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扎鲁特旗黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养印度棱背乌龟买一只多少钱Obama to Soon Sign Major Health Care Reform美国国会众议院通过医改法案It was a close victory for President Obama, but a victory nonetheless.这对奥巴马总统来说可算是一个险胜,但毕竟还是胜利了。"We pushed back on the undue influences of special interests," he said. "We didn't give in to mistrust or to cynicism or to fear. Instead, we proved we are still a people capable of doing big things."奥巴马总统说:“我们顶住了特殊利益集团的过份影响力,我们没有向疑惑、讥讽和恐惧低头。相反,我们实了美国仍然是一个能够成就大事业的国家。”He staked his young presidency on the outcome of this vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a final pitch for the bill, saying the president's economic agenda is at stake.奥巴马把他坐上还没多长时间的总统宝座押在了健保改革的投票结果上。众议院议长佩洛西为法案的通过发出最后呼吁时说,奥巴马总统的经济方案成功与否在此一举。"The best action we can take on behalf of America's family budget and on behalf of the federal budget is to pass health care reform," she said.佩洛西说:“现在,为了美国的家庭收、为了联邦政府的预算,我们所能采取的最佳行动就是通过健保改革法案。”In a country where most people rely on private insurance to help meet their medical costs, Democrats said the goal was to provide access to affordable coverage for as many Americans as possible.大多数美国人需要依赖私营医疗保险公司报销他们的医疗费用。民主党人说,健保改革法案的目标就是让尽量多的美国人获得能够负担得起的医疗保险。Republicans stood united in opposition to the legislation, claiming it would increase the national debt, and put the government in firm control of the health care system.但是共和党人团结一致,反对这项法案。他们说,这将增加国债,让政府牢牢掌控保健系统。201003/99472上饶市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养 Youtube求救Teenage girl cry out for help on Youtube, the help did come at last, but will the girl be safe afterwards? I'm tired of a guy very much 24/7.That’s when she made this . The State Attorney of Florida dosen't wanna prosecute the 23-year-old man that's raped me and drugged me.The state attorney's office declined our request for an interview. But this court document shows exactly why the case is closed. The prosecutor concluded that the pair had consensual sex. And though Crystal was only 15 at the time, she was mere one month from turning sixteen at which time it would be legal to give consent. We went to the Orange County Correctional Center to interview Casey Mundling where he was being held on burglary and drug charges. At first, he agreed to the interview, but then backed out though he did tell us he did nothing wrong. He’s now out of jail and on probation. ...and tired of being scared.We showed Crystal’s to Trudy Novicki, a former prosecutor who now runs a center for sexually abused children in Miami. I think it is almost so obvious, it's laughable, it's such a cry for help. While research shows a stunning 1 in 4 girls under the age of 18 reports being sexually abused. Novicki says cases rarely go to trial, leaving many young girls feeling the courts let them down. “She is talking to a camera. And that’s all she has to help her? That’s a pretty sad situation. The only thing she can envision help being is to put who she sees as the bad man in jail. There are a lot of other alternatives. It's what I am saying to you, there is a whole system that has got to grab these children.” Crystal now lives with her father, trying to recapture the childhood she never had. She said she does regret making the and sharing her story. All she wanted was someone to listen. I just want someone's help, please!Once again the case against Casey Mundling was dropped and he insists even though he did have sex with Crystal, he did not break any laws. As for Crystal, she tells us starting next week she will be meeting with a counselor. You know, I agree with what the lady said in pack. This is a cry for help. You'd, and you’d like to talk to mom and dad, but she didn’t go there. I mean, what the expert say how dangerous is it for a young girl like this to bear her soul on YouTube. What was really dangerous, just think about it, I mean, these girls are showing their vulnerabilities to the world. And they could become the target for other criminals, or other predators who are out there. Also they may be finding themselves getting unreliable advice when really they should be getting help from a trained counselor. So we linked a secure chatroom where sex abuse victims can safely talk about their experiences. And that so much more right now on cnn.com. That’s good. Thanks for your time.24/7: or "24 by 7", means round the clock, all the time.01/60298It's nearly five months since the huge tsunami struck northeast Japan, killing over 20,000 people. The reconstruction effort is well under way and the government has earmarked several billion dollars to help survivors rebuild their homes and livelihoods. Many survivors say the financial assistance has been too slow. 巨大海啸侵袭日本东北部海岸,导致两万多人死亡的灾难,到现在已将近五个月了。灾后重建的工作正在顺利进行。日本政府也拨出相当于几十亿美元的经费,协助灾民重建家园。但是很多灾民抱怨,政府的财务援来得太慢了。Much left to be done in SendaiOn board one of the first scheduled flights into Sendai since the earthquake. The approach reveals a shoreline still bearing the scars of the tsunami. 地震灾害发生后,从首批抵达仙台机场的一架飞机中,记者可以看到海岸边灾后的伤痕累累。Flattened pine woods and flooded rice fields are littered with piles and piles of wreckage. But progress is being made. 在被大水冲倒的松树林中和淹没的稻田里,处处都是成堆的灾后残骸。The airport has reopened less than five months after the wave hit - a physical and psychological link to the world. 不过,重建工作正在进行当中。仙台机场在海啸侵袭不到五个月之后就重新开放了。In the Sendai suburb of Okada, just a couple of kilometers from the shore, Takahashi Masao is digging the garden outside his home - which somehow stayed standing. 在距离海边不过两公里的仙台市郊区冈田,一名当地的居民高桥雅夫,正在自己房屋外边的庭院挖掘。他的房子幸免于倒塌。He remembers hearing the tsunami warning siren on March 11 - and running up to the second floor balcony. 高桥还记得,三月11日那天,他听见了海啸的警报后,跑到二楼的阳台上。“When the earthquake struck I was wondering what would happen, how big the tsunami might be,” he says. “I was watching and watching. And then the wave came over those pine trees. ‘This is big,’ I thought,'” says Takahashi. “I realized it would soon reach my car parked down there. But there was nothing I could do. So I came up to the second floor and watched it all from here.” 高桥说:“当地震发生时,我还弄不清楚是怎么回事,这海啸究竟会有多大。”他说,“我一直看着,然后看见海浪淹没了松林,我想,这次可不小。”他说,“我知道海浪很快就会卷到我停在那边的车子。但是我已经无能为力。我只有上二楼注视这全部的情景。”201107/146497宣汉县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

大理市黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养[00:21.50]IBM put a top executive on leave Monday [00:25.19]after he was charged for allegedly leaking secrets [00:28.58]about IBM's earnings and financial dealings [00:31.77]with corporate partners.[00:41.12]周一,IBM对他们的一名高管采取了强制休假措施,[00:46.00]原因是这名高管被指控涉嫌泄漏了公司的营收[00:49.99]以及公司合作伙伴之间的金融交易上的秘密。[01:06.88]即时讲解[01:09.11]"请假","休假"或"放假"是我们经常会说到的,[01:13.50]比如说,在工作日的某一天, [01:15.52]你在逛大街时遇到熟人,[01:18.06]你可能就得解释一下,"我今天休息",[01:21.31]英语表达可以是 I'm taking a day off today,[01:25.16]注意,要使用现在进行时,[01:27.65]因为"休假"正在进行中。[01:30.32]如果是要说"我明天休息一天",[01:32.80]那可以说 [01:33.74]I'm going to take a day off tomorrow。[01:36.93]今天的报道中出现了on leave 的表达,[01:40.41]这是个固定搭配,指"休假",[01:42.90]这与take a day off 的意思基本一样, [01:46.29]只是从表达上说正式一点,[01:49.02]比如说前面的 I'm going to take a day off tomorrow [01:52.91]也可以说成 I'm going to be on leave tomorrow ;[01:56.85]另外 ,还要注意put somebody on leave的用法,[02:01.05]字面意思是"让某人去休假",[02:03.74]但在不同的语境中,理解要有所区别,[02:07.07]今天报道中的on leave 其实跟开除差不多[02:11.17]强制休假只是较斯文或说虚伪的说法。[02:14.91]如果大家看过一些港产片,[02:17.34]可能会听过"放长假"的说法, [02:19.92]如果老板"放你长假"(粤语表达),[02:21.95]那你就基本下岗了。[02:28.87]原文重听[02:30.54]IBM put a top executive on leave Monday [02:34.24]after he was charged for allegedly leaking secrets [02:37.67]about IBM's earnings and financial dealings [02:40.91]with corporate partners.10/87380鼋买一只多少钱 奥巴马19日在弗吉尼亚州费尔法克斯市乔治·梅森大学发表时长20分钟的演讲,为推动众议院通过医改法案争取公众持。 Obama rallies for health care reformUS President, Barack Obama, has been at Capitol Hill for a final push on health care reform as Democrats in the House of Representatives try to nail down the votes needed to pass the overhaul. The roll call is scheduled for Sunday. Seizing the opportunity, Obama reiterated his appeal Let's get it done. The political battle over health care reform has consumed the US Congress for more than 9 months. The overhaul has also become President Obama's top domestic priority. 201003/99322新蔡县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养

普陀区拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养French first lady releases CD 法国第一夫人出专辑啦 France's first lady releases a music album. Will it hit the right note with the public? CNN's Mallika Kapur reports. Quite, quite a jazzy one, this one.She’s out with album no.3, her first as France’s first lady. Carla Bruni’s album releases in Europe this week though it’s aly been available free on her website, giving critics like this radio DJ in London a chance to make up their minds.It does sound a little bit, a bit kind of almost official price my first album. I mean, it’s a horrible thing to say, to say, cause she, I mean, she is good, but it’s not my kind of thing, and I think because of the style of the music, I think she will be in for a hard time with the critics.It’s not easy pleasing critics when you’re Carla Bruni, the former model turned singer, turned presidential spouse. It’s taken months for the French public, initially skeptical of her colorful past, to warm to her.The fact that she’s turned to singing, the fact that she’s had so many liaisons, and the fact that she’s got such an exquisite sense of style, the mixture of all these things is very potent, and the French, who do feel defensive culture in these days, are only too pleased to boost her and also show great deal affection for her.Her popularity is rubbing off on her husband. His approval ratings have improved since the two got married in February and there’s often more attention on her than him during trips abroad. So what kind of relationship do the couple share? Her songs may hold a clue. In a song called You Are My Drug, Bruni sings of a passion “more lethal than heroin from Afghanistan and more dangerous than Columbian coke.” In another, she croons “You are my lord, my orgy.” She could be thinking about her husband, but the first lady isn’t telling. She says most of the album was written before she met the president.It’s a bit early to tell if this album will do as well as her fist one, which sold around two million copies, or better than the second, which sold only around 400,000. But the first lady says she’s not doing it for fame or fortune. She’s decided not to hold concerts for this album, and royalties will go to charity.Malika Kapur, CNN, London.200812/57697 Vegetable oil植物油What’s cooking?发生了什么事?Edible oils are filling fuel tanks as well as bellies食用油填饱了肚子还要灌满油箱Sep 17th 2011 | from the print edition OIL markets are full of uncertainty. Asian demand is booming and doubts abound over the ability of supply to match the world’s appetite. What goes for crude oil also applies to the stuff squeezed out of vegetable matter.石油市场变幻莫测。亚洲国家对石油的需求与日俱增,石油供应能否满足世界需求受到广泛质疑。人们对原油的贪求目光同样落在了植物性物质所压榨出的东西身上。The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher. Over the past decade the price of vegetable oils has all but quadrupled. Like other commodities, prices hit records in 2008. The subsequent slump is now forgotten: prices are back close to the peaks. Glencore, the world’s biggest commodity trader, may be about to confirm the industry’s allure: rumours are flying that it is mulling an investment in KS Oils, an Indian edible-oil firm.炒菜和酱沙拉的价格一直呈高企态势。过去十年间,植物油的价格几乎翻了两翻。与其它商品一样,它的价格在2008年创造了纪录。随后的价格暴跌现已被人们淡忘:现在价格又反弹至高点附近。全球最大商品交易商(瑞士)嘉能可国际公司将向人们实该行业的吸引力有多强:坊间盛传该公司正在考虑投资印度食用油企业“KS食用油品公司”。Kona Haque of Macquarie, an Australian bank, points to two structural factors behind oil’s sizzle: China and biodiesels. A planet with more mouths to feed and deeper pockets has led to rapid growth in consumption of vegetable oils as well as grains and meat. And although the rapid surge in demand for oils in China and the rest of Asia is slowing there is still plenty of scope for more growth.澳大利亚麦格理科纳·哈克指出炙手可热的石油业背后存在着两大结构性因素:中国和生物柴油。养活全球众多人口和全球巨大财富导致了植物油、粮食及肉类消耗的快速增长。尽管中国及亚洲其它地区迅速飙升的石油需求正在放缓,但石油的需求增长空间仍然较大。In the past few years a new source of demand has emerged for vegetable oils. Biodiesel production has rapidly accelerated and now consumes over a tenth of the global vegetable-oil crop. Depending on the crude-oil price and governments’ enthusiasm for mandating biofuels it could account for as much as a fifth by 2020, according to Peter Thoenes of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.在过去数年间,植物油出现了一种新的用途需求。生物柴油产量快速增长,消耗了全球植物油作物总量的十分之一。联合国粮农组织彼得·梭尼斯表示,受制于原油价格波动及政府热衷于强制使用生物燃油,生物柴油对植物油作物的消耗量到2020年有望达到五分之一。201109/154471介休市黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养辐射陆乌龟品种介绍种类区别



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