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The ship was then moved by the pirates towards the Somali coasts, he added, without providing how many people were on board or the date of the hijack.

In the dubbed A Taste of Britain, anchorman Stuart Wiggin carefully sprinkle a layer of salt on a cooked potato and said such a delicacy could sustain British people all day without feeling tired.

  Conditions workers in the meat industry have been known as being notoriously poor since the days of Upton Sinclair, the American author who wrote of abuses in his 19 novel, ;The Jungle.; In a report, Oxfam said the cost of cheap chicken in the U.S. is workers who face low wages, suffer elevated rates of injury and illness and face a climate of fear in the workplace. The industry was also highlighted in the documentary Food Inc.

  专八重点词汇之政治类 :7: 1. 给...带来机遇和挑战 present (bring) both opporties and challenges to . 给...带来积极影响 bring a more positive impact on.... 3. 给予财政资助 support financially . 有巨大潜力 have huge potential 5. 开发 青睐中国市场 tap favor the Chinese market 6. 申请专利 apply a patent 7. 阻碍...的经济发展 handicap (hamper) the economic development 8. 增加农业投入 invest more in agriculture 9. 有望达到(上升到) be expected to reach (rise to, be up to) . 造成很大压力 pose a big pressure on . 占领市场% occupy (take, ) percent of the market . 缩小...间的距离 narrow the gap between . 加快经济发展和结构调整 speed up economic development and restructuring . 夺回失去的市场 take back lost market . 减轻...的负担 reduce (lighten) the burden of (on) . 采取反垄断措施 take antimonopoly measures to . 加快努力 speed up efts to 18. 在...建立分公司 set up branches in 19. 促进改革 promote rem . 面对可能的压力和竞争 face possible pressure and competition 1. 充分利用 make full use of . 把列为基本国策 list…..as fundamental national policies 3. 发挥自身优势 give full play to one’s advantages . 开拓市场 exploit markets 5. 扩大消费市场 expand consumption market 6. 改善投资环境 improve the environment investment 7. 加强风险防范 prepare oneself against possible risks . 扩大贫富差距 widen the gap between the rich and the poor 9. 为提供巨大商机 present huge business opporties 30. 快速稳定增长 grow fast and steadily 31. 让...处于同一起跑线 put… on the same platm and at the same starting point 3. 赶超先进 surpass the advanced 33. 遵循市场经济的规律 follow the law of market economy . 根据市场作出调整 gear ourselves to the market orientation 35. 牟取暴利 seek excessive profits 36. 做好充分准备 make good preparations 37. 对...造成/构成威胁 m /pose的a threat to… 38. 和...合作 cooperate with 39. 和...进一步合作 further cooperation with 0. 提高公务员工资 raise the salaries of civil servants 1. 计算出准确的工资水平 figure out an exact salary level . 和...有合作关系 have cooperative ties with 3. 从国外引进先进技术和管理经验 introduce from abroad the advanced technology and management expertise . 优胜劣汰 select the superior and eliminate the inferior 5. 保下岗职工的基本生活 guarantee the basic needs of laidoff workers 6. 取缔非法收入 ban unlawful incomes (ban illegal earnings) 7. 深化改革 deepen the rem 8. 控制通货膨胀 control inflation (keep inflation under control) 9. 让位于竞争需要 give way to the need competition 50. 向...投资巨额资金 invest huge amounts of money into 51. 损失惨重 suffer great losses 5. 制造假象 create smoke screens to do 53. 陷入困境 land oneself in deep trouble 5. 吸引外商投资 attract eign investment 55. 抓住机遇 seize opporties 56. 适应...的发展 adapt oneself to the development of 57. 被指控接受贿赂 be accused of accepting bribes 58. 和达成(签订)协议 reach(sign) an agreement with 59. 促进地区间的合作 promote regional cooperation 60. 退还大量钱款 give back an amount of money 61. 举报非法行为 disclose any illegal activities 6. 筹集足够的资金 raise enough funds 63. 采取不同的办法 adopt various methods 6. 承担风险 bear (take) risk 65. 创收外汇 earn eign exchange (currency) 66. 活跃市场 enliven the market 67. 造成损失 cause a loss to 68. 十分重视 attach importance to 69. 制订...法律 make a law of (to) 70. 大力发展 strive to develop 71. 提高居民生活 improve residents’ standard of living 7. 提高管理水平 raise the management level 73. 加强管理 reince the management 7. 完善务 perfect services 75. 刺激国内需求 stimulate domestic demand 76. 打破垄断 break the monopoly 77. 加快竞争步伐 accelerate the competition 78. 为当地人带来多种经济的和社会的效益 bring multiple economic and social benefits to the local people 79. 优先发展公共运输 give priority to the development of public transportation 80. 调整产业结构 adjust the industrial structure。

  Source: People's Daily

  Trump also expected the US and China to seek better relations through winwin cooperation. Xi and Trump agreed to keep close contact and meet with each other soon, setting the tone and charting the course future bilateral ties.A: I was obviously very happy to hear the remarks by eign Minister Wang Yi, and similar remarks were made at the final press conference after the lianghui by Premier Minister Li Keqiang. So I think we both agree that there is major potential in further expanding the EUChina relationship. So I’ll just give you some examples.China and Argentina energized their partnership on Friday by inking longawaited financing agreements the construction of two hydroelectric dams and a railway project in Argentina worth around .8 billion to help improve Argentina's bottlenecked infrastructure sector.

  It is also the world's highest battlefield. Both Pakistan and India have fought wars over the area. Currently each side has deployed thousands of troops in the disputed region..icon_msn {backgroundposition: 5px 1px;}

  “五月的鲜花,我们的中国梦”庆五四青年节 ::7 “五月的鲜花,我们的中国梦”庆五四青年节今天是五四青年节,来自全国各地大学生完成了CCTV北京“五月的鲜花,我们的中国梦”节目录制It's time to celebrate China's Youth Day on May th, and college students from across the country have completed a recording at CCTV studios here in Beijing.This year's "Flowers in May" features a series of diverse programs, such as combining stage permances with campus life.A gala completely directed and permed by students. And unlike traditional galas, this year's "Flowers in May" features a series of diverse programs, such as combining stage permances with campus life. The show "Fly to space" is permed by the Beijing University of Technology, a reflection of the student's dreams of aviation.Students from China's ethnic minorities are also represented, showcasing unique elements of their local culture. Taiwan's Amis ethnic group perms their new version of a traditional folk song called "Diu Diu Tong", meaning "Tossing Coins".eign students from several countries also participate. A special dance called "When Girls Meet Russian Dolls" permed by Chinese and Russian students mixes dance elements from both countries. Traditional Chinese papercuttings appear on traditional wooden Russian dolls, giving a cultural symbol of Russia a tinge of Chinese flavour.Wrapping up the two hour gala is the recital of a poem expressing the dreams of modern college students. A finale, permed by all of the students, displays their deep affection their country. Now in its third year, the Youth Day gala continues to inspire college students all over China.


  Li's victory in Paris in June not only sent the Chinese to her career peak, but also brought her huge fame and numerous sponsorships, which saw her busy with much sponsorships activities after the French Open.

  However, over the past years, China has made great achievements in human rights undertakings. instance, food and clothing are no longer a problem the 1.3 billion Chinese people. Over the past three decades, over 700 million people have been lifted out of poverty, ing more than 70 percent of the global poverty reduction.China is the first country to have realized the Millennium Development Goal of halving its poor population.

  李克强总理会见坦桑尼亚总统 :53:8 李克强总理会见坦桑尼亚总统ABUJA, May 7 (Xinhua) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang vowed here Wednesday to promote cooperation with Tanzania and Benin in various areas.Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (R) meets with Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who is attending the World Economic um on Africa, in Abuja, Nigeria, May 7, . (XinhuaDing Lin)Li made the pledge during separate meetings with Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Beninese President Thomas Boni Yayi, who are here the upcoming World Economic um on Africa."The ChinaTanzania acts as a vanguard in ChinaAfrica relationship," Li said when meeting Kikwete, commending the two nations' mutual respect, trust and support in the past 50 years since they ged diplomatic ties.China, Tanzania and other African nations are all developing countries that can complement each other via cooperation, he said, adding that China is y to intensify highlevel exchange with Tanzania, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation via major projects and enhance cultural exchange in a bid to deepen their comprehensive cooperative partnership. his part, Kikwete called China a longtime and reliable friend of Tanzania and Africa, and noted that the cooperation framework proposed by Li in his speech at the African union headquarters on Monday is in the interests of African people and is widely supported by African countries.Tanzania is y to work with China to cement traditional friendship, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, and implement the cooperation framework more progress in AfricaChina relations, he said.During his meeting with Yayi, Li said ChinaBenin relations have entered a fast development track and he hopes the two sides can advance infrastructure projects step by step, expand cooperation in such fields as economy and trade, and upgrade their collaboration.Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (R) meets with BeninChina will transfer equipment and technology to African countries including Benin that fit their national conditions, so as to cement the foundation the bilateral cooperation and upgrade it toward a brighter future, Li added.Yayi said Benin sees China as a close friend and its aid in highway and power grid construction has sped up his nation's development and promote the growth of the subregion where it is located.Benin is willing to scale up and upgrade its cooperation with China and actively advance AfricaChina ties, Yayi said..guojiA_ind .text{paddingtop: 30px !important;}.guojiA_ind .text p{padding:0 !important;}

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