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特别声明:该节目由未经可可许可。本片说明:本片选自B记录篇,名为《英国史》。对于一个不了解英国历史的人来说,本片是很好的教材。本片再现了英国文明的成长历程,从巨石文化的新石器时代到辉煌的伊丽莎白时代,穿越17世纪暴乱的国内战争到日不落大不列颠帝国。这是一个生动的,有些情景可以说是血腥的故事。它有15个章节组成。解说词A cherished tradition has it that when Elizabeth heard the news据传说 1558年11月17日那天that she was to become queen, on November 17th, 1558,伊丽莎白坐在一棵古橡树下she was seated beneath an ancient oak tree.听闻了她即将成为女王的消息Her first words were from Psalm 118,她当时说的第一句话 出自《圣经》118章;A domino factum est mirabile in oculis nostris;这是耶和华所为 在我们眼中视为神奇This is the Lord#39;s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.这是耶和华所为 在我们眼中视为神奇She was right, it was marvelous.她说的对 这是主神奇的安排In fact, it was little short of a miracle that she had made it to that day alive.事实上 与其说是奇迹不如说这是她努力的结果Tudor royal politics were a bloody affair, especially for Tudor women.都铎王朝的统治是惨无人道的 尤其是对王室的女人而言She had been only two, after all, when her mother, Anne Boleyn, had gone to the scaffold,因为当时她的母亲安妮·林 被押上绞刑架时 她只有两岁 her sin, in Henry#39;s mind at least, being her failure to produce a son.她的罪责——至少在亨利国王的眼中 就是没能生下男嗣It must have been a body possessed by others, by the devil.她的身体定已被恶魔附身An unclean piece of flesh, it had to be cut away.而这样的不洁之身必须被除掉So Elizabeth would never be free from suspicion.因此 伊莉莎白成长在众多猜忌之中Out of her dark Boleyn eyes, she watched herself being watched.她用那双继承自母亲的深色瞳眸清楚地看见自己处于监控之下Inevitably, there were times when her guard was down.而她也曾不可避免地放松自我保护 Article/201211/210245。

  • Today in History: Tuesday, February 26, 2013历史上的今天:2013年2月26日,星期二On Feb. 26, 1993, a bomb built by Islamic extremists exploded in the parking garage of New York City#39;s World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring more than 1,000.1993年2月26日,伊斯兰极端分子安置的炸弹在纽约市世界贸易中心停车场发生爆炸,造成6人死亡,1000多人受伤。1815Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from the island of Elba to begin his second conquest of France.1815年,拿破仑·波拿巴逃离厄尔巴岛,开始他对法国的第二次征。1848The Second French Republic was proclaimed.1848年,第二个法兰西共和国宣告成立。1870New York City#39;s first pneumatic-powered subway line was opened to the public. (The tunnel was only a block long.)1870年,纽约第一个气体驱动地铁线路向公众开放(通道仅一个街区长)。1919Congress established Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.1919年,国会在亚利桑那州大峡谷建立国家公园。1932Country musician Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Ark.1932年,乡村音乐家约翰尼·卡什在金斯兰出生。1952Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that Britain had developed its own atomic bomb.1952年,英国首相温斯顿·丘吉尔宣布已经开发了自己的原子弹。1970National Public Radio was incorporated.1970年,全国公共广播电台成立。1987The Tower Commission issued its report on the Iran-Contra affair, rebuking President Ronald Reagan for failing to control his national security staff.1987年,塔委员会发布伊朗门事件报告,谴责总统罗纳德·里根未能保护国家安全人员。1991Iraqi President Saddam Hussein announced on Baghdad Radio that he had ordered his forces to withdraw from Kuwait.1991年,伊拉克总统萨达姆·侯赛因在巴格达广播电台宣布,他已下令军队撤出科威特。1995Barings PLC, Britain#39;s oldest investment banking firm, collapsed after a securities dealer lost more than .4 billion by gambling on Tokyo stock prices.1995年,英国最古老的投资巴林因投机东京股票价格致券交易商损失14多亿美元后破产。2001A U.N. tribunal convicted Bosnian Croat political leader Dario Kordic and military commander Mario Cerkez of war crimes for ordering the systematic murder and persecution of Muslim civilians during the Bosnian war.2001年,联合国法庭宣判波斯尼亚克族政治领导人Dario Kordic 和军事指挥官Mario Cerkez犯有战争罪,因其在波斯尼亚战争期间对穆斯林平民进行系统性的谋杀和迫害。 /201302/227280。
  • Make A Wedding Bouquet. Florist Trish Haunton demonstrates how to make a bridal bouquet using garden roses and berried ivy. The only other question is #39;Who will catch it#39;?制作婚礼花束。花商特里斯在此演示如何使用玫瑰花和常春藤制作婚礼花束。唯一的问题在于:谁会得到这一束花?Step 1: You will need材料#8226;20 stems of garden roses20只玫瑰#8226;4 stems of berried ivy4茎常春藤#8226;a tape measure卷尺#8226;scissors剪刀#8226;a vegetable knife水果刀#8226;1 metre metre of ribbon1米的丝带#8226;3 pearl headed pins3枚珍珠头大头针Step 2: Cut the Ribbon2.丝带Measure and cut one meter of ribbon.1米长的丝带Step 3: Berried Ivy3.浆果状常春藤Choose 4 large pieces of berried ivy, breaking off extra sprigs, leaving stems approximately 20cm long from the last leaf to the tip of the stem. Arrange them in your hand so they make a dome shape. This will be the basic shape of the bouquet.摘取4篇浆果状常春藤,剪去多余的小枝,留下大约20厘米长的枝干。用手握住,形成一个倒圆锥,这也是花束的基本形态。Step 4: Roses4.玫瑰Holding the stems firmly but gently place the flowers in and around the ivy, keeping the dome shape to the bouquet. Break off any leaves that protrude under your hand. Then add roses around the outside of the bunch. The stems should radiate out at the bottom of the bouquet. When all the flowers have been added check the shape.握紧花茎,然后轻柔地将花朵放在常春藤之间,保持花束呈圆形。剪去底端的叶子,然后将玫瑰放在花束外侧,保花茎底端呈放射状,最后再整理一下花束的形状。Step 5: Tie the Ribbon5.绑丝带Wrap the bundle of stems in ribbon starting just above where the hand holds the bouquet. Three quarters of the way along the ribbon, twist the ribbon around twice tightly. Lay the bouquet down and tie a firm double knot. Gather the shorter end and wrap it around the knot. Then wrap the longer end around in the same direction.用丝带从手握花束的上方处开始缠绕,用3/4的长端缠绕两圈,缠紧,之后将丝带打成蝴蝶结。把丝带短的一端缠在蝴蝶结上。然后长端也沿着同样的顺序缠好。Step 6: Pin the Ribbon6.固定丝带Using the three pearl-ended pins push them through the ribbon directly into a stem. Ensure they sit in a nice neat row.用大头针把丝带固定在花茎上,保持大头针的顺序整洁漂亮。Step 7: Cut the stems7.剪去多余的花茎For the ideal length measure one and a half fists below the ribbon, and cut all the stems to the same length. Adjust for the ideal shape.丝带下端留出一个半拳头的长度,这就是理想的花束长度。按照这个要求将花茎剪齐,最后调整成完美的花束形状。Thanks for watching How To Make A Wedding Bouquet谢谢收看本期“制作婚礼花束”节目。 Article/201208/195313。
  • 【视频欣赏】【视频文本】You may be getting older, but there’s no need to look it – if you follow this advice.You Will NeedBright clothes Skin products Brow makeup False eyelashes A facial mask Hand cream An updated hairstyle Flattering hair color and highlights A dentist Trendy jewelry (optional) Manicures (optional) Rings (optional) Bangs (optional) Step 1: Lighten up your wardrobe(挑亮色的衣)Wear less black and neutral shades and more color, especially on your top half, where it can brighten up an aging complexion.Lose the matched jewelry sets in favor of trendy baubles.Step 2: Even out skin tone(遮瑕,让皮肤完美光泽)Even out skin tone with products that contain glucosamine, an amino sugar which has been proven effective in treating age-related discoloration and age spots.Step 3: Take care of facial hair(化好眉毛和睫毛)Learn to fill in your eyebrows artfully and apply individual false eyelashes; brows and lashes thin as we age; keeping them lush will take years off your face.Step 4: Start using hand cream(用护手霜)Apply a facial mask with alpha hydroxy acids to the back of your hands to promote surface skin renewal. Start using a daily hand cream with glycerin, petrolatum, and dimethicone.Get or give yourself manicures and wear a bright ring or two; in one study, women who wore polish and rings were judged to be younger-looking than those who didn’t.Step 5: Update your hairstyle(注重发型)Update your hairstyle, especially if you’ve had the same one for decades. Use thickening products, as hair thins out as we age. Consult a colorist about getting the right shade as well as putting in highlights to replace fading natural ones.Bangs are an easy way to hide a lined forehead.Step 6: Fix and whiten your teeth(美白牙齿)Consult a dentist about fixing and whitening your teeth if they’ve become discolored or have shifted with age.Step 7: Say cheese!(多笑笑)Keep a smile on your face. It gives you an instant facelift.People in the 40s to 60s who pay attention to their appearance are nicknamed “baby groomers.” Article/201001/95751。
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