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  • Virsaviya, a native of Russia who recently moved to South Florida with her mother, suffers from multiple birth defects caused by Pentalogy of Cantrell - a rare congenital condition that occurs in estimated 5.5 in one million live births.一位名叫Virsaviya的俄罗斯姑娘最近和母亲搬到了南佛罗里达州,她因患坎特雷尔五联症导致天生畸形。这是一种非常罕见的先天性疾病,据估计发病率为一百万分之5.5.Virsaviya#39;s heart, which is about the size of a fist, could be seen beating against her abdominal area, protected only by a thin layer of skin. Her intestines are also outside her body and she has no abdominal muscles or a diaphragm.Virsaviya的心脏有拳头大小,可以看到只有一层薄薄的皮肤保护,在腹腔外跳动着。她的肠子也在体外,没有腹肌,也没有隔膜。#39;When I was pregnant, the doctor said she will not survive, that she is going to die,#39; the girl#39;s mother, Dari Borun, told N Miami.她的妈妈Dari Borun告诉迈阿密N:“在我怀时,医生就说她很难活下来,可能马上就会死去。”Six years later, Virsaviya, who also goes by the biblical name Bathsheba, is a bright and lively girl who enjoys drawing ponies, attends art classes and loves dancing to Beyonce#39;s songs.6年后,Virsaviya还活着,她还有一个从圣经里来的名字Bathsheba。她是一个开朗活泼的小姑娘,喜欢画小马、上艺术课,以及随着美国歌手碧昂丝的歌曲起舞。In early 2015, Ms Borun, who has been raising Virsaviya on her own, found a doctor at Boston#39;s Children#39;s Hospital willing to treat her rare ailment. Pentalogy of Cantrell often requires surgery, depending on the severity of the patient#39;s defects, and could be fatal if left untreated.早在2015年初,独自抚养Virsaviya长大的妈妈Borun就曾找到波士顿儿童医院的一名医生,期待能帮忙治疗小姑娘罕见的病症。坎特雷尔五联症通常需要做外科手术,取决于患者症状的严重程度,如果放任不管,随时都可能死亡。But the medical team in Boston said Virsaviya cannot undergo surgery at the moment because she has high blood pressure in her pulmonary aorta. The girl will be evaluated again in two years to determine if it would be safe for her to undergo an operation.然而,波士顿医院的专家团队当时表示,由于Virsaviya的肺主动脉有高血压,当前身体状况还不允许进行手术。她将继续被观察两年,以决定其身体状况是否能承受手术。Ms Borun has appealed to the public for help, asking for donations to cover her daughter#39;s medical bills and basic living expenses, saying she has very limited means, being a single mother of a special-needs child with no other family in the US.她的妈妈向公众寻求帮助,希望筹得捐款来付女儿的医院费和基本生活开。她表示,自己生活非常拮据,是一个需要照顾有特殊需要的孩子的单身妈妈,在美国也没有亲朋好友。In sunny Florida, her mother says the 6-year-old#39;s heart feels warm and she does not get sick as often as before.在阳光和煦的佛罗里达,Virsaviya的妈妈表示,这颗6岁小心脏很温暖,Virsaviya也不像过去那样总是生病了。While awaiting treatment, Virsaviya fills her days with art, music and dance. The mother and daughter also rely on their faith to keep them strong in the face of adversity.在等待治疗的日子里,Virsaviya每天的生活被绘画、音乐和舞蹈所充实。这对母女靠着坚定的信念,坚强面对每天如履薄冰的日子。#39;I know why I have heart outside,#39; says the 6-year-old knowingly. #39;Because Jesus want sic to show he can make special things like me.#39;这位6岁的小姑娘机智地表示:“我知道为什么我的心长在外面,因为耶稣希望让大家知道,他能创造出像我这样特别的杰作!”The family have launched a fundraising page on Youcaring.com titled Bathsheba#39;s Heart. So far they have raised ,790 with a goal of ,000.这个家庭已经在Youcaring.com网站上发起了名为“Bathsheba”的捐款,目前他们已经筹集了11790美元,而他们的目标是20000美元。 /201604/438434。
  • Can#39;t afford Beats headphones买不起Beats耳机I have bent my iPhone 6+ and now it#39;s broke我把我的iPhone 6 +弯曲了,现在坏了Can#39;t afford to take the whole family to the Bahamas this winter这个冬天不能带全家去巴哈马群岛 /201606/449229。
  • After decades together, we sometimes forget to show our partner they#39;re still appreciated. But it#39;s the little things that make — and keep — a marriage happy.在一起几十年之后,我们有时候会忘记向伴侣明自己仍然欣赏他们。然而,正是那些小事使我们的婚姻幸福。We asked our friends and Facebook fans to tell us what their partner still does decades later that keeps them feeling sexy and loved.我们请朋友和脸书的粉丝告诉我们,几十年后,他们的伴侣是如何来使他们觉得心动和被爱的?1. He/she still holds your hand in public.1、在公共场所,他/她依然牵着你的手。Holding hands in public not only shows you#39;re proud to be with your partner, but it also sends a reassuring message to them, proving you really are in everything together.当众牵手不仅表明与你的伴侣在一起令你很自豪,也向他们传递了一个安心的信息,明你们真的做什么事都在一起。2. He/she puts down what they#39;re doing and makes eye contact with you when you#39;re talking to them.2、当你和他们交谈的时候,他/她会放下手头的事情,和你作眼神交流。In our tech-addicted world, this is a tough one, which makes it even more meaningful. ;We look AT each other when we speak — and we do NOT roll our eyes (even mentally) because we know that every moment MATTERS,; er Joyce Curtis said.在我们这个沉迷于科技的时代,这是很难的一件事情,因此也就更有意义。“我们交谈的时候看着彼此——我们不会翻白眼(甚至是心理上也没有),因为我们知道每一个瞬间都很重要,”读者乔伊斯·柯蒂斯说道。3. He/she hugs you spontaneously.3、他/她不由自主地拥抱你。Life can get routine. There#39;s nothing better than knowing your partner still has the hots for you all these years later. Plus, who doesn#39;t appreciate surprises?生活会归于平淡。这么多年之后,知道你的伴侣依然迷恋你,没有比这更好的事情了。而且,谁不喜欢惊喜呢?4. He/she still calls you by your pet name.4、他/她依然叫你的爱称。OK, OK, we know not everyone is a fan of this one. But for some, knowing that they#39;re still ;sweetheart; or ;honey; all these years later is meaningful.好吧,好吧,我们知道不是每个人都喜欢这一点。但是,对一些人来说,这么多年之后,知道他们依然是“甜心”或是“宝贝”是很有意义的。5. He/she always picks up your favorite candy/food from the store.5、他/她总是从商店里买回你最喜欢的糖果/食品。The way to a man#39;s heart is through his stomach. It#39;s also the way to a woman#39;s heart. There#39;s nothing like knowing that Reese#39;s Pieces remind your darling of you so much, they just have to pick them up for you.抓住一个男人的心先要抓住他的胃。这也是抓住一个女人的心的方法。什么都比不上知道这一点了,你的爱人看到丽丝巧克力就想到了你,他们一定会为你买一些。6. He/she calls from work just to say hello.6、他/她在工作的时候打来电话只是为了向你问好。There#39;s no better way to say, ;I#39;m thinking about you.;“我在想你”,没有比这更好的方式了。7. He/she still says good morning or good night.7、他/她仍然对你说早上好或晚安。Early in a relationship, waking up next to your bed buddy and falling asleep in his or her arms can be one of the most exhilarating things ever. If your spouse still makes an effort to do this — it#39;s their way of telling you, there#39;s no one they#39;d rather be with.在恋爱初期,在你的伴侣旁醒来并在他或她的怀抱中入睡永远都是最令人愉快的事情了。如果你的配偶依然努力做这些,那么这是他们用自己的方式告诉你,没有人会让他们如此想与之共度的了。8. He/she compliments the same recipe you#39;ve been serving up for years and still devours it like it#39;s the first time they#39;re having it.8、这么多年你一直准备相同的饭菜,他/她也一直称赞你,并且依然像第一次吃到时那样狼吞虎咽。Appreciation is oh-so-important in any relationship. It also doesn#39;t hurt if they brag about your cooking.在任何人际关系中,欣赏都非常重要。如果他们炫耀你的厨艺,那也没什么不好。9. He/she lets you have the remote and choose what the two of you are watching.9、他/她让你拿着遥控器来选择你们两个要观看的节目。Congratulations! You’ve officially won the relationship lottery.恭喜!你们正式赢得了恋爱票。 /201605/442921。
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