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崇州皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟电话地址和微信qqChina has warned South Korean conglomerate Lotte over its involvement in a planned US missile shield on the peninsula the first time Beijing has openly criticised the group after months of pressure via undeclared economic sanctions.中国警告韩国企业集团乐天(Lotte)不要参与在朝鲜半岛部署美国导弹防御系统的计划,这是北京方面在持续几个月通过未公开的经济制裁施加压力后,首次公开批评该集团。“Lotte will hurt the Chinese people and the consequences could be severe. The Chinese people will not support a company complicit in damaging China’s interests,according to a commentary by Xinhua, the Beijing mouthpiece.“乐天将伤害中国人民,后果可能是严重的。中国人民不会持一家参与损害中国利益的公司,”官方的新华社发表的一篇文章称。The development underscores China’s two-track approach to the Korean peninsula amid heightened tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes.这一事态突显出,随着朝鲜的核武和弹道导弹计划引发的紧张局势加剧,中国正在朝鲜半岛采取双轨战略。On one hand, it is increasing pressure on Pyongyang following a declaration on Sunday that it would stop importing North Korean coal.一方面,中国正在加大对平壤方面的压力,周日宣布停止进口朝鲜煤炭。On the other, it is squeezing Seoul on its plans to deploy the US missile shield that Beijing says is a “threat to regional security and stability另一方面,它正在韩国部署美国反导系统计划上对首尔方面施压,北京方面称该系统是“对区域安全和稳定的威胁”。North Korea has re-emerged as a potential conflict hotspot after last year testing two nuclear devices and more than 20 ballistic missiles.在去年进行两次核试验,并试射20多枚弹道导弹后,朝鲜已重新成为潜在的冲突热点。Earlier this month, Pyongyang launched an advanced mid-range missile off its east coast in what observers saw a test of the new Trump administration.本月早些时候,平壤方面在东海岸发射了一枚先进的中程弹道导弹;观察人士认为,此举是对刚刚就职的特朗普政府的一个试探。“The proposed deployment of a US missile defence system in the Republic of Korea is a threat to regional security and stability, and Lotte Group is one decision away from becoming an accessory to the act,said Xinhua.新华社称:“大韩民国拟议部署的美国导弹防御系统是对区域安全和稳定的威胁,而乐天集团只差一个决定就会成为这种行为的一个帮凶。”Lotte is in talks with the Seoul government to trade the land needed to host the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence platform, more commonly known as Thaad.乐天正与韩国政府谈判,以转让部署末段高空区域防御系统(THAAD,中文简称:萨德)所需的土地。However, South Korea’s fifth-largest conglomerate has dragged its heels on negotiations in recent months as Beijing stepped up retaliatory measures against its operations in China.然而,随着北京方面加强针对其在华业务的报复措施,韩国第五大企业集团在近几个月的谈判中犹犹豫豫。In December, it emerged the group’s premises across China had come under increased scrutiny and had been subject to an array of health and safety and tax investigations.去年12月传出的消息显示,乐天集团在中国各地的经营地点受到更多关注,遭遇了一系列健康、安全和税务调查。Earlier this month, the company said it would close three retails stores in Beijing, partly as result of the deteriorating bilateral relationship over Thaad.本月早些时候,乐天表示,将关闭在北京的三家零售店,部分原因就是萨德引发的两国关系恶化。“Lotte stands to lose Chinese customers and the Chinese market. That would be a very large slice out of their business pie,said Xinhua.“乐天将失去中国顾客和中国市场。那将是其商业蛋糕的很大一块,”新华社称。The commentary urged Lotte to defer or reject the Thaad deal.这篇文章敦促乐天推迟或拒绝萨德部署场地交易。The ultimatum puts the company in a difficult position caught between its business interests and the will of the South Korean government.这一最后通牒使该公司陷入困难境地,被夹在其商业利益和韩国政府的意愿中间。The issue is also a sensitive one for policymakers in Seoul who recognise the importance of relations with their biggest trading partner but are increasingly anxious about North Korean belligerence.这对首尔的政策制定者也是一个敏感问题,他们认识到与最大贸易伙伴关系的重要性,但越来越担心朝鲜的挑衅行为。“Lotte has the position to resolve this issue from the broad point of view, in other words, for the sake of the national security and national interests,said the South Korean defence ministry.“乐天有能力从全局角度来解决这个问题,换句话说,为了国家安全和国家利益,”韩国国防部表示。The warning to Lotte came after China announced it would suspend coal imports from North Korea in a sign of Beijing’s displeasure with the reclusive regime.向乐天发出警告是在中国宣布暂停从朝鲜进口煤炭、表明北京方面对这个闭关自守的政权不满之后。China is North Korea’s main trading partner, and coal is one of its biggest imports from the country.中国是朝鲜的主要贸易伙伴,而煤炭是朝鲜对华最大出口之一。“This warning against Lotte is only the first step in pressuring the company as well as the government,said Cai Jian, a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai.“对乐天的这个警告只是对企业和政府施压的第一步,”上海复旦大学教授蔡建称。“If Lotte does not budge, the penalties will get worse in terms impact and severity.”“如果乐天不屈,中方将加大惩罚措施的影响和严重性。来 /201702/493460广汉学习刺青纹绣纹身美甲着装礼仪色彩顾问睫毛嫁接培训 Opposition leader Tsai Ing-wen won a historic landslide victory in Saturday’s elections but Taiwan’s president-elect must now turn her attention to the daunting tasks of rejuvenating the island’s struggling economy and managing relations with a Chinese government that is hostile to her party.台湾反对党领袖蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)在上周六的大选中赢得了历史性的压倒性胜利,但这名总统当选人现在必须把注意力转向两项艰巨的任务上:振兴岛内低迷经济,以及处理与中国政府的关系,后者对她所领导的政党毫无好感。Ms Tsai crushed rival Eric Chu from the ruling Kuomintang, or Nationalist party, in the presidential race, winning 56 per cent of the vote to his 31 per cent, as the Taiwanese people voiced their dissatisfaction with the KMT’s lacklustre government and its pro-China policies.蔡英文大胜执政党中国国民Nationalist Party)的总统候选人朱立Eric Chu),赢得了56%的选票,朱立伦赢得的选票1%。台湾民众表达出他们对国民党政府乏善可陈的政绩和亲中政策的不满。When inaugurated in May, she will become the first female president in this island of 23m people and one of the first female leaders elected in Asia who is not from a family dynasty.蔡英文今月就任时,将成为拥有2300万人口的台湾的首位女总统,同时也是在亚洲未借助家族人脉而当选为领导人的首批女性之一。Her Democratic Progressive party also smashed the KMT in the simultaneous legislative election, taking 60 per cent of the 113 seats in Taiwan’s parliament, up from 35 per cent in 2012, and giving it a majority for the first time in its history.在同时进行的立法院选举中,她所在的民主进步DPP)也大胜国民党,赢得了台湾立法13个席位中0%,012年其席位仅占35%,这是民进党史上首次取得多数地位。Looking emotional and raspy-voiced, the bookish former law professor told supporters on Saturday night that she would work to “bring forth a country with more freedom, more democracy, more prosperity and more justice在上周六晚上,这位带有书卷气的前法学教授看起来颇为激动,声音也略显嘶哑,她告诉持者:“一个更自由、更民主、更繁荣、更公义的国家就在我们的眼前。”“We hold an absolute majority and we must fulfil our promises to the voters,she said. “Our reform will not be half-measured.”“民主进步党是国会的多数党,我们就要兑现对选民的承诺,”她说,“改革绝对不能剩一半。”But progress will be difficult given the deteriorating economy and the renewed question marks over Taiwan’s relations with Beijing, which claims that the island is still part of China and has threatened to invade if it declares formal independence.但考虑到正在恶化的台湾经济,以及围绕两岸关系的新问号,取得进展将是困难的。北京方面宣称台湾仍是中国的一部分,并威胁如果台湾正式宣布独立将武力攻打台湾。Tien Hung-mao, a former Taiwanese foreign minister and chairman of the Institute for National Policy Research, said there was a “sense of urgencyfor Ms Tsai to seek a mutual understanding with Beijing about the cross-straits relationship before she is inaugurated on May 20.台湾前外交部长、台湾国策研究院(Institute for National Policy Research)院长田弘茂表示,现在有一种“紧迫感”,迫使蔡英文在50日就任前寻求与北京方面就两岸关系达成互相谅解。He said the other priority was “Taiwan’s ailing economy which shrank by 1 per cent in the third quarter as it felt the effects of the slowdown in China and weak global trade.他表示,另一个当务之急是“台湾状况不佳的经济”。因为中国经济放缓和全球贸易疲弱的影响,台湾经济015年第三季度收缩了1%。The DPP has long promoted a separate Taiwanese identity and it opposed outgoing President Ma Ying-jeou’s policy of closer economic ties with China.长期以来,民进党一直宣扬独立的台湾认同。民进党反对现任台湾总统马英九和大陆建立更紧密经济关系的政策。Its overwhelming victory in the elections sends an uncomfortable signal to Beijing about the direction in which Taiwan is moving.民进党在选举中取得压倒性胜利,这给北京方面传达了一个有关台湾前进方向的不妙信号。“By electing Ms Tsai as president, Taiwan is sending a clear message to China that it’s time for the Taiwanese people to take back control and decide the course of their own nation,said Hawang Shiow-duan, a political scientist at Taiwan’s Soochow University.“通过选举蔡英文为总统,台湾向中国发出了明确的信息——是时候由台湾人民收回控制权并决定他们自己国家的前进方向了,”台湾东吴大Soochow University)政治学家黄秀Hawang Shiow-duan)表示。Beijing’s initial response was restrained, with the foreign ministry saying “the result of the election in Taiwan will not change the basic factthat Taiwan belongs to China and that it “never tolerates any separatist activities北京方面的初步反应比较克制,中国外交部表示“台湾地区选举结果不改变”台湾属于中国这一基本事实,中国政府“绝不容忍任何形式的‘台独’分裂活动”。Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, said the change of government was a mere “fleeting cloudand that the “progress of mainland China is the key factor that determines Taiwan’s future国家新闻通讯社新华社表示,台湾政局变化不过是“过眼云烟”,“决定台湾前途、两岸关系走向的关键因素是大陆的发展进步”。Analysts warned that Beijing might look to cut some economic and political ties with Taiwan as punishment for the election of a party whose stance it dislikes.分析人士警告说,北京方面不喜欢民进党的立场,可能会考虑切断与台湾的部分经济和政治联系,作为对该党获选的惩罚。“Boycotts from Beijing are possible,said Lin Cheng-yi, an expert on international relations at Academia Sinica, a Taiwanese research institute. “But the issue of Taiwan won’t be a priority for the People’s Republic of China, if it is not provoked.”台湾研究机构中央研究院( Academia Sinica)国际关系专家林正义表示:“北京方面可能会予以杯葛。但只要不受到挑衅,中华人民共和国就不会把台湾问题列为优先事项。”While the DPP wants to reduce Taiwan’s economic reliance on China in the medium term, any increase in cross-strait tensions could make the business climate even gloomier, given that 40 per cent of the island’s exports go to China.虽然民进党希望在中期内减少台湾对中国的经济依赖,但由于台0%的出口都输往大陆,两岸紧张局势只要有所升级,台湾的商业环境将更加黯淡。A further challenge is the long transition period between the swearing-in of the new legislature on February 1 and Ms Tsai being inaugurated as president in May.新议会将日宣誓就职,而蔡英文就任总统是在5月,这之间漫长的过渡期将形成进一步挑战。Bruce Jacobs, an expert on Taiwanese politics at Australia’s Monash University, said that Ms Tsai must use this interregnum to prepare “so that she can hit the ground running澳大利亚莫纳什大学(Monash University)台湾政治问题专家布鲁斯雅各布(Bruce Jacobs)表示,蔡英文必须利用这段过渡期做好准备,“这样才能有个好的开始。”Ms Hawang of Soochow University believes that Ms Tsai’s past experience as a legislator and senior government official will help. “She knows how to deal with the parliament and I think she will do a better job than past two presidents,she said.东吴大学的黄秀端相信蔡英文过去作为立法委员和政府高官的经验将派上用场。她说:“她知道如何与立法院打交道,我认为她会比前两任总统干得更好。”来 /201601/424015巴中美甲纹绣半永久培训课程报名地址官网在哪里

眉山市学习美甲美睫化妆造型I posted a comment about 4 or 5 days ago saying. Richard its TPP not TTP. And I got about 70 likes. Some mofo removed it! Unbelievable. So Im gonna repeat it again. Richard its TPP not TTP我在四五天之前在另一个视频里说:Richard, (奥巴马他们谈的那个协叫TPP而不是TTP。那个被赞了70次,然后就给删掉了!难以置信。所以我要重复一次,Richard, (奥巴马他们谈的那个协叫TPP而不是TTPChina should be proud on how Lu Kang conducted himself in this interview.中国应该为陆慷在采访中的表现而骄傲。China has agreement in trade with USA. China has outsmart USA just the same way Lu Kang has done to Mr Engel. While USA has busy destroying, massacre in other countries, China being busy producing goods, cultivating good relation with other countries, and cooperating. China is a good example of enrichment as a nation while USA is in downward trend.中美之间已经有贸易协定了。中国在智商上碾压过美国,正如陆慷在采访里碾压了Engel先生。在美国忙于破坏和屠杀其他国家的时候,中国却忙于生产商品、构建良好的外交关系和团结协作之上。中国是个大国中兴的好例子,美国却在走下坡路了。This reporters intentions of getting Lu Kang to say negative things about Trump were disgustingly evident这个记者好几次撺掇陆慷说特朗普坏话,私货太多。Lu Kang deserves a medal for not bitch-slapping this insolent, uneducated, pathetic, pretender. I have not watched ANY television (including cable) news in over 30 years. This reinforces my decision.陆慷能忍住不扇这个粗鲁、无知、可悲的伪善者(记者),光是这一点就该给他一枚奖牌了。我都快30年没看电视新闻了,看完这个采访更明我是对的。with reporters like this, China must think Americans are the biggest dipshits in the world!有这样的记者,中国肯定觉得美国烂透了。Im envious of the wise and diplomatic leadership of China.还是挺羡慕中国有这种双商超高的领导人的。China is our neighbouring country....they r very peaceful with us ......China was very helpful during earthquake here in Nepal.......other country were just helping for political agenda but china is exceptional ..... Not able to use facebook n youtube is not oppression....Not able to elect good leader having those tools is real oppression....China economics helped more than half billion people out of poverty in their life time.....thats real government for people ......中国是我们的邻国...他们跟我们相处的很和..上次尼泊尔地震的时候中国特别热..别的国家只会干扰我们的内政,只有中国例外...(他们)用不了Facebook和YouTube不叫悲剧...倒是某些人用着这些app却选不出好领导人才是真的悲..中国经济让好几亿人在一代人时间里脱离贫..这才是真的为人民的政府This reporter is a joke. This is not journalism. He is an idiot and makes America look bad. Fire Him!!! Fake journalism. Idiot!!!!这个记者就是个笑话。这哪里是新闻报道。aside from this instigating reporter, anyone else notice this dudes name is lu kang? you know just like the mortal kombat character?先不提这个记者,有人注意到这个哥们儿的名字是lu kang吗?你懂的,跟《格斗之王》里那个角色一样?I finally witnessed what the fuss is about main stream media. They put their ideas in the heads of the viewer. China had nothing negative to say anout our prsident, so the repotor says it for him by ing es. But not the positive quarts. Only what can be viewed as negative.And they wonder why we dont trust our media.我终于见了主流媒体的伎俩了。他们把自己的观点置于观众脑子里。中国本来没什么负面的东西要去说我们的总统,所以记者借引用之名代他说了那些坏话。就这样他们还搞不明白我们为什么不信主流媒体。like an adult talks with a child成年人哄小孩的即视感。I didnt understand before why China always dont care about others countries .. they always do what best for china even if that mean other people get killed .. but when i a few books of their history for the last 100 .. i dont blame them for what they doing now, they build their country from zero for soooo many years, no one helped them, so they dont feel that they should help others .. and i they dont have that feeling for people who is in war ..我之前不理解为什么中国不关心其他国家..他们总是做对自己有利的事,即使这意味着别人的死.但当我读了一些有关他们近百年的历史以..我就不再责怪他们的所作所为了,他们花了这么长时间从零开始建立他们的国家,没人帮助他们,所以他们也不觉得他们应该帮助其他人..所以他们也无法对处在战争中的人们有同理. /201702/491485 成都/美甲纹绣半永久培训学校哪个好些眉山日式法式美甲美睫学校机构



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