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The couples on the show Married at First Sight have a lot of work to do to make their relationships succeed. Like, say, learning each other#39;s last names and whether or not they#39;re actually attracted to each other. As the title suggests, the participants agree to marry whomever a crew of relationship experts set them up, and at the end of six weeks of living together, they have to decide whether or not to stay together.参加真人秀节目《首次见面就结婚》的夫妻,他们需要付出很多努力才能使关系顺利。比如说,不管夫妻们是否真的被彼此吸引,他们都要了解彼此的姓氏。正如节目的名字一样,一组情感专家会为参与者配对,参与者同意与任一配对对象结婚,六周的共同生活结束后,他们可以决定是否要继续走下去。One of those relationship experts, Rachel DeAlto, doesn#39;t just advise married pairs with such extreme circumstances. In her career, she#39;s met, coached, and even hypnotized couples to help them work through their issues.Rachel DeAlto是情感专家之一,她不仅仅只是建议在极端情况下夫妻们该如何做。在她的职业生涯中,她遇到过、指导过甚至催眠过CP以帮助他们解决问题。1. Cleanliness1. 干净整洁;The biggest thing that I hear [in sessions] is tidiness, not having the same style of cleaning the house,; DeAlto says. Yes, there are couples out there who are dedicating therapy sessions to arguing about who takes out the trash! It sounds silly, but of course, having that fight regularly is truly frustrating.“(对话)中我听到的最大问题就是干净整洁:收拾屋子的风格完全不一样,”DeAlto说道。是的,有些夫妻会进行心理治疗,争论扔垃圾的是谁!这听起来很蠢,但是经常这样争论当然会令人感到沮丧。2. Getting along with every member of each other#39;s family2. 与对方家庭的每一位成员都友好相处Yes, it can be painful to know that two of your favorite people on Earth, whom you love more than anything, would prefer not to hang out with each other. ;This thing may seem big to you, but it doesn#39;t play out in the relationship in the long term,; DeAlto says. ;It#39;s okay if they don#39;t get along.; You don#39;t need to force your husband and sister to be buddies-you just have to maintain your relationships with each of them, and let them be themselves.是的,当你得知你在地球上最爱的两个人(你对他们的爱超过了其他一切)不想要一起出去闲逛时,会很痛苦。“对你来说这是件大事,但长期来看,这在感情关系中不会一直是个问题的,”DeAlto说道。“如果他们处不来也没关系。”你不需要强迫你的丈夫和/成为兄弟——你只需要分别维持好自己与他们的关系、让他们做自己就行了。3. Fear of what may go wrong3. 担心事情可能会出错Getting married means putting your full faith, finances, and future in another human being, which is a terrifying concept. A focus on past relationships might also mean that you#39;re terrified of your SO exhibiting traits of behaviors of your exes. ;I see that getting in the way a lot, like you#39;ve been cheated on in the past and now you#39;re afraid your husband will do it,; DeAlto says. Talk out those fears with your partner when your anxieties are clouding your vision.结婚意味着将自己的信仰、财产和未来都倾注到另一人身上,想来是个极为瘆人的概念。专注于过去的情感关系可能意味着你十分害怕自己的另一半会和前任的行为、品行相似。“我总是会想起这些事,比如前任出轨,现在会担心自己的丈夫也如此,”DeAlto说道。当不安蒙蔽自己的视野时,一定要与另一半说出自己的担忧!译文属 /201608/461730Thousands of children descended upon the White House Monday for the annual Easter Egg Roll. And if they have energy to spare after finding the wooden eggs, about 250 of them will join first lady Michelle Obama for a run.  为举办复活节“滚蛋”大赛,数千名儿童于周一聚集白宫。如果孩子们找到木蛋后还有精力,那么他们当中将有250人能够和第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马一起跑步。  The #39;fun run#39; is the latest addition to an event that began in 1878 and now includes storytelling, musical performances and tips from professional athletes on how to play basketball, tennis and other sports.  “滚蛋”活动开始于1878年,而“欢乐快跑”活动则是最新加入的项目,如今“欢乐快跑”活动还包括讲故事、音乐表演,以及由专业运动员讲述如何打篮球、棒球和其他运动。  Beyonce, Jay Z, their daughter Blue Ivy and relatives including Beyonce#39;s mother Tina Knowles also attended the event.  碧昂斯、Jay Z,他们的女儿布鲁·艾薇和碧昂斯母亲蒂娜·诺蕾丝也参加了该活动。 /201603/434579

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