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Having a fever doesnt mean you have to run to the doctor. Here are some simple ways to bring your temperature down without medicine.发烧并不意味着一定要急忙去看医生。以下是一些不需药物就能降低体温的简单方法。Step 1 Get lots of rest1.充分休息Your body is running a high temperature because of an infection, so get plenty of rest. This lets your body concentrate fully on fighting the infection.你的身体由于感染而出现高温,因此要充分休息。这可以让你的身体集中精力对抗感染。Step 2 Drink lots of fluids2.大量饮水Drinking a lot of water – 10 8-ounce glasses a day at least when youre sick – keeps your body hydrated, and will also lower your internal temperature.大量饮水——当你生病的时候,容量为8盎司的杯子,每天至少饮用8杯水——给身体补水,也可以降低体内温度。Step 3 Take a lukewarm bath3.洗温水澡Take a nice lukewarm bath. Not too hot, which could escalate the fever, and not too cold, which could shock your system. This will lower your skin temperature gradually.洗个舒的温水澡。不要太热,否则会使体温更高,也不要太冷,否则会刺激身体。这样可以逐渐降低皮肤温度。Avoid cooling off the body too quickly, or you wont rid yourself of the infection your body is fighting.千万不要过快让身体冷却下来,否则难以根除身体正在对抗的感染。Step 4 Cool washcloths4.毛巾冷敷Place cool – not cold – washcloths on the wrists, under the arm, on the forehead, and over the groin. Using cool, damp rags over these four key areas will slowly cool the body.用不要太冷的凉毛巾敷在腰部,手臂下,前额和腹股沟处。用清凉的湿毛巾敷这四个关键部位可以缓慢地让身体冷却下来。Step 5 Put damp socks on your feet5.穿上湿袜子While youre putting cool rags over various body parts, put a pair of cool, damp socks on your feet, with a dry pair over the top. This lets your ankles cool while still allowing you to walk around.在身体不同部位敷凉毛巾的同时,穿上一双清凉的湿袜子,外面套上一双干燥的。这样可以让你的脚踝冷却下来,同时可以自由走动。Step 6 Keep the home a moderate temperature6.调节房间温度Even though a person running a fever may feel cold, do not overheat the home. Instead, keep the house at a moderate temperature of 70 to 74 degrees.尽管发烧的人可能会感到很冷,也不要让房间内温度太高。温度要适中,大概在华氏70至74度之间。Step 7 Dont wear heavy clothing7.不要穿太多衣A person running a fever should not wear heavy clothes or wrap themselves in heavy blankets. Doing so makes it difficult for the body to shed extra heat; instead, wear light clothing.发烧的人不应该穿太多衣或者裹进厚厚的毯子里。这样会让身体难以排除过多的热量,所以,少穿一点衣。Step 8 Monitor the fever8.观察身体状况If these remedies dont work and a baby less than 3 months old is running a temperature of more than 101 degrees, or a child or adults temperature is over 103 degrees, see a doctor.如果这些方法不起作用,不到三个月的婴儿发烧超过101度,儿童或成年人的温度超过103度,赶紧去看医生。Fever is also known as Pyrexia, which comes from the Greek word meaning fire.发烧也叫发热,来自希腊词汇,意思是火。 /201302/223918

Step 1: You will need 500 g strong b flour 40 g semolina 2 tbsp caster (superfine) sugar 1 frac12; tsp(一茶匙量) salt 2 frac12; tbsp(一勺) olive oil 10 g dried yeast 300 ml warm water 400 g tin chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp mixed dried herbs 1 large bowl 1 measuring jug 1 measuring spoons 1 cling film or a clean cloth 1 wooden spoon 1 baking tray 1 saucepan 1 rolling pin 1 olive stoner 1 knife Step 2: The basePlace 500 grams of strong white b flour into a large bowl. Add 40 grams of semolina… 2 teaspoons of caster sugar… 1 and a half teaspoons of salt… and 2 and a half tablespoons of olive oil. Then add 10 grams of dried yeast. This is the ingredient which will make the dough rise. Mix well.Step 3: Mix in the waterGradually stir in 300 millimetres of water. Mix with a wooden spoon until it forms a soft dough. It shouldn't be too sticky, so stop adding the water when it is firm.Step 4: Knead the doughSprinkle a little flour onto a work surface and turn the dough out. Use your hands to knead it by pushing away with the palms of your hands, and pulling it back with your fingers, turning it frequently. Keep kneading for about 10 minutes. The dough will become soft and silky to touch. Form a compact ball.Step 5: Let the dough riseLightly oil a large bowl- this will prevent the dough from sticking to the sides. Put the dough in and cover either with cling film or a clean cloth. Put the bowl in a warm place and leave it to rise for about 45 minutes, or until it has puffed up and feels soft and springy to touch.Step 6: Tomato sauceWhile the dough is rising you can prepare the sauce. Put 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 400g tin of tomatoes, 1 teaspoon of herbs, a good twist of black pepper, and 2 pinches of salt into a saucepan. Place on the hob, and turn on to a medium to low heat. Give it a quick stir. Leave it to thicken for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure it doesn't burn. Then take it off the heat, and leave to cool until it's needed.Step 7: Roll out the baseLightly flour a surface and roll the dough into a long sausage shape. Then slice off small fist sized pieces. Shape each piece into a disc, then roll out into a small circle.Step 8: Rise againLightly flour a baking tray and place the pizzas on. Move the bases to a warm place. Leave them to rise for again, this time for about 15 to 20 minutesStep 9: Preheat the ovenTurn the oven to 230 degrees Celsius, leaving it to preheat while the dough risesStep 10: ToppingWhen risen, bring the pizza bases back to the work surface. Spoon a little of sauce onto each pizza base, and sp it out. Now it's time to get creative with your toppings, try the following; Slice the mozzarella and arrange on the pizzas. Split the anchovies in 2 and lay in a cross. If your olives have stones, remove them, cut in two and place them on the pizza. Sprinkle over a few pinches of herbs. Arrange a few caper berries or capers. Whatever you like!Step 11: Rise againPut the pizzas in a warm dry place and leave to prove again for about 10 minutes.Step 12: BakeThen, transfer to the oven to bake for 20 minutes, or until the bases are evenly cooked and golden, and the cheese has melted.201001/93805

克雷格-布汀(Craig Buntin)是加拿大著名双人滑选手,曾多次参加国际比赛并获奖。退役后,他通过自己的努力创办公司并取得了MBA学位。他讲述了自己如何一次又一次达到事业的高峰。201208/193756

What`s the word? It`s the amount of money owed by a person or an organization.这个单词是什么?一个人或一个组织欠的一笔钱。Debt, that`s the word.债务,那就是这个单词。AZUZ: U.S. national debt has hit a new milestone, and it`s not a good one.美国国债再创新高,这并不是一个好事。The government now owes more than trillion.现在,政府欠债高达16万亿美元。That`s a 16 with 12 zeroes after it, and still counting.这个数字是16之后还有12个零,并且还在计算中。We can put it this way, if you spend a million dollars a day, it would take you almost 44,000 years to spend 16 trillion.换种方式来讲,如果我们每天花一百万美元,我们会用几乎44000年来花完这16万亿美元。For this debt many Republicans blame Democrats and President Barack Obama.许多共和党人因为债务原因来责备民主党和奥巴马总统。Many Democrats blame Republicans and former president George W. Bush.许多民主党人士谴责共和党人和前总统小布什。Two things we can say for sure. One, the government is spending a lot of money, and two, it`s taking in a lot less tax revenue because of the struggling economy, so you can count on this number increasing in the months ahead.有两件事我们可以肯定,一是政府花了很多钱;二是因为经济不景气,政府税收大大减少,由此你可以看到在未来几个月里这一数字将会上升。 /201209/199810Step 1 Do your homework1.做好准备Learn what modern dating is like, especially if youve been out of the game for a while, to give the best and most accurate advice.了解一下当下的约会是什么样的,尤其是如果你已经落伍一段时间,一定要给别人最好的,最确切的建议。Tip Its OK to draw from your own experience, too.小贴士:根据你的亲身经历为别人提供意见也可以。Step 2 Use humor2.幽默感Use humor to break the ice and lighten the mood or tell your own embarrassing dating story to show them that you can relate to their situation.稍微增加一点幽默感来打破沉默,让别人放松情绪,或者讲述你自己尴尬的约会故事,向他们表明你能够理解他们的处境。Step 3 Be involved and open3.坦诚If youre offering advice to a teen, let them know youre free to talk, but dont force an awkward conversation. Let them come to you to ask questions.如果你是向青少年提供约会建议,让他们知道可以敞开心扉跟你聊天,但是不要强迫他们进行尴尬的对话。让他们主动来问你问题。Step 4 Be available4.及时帮助Be available when a friend or family member needs you. Only offer advice if they are not too upset to hear what youre saying without reacting defensively.当朋友或家人需要你的时候,及时伸出援手。只有在他们不是非常悲伤,能够听你说话而不是反应消极的时候才给出建议。Step 5 Discuss basic etiquette5.讨论基本礼节Discuss dating etiquette and the ups and downs of relationships, but never assume they know only the basics.讨论一下基本的约会礼节以及约会的酸甜苦辣,但是永远不要假定他们只知道最基本的。Step 6 Make it private6.保密Make the conversation private and deliver your sage advice calmly and quietly to avoid embarrassment. Be encouraging, and let them know that you understand how frustrating dating can be.对话一定要私密,平静冷静地给出你睿智的建议,避免尴尬。鼓励他们,让他们知道你能够理解约会可能会多么令人沮丧。201211/211541

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in a television performance typical of his 10 years in power, says he will "think about" running in the 2012 presidential election for a six-year term. During his annual question-and-answer session with the Russian people, broadcast live by state media, Putin responded to a question asking whether he will run for another presidency. Vladimir Putin said, "I will think about it. There is enough time. Each one of us should perform his duty and work effectively in their current positions." 2 million questions were submitted to Putin's marathon television show, which was similar to previous call-ins he did as president.It demonstrates that he continues to call the shots, overshadowing his designated successor, President Dmitry Medvedev During a visit to Rome, President Medvedev said he would not rule out running in 2012. Dmitry Medvedev, Russian President, said, "…as we both said before, Putin and I are very close, who understand each other and work well together. We would be able to agree, not elbow each other, and make a reasonable decision for the country. But this is only if Mr. Medvedev and Mr.Putin have a chance." Putin had to leave the leader's seat in 2008 following two consecutive termsin office, but since then the presidential term has been extended to sixyears and Putin is eligible to run again in 2012.12/91096法语单词“跑酷”意味着“移动的艺术”。这种艺术当前正在在河南省的年轻人中兴起。Parkour is a physical discipline that focuses on quickly navigating around, over and through obstacles. Born in France, the sport is now flowering in central Chinas Henan province, where a group of young people are brought together by their passion for Parkour.The French word ;Parkour; means the ;art of moving.; And its an art these young people in Henan province are mastering with gusto.Parkour can be practiced pretty much anywhere, but these young people, like most practitioners of the sport, chose urban settings like the park because they provide plenty of structures to work with.Xiao An, Parkour enthusiast, said, ;At first I thought it was cool, and I liked the challenge. Thats why Ive been in the group for 3 years now;Ban Wei, Parkour enthusiast, said, ;Parkour allows us to meet a lot of interesting people and become a team, and we’ve learned a lot from each other in the process.;The team now has more than a dozen members - drawn from a body of students as well as workers. If all goes according to plan, the sport will soon be one people all over China know and love.201205/181989

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