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广州番禺看妇科病好点的医院广州白云做阴道镜的费用大概多少英语非常道 第18期:(暗黑)你们真的会;玩;吗暗黑破坏神,魔兽世界,反恐精英,DOTA还有愤怒的小鸟和植物大战僵尸……这些游戏你真的都会玩吗?用游戏玩转英语,做个有品的酷玩家,不再只能听懂“game over”还有“go go go~”,跟张建宇老师探秘游戏中那些不为人知的英语小秘密,let#39;s go! Article/201509/389127广州天河可视人流妇科医院 Now without the medication,如果没有药物帮助you could ground Liam and he would go back the next day你可以给利亚姆禁足 但第二天and do the same thing that he#39;d been grounded for.他会又会重犯让他禁足的错误With medication it just enables him to consider the consequences,在药物的帮助下 他可以去更清楚地a little bit more clearly, of his actions.考虑行动的后果It was only by accident研究人员是在偶然间that researchers discovered drugs like Ritalin发现像利他林这种药could help children with behavioural problems concentrate better.可以帮助有行为问题的儿童更好地集中精力These drugs were originally designed这些药在50年前50 years ago for the treatment of adults with depression.是为治疗成人的抑郁症而设计的It#39;s only now然而直到现在we are beginning to understand how they work.我们才开始了解它的作用机理ADHD is believed to be caused by an imbalanceADHD是由于大脑中of key chemical messengers in the areas控制注意力和工作记忆区域里的of the brain that control attention and working memory.关键化学递质不平衡引起的Ritalin appears to make these利他林似乎能让这些messengers more effective, helping to restore attention.递质更加强效 进而帮助恢复注意力Like all drugs, Ritalin comes with a cost.和所有药物一样 利他林也有副作用It can cause a loss of appetite and insomnia.它可能引起食欲降低和失眠But now another benefit has但现在又发现了它的另一个功效been revealed from which we could all profit.可以惠及我们所有人 Article/201501/356265广州天河妇幼医院妇科人流

中山大学附属第六医院开展无痛人流吗Puppies sleep far more than they are awake, just like human babies.幼犬睡觉的时间比醒着的时候多得多,就像人类的婴儿一样。Exhausted from a world of new experiences, they fall into a deep slumber.被无数新鲜的经历折腾得筋疲力尽后,它们沉沉入睡。It looks like they#39;re dreaming about chasing rabbits.貌似它们正梦见自己在追兔子。But is that just our human sentiments getting in the way?但这是否只是人类一厢情愿呢Dogs do dream and by monitoring their brain waves, scientists have found out that puppies dream far more than adult dogs.确实会做梦,通过监测它们的脑电波,科学家发现小做梦远多于成年。They can even tell that dogs dream about the day#39;s events, processing their memories.甚至能判断出它们根据自己的记忆梦到了白天发生的事。Looks like it#39;s been quite a busy day. But what will the future hold?看来今天真是忙坏了。但以后会怎么样呢A fortnight later and our puppy#39;s arrived at one of the world#39;s most high-tech specialist dog centres.两周后,我们的小来到了一家世界上最先进的专业犬类中心。She#39;s here to find out if she has what it takes to make it as one of the most sought-after dogs in the country.在这里测试她是否有潜质成为全国需求量最大的。We#39;re revealing the secret life of dogs.我们正在揭秘的生活。Now seven weeks old, our puppy is at the perfect age to assess whether she has the qualities to be one of the most highly-trained working dogs.我们的小七周大了,这年龄正适合评估她是否有潜力成为一只最训练有素的工作犬。Is she fit, healthy, intelligent, and above all the right character to be a guide dog for the blind?她是否健康、聪慧,尤其是是否具有成为导盲犬的资质。The first test is to see how she#39;ll respond to an unfamiliar, slightly scary sound.第一项测试是观察她在面对有些吓人的陌生声音时会如何反应。She should react but not panic.她应当有所反应,但不能惊慌失措。Very good. Sat and watched that really intently.做得真棒。很认真地坐在那看着。The most crucial trait is loyalty, looking to her owner at all times and in all situations.最重要的品质是忠诚随时随地都要关注她的主人。Puppy! Puppy, come on.小!小,过来。There we are. That#39;s really good.没错,做的真棒。And it seems like she#39;s got what it takes.看来她拥有所需品质。You might wonder if your dog could qualify to be a guide dog.你可能在想你的是否也有成为导盲犬的潜质。You can get an idea by observing them.你可以从观察中得到。 Article/201505/376654广州人流最好 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/374268广东省广州市长安医院做B超

广州上节育环多少钱Meanwhile, the Tor project, started by the US government,与此同时 由美国政府发起的洋葱项目was becoming a target.也变成了攻击对象It#39;s very funny, right, because on the one hand,有意思的是 一方面these people are funding Tor这群人发明了的洋葱网络because they say they believe in anonymity.因为他们相信匿名And on the other hand, they#39;re detaining me at airports,另一方面 他们把我扣押在机场threatening me and doing things like that.威胁我 等等And they#39;ve even said to me, ;We love what you do in Iran他们甚至跟我说;我们很喜欢你在伊朗做的事;;And in China, in helping Tibetan people.;还有在中国 帮助西藏人民;;We love all the stuff that you#39;re doing,;你所做的一切我们都很喜欢;;but why do you have to do it here?;;但你为什么要在美国也这样做;Thanks to Edward Snowden,多亏了爱德华·斯诺登we now know that this culminated in the Tor network我们现在知道是美国国家安全局being the focus of failed attacks将失败的网络攻击by America#39;s National Security Agency.都归罪于洋葱网络They revealed their frustration在一份标题为in a confidential PowerPoint presentation;洋葱网络臭名远扬;的秘密幻灯片里called Tor Stinks,他们表达了不满which set out the ways这里面列出了in which the NSA had tried to crack the network.国家安全局打击洋葱网络的方法They think Tor stinks because they want to attack people他们认为洋葱网络很烂是因为他们想攻击平民and sometimes technology makes that harder.但科技使其变得更困难It is because the users have something which bothers them,因为用户有让他们头疼的东西which is real autonomy.也就是真正的匿名化重点解释:1.start by 先做某事例句:The machine will start by itself in a few seconds.机器在几秒钟後会自动开启。2.on the other hand 另一方面例句:One one hand, I have no time; on the other hand, I have no money. 一则,我没有时间; 二则,我没有钱。3.set out 展现例句:She set out the pieces on the chess-board.她把国际象棋的棋子摆在棋盘上了。 Article/201703/498447 They want to tie it to your real world behaviours -他们想将这些数据与你的真实生活联系起来location data from your cellphone - and it#39;s these correlations.例如手机里的定位信息就是连接的桥梁And as you are being surveilled 24/7,就在你全天候被监视的同时you are more under control.你也越来越受控制Right? You are less free, you are less autonomous.你不自由了 不自主了Schneier believes the ultimate result from all this surveillance施奈尔认为这场监控的终极结局may be a loss of freedom.可能是我们将失去自由What data does is gives someone control over you.数据给了别人控制你的能力The reason Google and Facebook are collecting this谷歌 脸书之所以收集数据is for psychological manipulation.是为了心理操控That#39;s their stated business purpose, right? Advertising.这是他们所谓的经营宗旨对吧 做广告They want to convince you 他们想说你to buy things you might not want to buy otherwise.购买那些你本不想买的东西And so that data is all about control.因此数据的存在就是为了掌控Governments collect it also for control. Right?政府收集数据也是为了掌控They want to control their population.他们想控制民众Maybe they#39;re concerned about dissidents,或许他们是担心异议人士maybe they#39;re concerned about criminals.或许他们是担心罪犯重点解释:1.under control 处于控制之下例句:You must get your spending under control.你必须节制开。2.be concerned about 关心例句:He is full of concern about his sick mother. 他非常挂念他有病的母亲 Article/201612/486118广州什么医院宫外孕手术广州妇科医院哪里



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