡也大、什么都大),特别是人们的心胸。It doesn#39;t matter where you are. You have your own responsibility with no matter what, how you are raised, what sex, whatever. And what state you are in. Or what state you are in. That#39;s it.不论你身在何处。无论如何你都有自己的责任,无论你是怎么被抚养的、不管什么性别,不论如何。还有身处哪个州。或不管你在哪个州。就这样。 Article/201505/373189鹰潭市妇幼保健院人流收费标准

中国人民解放军184医院官网栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/403231鹰潭市铁路医院做全身检查要多少钱 Regional conference held to discuss solutions to migrants crisis亚洲移民危机地区会议即将召开A regional conference is being held in the Thai capital Bangkok to discuss possible solutions to the migrant crisis affecting parts of South East Asia.泰国首都曼谷将举行区域会议商讨影响东南亚部分地区移民危机问题的商解决方案。The talks include member states from the Association of South East Asia Nations, as well as representatives from the US and the UN, plus several other affected parties.与会的有东南亚国家联盟各个国家,以及美国及联合国的代表,还有其他一些受影响地区的代表。Thousands of people are thought to be stranded at sea in abandoned boats.目前或被困在海上或在船上被遗弃的人数已达到成千人。Most are economic migrants from Bangladesh, and Rohingya Muslims fleeing from Myanmar.这些人大多是来自孟加拉国的经济移民及逃离缅甸的罗辛亚穆斯林。The crisis began earlier this year when Thailand cracked down on overland migrant routes, forcing people-smugglers to use sea routes instead.这场危机开始于今年早些时候开始,当时泰国正在打击陆路移民路线,这导致人口倒卖人员转用海上航线。 Article/201506/378128江西鹰潭妇科疾病哪家医院最好的

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