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2017年10月20日 15:07:12 | 作者:普及典范 | 来源:新华社
After multiple cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching on fire, the company is rolling out software on December 19 making any note 7 unusable. 三星Galaxy Note 7手机经过多次着火事件后,公司计划12月19日推出软件使所有Note7停用。In a statement, Samsung said, To further increase participation, a software update will be released starting on December 19 在一份声明中,三星表示要进一步增加参与,软件更新将于12月19日起发布。that will prevent U.S. Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices. 这将使美国的Galaxy Note 7手机无法充电,并无法正常运行。Samsung says While more than 93 percent of Galaxy Note 7 phones have been returned, but the remaining 7 percent still have a serious fire risk.三星表示,虽然超过百分之93的Galaxy Note 7手机已经召回,但其余百分之7仍然有严重的火灾风险。译文属。201612/482771关键词:long in the tooth 年迈的,年老的,年纪大的短语释义:今天的背景音乐听起来有点怪异,一直重复着;long in the tooth, long in the tooth;。其实在很多人眼里,歌手Les Claypool就是个疯子。因为他的唱腔总是阴阳怪气。即便如此,仍然希望您喜爱这首歌,当然也要在歌声中记住我们今天要学习的表达:long in the tooth。来看看插图:图片上一个人拿着木棍,想打掉身边这条的牙齿,而的眼神有点怨恨,主人说;What!Im just saying they’re a little too long!; 意思是 怎么了?我只是觉得你的牙齿太长了点儿。这幅插图就隐含着long in the tooth这个短语. 不过它的来源和并没有关系,而和马有关。大家可能不知道,马过了壮年,咀嚼能力就会衰退。当马的咀嚼能力退化到一定程度时,牙根就会显露出来。这会使马的牙齿显得特别长。所以,要想知道马老不老,看看牙齿就知道了。后来,The term long in the tooth refers to someone who is old or elderly. Long in the tooth. 在后来被用来指人上了年纪。 注意短语中的牙是复数形式tooth。情景领悟:1. She is a bit long in the tooth to play the part of a young girl.她扮演少女的角色年龄太大了一点。2. Jack is not polite to people, he is always teasing those who are long in the tooth.杰克对人不礼貌,他总是爱讥笑年事已高的人。本节目属 /201308/253976Subject: I think we should try to buy more time. 迷你对话A: The singer Bush hasn’t appeared yet. But it’s her turn now.歌手bush现在还没出现,现在已经轮到他了。B: Don’t worry. I think we should try to buy more time.别担心,我想我们应该设法拖延时间。 地道表达 buy time 1. 解词释义Buy time字面意思是“购买时间”,比喻为“拖延时间”。其英文解释为:to postpone an event hoping that the situation will improve。 2. 拓展例句e.g. She tried to buy time by doing a lot of talk.她企图以滔滔不绝的谈话来拖延时间。 e.g. The union leader is trying to buy time by prolonging the negotiation.工会的领袖企图以延长谈判过程来拖延时间。 e.g. Maybe I can buy some time by asking the judge for a continuance.也许我可以叫法官休庭一会儿来拖延时间。 Ps :表示“轮到某人做某事了”,可以这样说:It is one’s turn to do something.例如:Is it your turn to serve the ball? 该你发球了吗? /201410/333567

特别声明该文中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲由可可网站签约编辑编写,版权归可可网站所有。迷你对话A: You should not have criticize your son in front of his friends.你不应该当着你儿子的朋友的面批评他。B: Why? He did something wrong.为什么?他做错事情了呀。A: I know. But at that time your blame is rubbing salt into his wounds.我知道,但是你的批评是火上加油。A: I only wanted to help him.我只想帮助他。B: But it is not the right time.但是时机不对。对话精讲第一、 地道表达1. 习惯用语rub salt into one’s wounds2. 解词释义该习语的字面意思是“往伤口上撒盐”,引申为“火上加油”“雪上加霜”““加深某人的创伤”等意思。 其英文解释为:to make a difficult situation even worse for someone。 3. 持范例To rub salt into her wounds, he began to laugh at her. 为了加深她的创痛,他开始嘲笑她。 Losing was bad enough, having to watch them receiving the trophy just rubbed salt into the wound.失利已经让我们够难受的了,看到他们领奖让我们感到更加难受。第二、 词海拾贝in front of sb:当众,当面e.g.He enjoys posturing in front of an audience. 他喜欢在观众面前装腔作势。 e.g.In front of me lay the whole valley like an untouched paradise on earth. 展现在我面前的是整个山谷,犹如一个没人到过的人间天堂。 e.g.The good harvest scene emerges in front of us. 丰收景象在我们面前展现出来。 e.g.Can you make out who those people are standing in front of her? 你能认出站在她前面的那些人是谁吗? 2. right time:适宜的时间,时机,恰当的时间e.g.He came just at the right time, neither too early nor too late. 他来的正好,既不早也不晚。 e.g.He has the faculty of saying the right thing at the right time. 他有在恰当的时候说恰当的话的才智。 e.g.This snow has come at the right time. 这场雪很及时。e.g.The call came at the right time for Victor. 这个任命的时间对维克托而言是恰到好处。第三、句海拾贝Sb should not have done something.(1)使用情境在描述某人在过去不应该做的事情而做了,不应该发生的事情而发生了的时候,可以用这个句型。(2)持范例He should not have quarreled with his boss.他本不应该和自己的上司吵架的。 /201303/228863

off year果树结果少,竹木生长慢的年份an off year for soybean crops大豆收成的小年小年快乐Happy Xiao Nian Festival!/ Happy Small Spring Festival!Many people around China are celebrating Xiao Nian, also known as "Small Spring Festival.灶王爷the Kitchen God / Zao Wang 这一天,人们会祭灶。 People offer a sacrifice to the Kitchen God on this day. 年货 supplies needed or purchased for the lunar New Year periodgoods for the Spring Festival买年货 do new year Festival shopping你们都买了些什么年货呢? What shopping have you done for the Spring Festival celebration?人们走来走去置办年货。People are busy doing new year Festival shopping.每年这个时候主妇们就忙着买年货。At this time of the year, housewives are busy doing Spring Festival shopping. ☆可可口语课堂将继续推出新年口语系列,请继续关注。如果你喜欢这个节目,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下学习心得,有大家的持,相信我们会做得更好!☆ /201101/124596

Subject:You had better get on the ball. 迷你对话A: I don’t know why I have no passion for working.我不知道为什么对工作毫无。B: If you hope to keep your job, you had better get on the ball.如果你想要继续保持拥有你的那份工作,你最好用心做。 地道表达 on the ball 1. 解词释义On the ball是一个习语,意思是“在工作方面做得非常出色,总是名列前茅”。它可以跟动词get,keep,stay等等搭配使用。 2. 拓展例句e.g. You can trust him; hes got a lot on the ball. 你可以相信他,他很有本领。e.g. He will do well in that work because he has a lot on the ball. 他会做好这件事,因为他很有一手。e.g. If we want to finish this on time, we must keep on the ball. 如果想按时完成此工作, 我们必须努力工作。e.g. As a manager, Mike really has something on the ball. 作为一名管理人员,迈克的确是颇有本事。 Ps 1:have passion for something or doing something的意思是“有做某事”。例如:Do you have any passion for this industry?你是否对这个行业充满?She had a passion for gardening.她对于园艺有一份热爱。 /201406/303525

Sure, we chafe at the carry-onrestrictions imposed upon us by the Transportation Security Administration. Andwhile weve gotten used to taking off our shoes and limiting ourselves to3-ounce toiletries, passengers still try to smuggle plenty of things pastairport security. The TSA keeps track of the things that they confiscate,though, and among the nail files, water bottles, and cosmetics there are a fewcontraband items that really stand out。  美国交通安全的登机规定有时候真让人抓狂:比如,我们得脱鞋子,携带的化妆品不得超过3盎司。尽管如此,还是有人在登机时试图偷带一些违法物品。在交通安全没收的违法物品当中,除了指甲钳、玻璃瓶和化妆品,还有一些相当瞠目的违禁物品。  Birds 小鸟  Accordingto the TSA, agents in Los Angels discovered two birds wrapped in socks andtaped to the leg and chest of a woman who was en route to China. The birds werefound during ;a pat-down that was being administered due to bulkyclothing,; the TSA reported on its blog。  据交通安全的客消息,洛杉矶检察人员从一位前往中国的女士身上搜出了两只小鸟——它们被裹在袜子里,然后绑在了这位女士的大腿和胸部位置。当时该女士的衣看上去出奇的臃肿,所以小鸟才被搜查了出来。  Ascience project实验器具  Acollege students metal-and-wire science project prompted agents to shut downan checkpoint in Omaha after they saw it on the X-ray monitor。  奥马哈市机场,一个大学生携带了一套金属实验器具,在经过X光扫描时被检察人员发现了出来。  Knivesand swords刀剑  Notjust a plastic picnic knife or a Swiss Army knife, mind you, but tree saws, a14-inch sword hidden in a cane, a brass-knuckle knife, and even a;non-metallic martial arts weapon; called a Tactile Spike, whichagents found stashed in a passengers sock -- while he was wearing it. Onepassenger was carrying two sharp throwing knives in a hollowed-out book. Thetitle? ;Ninja: The Shadow Warrior.; Of course。  这些可不是野餐刀具或者瑞士军刀,而是些树锯,还有一把藏在细管里的14英寸长的剑,一把黄铜小刀,以及一把叫“椎骨刺钉”的非金属武术兵器——全都插在一名男子的袜筒里。还有一名乘客曾在一本掏空的书中藏了两把飞刀——有意思的是,书名就叫《暗影战士》。   /201210/205177

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